Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Does MaDonna have that I Don't?

I only have one thing to say about this picture... why does MaDonna get to be carried in on hockey sticks by the NY Rangers to the Late Show and the Sabres have never once offered to escort me to an important event like this? Okay, maybe two things... doesn't Drury look like he's got the bulk of MaDonna's weight and the rest are sort of lending a hand. Way to take all the work for the team Captain Drury.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm ashamed to say that the first Sabres Game I will be able to watch this season will Friday October 16th and I might not be able to watch that one because the director of the studio maybe going on a family vacation for the first time in 14 years since opening the studio because she has never trusted anyone enough or thought anyone was qualified enough to run the studio if she wasn't there, except for me. Great for me professionally, more hours, responsibility and $, bad for me as a Sabres fan because I can only watch Wed. and Fri. night games this year to begin with because of my work schedule and I'm going through major Sabres/hockey withdrawal. I was able to catch part of the Caps/Leafs game on Sat. night because CBC was airing that game and not the Sabres/Habs game and I got a minor hockey fix. Also Laich scored and well he's my boy. I did receive a text from Harley telling me Sir Christopher was quite feisty and picking fights. That's what I like to hear. Other than that I hope to be able to watch them soon and I hope the Bills get their act together quickly because yesterday was just a shit show against the Dolphins... the DOLPHINS!?!?!?!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flexing Our Non-Existent Muscles...

Holy Shenanigans! It's been about two months since I last posted. What? Have I turned into Ryan Miller? Nah, my butt is nicer with a little more cushioning. Not non-existent. 

Well, Life has been happening for me, but not so much on the hockey/Sabres front. Minus the whole Patrick Kane incident. His new rap name is 20 cent.... I can't take credit for that corny joke. I saw it in ArtVoice. I think that event is going to chalked up to a young talented athlete who thought he was invincible and wouldn't have to deal with any negative consequences from his actions, because he's a big hockey star and the rules don't apply to him. That or someone was little bombed and participating in underage drinking at Chippewa. Maybe a little bit of both. Just my thoughts....

I'm not going to dive into all the Sabres off-season trading and what not because I currently do not possess the time to do so, but I will ask this question... What is going on with Drew Stafford? Is he playing for us or not? Any answer is appreciated. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congrats to Miller, but Wait! You Forgot Someone!

Congratulations to Ryan Miller for being invited to the USA Olympic Camp for hockey. Yet, I think the USA Olympic commission is forgetting another player that they need to invite... a Mr. Paul Gaustad. I guess I have to except some of the responsibility in Goose not getting invited to the Olympic Camp, I mean I am his unofficial and self-proclaimed campaign manager and I did take it upon myself to create the "Honk the Vote Campaign Gaustad in '09" for the NHL All*Star game this year. I mean I did create t-shirts with Harley, but I have been slacking for the "Now Do You Believe? Gaustad is Good! Scary Good! Gaustad in 2010 in Vancouver" campaign. I have completely neglected it since I announced it February. So, it's time for me to light a fire under my behind and get back into gear with the campaign! I can't vote to have Gaustad get on the USA Olympic team like I can for the NHL All*Star game, but I can do a lot of shameless promotion and try to devise a way to contact the USA Olympic committee. Hopefully there will not be any legal action against me, but for Goose it's worth it. Anyway if I do get thrown into jail, Goose is WNY's Superhero, so I'm sure he would find a way to bail me out because he is good! Scary Good!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opposites Attract? or The Odd Couple? ... Do Either Equal Recipes for Success on the Football Field???

Aren't we lucky to have the ultimate diva in our locker room at One Bills Drive? I really feel bad for Trent right now because given T.O.'s history and what I believe is Trent's character, we are going to have the odd couple out on the football field this season. Trent seems as drama free as they come. He also possesses great intelligence, class, a great work ethic, and talent to boot. T.O. brings more drama than Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton combined. The season hasn't already started and there's drama with him just trying to find a place to hang his hat for a season. I will sympathize with him on the fact that his realtor gave a tour of his new digs to Channel 2. That was wrong on her part especially since she signed a confidential contract and do you show video tours of all your client's houses? I think not. So you shouldn't have done it to T.O., but on the other hand, T.O. shouldn't have thrown a twitter-tantrum. I especially lost a lot of respect for him when he told someone who tweeted something not so nice to him to "Pound Sand!" Yeah, that person shouldn't have said that to you, but you are a public figure expected to act a certain way and you represent not only yourself, but the entire Bills organization and the NFL. You should've been the bigger man and just ignored it, but divas never miss a chance to be dramatic, eh? Hopefully the age old theory of opposites attract will be a recipe for success on the football field for the Bills and lead us to a Super Bowl Championship.  Even if it doesn't at least we have Fox Sports sympathy of dealing with T.O.... quote / unquote... Good Luck to Buffalo with the ultimate diva. ... Thanks Fox Sports. I have a feeling we're going to need it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People of WNY! You and I Can All Sleep Soundly Tonight...

I can now sleep soundly at night knowing that T.O. has a permanent place to live in Buffalo that is suitable to his wants and needs. Seriously, I was so worried that I would lay awake hours on end at night thinking, "Oh No! Whatever will T.O. do? There is absolutely no suitable housing in Buffalo that fits his lavish lifestyle! Can he live in a house that would be suitable to the rest of WNYers or say it isn't so an apartment?" It's amazing how there was no housing that TO could stand to habitat in for an entire year or let's face it about 4 months which is the length of an entire football season. What's even more amazing is that the people of WNY or anywhere actually care and what's even more amazing on top of the is the fact that I'm actually wasting my time to write about it. I'll be honest I was starting to worry. My worrying was so bad it was starting to affect my job and relationships. *PHEW* I'm glad that is over because nothing in my life or anyone else's could cause as much concern as T.O. not being able to find a suitable house to live  in for a few months.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Ever "Person to Talk About When There is Nothing Interesting Going on Sports Wise in Buffalo of the Day" Award is Gven Out Today!

Since there really isn't any interesting news on the Sabres and Bills home front minus the fact that TO can't find a place to live and is venting about it on twitter. I'll right about something interesting that I noticed the past few nights. I have watched the movies, "Along Came Polly", "Great Expectations", "America's Sweethearts", "Now and Then" and "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" and you know what all these movies have in common?........ Hank Azaria! Now Hank never has the A-list leading rolls and may have slipped from your memory that he was involved in all those movies and then some, but the ex-Mr. Helen Hunt himself has quite the resume. He is currently starring in a "Night in the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian" and how can you possibly forget that he voices numerous of favorite Simpsons' characters ie Chief Wiggum, Apu, Moe, Comic Store Guy, Professor Fink, Bumblebee Man and many more. This man is a plethora of voices and has numerous credits today. Since there is nothing better to write about today... we salute you Hank Azaria as the first "Person to Talk About When There is Nothing Interesting Going on Sports Wise in Buffalo of the Day!" You should feel very honored.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"I Will Never Be On DWTS because..."

This video made me have a new found respect for Mr.Trent Edwards. He said that he would never be on Dancing With the Stars because football is his favorite sport. The fact that he called dancing a sport just shows how intelligent and respectful the man really is. Trent, I'm glad you're in Buffalo. I'm looking forward to a fabulous season!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Since You Look So Good in That Uniform, I'll Let It Slide Just This Once.

I found a video of Mr. Trent Edwards throwing out the first pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays game. It went wide left which in Buffalo is better than going wide right. I'm not gonna lie, I thought that he would be much more accurate with his pitch, but he did say it got caught. Since he looked so good in the Blue Jays uniform, I'll let it slide. Here's the video. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Crickets Chirping, Peach Fuzz, and Well, Obviously....

Since the Sabres season ended, I haven't been the best blogger, or even a decent blogger at that. I'm updating my blog as much as Ryan Miller updates his and well that's just not cool. Obviously, I haven't been keeping up with the "Friday Fave Fives" since I don't think I've written one since March or even February... oops... that's all I can say. So, in order to make up for my lack of blogging, I'm going to do a Fave Five Friday today! *silence for applause and cheers, but in reality there is only the faint sounds of crickets* Any whooooo... here it goes.

1) Trent Edwards and Lee Evans in Toronto batting for the Blue Jays.

~ All right, so this is kind of a contradicting fave five because I am not happy that the Bills are playing any games in Toronto because I have a bad feeling that it might one day lead to the Buffalo Bills becoming the Toronto Bills *shudders*. That would just be awful! I really don't like the fact that the Bills are doing so much promotion for the one stinkin' game they play in Toronto and not putting as much effort into the rest of the games they play in Orchard Park. Something just smells very fishy about the whole ordeal. So why did I make this one of my fave fives if the whole situation irks me so much? Because watching Trent and Lee in Baseball uniforms hitting home runs (well Trent hit 2, Lee hit none) brings a smile on this chick-a-dee's face. If you don't believe me check out these pics....





These pictures speak for themselves. I rest my case on why this is one of my fave fives.

2) I got a raise and I didn't even know it or expect it.

~ I love when good things happen and you aren't planning on them. I looked at my paycheck the other day and realized I was making more money an hour! Hot Damn! :-) I don't know why or how, but I'll take it!

3) The fact that Patrick Kane can't grow nothing more than peach fuzz.

~ I feel bad for Kaner in a way, but not that bad because it's friggin' hilarious. I was on the Blackhawks website and came across their before and after pictures of their team's playoff beards. Now not everyone's beard on the team was as manly as Kris Versteeg or even Brian Campbell's Fire Beard, but poor Kaner, he had nothing but a few stray light-colored hairs. It looks like he took some of the hairs lying on the locker room floor after Kris Versteeg got done trimming his wooly mammoth beard and glued them to his chin so he could say, "Look Guys! I have a 5 o'clock shadow! I swear I grew it myself and I swear I have hit puberty!" Now I'm not trying to insult Patrick Kane. I personally like Kane being a Buffalo boy and all. I think he's a tremendous hockey player, but I can't help but point out the obvious. I feel like Kane is Henry Rowengartner in the movie "Rookie of the Year" except he's the hockey version, but both take place in Chicago and both teams need a miracle and a talented kid comes along and saves the team. So in reality Patrick Kane is 12 years old, not 20 and broke both his legs and arms while playing little loop hockey in South Buffalo. The muscles in his legs and arms healed so tight that it give him the ability to skate super fast and have amazing stick handling skills. The Blackhawks discovered this ability and made sure to draft him first in 2007 in hopes to have him saves their dying hockey team. Gary Busey's  part of Chet 'Rocket' Steadman is played by Brian 'Soupy' Campbell because he is the only feasible one to play the part since he seems to be the oldest Blackhawk on their roster. In conclusion, Patrick Kane has not yet hit puberty no matter what he tells you.

~ I wasn't expecting this movie to be that good when I first watched it two weeks ago, but for some strange reason, I'm obsessed. I've watched it at least three more times since then because it's one of those movies you have to watch a few times before you get comprehend the entire movie because you miss things the first several times. I also now have a major crush on Aidan Quinn.

5) Lindy Ruff! (this was probably a given!)

~ Why? Because Lindy is a BAMF! The Clip of the week was dedicated to Lindy's four goal game which has only been done by five Sabres total, EVER! Considering the fact that Lindy played as a d-man during his hockey career having a four goal game is pretty impressive. Unless you are Lindy Ruff, then it's just a given that you will do something that amazingly awesome during your career. period.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

...And the Award Goes To...; To Afraid to Be Inked Buddies; and Hello, Mr.GQ!

.... (Continued from last blog entry)....


I got this awesome award from Jill at the blog Is This My Life Really? and I'm not going to lie it made my entire day. I'm glad that my random quirky thoughts and ramblings bring a smile to someone's face. Following the rules of the award, I must name 10 people's blog who bring a smile to my face. So, here it goes...

~ M.J. (even though she's on hiatus for the time being)

I enjoy reading all your blogs greatly and thanks for making me smile.

Continuing my thought from my last blog and I am aware that I am looooooooooong overdue for a decent blog entry. Sometimes life's events just get in the way of the really important things like blogging. Anyway I digress.

I promised to touch on the topic on why Ryan Miller makes me laugh greatly. Ryan Miller does not have the obvious frat boy, I'm only being funny so people notice me humor like ie Andrew Peters. I'm not putting Petey down for this and stating that this is a character flaw, because it's not I love Petey's in your face sense of humor, but Miller's humor does not follow this route at all. Miller's is the more intellectual type, dry sense of humor that you have to listen closely to and he's not going to repeat his punchline if you don't understand the joke or pun, he's just going to move on because the moment has passed. He's also funny because he's so dang serious sometimes that when he does make quips or jokes it catches you off guard and it's funny because he said it. If someone else said that same exact thing it wouldn't be funny at all because you might expect it from them, but coming from the serious goaltender that eats, sleeps, and breathe the game of hockey, it's rather roll on the floor until your eyes water hilarious. I'm not even going to give an example because if you are a Sabres fan, you know from Miller's interviews and blog what I'm talking about. I just wanted to point out that every time Miller updates his blog, it makes me chuckle, well I should say giggle, that sounds more feminine.

A little side note to Ryan, I'm a wimp to when it comes to getting inked too. I've always said I would get the Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day Smile tattooed on my low back to the right side (so I wouldn't have an official quote unquote "tramp stamp") for two reasons. 1) I LOVE Bon Jovi. and 2) I try to be a glass is half full kind of girl even though the world throws many obstacles my way and people can try to tell you that it's impossible to follow your dreams, but I like to live by a few motto's... Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. .... and one from the Big Guy, "If you think you can you can. If you think you can't you can't." ... The Big Guy also gave me some really important advice in my life, "If never cost anything to be nice" and "Kill 'Em With Kindness" (basically it's hard for some to be mean to you if you're being nice to them or if they are trying to get on your nerves don't let them, just be kind to them, it will drive them nuts even more.) My favorite line from the Bon Jovi song Have a Nice Say is "When the World Gets in My Way, I Say 'Have a Nice Day!'" I love it! The joke was if I ever got that tattoo and someone ticked me off I would just smile, turn around, flash my Bon Jovi Smiley Tattoo and walk away all the while waving and saying have a nice day. But this will never happen for the mere fact that I am too a wimp like Miller when it comes to having my body inked.


The bittersweetness of playoff hockey this season. I love play-off hockey and the grit and intensity involved, but disappointed the Sabres are not apart of it again this season. Next year, it's going to be our year. From the interviews on, I think the Sabres realize that they have to do something, what that something is I don't know, but hey that's why I'm not pay the mucho bucks by the Sabres organization to figure it out. I'm just a fan. I do believe that the Sabres' roster has out of this world talent, they just need to find a way to click. I was really glad to hear Derek Roy say that the excuse of these guys being a young team just isn't cutting the mustard anymore because a lot of them are filling into the roles of the experienced players. (Those aren't Roy's words verbatim) He has a point. Look at teams like Chicago where Toews who is 20 is their captain and they are in the playoffs. Although I do get really irked when people say that would should have never let players go like Drury, Briere, or Campbell. Those three didn't single handedly get us into the Eastern Conference Finals two years in a row or win the President's Trophy. Miller, Pominville, Gaustad, Roy, Vanek, Spacek, Lydman, Tallinder, Paetsch, Paille, Afinogenov, Hecht, Mair, Peters, Stafford, and Lindy all helped us accomplish those achievements and they're still here playing for us. (Okay, maybe not Max for much longer, but that's beside the point.) I especially get P.O.'ed when people say Ruff needs to no longer be the Sabres coach. That's just a big pile of malarky! Ruff works so hard for the Sabres and he maybe a part of the reason for the results of the last two seasons, but he's also a part of the reason for the prior two seasons before that. He can only do so much before the rest lies in the hands of the players. I'm glad that the players weren't blaming Lindy and standing up for him and I'm glad he'll be back again. Because I might just boycott Sabres hockey if they got rid of Ruff because in Ruff I Trust.

I'm shocked that Pominville, Gaustad, and Miller aren't playing in the World's. Were they not asked or did they decline? I can't see them turning down an invitation, but maybe they wanted some down time from hockey. Who knows? I will say this, has anyone seen Mr. Drew Stafford's World's Bio Picture. All I have to say is, "Looking Good, Staff. It's about time you got a hair cut. You were looking pretty unkempt by the end of the season, but I rather have you concentrate on your game than your appearance, because let's face it your being paid to score goals and play a solid hockey game by the Sabres organization, not be the next model for GQ."


Monday, April 20, 2009

To Be Continued...

I have neglected this blog greatly and I really don't have time to update it at the moment since I am running late to my next obligation. But I have three things to say, first Ryan Miller makes me laugh greatly, two I love play-off hockey, but am saddened that the Sabres are not a part of it, and three these thoughts will be elaborated at a later (but hopefully soon) date. Until Then....

Monday, March 30, 2009

In Like a Lamb and Out Like a Lion; An Official Sabre Title; and Move Over Derek Roy!

I'm aware of the fact that I live in WNY, but seriously why in the world did I wake up to snow on the ground and my car covered in six inches of snow??? It's March 30th. We've been having an awesome March especially after a very long winter, but it's officially spring, so I shouldn't see anymore of this white stuff on the ground. The biggest pain, shoveling off my car. *UGH!* I was ready to be done with that since I had been doing it for about 4 months straight. To top it off it was the wet, icy, messy snow. This has just been a very rough week for me every since Wednesday..... wait a minute... hold on a hot second, didn't the Sabres start their hot streak on Wednesday and haven't cooled down yet? Could that be any correlation on why I'm having a bad week? hmmmmmm? Sabres play well and my life goes in the crapper. My life starts to pick up and the Sabres lose and can't catch a break to save their souls. For the love of Pete! Why can't the Sabres play well and my life be fabulous at the same time? It's not a crime for both me and the Sabres to be happy at the same time or wait is it? New York State has some pretty crazy laws and taxes. Maybe I'm suppose to pay a tax for me and them to be happy at the same time. Otherwise no deal. Only one of us can be happy and have a good life, not both at the same time. I guess at this point I should just take one for the team and make my life miserable until July, but if I do that I want some kind of perk like to be officially named the "Team Sweeheart" or "Team Good Luck Charm" or "Team Sacrificer of Their Life for the Greater Good of Winning Hockey Games". I also want my own jersey and number and I want Suite tickets to ever game. I would also like to take Derek Roy's spot at the Catwalk next and flex my golden pipes while Ryan rocks out on the guitar and Drew on the drums. I'm requesting some classic 80's rock songs be played, so Miller and Stafford you better get practicing. Actually what would be really awesome is in the summer I got to tour in a band with some of the musically talented Sabres. I of course would be the lead singer like Gwen Stefani in No Doubt and Ryan and Drew can be on guitar with Lydman on the drums and Roy can be my back up singer. No offense Derek, but I can dance and sing, you're just gonna have to take a back seat and be happy with it. Well, my singing is questionable, but I look better in a mini skirt and fishnets and I can drop it like it's hot and shake it like a salt shaker, so I'm the lead singer and you are just gonna have to be happy as back up. I'm not asking for a million dollar contract here. Just some perks.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Me Good = Sabres Bad/Me Bad = Sabres Good; The Glue is Back; and Another Reason Why Lindy is One of My Favorite People EVER!

There's something really strange going on. When I have a good/great/fabulous day, the Sabres lose. When I have an below-par/bad/horrible day, the Sabres win. Why can't the Sabres and I both have good days at the same time? hmmmmm? My life for the past 2-3 weeks had been going along pretty well and I was content. Wednesday afternoon hit hard at exactly 2:13pm and I had a HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE day. Oh, but not the Sabres, they finally won. 5-3. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the fact that the Sabres won, but why did my day have to be crap-tacular in order for it to happen.... hmmmmm? This could just be ironic or a theory that isn't holding water, but currently it's looking like I'm going have to hide from every Sabre player, member of the organization and fans because I have a feeling they are all going to try to sabotage my day. My day is below-par today, so don't worry, you don't have to go after me today.

Fave Five Friday is here...

1) I'm loving the fact that Ryan Miller is going to be between the pipes tonight. That is one of my favorite things at the moment. As my wonderful mom put it last night, "Miller is the leader of the team that holds them together." After that statement, I have decided to refer to Miller as glue, because he seems to hold the entire team together. Now, I have never been a believer in there is an "I" in team statement because there is no "I" in team and Miller isn't going to win the Stanley Cup for Buffalo single-handedly. But, I have to admit that he does seem to light a fire under the rest of the players behinds that make they shape up and play well that no one else in the world can. So, Miller aka Glue, I'm glad you're back and it's one of my favorite things this Friday.

2) Sunshine and the smell of spring air. It's been a long winter and I've missed it terribly. I'm glad it's back.

3) Lindy Ruff and his non-caring way of creaming one of his players out in front of the media and the entire world to see. (ie Wednesday's game when he tore Max a new one and it was caught on camera. The only thing that made that situation even better was Max's facial expressions when he was retorting Lindy's outburst. Priceless.)


4) My dance students and their silliness. I swear I could be having the worst day ever and teaching them could have been rough. But, there's always someone that brings a giant smile to my face that day. One of my 8 year old students the other day had a case of the giggles and I couldn't contain myself along with the rest of the class. It was great. I love laughing for no reason.

5) Taking walks with my puppy. My little nine pound dog is still learning how to walk on her leash, it's getting better, but it needs some work. She was walking me more than I was walking her. Even though this maybe a little mean to laugh at, I love the fact that the pee was scared right out of her when a dog about 15x her size barked across the street at her. She's fine, but it was funny to watch. I think it was so funny because she always acts like Johnny Tough Nuts, but in reality she's not and she put in her place every once in awhile.

I like to end this blog on this note, I'm having a below-par day. Remember that....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Numbers!; Just the Way I Like it... Small and Simple; and Congrats Butler!

I already broke the rules of the "Friday Fave Fives" and didn't post a new one yesterday. Already at my second Friday Fave Five posting and I'm already late. Sounds about right...... since  I didn't post it yesterday, I am doing so today.

1) My birthday was this past week (no numbers!) and I received the complete series of "I Love Lucy" on DVD. All 9 seasons, the lost pilot, and oodles of bonus features! I have been wanting this for about three years, to say I was over the moon excited would be the understatement of the year! I wasn't expecting it at all for one thing and when I opened it up and pulled the wrapping paper of it, I started jumping around the room in excitement. "I Love Lucy" is my favorite show and Lucille Ball is my favorite actress. I've watched 6 episodes so far and only have 188 to go and then of course when I just start watching them over and over and over again.....

2) The fact that my birthday was quite enjoyable, yet simple. I've never been a person who likes to be the center of attention at parties or go out for fancy dinners or sometimes even go out at all. I have friends, but a very select few that I share every detail of my life with good and bad. I am very blessed with the people the Lord has put in my life and thank Him everyday for them. My birthday was spent picking out new glasses for myself with my mom (I really needed a new pair, mine are crooked with two different size and shape nose rests. Grant it, I usually wear my contact, but it's been about 3 and a half years since my last pair, so it's time.) I ended up getting two pairs and invested a little more money in them they all my previous pairs, but I figure it's worth the investment to actually be comfortable to wear them out in public. I loved the two pairs I picked out. The one is the classic black, thick, plastic frames, but the inside is a bright neon green. Quirky and unique, just the way I like my accessories. The other is a deep burgundy with a unique shaped wire frame, still quirky and unique, but in a more subtle way and that is professional. The rest of my birthday was spent with my parents and one of my best friends (the other is 1,000 miles away, but apologized for not being there) as we celebrated at a diner. I love diner food, to me it kicks fancy restaurant food's arse anyday. I had a chicken finger wrap and onion rings. I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday meal. I topped off the evening with a Carvel cake at home. My Birthday = Superb!

3) I love this new nail polish I purchased at the dollar store for three reasons. 1) It was only a dollar and I love bargains and getting the most bang for my buck. 2) I love the color, a deep red named "Always Vintage" by Revlon. 3) It came with this top coat that makes the nails smooth and shiny and it prevents them from chipping. It's fabulous!!!

4) I love when God sends you subtle messages that you are spending too much time focusing on something that you shouldn't be and you shouldn't be wasting your time on it because it's not meant to be or His plan. I won't elaborate, but I got a harsh slap of reality this past week and normally I would have dwelled on it and whined and complained, but instead I have matured and just really forgot about the whole thing. I guess if I had a 4a) I would write the fact that I loved that I am maturing and am actually witnessing it.

5) I love the fact that Chris Butler got his first NHL goal last night at 1.2 seconds in the third. I also like the fact that even though the Sabres were down by three goals at that point in the game, he didn't give up and  he still attempted to play hard and he scored a goal. So, Congrats Chris Butler. I hope you got to spend the evening with Winston the Pigeon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Good Times..."; Out and Shoot; and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Miller updated his blog since I last updated mine. I like how he speaks respectfully of all his teammates new and old. I also like how him and goose were travel buddies this past summer to Europe and Kotalik was their tour guide in Prague. The best part is he ended the paragraph with "Good Times...". Personally in the next blog update I would like him to elaborate on what those good times may have entailed.

I didn't watch the last game and I probably won't get a chance to watch tonight's. I can't believe we lost in a shoot out on Saturday after having a two point lead. UGH! I never thought I would hate two words together as much as I hate the word Out when it follow the word Shoot.

I also want to wish everyone a safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Insightful Thoughts of this Blog's Author; T.O. = Oh No!; and As the Great Band Journey Once Said....!

I was reading Jill's blog "Is This My Life Really?" and she does a Friday Fave Five. I thought that was nice insightful list of the author of the blog and I thought to myself, why don't you try it. So, here it goes.... we'll see how this lasts.

1) I'm obsessed with made up words or phrases or making up my own words or phrases. ie fantabulous, Geez La-loo, I'd be all over that like white on rice, buttkiss, frigga, chillaxin' like a villian, just to name a few.

2) Wally World brand cheesy whale crackers. They are just as delicious as Pepper Ridge Farms gold fish crackers, but a lot less expensive. I think it's $1.77 for a pound box, you can't go wrong there.

3) When things in life just fall into place without even trying. For example you get a phone call with a job offer you weren't expecting and it works out for the better. I love how God works in mysterious ways.

4) The movies "Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Bride Part 2". I love Steve Martin in the movie and what daughter doesn't cherish her dad's undying love and goal to keep her safe and happy at all costs.

5) Sunny days. Maybe it's because this winter has been extremely long in WNY, but I am SO GLAD TO SEE THE SUN! I don't mind the 30 degree temperature as long as the sun is out and it's NOT snowing.

Onto other news, the Bills signing T.O. I'm really not for this signing, I think T.O.'s attitude is too big for Buffalo. Buffalo's a nice, small, quaint city. Our athletes can't have the same attitude as an athlete who play for NYC or LA. It's just not going to work. I also think that reality show that is going to follow him around Buffalo is a joke. Shouldn't he be concentrating on the game, we want to win the Super Bowl this year, not his tv show. Oi! Another example of why I don't think he's suited for our city. Tremendous athletic ability, but I don't think his attitude will fly in this city.

I know that the Sabres being 10th in the division is making things look pretty grime for a play-off push. But I have never given up on a Buffalo team until they are officially out of the play-offs and I'm not about to start now. If I have learned anything from the great band which is known as Journey, I have learned this "Don't Stop Believing" and I will do just that, believe. We won last night, so that's a plus and two points.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Studying, Massages, and Butler!

I am getting my group fitness certification this Sunday and am really excited about, the only annoyance is I've had to retain an entire textbook of knowledge for it. For the past two weeks, I have tremendous guilt if  I spend any of free time on anything other than studying for this exam. I have been studying for the past month and should be good, but in less than 48 hours I will be certified every waking minute that I am not working I am devoting to studying and well, I would just like it to be done and over with at this point. I tend to stress myself out for no reason when it comes to exams. I always do fine on them, but no matter how much I study I always feel unprepared.

To relieve my stress, I am going for a massage tomorrow. It's long overdue and I need the relaxation. I regret not being able to meet all the bloggers tomorrow night, but due to my examine it is not possible. I hope you all have a fabulous time and that the Sabres kick some major Sens arse!

On a good note today, Maria Genero interviewed Chris Butler on the Sabres Show and it is awesome for a few reasons......

A) Chris talks about how he had no where to spend the holidays, so Andrew Peters and his wife let him spend Christmas at his house and even bought him gifts. (Prime example why Buffalo is the city of good neighbors right there.)

B) One of the hardest things for Chris coming to the NHL was he didn't bring enough clothes and had to go shopping. (Classic) What's even better is he said he brought one long sleeve t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a collared t-shirt and a suit. After a week they got pretty dirty. I would imagine since there really is only 2-3 days worth of outfits and you wore them for a week. You can tell he's still probably in college guy mode, because for most college guys that amount of clothes last an entire semester.

C) I never realized what an eloquent speaker Butler is until this interview and it's nice to have another player on the Sabres roster who interviews well. You can also tell Butler has attended because of his vocabulary and word choice.

D) I think Butler said it best with, when you imagine getting called up you think it will go smoothly. Well, apparently not that smoothly at times and life has a tendency of getting in the way because Butler's flight was delayed. Luckily Tim Kennedy's dad picked him up from the airport at 1:30am, so he didn't have to take a taxi. (Example #2 in the same interview on why Buffalo is the city of good neighbors).

I've included the video below for those of you who have yet to watch it. It's quite enlightening on how an nhl players life can very sporadic.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Day; Oh Where, Oh Where Has Briere Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be?; and Goose = BAMF! Enough Said!

I'm very relieved to say that my day is going much better than yesterday / late Monday night. My car decided that it would be defiant on Monday night after I came out of teaching and the key wouldn't turn in the admission. It was stuck and it wasn't about to loosen or turn anytime soon. Fabulous. Of course it's 10:30pm and it's a freezing 4 degrees out and the closet person who can come and pick me up is 25 minutes away. (Thankfully for me they did and they didn't waste anytime leaving either. Praise the Lord I have the best family and friends in the whole wide world!) After picking me and up, I couldn't get warm for the rest of the night and was chilled to the bone. I had to get up at 7am which my body didn't even know there was two 7 o'clocks in a day and call my mechanic and a dealer to see if I can get a key made and then spend three hours of morning driving around trying to get my car fixed (which it won't be fixed until Monday or later), go to my "pay the bills" then go and teach again that evening. *Sigh* Luckily my kids were really good in class. I told them I was having a bad day and they needed to be good and listen to cheer me up. Kids are great. They rose to the challenge and brightened my entire day. Why can't more adults be like that? But on a good note, today is going much better and I had a very good  nights, even if for part of it I passed out on the couch while Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and Scrubs reruns played.

I have been unable to watch the past two Sabres games due to more important (I know there is nothing more important than the Sabres, but sometimes life takes precedent) ie my Aunt's 60th b-day party and my teaching obligations. I missed the game with the horrible incident of Miller's injury and the fact that he is out indefinitely at this point and time (BOO!). I also missed last night's game against my favorite team if the Sabres were not in the NHL, so basically my second favorite. The last game I caught was against Philly and I thought we were doing pretty decent until the third and then we went with an empty net *OI!*. The sixth and final goal was like sticking a nail in a coffin. I have to say that I didn't see Briere at all during that game. (Grant it, I was partly distracted because I was flirting with the cute bartender who Harley is convinced waits for me to get there and has a crush on me. She's such a great friend by compromising her moral code by lying and saying nice things to me to boost my ego.) Where was this great Briere that was the MVP of the All*Star Game in 2007 when he played for the Sabres, but since he's been traded to Philly by his own will he hasn't even made an All*Star appearance and apparently he has forgotten how to score. Not only was he not racking up the points, but I couldn't even find him out on the ice (Again, partially distracted because I was having an awesome flirt session with the cute bartender). I just find it ironic that he insisted that being traded to Philly would be the best for his career and since he's been there he's done buttkiss.

To end this blog today, all I'm going to say is Goose is a BAMF and I never want him to change.

Paul Gaustad insisted the collision with Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf during Tuesday’s 3-2 loss was not intentional. Ducks’ Head Coach Randy Carlyle was upset with the play that resulted in a broken nose for Getzlaf, saying the winger left his feet on the hit.

“I read his comment that my shoulder hit him in the head, but I watched the replay, our heads collided,” Gaustad said. “I didn’t see him, it’s unfortunate he got hurt… But was a collision, it wasn’t a hit.”

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Can't Bring Me Down; Hockey Bachelor Auction; and Just Add Water!

If the Sabres didn't lose last night, yesterday would have been one of those great days that it's only little stuff that happens, but you just can't stop smiling at the end of the day. So, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to let the Sabres lost bring down my mood. I was so giddy (stupidly giddy that when I woke up this morning, I felt a we bit like an ass, but oh well), I told Harley I could get pulled over by the cops and still be in a good mood, by saying, "Thanks for the Ticket" with a wink and a smile. Yes, yesterday was a good day and I really needed one of those good days because it's been awhile. Not that I've had absolutely horrid days, but just okay days and sometimes you need an extremely good day that puts you in a stupidly giddy mood to remind you that you are happy to be breathing and a human being on this earth.

After to talking with Harley and others about Ryan Miller's relationship status, I came up with the conclusion that next year's Catwalk for Charity should include a Bachelor Auction of all the single Sabres, of course having the proceeds go to Carly's Club. Let's certainly not just keep the auction open to single Sabres, how about single Portland Pirates or NHL/AHL players in general. I'm sure Miller got a couple of single hockey friends he could auction off for charity. Think of all the proceeds from this little venture. Auctioning of a cute lab puppy, good idea. Auctioning off single hockey players for an evening of fun and entertainment, great idea!

Has anyone bought the 2008 - 2009 Sabres collectible pucks from Tops? I've been trying to keep up with them, but they remind me of those tablets you had as a kid and you put it into water and it grows in to a spongy shaped animal or those towels that are condensed into a square and you put it in water and it grows into a washcloth/towel. I feel like I should put one of those mini pucks in a jar of water and in a day I will have grown myself my own personal Sabre or better yet the particular Sabre on the puck will appear when you drop the puck in water. Take one Paul Gaustad mini hockey puck place it in a glass of water and *poof* there he is! Goose, right in front of your eyes! This could work for any of the Sabres, Pommers, Lalime, Kaleta, Paetsch.... so on and so forth.... Man, I'm really starting to believe that the Sabres organization needs to listen to some of marketing ideas, they could make a bundle.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spare Time?; Oh, Marshawn How You Make Us All Proud; and Doing a 180!

Once again, I have been horrible at updating, but I have been busy studying for my group fitness certification so I can teach fitness and dance classes at gyms and other places. I have a month to study, but I have to read an entire text book on top of teaching, working, and other events in my life, so every spare moment has been  devoted to studying. Luckily it's not too bad because a lot of the anatomical terms and fitness knowledge I already know because of my dance degree, I just have to brush up on it.

So, Marshawn Lynch has just given me another reason on why I would support Fred Jackson to be our top running back for the Bills or have Lynch cut from the Bills roster. I think Marshawn doesn't live up to the hype he receives and it wouldn't irritate me all that much, but he acts like he's as great as the hype and then breaks the law like it doesn't apply to him. First the hit and run on Chippewa and now this. Seriously? Weapons charges and drug possession, my what a fine example he is for today's youth! I become really irate when the Bills organization doesn't get angry over it. I'm sure it's one of those scenarios where they are calm and cool to the public and ripping him a new butthole in private, but still. I know they paid a lot of money for him and he's under contract, but isn't there or shouldn't there be a clause in the contract stating that actions like these are a misrepresentation of the organization and franchise and are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If said actions are done then it can be considered a breech of contract and such actions as heavy fines, public apology, or grounds for dismal (with contacts being destroyed because player didn't fulfill their duty to be a respectable representative of the organization) can be put into action. Doesn't that sound good? If it already exists why aren't the Bills cutting him from the line-up? I truly believe that Fred Jackson has produced just as much positive play this season as Marshawn if not more, so why do we need him? I know, I know, we need more than one running back, but why can't we use a rookie who will play with more determination and grit and won't be a disgrace to the organization? Just a thought. I'm well aware of the fact that the bills won't get rid of Lynch, even if I feel strongly that they should.

Speaking of athletes who disgrace their organizations, I would like do a 180 and draw everyone's attention to a player who goes above and beyond making their organization proud and trying to better the WNY community and well, the world in general, Ryan Miller. (Now why can't every athlete be as respectable as Miller?) Miller has blown my he only updates his blog on the 16th of ever month out of the water by going and updating on the 12th this month. Thanks Miller, I actually thought I was onto something here. He even commented on how he is only a once a month blogger. I think he read my blog entry on how he only updates once a month and on the 16th and even found it necessary to comment. (I'm really not that delusion, just hopeful I guess) He commented on the team's performance and of course his Catwalk for Charity, he also provided readers with some factoids on Buffalo history, which I will admit I did not know. Al Capone hung out in Buffalo, who would of thunk? He goes on to talk about how he almost became a dog owner, but it's not feasible at this because A) His property in Buffalo is not dog friendly, B) He travels too much, and C) He doesn't have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment. My comments to this are A) you could always move to a dog friendly property, there are plenty in Buffalo or the Southtowns and I am not aware of his financial status, but I'm just taking a guess that he could afford it. B) I agree it wouldn't be fair to the dog to be alone all the time if he wasn't there to take care of it, so I think that's a good reason to hold of being a dog owner at the present time. C) I'm glad he's aware of the fact that it takes a good woman to hold down the home front, because let's face behind every great man is an even greater woman and then a man behind her checking out her ass. I must say I am a little shock that he publicly admitted not having a girlfriend, because he seems like he would be a guy that would like to keep his personal life, well just that personal. I think he did say in the Maxim blog (correct me if I'm wrong), that he had a girlfriend in Chi-town over the summer and he was visiting her. Well, either A) they broke up or B) she is not at his home front, but in Chicago as Harley pointed out to me. I went back and read his wording of it because Miller is a pretty smart guy who wouldn't miss-word something by mistake. You know that blogs practically flawless without any typos (unlike this blog that an accountable number of typos which I am way too lazy to fix) and he said "I don't have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment", not "I don't have a girlfriend at the home front to hold it down" or "I don't have my girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment". He said "a" not "my", so I think it's safe to say that he's single and is putting out a subtle public statement that he maybe looking. (WOW! I put way too much thought into this) I'd like to end on the note that I'm sure he won't have any problems getting a date and there are plenty outstanding women in WNY, because we all know that the best girls are from Buffalo.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Internet Conclusions; Zoot Suits; and I Need a Cut Out Lindy!

I haven't blogged in awhile, due to my schedule, but the Sabres have been up to some antics that I would like to take some time and point out.

First, the Catwalk for Charity III hosted by Ryan Miller and his charity the Steadfast Foundation. I was not in attendance at this event due to the lack of funds to buy tickets and I was already had a prior commitment of chaperoning about 50 dance students ages 4 - 17 at a dance competition and entering the young ones playing duck, duck, goose or as they like to call it toilet, toilet, flush. My how things have changed since I was a kid. I had a blast at the competition with my kids and am very proud of their performances, but R. Mill's event sounds like it was quite an evening. From what I can deduce from other people's blogs, facebook, and other internet sources the Sabres themselves had a good time and a few of them may have consumed a little too many alcoholic beverages and acted in ways they normally wouldn't have (nothing bad, they were just relaxed and acting like regular guys would after consuming alcohol and being at a party). I love the fact that Tim Connolly did the worm! I get picked on by my friends for having crushes on guys because of weird quirks, and one weird quirk I find extremely attractive in guys is if they can do the dance move "the worm". I had a crush on a male cheerleader from another school when I was a sophomore in high school because he could do the worm and displayed his talent during a cheerleading competition on time. It also helped that he was well built, had amazing blue eyes, gorgeous wavy, blond, surfer locks, and he looked like a male model, but that is completely beside the point. I might have a mini-crush on Tim Connolly until about Friday because he busted out the worm at the Catwalk for Charity.


THE WORM! Look at those guns! Dang!


Apparently he was happy with his moves.

Pominville didn't seem to be the most entertaining Sabre of the evening, actually what I can figure out he flew below the radar minus his strut on the Catwalk with Ryan. I found this picture and noticed that Pommer's left hand is a little heavier than usual. Did he get married and I missed it? Not that I would expect to be invited or even notified, but the other Sabres that got married or engaged recently have made it publicly known or it was leaked out. (ie Vanek, Peters, Paille, and Paetsch) Either Pommer's is really good at keeping him private life, well, private or he flew to Vegas during the All*Star break and tied the knot with Kim (that was her name wasn't it?). Or maybe he's not married at all and he's like the Jonas Brothers and it's a purity ring. I've never heard of a professional athlete wearing a purity ring before, but I guess stranger things have happened.


All I have to say is when did that happen and what does it mean?

Drew Stafford, where do I even begin with this guy? First of all Drew reminds me of the guy on the team who is very laidback and makes the smartass remarks without caring who he may offend and the remarks he makes usually goes over people's head that should be offended by them. He also reminds me of the typical college frat boy. Most of the guys who have joined the Sabres roster after playing college hockey try to give off this professional persona and make it seem like their college days are behind them. This does not seem like Drew. He seems like the guy who wakes up 5 minutes before he is suppose to leave for the rink throws on clothes that have been on the floor for a few weeks and have only been worn twice, so they are still considered clean because they smell the least and have no stains on them, maybe brushes his teeth, takes a quick swig of milk or OJ out of the carton, grabs his keys and gear and is out the door. I could be way off on this theory, but he just gives off that vibe. He's the type of guy, that not only is he athletically gifted, but he probably didn't have to work that hard at school to pull slightly above average grades. He reminds me of a guy in my public speaking class in college that got all A's on his speeches, but never actually prepared one before hand. He just knew what topic he had to talk about and just ab libbed his speech, but he was so relaxed and a natural public speaker and naturally funny, he pulled it off. I on the other prepared the entire before, but got so nervous when I got in front of the class, I was lucky if I pulled a C and I hated that guy for being able to naturally give speeches, but he was so charismatic and good-looking, my hatred would turn into a mini-crush. That reminds me of Drew, I have never met him, but again he gives off that vibe. So, back to the Catwalk for Charity, according to Drew's Monday morning interview with Larry Norton and 97 Rock, he stated that he normally isn't the kind of guy to wear nice clothes, but since it was a charity event, he wore a nice shirt and pants and found out he wasn't dressed properly because everyone else was sporting Zoot Suit (little factoid about me: I  LOVE Zoot Suits!). So, he had to come up with a quick outfit, which in his words he looked Amish. I know plenty of Amish and none of them wear anything like that, the word I would use to describe Drew's ensemble, Hobo. He reminds me of the Hobo in The Polar Express. That Hobo irritates me because I have no idea what relevance he has to that movie other than to creep the main character out. Pointless, I say.


Drew's many looks for the evening.

I don't know how in the world I missed this, but Patrick Lalime is very good looking. He looked extremely handsome at the Catwalk and I just realized I love his smile.


I think Mike Weber may have not understood the theme of the Catwalk was the Roaring '20s and not Disney's greatest movies because what other reason would he dress as Aladdin?


I'm only posting this picture because being immature and corny as I sometimes am and Paille's pink feather headpiece looks absolutely lovely! (I am aware of the fact that it is one of the models, but the angle is just perfect to assume it is his.)


Speaking of Paille, I'm glad to hear his fiance, Dana (right?), won the bid on the puppy, Capone, after losing to T-Bo's wife last year. Speaking of T-Bo, whatever happened to him? And whatever happened to Pratt? And you never really hear anything about Briere anymore do you? Interesting....


Apparently in the off-season the Sabres are going to tour as the Knox Plaza Band with Miller on Guitar, Lydman on Drums, Stafford playing either guitar or drums and Derek Roy as the lead singer. I think Derek is jealous at the fact that Larry Quinn and Ronan Tynan have asked Miller and Stafford to play at Ronan's Christmas Concert and not him. He was just seizing the opportunity to flex his golden pipes at the Catwalk in hopes that fans will call Larry and vote for him (American Idol Style) to participate in Ronan's next Buffalo Concert.


Andrew Peters' Zoot Suit is something to behold and he reminds me of Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. The episode where Robert and Debra go swing dancing and Ray gets jealous. When Brad Garrett is wearing the Zoot Suit in that episode it reminds me of Andrew Peters' and his flashy attire at the Catwalk.


Bryce Miller's attire makes me think he should be slinging newspapers on Michigan Ave. and saying, "Get Your Newspapers! Sabres Crush Senators in 10-0 Shut Out! Miller might as well be a Brick Wall!" I was justing wanting to see a video on youtube of Bryce singing "I'm the King of New York" from the Newsies.


I love the fact that for the Catwalk the entire Miller family is involved, including Ryan's grandparents. (No Drew Miller, but I'm sure if his grueling hockey schedule would allow it, he would be there.) I must say they are a good-looking family at that. I mean my family is pretty awesome, but we can't really compare to the Millers. They're doing good and being fashionable all at the same time. My family does good, we just aren't fashionable. We all can't have our cake and eat it too, well, unless you are a Miller, then you can, because you are talented and kind enough to do so.



I loved the pictures of the Sabres' cut outs in gangster attire. I need one of these, actually I want one of Lindy that can stare at me and intimidate me into working out, when I feel I deserve a lazy day. I would be sitting on the couch with a box of cheesy whale crackers from Wally World ready to watch the VH1 marathon of America's Next Top Model and the Lindy cut out in gangster clothes would be giving me the "I will kick your ass from here to Timbuktoo, if you don't get off your lazy arse and work out". And because you don't mess with the Ruffinator, I would get up and work out, that or turn it around so it wouldn't stare at me. Probably the latter. Speaking of which, where is Lindy during these Catwalk events? I never see pictures of him at one? hmmmmm...


Last, but certainly not least, Goose. I'm still campaigning that he should be chosen for the US's 2010 winter olympic hockey team. I mean, he has an upper body injury and he still came to the Catwalk to raise money for charity. This guy just has a heart of gold. To top it off, he also showed the crowd a good time by throwing caution to the wind and chug-a-lugging a drink right on the Catwalk. This guy is awesome, no doubt in that.


My conclusion on all this that I have observed via internet is I need to save some funds so I can go next year. I mean it seems like a grand old time and it helps raise money for charity and that is the best reason of all.

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine and were borrowed from various people who attended this event. If any of these are your pictures and you would like them taken off or credit, just send me an e-mail at Thank you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pro Bowl Replacements; My Sabres Game Highlights/Opinions; and Other Team's (Besides Buffalo) Hottness Factors

As I sit here watching the Super Bowl and being a little p.o.ed because the Steelers are winning half way through the 3rd period, I'm thinking about my favorite football team, the Bills. There hasn't been news about the Bills lately because well they didn't make the post season, so much hasn't been going on. Hopefully next year at this time I will be watching the Bills kick some major arse and win Super Bowl #44. Something that sort of irked me though is that Marshawn Lynch is replacing someone to play in the Pro-Bowl. I'm glad the Bills will be represented, but in all honesty, Fred Jackson was a much better runningback for the Bills this year than Lynch and he didn't commit a hit and run. I like Lynch and all, but they seem to make more of a fuss about him than necessary. He's not producing the yards for him to be getting that much hype. Yet, Fred Jackson came out of nowwhere without any hype and produced the yards. I just think he should go and represent the Bills instead of Marshawn. Just my opinion.

I haven't been able to watch a Sabres game in awhile due to my schedule and for the fact that I don't get cable, so I can't watch the games unless I go out. To recap my opinions on the games I was unable to watch. Versus Edmonton: Us 10 goals, them 2, Drew Stafford winning Winston the Game Pigeon because of his hat trick and then proclaiming that he was having a sleepover with Winston... classic and awesome, with the talent we have on the Sabres team, this is what they should be doing more often. Versus Calgary: Us 2 goals, them 5, media blaming Miller for lost.... Not cool, what happened? The night before we had ten goals! It's like the Sabres like to play Jekyll and Hyde with their ability, one day hot next not and the media blaming Miller, def. not cool because hockey is a team sport and if the team loses it's not just one players fault, it's the entire teams fault. And if the team wins, it's not just one player who one if for the team, it is the entire team. Enough said. Versus Phoenix: Shut-out! We had two goals, Nathan Paetsch seemed to be stirring the pot, Danny Paille scores, Patty Kaleta back.... from I can read from the stats and highlights, this game = awesome! Miller with his 4th shout out of the year! Congrats! Paille scoring, yes! Patty Kaleta back! I want a Kaleta Collision! And from what I can read Nathan Paetsch and Dan Carcillo were not being the best of friends during that game. Misconducts and fighting majors, wow Paetsch, someone was having a fiesty evening, but I rather see that than have a player just blend into the background and you can't remember they were even on the ice.

Since I am a big Buffalo Sports fan and tend to loathe other teams, I have neglected that some other teams have some major hotness factors. Like for instance I'm watching the Super Bowl and I've missed how hot Kurt Warner or Adrian Wilson on the Cards are or maybe because all you can ever see is a helmet with a big puff of black curly hair, but Troy Palamolu is freakin' gorgeous. I would think he was amazingly gorgeous if he cut his hair. Hockey wise, Ryan Miller's friend John-Michael Liles is smoking, how in the world did I miss that and does he ever visit Miller in Buffalo? Because using a saying that Harley uses quite often, I would be all over that like white on rice.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Sabres Have a Non-Orange, Non-Fuzzy Hunger Look-A-Like; Hopefully the USA Olympic Hockey Team Selection Committee Reads This; & Lindy PLZ Adopt Me

As I was watching the Sabres game the other night with Harley, I couldn't put my finger on why Ryan Miller reminded me of somebody. This was during the game, when all you could see through his hockey mask was his eyes and eyebrows. Then it hit me like a piano on the head! Miller reminded me of the orange, fuzzy hunger from the Weight Watchers commercials when he has his goalie mask on. I couldn't find a picture of the orange, fuzzy hunger thing from the Weight Watchers commercial, but I was able to find the commercial on youtube.

Now the semi-collage I made of Miller to show why I think he resembles to Weight Watchers orange, fuzzy Hunger.

Miller Hunger

I think if you painted Miller orange and kept his eyebrows black, it would would be hard to tell the two apart.

I haven't been promoting the Gaustad in Vancouver in 2010 because to be frank fans can't vote for him to go, so me blogging his accolades might be a bit frivolous. I feel as if I should do so every once in awhile because hey maybe one of the members of the selection committee for the Vancouver 2010 USA hockey team might happen to come across this blog and read about how wonderful Paul Gaustad is and why he should represent team USA in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I found a picture of Goose giving some child fans a hockey puck during one of the Sabres pre-game warm-ups and well, to be honest it warmed my heart. That Gaustad is a nice guy and insanely talented, so vote for him hockey selection committee, you won't regret it, scouts honor.

goose kids

Last topic, but certainly not least, one of my favorite people on this earth and all time favorite hockey player and Sabre, the kickass Lindy Ruff! I found this picture of Lindy online today and it just made me laugh. Just when I think I can't love Lindy anymore as a father figure, I find this. Oh Lindy, if I didn't already have an amazing dad, I would ask you if you would adopt me.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sabres Swedish Max Martini; If Ryan Miller Can List His Taste in Music, Then Why Can't I?; and Re-Reading!

I finally got a chance to watch the latest episode of The Sabres Show and I loved Henrik Tallinder's interview. He actually has quite a sense of humor and I love the fact that his wife thought he was being a kiss ass towards her when he said his favorite food was his' wife's cooking in the Sabres yearbook. Classic. My mom's favorite player has been Tallinder for the mere fact that he is Swedish. I'm part Swedish on my mom's side and she loves and is very proud of her Swedish heritage. We actually still keep in touch with or relatives over in Sweden. Last year when Hank got the shoot out goal and no one expected it and well we weren't doing so well with shoot outs and we all thought Lindy lost his mind (or was completely desperate) putting in a d-man to score the winning shoot out goal, my mom made the comment, "Well, of course he got the winning goal, he is Swedish. They should have him do the shoot out more often." I just can't help but think of Tallinder everytime I watch The Unit. Mack on the show looks a lot like Tallinder to me especially since Hank was sporting the buzzed haircut earlier this season.


Which one is which?

I don't know if Ryan Miller is doing this on purpose or it's just a coincidence (it's Miller, nothing seems like a coincidence with that boy, everything in his life seems perfectly well calculated), but he seems to update his blog on the 16th of the month. September, October, December, January.... he was a little late in November, so maybe he's just trying to throw reader's for a loop so they don't expect him to write on the 16th of every month. It's just a thought, I won't expect his next blog entry until February 16th.

I love the fact that Miller's blog has turned into Ryan's Tune Choices and note to Miller, I do know the difference between Bryan and Ryan Adams and I must say that my choice is Bryan Adams. Grant it, I have to be fair and say that I have never listened to Ryan Adams, but I am a big fan of Bryan Adams and 80's pop music. Summer of '69, one of the greatest songs ever! Wasn't Ryan Adams the one who hooked up with Lindsay Lohan when she still liked guys in that way and she was hooking up with a different guy almost every week about two years ago? Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, I had weird dream the other night I was at the Grammy's and Lohan won the award for best movie star who sings and has a deejaying girlfriend and when she went to accept the award her and Sam were fighting and she had a shaved head with only an 80's rat tail and was wearing a flannel shirt dress with ripped off sleeves. Wierd, I know... but anyways, I digress. Since Miller is making song selections on his blog, I'm going to take this opportunity and do the same on mine....

First musical artists I think everyone should check out (if they haven't already) is Rockapella! The acapella group from the kids tv game show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? These guys are so talented and they put on an amazing show. I had the opportunity to see them in concert back in December 2005 because they did a show at my alma mater and it was absolutely incredible, once of the best shows I've ever been to. They sing covers of classic songs, but also have amazing songs of their own and of course they sing "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" (which made my entire night) and the Foldger's jingle from when they were spokesmen for them back in the 90s. I wasn't planning on the show being as amazing as it was because Chi Chi and I were required to go for our Music for Dance class, but it was so wonderful, I had to buy their CD after the show. I actually wanted to buy the three they were selling, but they already sold out of two of them when I purchased mine and the one I bought was one of the last ones left. These guys are amazing performers and put on an entertaining show by not only singing, but interacting with their audience. You keep forgetting that their are no instruments at the show and everything is done acapella, it's absolutely incredible to hear. I use their CD as a cool down for my adult dance class and my students love their music. They do a lot of college venues and their tickets are responsible priced and are worth every penny, I think I paid $12 for my ticket at the time because I was a student. I also formed a crush on their vocal percussionist, Jeff Thacher, because not only is he good looking, but insanely talent with all the beatboxing he does.

jeff thacher

My second choice is one of my top three major celebrity crushes, (every girl has a top 3 plus a bunch of mini crushes) Adam Pascal. I first fell in love with Adam and his music when RENT the movie came out in 2005. I immediately formed a crush on Roger aka Adam Pascal and his rocker voice and looks and his guitar playing ways. (What girl doesn't love a guy who can play a guitar? Seriously, it boosts his hottness factor up ten points automatically if he can play the guitar.) I found his music on myspace and fell in love with it! Left of Me is one of the greatest songs ever written and I love the lyrics, tune, and the way Adam sings it.

Adam Pascal

I remember reading the book, "Night" by Elie Wiesel in 10th grade. Powerful book. It makes you cringe to think about all the horrible stuff that the people in the Holocaust went through. Another excellent book about the Holocaust is "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom about her life and experience during the Holocaust. I haven't read that book since 6th grade, but it was so powerful it has stuck with me through all these years. I remember that even through all the horrible things that Corrie and her sister were experiencing, Corrie's sister always thanked God no matter what. I remember in the book that there was fleas in their beds and Corrie's sister always thanked God and Corrie questioned her how can you thank God for fleas? Corrie's sister didn't know at the time why she was thanking God for the fleas, she just knew in every situation that she should thank God. Come to find out later in the book that because their were fleas in their building the guards wouldn't enter and since they wouldn't enter they were unable to send that particular building to the gas chamber and the fleas ended up saving Corrie's and her sister's lives. I always remember that particular part of the book all these years later. It just proves how God has a plan for everyone and we should be thankful in every situation. I should really take the time and re-read that book. I think it would still have a meaningful impact, if not a stronger one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

M.A.S.H.; Sometimes It's Best to Go For the Real Thing, Not the Back Up; and Oh, Harry Neale!

I just played an online game of M.A.S.H. and if this game can really predict the future, I'm loving what I see! Here are the results...
Behold... My Future
I will marry Harry Connick Jr..
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Ireland in our fabulous Apartment.
We will have 5 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a Blue Hummer.
I will spend my days as a Dancer, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

Now forget the fact that Harry Connick Jr. has a fabulous and happy marriage to the gorgeous and amazing Jill Goodacre. Maybe there is another Harry Connick Jr. out there who is just as fabulous and gorgeous and then I won't have to be a homewrecker, but if not, then I'm sorry Jill, the online game of M.A.S.H. wouldn't lie to me and fate is fate. You don't mess with fate.

I was unable to watch the game last night, but I was able to watch Wednesday nights game against the Blackhawks. I think I commented on someone's blog that Lindy should have put Lalime in last night and Miller in Wednesday night, but after watching the highlights of last nights game and the shootout, I take that back. Miller needed to play last night and well, he probably should have played Wednesday too. I love Lalime (Esp. because his favorite band is Bon Jovi, excellent taste in music!), but Chicago is on too much of a hot streak to play our back up. That's just my opinion at least.

I youtubed last night's shoot out and some other highlights and it was a pretty intense shoot ot with having to go all the way to six shooters. Roy's and Pommer's goals were excellent and Miller was a brick wall during the shoot out (except for one shooter, but 1 out of 6 is excellen, better than Turco did last night). My favorite part of the video I was watching was the fact that Harry Neale said he didn't understand why the players don't take of their helmets for a better view of the puck during the shoot out. RJ told him they're not allowed to take off their helmets, Neale responded with but in the shoot out..... RJ then told him no, they have to wear them during a shoot out too and that the owners and the player's association are addressing that right now. I just found that funny, because isn't that something Neale should know? It's funny to listen too, it's on about 1:08 in the video....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Twitter, Macca, and Sabre Look A Likes

So, I just registered for a twitter and I added some of the bloggers as the people I'm following. If you want to check mine out it's I'm not quite sure how to use this twitter device just yet, so any suggestions are appreciated. I got the fact that I can change my status, but am I able to comment on other people status' like I would on someone's facebook status? This just seems like a nice, simpler way of checking everyone's status and whereabouts than having to look at all that other facebook info. Am I right, or no?

I was watching "The View" before I came to work today, yes I watch "The View" sometimes, I'm a fan of Sherri Shepherd. They had Sir Paul McCartney on today and he looked awfully familiar in that I see you a lot way (and not because I never knew the face of Macca before) and then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Paul McCartney looks like a guy I work with. The resemblance is almost uncanning or at least in my eyes probably, because I have a tendency to think that everyday people are celebrities and have to do about 12 takes and stare unpolitely at them while I figure out whether or not they are famous. Like the day I swore Nathan Paetsch was at my work. My "pay the bills" job is in internet marketing for a big store in WNY (so it feasible he could stop in, it's not like I thought I saw Brad Pitt) and I was up by the registers to ask someone a question and the guy checking out resembled Paetsch or at least he did from .035 second glance. So, I whip my head around and stare at him for about 5 seconds until my co-worker asked me a question and I looked at her for about a second then back to the Paetsch look-a-like trying to figure out whether or not he in fact maybe Nathan Paetsch. I stared unpolitely and he started to get uncomfortable and then I smiled because well, I wasn't sure what else to do and then he mentioned that he sold jewelry and if our store was interested in buying any. I know Paetsch hasn't had a lot of ice time this season, but I doubt he needs to sell jewelry on the side to make ends meat. Also, I doubt he wears a cowboy hat away from the rink unless he is at some sort of event that warrants it. Or how can I forget the time I thought Ryan Miller was going to be on my plane to NYC on my way to a dance audition? It was around the time in May when he was going to be in NYC for the goalie's meeting about their equipment and I saw a guy sit down behind that was about Miller's stature and from the back he had the same exact hair. I couldn't see his face, but I texted Harley "I think Ryan Miller might be on my flight!" So, of course to make sure that it was, I took an unnecessary walk in the airport and back to see his face, yeah it wasn't Miller. He's not Asian. Irish, yes. Asian, no. When I got on the plane, I told the person I was traveling with I thought that guy was Miller at least from the back. Their response, "Yeah, Ryan Miller would really be flying on a puddle jumper plane like this. He can afford a much better flight to NYC." In all fairness to my mistake, I was flying out of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and Ryan Miller isn't a flashy guy. He's down to earth, maybe he would fly in a cramped, crappy plane just to save money to give back to those who need it or even better to be with his fans and the Asian guy did have Miller's hair cut and hair texture from the back. *sigh* honest mistake. But the guy I work with totally looks like Paul McCartney, at least I don't think he's Macca, just resembles him. That's progress.

Monday, January 12, 2009

P.O.S.'s Before Hockey Contracts, Kaboom Car Stories, and Small Ways to Improve Myself

While I was talking on the phone to Chi Chi for 4 hours last night cuddled up with massive amounts of blankets and comforters to ward off the cold WNY January weather, I was browsing through the Sabres 2008 - 2009 Yearbook (thanks to Cari from SabreChaser) and some of the guys off the ice answers made me chuckle. I especially like the fact that Gaustad's first car was a 1979 VW Rabbit. Classic. If you try to imagine him driving a vehicle like that it seems hilarious for the mere fact that he's such a tall guy and well, that's a little car. It's almost like a clown car, but I love the fact that even the Sabres first cars were P.O.S.'s, well they guys that got their first cars before their hockey contracts were signed. Pommer's first car was a BMW, I'm thinking he bought that after signing his hockey contract. Beamer doesn't equal P.O.S. I also admire that Matt Ellis' first car was a 1988 Ford Tempo, because my first car aka kaboom car was also a Ford Tempo except it was a 1994 and yes it was a P.O.S. I think the gas leak when I first got it or the time I literally had to drive down the road holding the driver's side door close, because for some odd reason it wouldn't close and Chi Chi was yelling at me. That was a sight we were on our way to a Ballet Magnificat! Concert all dressed up in our heels and skirts in 15 degree weather and I have one hand holding the car door close and the other on the steering wheel trying to drive on unplowed roads, speeding because we were late and then of course to top it off we got lost. Good Times. The only reasons I walked away happy from that evening was A) the concert was AMAZING! and B) I got Keith Thibodeaux's aka Little Ricky from I Love Lucy, autograph because his wife, Kathy, is the director of Ballet Magnificat! and I'm a huge Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy fan, so that completely made my night, actually week. On the drive home, the door decided it would shut then and we were on our merry way. I wouldn't trade those experiences with kaboom car for the world, but I am much happier now that I have a more reliable means of transportation, I just wonder if the Sabres have any P.O.S. stories before they're hockey contracts.

1979 VW Rabbit

Apparently similar to Goose's first car!

94 Ford Tempo

Similar to my first car aka kaboom car, except the color, I had a grey tempo!

Every year I want to make a New Year's Resolution, but I know I'll be a lazy butt and not go through with it. I found this article online on small ways to improve yourself and succeed. I think I'm going to try, what do I have to lose?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry for Being a Klutz, Please Resend; Miller is spelled H-O-T; and Don't Worry You're Not Missing a Thing!

Real quick, someone sent me an e-mail about this blog to my e-mail account and I accidentally deleted it before I could answer it. I apologize to whomever sent it and if you would take the time to resend, I promise I won't be such a klutz this time and I will answer you. Sorry, but we all make mistakes in life, the best thing to do is learn from them.

I was unable to watch the game tonight, but I read the highlights on If Miller was any hotter,he'd be the friggin' sun, geesh! 45 saves in one game! The reason the Sabres lost had nothing to do with Miller. On paper Miller looks impressive (I didn't watch, so I can't speak as if I watched the game) and he was incredible in last nights game. During the shootout, I was literally gripping Harley's arm the entire time. When Miller made the save against Drury last night, the pub was screaming and yelling! It was fabulous! I think the Sabres need to pick up their game a bit, but Miller just needs to play to way he has been.

I'm glad the Sabres won last night A) because I wanted them to beat Drury's team and B) because right before I left work to watch the game, I told another co-worker who was a Ranger's fan and upset he couldn't watch the game that he shouldn't be upset about missing it, the Sabres are going to beat his Rangers anyway and thankfully they did.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now Do You Believe? The Campaign Continues!, May Day!, and When 32 Cents Makes All the Difference!

While I was at work today, my boss (who is a huge Sabres fan) and I were talking about the game last night and the Sabres in general and she mentioned at one of the last games they were looking at Gaustad and Miller as prospects for the 2010 Olympics! What?!? This is awesome! Of course I needed to find out more, so I googled it and this is the info that I found.

On the Sabres broadcast of Buffalo-Toronto tonight, they said that Brian Burke, GM of the US Olympic hockey team, said that they were looking hard at Paul Gaustad for the team in 2010.

YES!!! This is awesome! So, Goose may not have gotten voted in for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game (trust me it was not for lack of trying on me and Harley's part, we made t-shirts, Dang It!), but..... he's being looked at for the 2010 Olympics! Awesome! Now 5 days after the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign has ended, I now have a new campaign..... *clears throat*..... "Now Do You Believe? Gaustad is Good! Scary Good! Gaustad in Vancouver in 2010"! It's not as catchy as "Honk the Vote", but you can't vote for players to go to the Olympics, so I thought I would steal a classic RJ quote. I think Goose is greatly unappreciated, but if Brian Burke is scouting him for 2010 Olympics obviously people outside of Buffalo are realizing (or believing) he is good. It's kind of growing on me, so I think I'll keep it, unless anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears.

goose vancouver

While I was googling about Goose being a prospect for the 2010 Olympics, I came across Brian Burke's name and I'm going to be honest, I didn't know who he was, so I googled him and found out that he was the president and GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs (all right, I probably should have known that). Then I came across this article. Speaking of RJ quotes, this man was the reason for the famous "May Day! May Day!" call and now he's playing for Toronto? It's kind of depressing since he's now playing for the Leafs and they are one of our arch rivals and all, but he started his career in Buffalo. I don't want to see him playing for the Leafs! ICK! Grant it, he has become a suitcase in the NHL and now playing for Toronto, this is his 7th NHL team, but Toronto!?! I didn't mind him playing for the Ducks, because after the Sabres the Ducks are my favorite NHL team. The only reason they are is because I loved the Mighty Ducks Movies as a kid and had a huge crush (well, still do) on Joshua Jackson and the kid who played Adam Banks (He was really good, but really quiet and never threw it in the rest of the team's face that he was really good, but I hated the fact that he had a thing for Connie, the girl goalie. Hey, I was 11 at the time.) Thanks to those movies I started at a young age having a crush on hockey players and the Ducks being my 2nd favorite hockey team, the Sabres have always been my first. So, while Brad May was in Anaheim, I didn't mind him playing there, but now Toronto, it just makes him seem like a traitor. I know hockey players don't have a lot of say in where they are being traded, but I just wanted to vent that this saddens me a wee bit.

I'm sure that everyone is aware of the Jarkko Ruutu biting Andrew Peters. I was teaching last night and unable to watch the game, but Harley texted me to tell me that Peters was bit by Ruutu. I really couldn't believe it, but what I couldn't believe more was the fact that he didn't get a penalty and Peters had to serve a 2-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty! Really?!? Ruutu can bite someone, but if you make a big deal about being bite, you are in the wrong. I really don't see the logic in that one, probably why I'm not a hockey referee. If I was Peters once I found out that I was serving a penalty anyway, I would have skated over and punched Ruutu in the face why he was putting in his eye drops. If you're getting in trouble anyway, you might as well do something worth getting in trouble for. Go Big or Go Home! Since I was unable to watch the game, I found a clip of it on youtube....

I must say I'm very impressed by the way Peters handled himself when being interviewed about the incident, saying it's up to the NHL on what to do about it. Well, the NHL is suspending him for two games and fining him $31,707.32 because he is unable to play in those games. You think they could have rounded it up to a nice even number, like $32,000.00. I mean at this point does the 32 cents matter? Anyway, I'm glad to see he's being punished that's really unacceptable behavior and I like how Petey said that these guys are suppose to be role models for kids and doing something like this hurts the reputation of the NHL and the game, more than his thumb. Well put, again I was very impressed with Peters and how professional his interviews were.

Lindy's interview on the situation reminds me why the Ruffinator is one of my favorite people in this world.

I love how he admits he find the situation a bit humorous and goes on to talk about seeing someone get in the back. I'm really not sure why he kept referring to witnessing that, but apparently the Ruffinator found it relevant and that's good enough for me. He also goes on to talk about how well Chris Butler has played and Toni Lydman's return to the line up. He seems like he doesn't want to send Butler back, but he doesn't give us any inkling about what the Sabres organization is going to do with so many defensemen. Only time will tell. He also talks about Tim Connolly returning and how Tim never plays like a player coming off an injuring and never plays soft. He speaks very highly of Timmy (as he always have) and says that his gift is to draw players toward him and open people up even if it does put him in harm's way. And Tim has been in harm's way most of the time, missing the last 249 games out of 358 due to injury, that's over 67%, but apparently that's the sacrifice that comes with such a great gift.