Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spare Time?; Oh, Marshawn How You Make Us All Proud; and Doing a 180!

Once again, I have been horrible at updating, but I have been busy studying for my group fitness certification so I can teach fitness and dance classes at gyms and other places. I have a month to study, but I have to read an entire text book on top of teaching, working, and other events in my life, so every spare moment has been  devoted to studying. Luckily it's not too bad because a lot of the anatomical terms and fitness knowledge I already know because of my dance degree, I just have to brush up on it.

So, Marshawn Lynch has just given me another reason on why I would support Fred Jackson to be our top running back for the Bills or have Lynch cut from the Bills roster. I think Marshawn doesn't live up to the hype he receives and it wouldn't irritate me all that much, but he acts like he's as great as the hype and then breaks the law like it doesn't apply to him. First the hit and run on Chippewa and now this. Seriously? Weapons charges and drug possession, my what a fine example he is for today's youth! I become really irate when the Bills organization doesn't get angry over it. I'm sure it's one of those scenarios where they are calm and cool to the public and ripping him a new butthole in private, but still. I know they paid a lot of money for him and he's under contract, but isn't there or shouldn't there be a clause in the contract stating that actions like these are a misrepresentation of the organization and franchise and are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If said actions are done then it can be considered a breech of contract and such actions as heavy fines, public apology, or grounds for dismal (with contacts being destroyed because player didn't fulfill their duty to be a respectable representative of the organization) can be put into action. Doesn't that sound good? If it already exists why aren't the Bills cutting him from the line-up? I truly believe that Fred Jackson has produced just as much positive play this season as Marshawn if not more, so why do we need him? I know, I know, we need more than one running back, but why can't we use a rookie who will play with more determination and grit and won't be a disgrace to the organization? Just a thought. I'm well aware of the fact that the bills won't get rid of Lynch, even if I feel strongly that they should.

Speaking of athletes who disgrace their organizations, I would like do a 180 and draw everyone's attention to a player who goes above and beyond making their organization proud and trying to better the WNY community and well, the world in general, Ryan Miller. (Now why can't every athlete be as respectable as Miller?) Miller has blown my he only updates his blog on the 16th of ever month out of the water by going and updating on the 12th this month. Thanks Miller, I actually thought I was onto something here. He even commented on how he is only a once a month blogger. I think he read my blog entry on how he only updates once a month and on the 16th and even found it necessary to comment. (I'm really not that delusion, just hopeful I guess) He commented on the team's performance and of course his Catwalk for Charity, he also provided readers with some factoids on Buffalo history, which I will admit I did not know. Al Capone hung out in Buffalo, who would of thunk? He goes on to talk about how he almost became a dog owner, but it's not feasible at this because A) His property in Buffalo is not dog friendly, B) He travels too much, and C) He doesn't have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment. My comments to this are A) you could always move to a dog friendly property, there are plenty in Buffalo or the Southtowns and I am not aware of his financial status, but I'm just taking a guess that he could afford it. B) I agree it wouldn't be fair to the dog to be alone all the time if he wasn't there to take care of it, so I think that's a good reason to hold of being a dog owner at the present time. C) I'm glad he's aware of the fact that it takes a good woman to hold down the home front, because let's face behind every great man is an even greater woman and then a man behind her checking out her ass. I must say I am a little shock that he publicly admitted not having a girlfriend, because he seems like he would be a guy that would like to keep his personal life, well just that personal. I think he did say in the Maxim blog (correct me if I'm wrong), that he had a girlfriend in Chi-town over the summer and he was visiting her. Well, either A) they broke up or B) she is not at his home front, but in Chicago as Harley pointed out to me. I went back and read his wording of it because Miller is a pretty smart guy who wouldn't miss-word something by mistake. You know that blogs practically flawless without any typos (unlike this blog that an accountable number of typos which I am way too lazy to fix) and he said "I don't have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment", not "I don't have a girlfriend at the home front to hold it down" or "I don't have my girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment". He said "a" not "my", so I think it's safe to say that he's single and is putting out a subtle public statement that he maybe looking. (WOW! I put way too much thought into this) I'd like to end on the note that I'm sure he won't have any problems getting a date and there are plenty outstanding women in WNY, because we all know that the best girls are from Buffalo.



Caroline said...

Ryan Miller is precious. It would be funny that after all this praise of how respectable he is and how he represents the city so well, he goes and does something batshit crazy like rob a bank or something. Okay, maybe that wouldn't be a sick and twisted way, it would be.

Defy Gravity... said...

It would be funny that after all this praise of how respectable he is and how he represents the city so well, he goes and does something batshit crazy like rob a bank or something. Okay, maybe that wouldn't be a sick and twisted way, it would be.

haha... yes it would be funny in a weird and twisted way especially after I'm singing his praises on this blog. I would def. have to open mouth and insert foot if he ever did something like that. Luckily, I have enough faith in him not to do that, but watch him prove me wrong, just like he did by not blogging on the 16th.