Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opposites Attract? or The Odd Couple? ... Do Either Equal Recipes for Success on the Football Field???

Aren't we lucky to have the ultimate diva in our locker room at One Bills Drive? I really feel bad for Trent right now because given T.O.'s history and what I believe is Trent's character, we are going to have the odd couple out on the football field this season. Trent seems as drama free as they come. He also possesses great intelligence, class, a great work ethic, and talent to boot. T.O. brings more drama than Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton combined. The season hasn't already started and there's drama with him just trying to find a place to hang his hat for a season. I will sympathize with him on the fact that his realtor gave a tour of his new digs to Channel 2. That was wrong on her part especially since she signed a confidential contract and do you show video tours of all your client's houses? I think not. So you shouldn't have done it to T.O., but on the other hand, T.O. shouldn't have thrown a twitter-tantrum. I especially lost a lot of respect for him when he told someone who tweeted something not so nice to him to "Pound Sand!" Yeah, that person shouldn't have said that to you, but you are a public figure expected to act a certain way and you represent not only yourself, but the entire Bills organization and the NFL. You should've been the bigger man and just ignored it, but divas never miss a chance to be dramatic, eh? Hopefully the age old theory of opposites attract will be a recipe for success on the football field for the Bills and lead us to a Super Bowl Championship.  Even if it doesn't at least we have Fox Sports sympathy of dealing with T.O.... quote / unquote... Good Luck to Buffalo with the ultimate diva. ... Thanks Fox Sports. I have a feeling we're going to need it.

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Caroline said...

Ya know, I don't really mind that T.O. called out his realtor on his Twittter page. That's his thing...he's notorious for calling people out in the locker room and I guess he just does in every aspect of his life. It is what it is. I think it was pretty unprofessional of his realtor to show off his house and he's known for being a little dramatic. I agree that his drama can bring negative attention, but that's his personality and the Bills knew what they were getting into when they signed him. You take the bad with the good.