Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pro Bowl Replacements; My Sabres Game Highlights/Opinions; and Other Team's (Besides Buffalo) Hottness Factors

As I sit here watching the Super Bowl and being a little p.o.ed because the Steelers are winning half way through the 3rd period, I'm thinking about my favorite football team, the Bills. There hasn't been news about the Bills lately because well they didn't make the post season, so much hasn't been going on. Hopefully next year at this time I will be watching the Bills kick some major arse and win Super Bowl #44. Something that sort of irked me though is that Marshawn Lynch is replacing someone to play in the Pro-Bowl. I'm glad the Bills will be represented, but in all honesty, Fred Jackson was a much better runningback for the Bills this year than Lynch and he didn't commit a hit and run. I like Lynch and all, but they seem to make more of a fuss about him than necessary. He's not producing the yards for him to be getting that much hype. Yet, Fred Jackson came out of nowwhere without any hype and produced the yards. I just think he should go and represent the Bills instead of Marshawn. Just my opinion.

I haven't been able to watch a Sabres game in awhile due to my schedule and for the fact that I don't get cable, so I can't watch the games unless I go out. To recap my opinions on the games I was unable to watch. Versus Edmonton: Us 10 goals, them 2, Drew Stafford winning Winston the Game Pigeon because of his hat trick and then proclaiming that he was having a sleepover with Winston... classic and awesome, with the talent we have on the Sabres team, this is what they should be doing more often. Versus Calgary: Us 2 goals, them 5, media blaming Miller for lost.... Not cool, what happened? The night before we had ten goals! It's like the Sabres like to play Jekyll and Hyde with their ability, one day hot next not and the media blaming Miller, def. not cool because hockey is a team sport and if the team loses it's not just one players fault, it's the entire teams fault. And if the team wins, it's not just one player who one if for the team, it is the entire team. Enough said. Versus Phoenix: Shut-out! We had two goals, Nathan Paetsch seemed to be stirring the pot, Danny Paille scores, Patty Kaleta back.... from I can read from the stats and highlights, this game = awesome! Miller with his 4th shout out of the year! Congrats! Paille scoring, yes! Patty Kaleta back! I want a Kaleta Collision! And from what I can read Nathan Paetsch and Dan Carcillo were not being the best of friends during that game. Misconducts and fighting majors, wow Paetsch, someone was having a fiesty evening, but I rather see that than have a player just blend into the background and you can't remember they were even on the ice.

Since I am a big Buffalo Sports fan and tend to loathe other teams, I have neglected that some other teams have some major hotness factors. Like for instance I'm watching the Super Bowl and I've missed how hot Kurt Warner or Adrian Wilson on the Cards are or maybe because all you can ever see is a helmet with a big puff of black curly hair, but Troy Palamolu is freakin' gorgeous. I would think he was amazingly gorgeous if he cut his hair. Hockey wise, Ryan Miller's friend John-Michael Liles is smoking, how in the world did I miss that and does he ever visit Miller in Buffalo? Because using a saying that Harley uses quite often, I would be all over that like white on rice.

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