Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Day; Oh Where, Oh Where Has Briere Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be?; and Goose = BAMF! Enough Said!

I'm very relieved to say that my day is going much better than yesterday / late Monday night. My car decided that it would be defiant on Monday night after I came out of teaching and the key wouldn't turn in the admission. It was stuck and it wasn't about to loosen or turn anytime soon. Fabulous. Of course it's 10:30pm and it's a freezing 4 degrees out and the closet person who can come and pick me up is 25 minutes away. (Thankfully for me they did and they didn't waste anytime leaving either. Praise the Lord I have the best family and friends in the whole wide world!) After picking me and up, I couldn't get warm for the rest of the night and was chilled to the bone. I had to get up at 7am which my body didn't even know there was two 7 o'clocks in a day and call my mechanic and a dealer to see if I can get a key made and then spend three hours of morning driving around trying to get my car fixed (which it won't be fixed until Monday or later), go to my "pay the bills" then go and teach again that evening. *Sigh* Luckily my kids were really good in class. I told them I was having a bad day and they needed to be good and listen to cheer me up. Kids are great. They rose to the challenge and brightened my entire day. Why can't more adults be like that? But on a good note, today is going much better and I had a very good  nights, even if for part of it I passed out on the couch while Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and Scrubs reruns played.

I have been unable to watch the past two Sabres games due to more important (I know there is nothing more important than the Sabres, but sometimes life takes precedent) ie my Aunt's 60th b-day party and my teaching obligations. I missed the game with the horrible incident of Miller's injury and the fact that he is out indefinitely at this point and time (BOO!). I also missed last night's game against my favorite team if the Sabres were not in the NHL, so basically my second favorite. The last game I caught was against Philly and I thought we were doing pretty decent until the third and then we went with an empty net *OI!*. The sixth and final goal was like sticking a nail in a coffin. I have to say that I didn't see Briere at all during that game. (Grant it, I was partly distracted because I was flirting with the cute bartender who Harley is convinced waits for me to get there and has a crush on me. She's such a great friend by compromising her moral code by lying and saying nice things to me to boost my ego.) Where was this great Briere that was the MVP of the All*Star Game in 2007 when he played for the Sabres, but since he's been traded to Philly by his own will he hasn't even made an All*Star appearance and apparently he has forgotten how to score. Not only was he not racking up the points, but I couldn't even find him out on the ice (Again, partially distracted because I was having an awesome flirt session with the cute bartender). I just find it ironic that he insisted that being traded to Philly would be the best for his career and since he's been there he's done buttkiss.

To end this blog today, all I'm going to say is Goose is a BAMF and I never want him to change.

Paul Gaustad insisted the collision with Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf during Tuesday’s 3-2 loss was not intentional. Ducks’ Head Coach Randy Carlyle was upset with the play that resulted in a broken nose for Getzlaf, saying the winger left his feet on the hit.

“I read his comment that my shoulder hit him in the head, but I watched the replay, our heads collided,” Gaustad said. “I didn’t see him, it’s unfortunate he got hurt… But was a collision, it wasn’t a hit.”

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Can't Bring Me Down; Hockey Bachelor Auction; and Just Add Water!

If the Sabres didn't lose last night, yesterday would have been one of those great days that it's only little stuff that happens, but you just can't stop smiling at the end of the day. So, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to let the Sabres lost bring down my mood. I was so giddy (stupidly giddy that when I woke up this morning, I felt a we bit like an ass, but oh well), I told Harley I could get pulled over by the cops and still be in a good mood, by saying, "Thanks for the Ticket" with a wink and a smile. Yes, yesterday was a good day and I really needed one of those good days because it's been awhile. Not that I've had absolutely horrid days, but just okay days and sometimes you need an extremely good day that puts you in a stupidly giddy mood to remind you that you are happy to be breathing and a human being on this earth.

After to talking with Harley and others about Ryan Miller's relationship status, I came up with the conclusion that next year's Catwalk for Charity should include a Bachelor Auction of all the single Sabres, of course having the proceeds go to Carly's Club. Let's certainly not just keep the auction open to single Sabres, how about single Portland Pirates or NHL/AHL players in general. I'm sure Miller got a couple of single hockey friends he could auction off for charity. Think of all the proceeds from this little venture. Auctioning of a cute lab puppy, good idea. Auctioning off single hockey players for an evening of fun and entertainment, great idea!

Has anyone bought the 2008 - 2009 Sabres collectible pucks from Tops? I've been trying to keep up with them, but they remind me of those tablets you had as a kid and you put it into water and it grows in to a spongy shaped animal or those towels that are condensed into a square and you put it in water and it grows into a washcloth/towel. I feel like I should put one of those mini pucks in a jar of water and in a day I will have grown myself my own personal Sabre or better yet the particular Sabre on the puck will appear when you drop the puck in water. Take one Paul Gaustad mini hockey puck place it in a glass of water and *poof* there he is! Goose, right in front of your eyes! This could work for any of the Sabres, Pommers, Lalime, Kaleta, Paetsch.... so on and so forth.... Man, I'm really starting to believe that the Sabres organization needs to listen to some of marketing ideas, they could make a bundle.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spare Time?; Oh, Marshawn How You Make Us All Proud; and Doing a 180!

Once again, I have been horrible at updating, but I have been busy studying for my group fitness certification so I can teach fitness and dance classes at gyms and other places. I have a month to study, but I have to read an entire text book on top of teaching, working, and other events in my life, so every spare moment has been  devoted to studying. Luckily it's not too bad because a lot of the anatomical terms and fitness knowledge I already know because of my dance degree, I just have to brush up on it.

So, Marshawn Lynch has just given me another reason on why I would support Fred Jackson to be our top running back for the Bills or have Lynch cut from the Bills roster. I think Marshawn doesn't live up to the hype he receives and it wouldn't irritate me all that much, but he acts like he's as great as the hype and then breaks the law like it doesn't apply to him. First the hit and run on Chippewa and now this. Seriously? Weapons charges and drug possession, my what a fine example he is for today's youth! I become really irate when the Bills organization doesn't get angry over it. I'm sure it's one of those scenarios where they are calm and cool to the public and ripping him a new butthole in private, but still. I know they paid a lot of money for him and he's under contract, but isn't there or shouldn't there be a clause in the contract stating that actions like these are a misrepresentation of the organization and franchise and are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If said actions are done then it can be considered a breech of contract and such actions as heavy fines, public apology, or grounds for dismal (with contacts being destroyed because player didn't fulfill their duty to be a respectable representative of the organization) can be put into action. Doesn't that sound good? If it already exists why aren't the Bills cutting him from the line-up? I truly believe that Fred Jackson has produced just as much positive play this season as Marshawn if not more, so why do we need him? I know, I know, we need more than one running back, but why can't we use a rookie who will play with more determination and grit and won't be a disgrace to the organization? Just a thought. I'm well aware of the fact that the bills won't get rid of Lynch, even if I feel strongly that they should.

Speaking of athletes who disgrace their organizations, I would like do a 180 and draw everyone's attention to a player who goes above and beyond making their organization proud and trying to better the WNY community and well, the world in general, Ryan Miller. (Now why can't every athlete be as respectable as Miller?) Miller has blown my he only updates his blog on the 16th of ever month out of the water by going and updating on the 12th this month. Thanks Miller, I actually thought I was onto something here. He even commented on how he is only a once a month blogger. I think he read my blog entry on how he only updates once a month and on the 16th and even found it necessary to comment. (I'm really not that delusion, just hopeful I guess) He commented on the team's performance and of course his Catwalk for Charity, he also provided readers with some factoids on Buffalo history, which I will admit I did not know. Al Capone hung out in Buffalo, who would of thunk? He goes on to talk about how he almost became a dog owner, but it's not feasible at this because A) His property in Buffalo is not dog friendly, B) He travels too much, and C) He doesn't have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment. My comments to this are A) you could always move to a dog friendly property, there are plenty in Buffalo or the Southtowns and I am not aware of his financial status, but I'm just taking a guess that he could afford it. B) I agree it wouldn't be fair to the dog to be alone all the time if he wasn't there to take care of it, so I think that's a good reason to hold of being a dog owner at the present time. C) I'm glad he's aware of the fact that it takes a good woman to hold down the home front, because let's face behind every great man is an even greater woman and then a man behind her checking out her ass. I must say I am a little shock that he publicly admitted not having a girlfriend, because he seems like he would be a guy that would like to keep his personal life, well just that personal. I think he did say in the Maxim blog (correct me if I'm wrong), that he had a girlfriend in Chi-town over the summer and he was visiting her. Well, either A) they broke up or B) she is not at his home front, but in Chicago as Harley pointed out to me. I went back and read his wording of it because Miller is a pretty smart guy who wouldn't miss-word something by mistake. You know that blogs practically flawless without any typos (unlike this blog that an accountable number of typos which I am way too lazy to fix) and he said "I don't have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment", not "I don't have a girlfriend at the home front to hold it down" or "I don't have my girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment". He said "a" not "my", so I think it's safe to say that he's single and is putting out a subtle public statement that he maybe looking. (WOW! I put way too much thought into this) I'd like to end on the note that I'm sure he won't have any problems getting a date and there are plenty outstanding women in WNY, because we all know that the best girls are from Buffalo.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Internet Conclusions; Zoot Suits; and I Need a Cut Out Lindy!

I haven't blogged in awhile, due to my schedule, but the Sabres have been up to some antics that I would like to take some time and point out.

First, the Catwalk for Charity III hosted by Ryan Miller and his charity the Steadfast Foundation. I was not in attendance at this event due to the lack of funds to buy tickets and I was already had a prior commitment of chaperoning about 50 dance students ages 4 - 17 at a dance competition and entering the young ones playing duck, duck, goose or as they like to call it toilet, toilet, flush. My how things have changed since I was a kid. I had a blast at the competition with my kids and am very proud of their performances, but R. Mill's event sounds like it was quite an evening. From what I can deduce from other people's blogs, facebook, and other internet sources the Sabres themselves had a good time and a few of them may have consumed a little too many alcoholic beverages and acted in ways they normally wouldn't have (nothing bad, they were just relaxed and acting like regular guys would after consuming alcohol and being at a party). I love the fact that Tim Connolly did the worm! I get picked on by my friends for having crushes on guys because of weird quirks, and one weird quirk I find extremely attractive in guys is if they can do the dance move "the worm". I had a crush on a male cheerleader from another school when I was a sophomore in high school because he could do the worm and displayed his talent during a cheerleading competition on time. It also helped that he was well built, had amazing blue eyes, gorgeous wavy, blond, surfer locks, and he looked like a male model, but that is completely beside the point. I might have a mini-crush on Tim Connolly until about Friday because he busted out the worm at the Catwalk for Charity.


THE WORM! Look at those guns! Dang!


Apparently he was happy with his moves.

Pominville didn't seem to be the most entertaining Sabre of the evening, actually what I can figure out he flew below the radar minus his strut on the Catwalk with Ryan. I found this picture and noticed that Pommer's left hand is a little heavier than usual. Did he get married and I missed it? Not that I would expect to be invited or even notified, but the other Sabres that got married or engaged recently have made it publicly known or it was leaked out. (ie Vanek, Peters, Paille, and Paetsch) Either Pommer's is really good at keeping him private life, well, private or he flew to Vegas during the All*Star break and tied the knot with Kim (that was her name wasn't it?). Or maybe he's not married at all and he's like the Jonas Brothers and it's a purity ring. I've never heard of a professional athlete wearing a purity ring before, but I guess stranger things have happened.


All I have to say is when did that happen and what does it mean?

Drew Stafford, where do I even begin with this guy? First of all Drew reminds me of the guy on the team who is very laidback and makes the smartass remarks without caring who he may offend and the remarks he makes usually goes over people's head that should be offended by them. He also reminds me of the typical college frat boy. Most of the guys who have joined the Sabres roster after playing college hockey try to give off this professional persona and make it seem like their college days are behind them. This does not seem like Drew. He seems like the guy who wakes up 5 minutes before he is suppose to leave for the rink throws on clothes that have been on the floor for a few weeks and have only been worn twice, so they are still considered clean because they smell the least and have no stains on them, maybe brushes his teeth, takes a quick swig of milk or OJ out of the carton, grabs his keys and gear and is out the door. I could be way off on this theory, but he just gives off that vibe. He's the type of guy, that not only is he athletically gifted, but he probably didn't have to work that hard at school to pull slightly above average grades. He reminds me of a guy in my public speaking class in college that got all A's on his speeches, but never actually prepared one before hand. He just knew what topic he had to talk about and just ab libbed his speech, but he was so relaxed and a natural public speaker and naturally funny, he pulled it off. I on the other prepared the entire before, but got so nervous when I got in front of the class, I was lucky if I pulled a C and I hated that guy for being able to naturally give speeches, but he was so charismatic and good-looking, my hatred would turn into a mini-crush. That reminds me of Drew, I have never met him, but again he gives off that vibe. So, back to the Catwalk for Charity, according to Drew's Monday morning interview with Larry Norton and 97 Rock, he stated that he normally isn't the kind of guy to wear nice clothes, but since it was a charity event, he wore a nice shirt and pants and found out he wasn't dressed properly because everyone else was sporting Zoot Suit (little factoid about me: I  LOVE Zoot Suits!). So, he had to come up with a quick outfit, which in his words he looked Amish. I know plenty of Amish and none of them wear anything like that, the word I would use to describe Drew's ensemble, Hobo. He reminds me of the Hobo in The Polar Express. That Hobo irritates me because I have no idea what relevance he has to that movie other than to creep the main character out. Pointless, I say.


Drew's many looks for the evening.

I don't know how in the world I missed this, but Patrick Lalime is very good looking. He looked extremely handsome at the Catwalk and I just realized I love his smile.


I think Mike Weber may have not understood the theme of the Catwalk was the Roaring '20s and not Disney's greatest movies because what other reason would he dress as Aladdin?


I'm only posting this picture because being immature and corny as I sometimes am and Paille's pink feather headpiece looks absolutely lovely! (I am aware of the fact that it is one of the models, but the angle is just perfect to assume it is his.)


Speaking of Paille, I'm glad to hear his fiance, Dana (right?), won the bid on the puppy, Capone, after losing to T-Bo's wife last year. Speaking of T-Bo, whatever happened to him? And whatever happened to Pratt? And you never really hear anything about Briere anymore do you? Interesting....


Apparently in the off-season the Sabres are going to tour as the Knox Plaza Band with Miller on Guitar, Lydman on Drums, Stafford playing either guitar or drums and Derek Roy as the lead singer. I think Derek is jealous at the fact that Larry Quinn and Ronan Tynan have asked Miller and Stafford to play at Ronan's Christmas Concert and not him. He was just seizing the opportunity to flex his golden pipes at the Catwalk in hopes that fans will call Larry and vote for him (American Idol Style) to participate in Ronan's next Buffalo Concert.


Andrew Peters' Zoot Suit is something to behold and he reminds me of Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. The episode where Robert and Debra go swing dancing and Ray gets jealous. When Brad Garrett is wearing the Zoot Suit in that episode it reminds me of Andrew Peters' and his flashy attire at the Catwalk.


Bryce Miller's attire makes me think he should be slinging newspapers on Michigan Ave. and saying, "Get Your Newspapers! Sabres Crush Senators in 10-0 Shut Out! Miller might as well be a Brick Wall!" I was justing wanting to see a video on youtube of Bryce singing "I'm the King of New York" from the Newsies.


I love the fact that for the Catwalk the entire Miller family is involved, including Ryan's grandparents. (No Drew Miller, but I'm sure if his grueling hockey schedule would allow it, he would be there.) I must say they are a good-looking family at that. I mean my family is pretty awesome, but we can't really compare to the Millers. They're doing good and being fashionable all at the same time. My family does good, we just aren't fashionable. We all can't have our cake and eat it too, well, unless you are a Miller, then you can, because you are talented and kind enough to do so.



I loved the pictures of the Sabres' cut outs in gangster attire. I need one of these, actually I want one of Lindy that can stare at me and intimidate me into working out, when I feel I deserve a lazy day. I would be sitting on the couch with a box of cheesy whale crackers from Wally World ready to watch the VH1 marathon of America's Next Top Model and the Lindy cut out in gangster clothes would be giving me the "I will kick your ass from here to Timbuktoo, if you don't get off your lazy arse and work out". And because you don't mess with the Ruffinator, I would get up and work out, that or turn it around so it wouldn't stare at me. Probably the latter. Speaking of which, where is Lindy during these Catwalk events? I never see pictures of him at one? hmmmmm...


Last, but certainly not least, Goose. I'm still campaigning that he should be chosen for the US's 2010 winter olympic hockey team. I mean, he has an upper body injury and he still came to the Catwalk to raise money for charity. This guy just has a heart of gold. To top it off, he also showed the crowd a good time by throwing caution to the wind and chug-a-lugging a drink right on the Catwalk. This guy is awesome, no doubt in that.


My conclusion on all this that I have observed via internet is I need to save some funds so I can go next year. I mean it seems like a grand old time and it helps raise money for charity and that is the best reason of all.

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine and were borrowed from various people who attended this event. If any of these are your pictures and you would like them taken off or credit, just send me an e-mail at Thank you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pro Bowl Replacements; My Sabres Game Highlights/Opinions; and Other Team's (Besides Buffalo) Hottness Factors

As I sit here watching the Super Bowl and being a little p.o.ed because the Steelers are winning half way through the 3rd period, I'm thinking about my favorite football team, the Bills. There hasn't been news about the Bills lately because well they didn't make the post season, so much hasn't been going on. Hopefully next year at this time I will be watching the Bills kick some major arse and win Super Bowl #44. Something that sort of irked me though is that Marshawn Lynch is replacing someone to play in the Pro-Bowl. I'm glad the Bills will be represented, but in all honesty, Fred Jackson was a much better runningback for the Bills this year than Lynch and he didn't commit a hit and run. I like Lynch and all, but they seem to make more of a fuss about him than necessary. He's not producing the yards for him to be getting that much hype. Yet, Fred Jackson came out of nowwhere without any hype and produced the yards. I just think he should go and represent the Bills instead of Marshawn. Just my opinion.

I haven't been able to watch a Sabres game in awhile due to my schedule and for the fact that I don't get cable, so I can't watch the games unless I go out. To recap my opinions on the games I was unable to watch. Versus Edmonton: Us 10 goals, them 2, Drew Stafford winning Winston the Game Pigeon because of his hat trick and then proclaiming that he was having a sleepover with Winston... classic and awesome, with the talent we have on the Sabres team, this is what they should be doing more often. Versus Calgary: Us 2 goals, them 5, media blaming Miller for lost.... Not cool, what happened? The night before we had ten goals! It's like the Sabres like to play Jekyll and Hyde with their ability, one day hot next not and the media blaming Miller, def. not cool because hockey is a team sport and if the team loses it's not just one players fault, it's the entire teams fault. And if the team wins, it's not just one player who one if for the team, it is the entire team. Enough said. Versus Phoenix: Shut-out! We had two goals, Nathan Paetsch seemed to be stirring the pot, Danny Paille scores, Patty Kaleta back.... from I can read from the stats and highlights, this game = awesome! Miller with his 4th shout out of the year! Congrats! Paille scoring, yes! Patty Kaleta back! I want a Kaleta Collision! And from what I can read Nathan Paetsch and Dan Carcillo were not being the best of friends during that game. Misconducts and fighting majors, wow Paetsch, someone was having a fiesty evening, but I rather see that than have a player just blend into the background and you can't remember they were even on the ice.

Since I am a big Buffalo Sports fan and tend to loathe other teams, I have neglected that some other teams have some major hotness factors. Like for instance I'm watching the Super Bowl and I've missed how hot Kurt Warner or Adrian Wilson on the Cards are or maybe because all you can ever see is a helmet with a big puff of black curly hair, but Troy Palamolu is freakin' gorgeous. I would think he was amazingly gorgeous if he cut his hair. Hockey wise, Ryan Miller's friend John-Michael Liles is smoking, how in the world did I miss that and does he ever visit Miller in Buffalo? Because using a saying that Harley uses quite often, I would be all over that like white on rice.