Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Since You Look So Good in That Uniform, I'll Let It Slide Just This Once.

I found a video of Mr. Trent Edwards throwing out the first pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays game. It went wide left which in Buffalo is better than going wide right. I'm not gonna lie, I thought that he would be much more accurate with his pitch, but he did say it got caught. Since he looked so good in the Blue Jays uniform, I'll let it slide. Here's the video. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Crickets Chirping, Peach Fuzz, and Well, Obviously....

Since the Sabres season ended, I haven't been the best blogger, or even a decent blogger at that. I'm updating my blog as much as Ryan Miller updates his and well that's just not cool. Obviously, I haven't been keeping up with the "Friday Fave Fives" since I don't think I've written one since March or even February... oops... that's all I can say. So, in order to make up for my lack of blogging, I'm going to do a Fave Five Friday today! *silence for applause and cheers, but in reality there is only the faint sounds of crickets* Any whooooo... here it goes.

1) Trent Edwards and Lee Evans in Toronto batting for the Blue Jays.

~ All right, so this is kind of a contradicting fave five because I am not happy that the Bills are playing any games in Toronto because I have a bad feeling that it might one day lead to the Buffalo Bills becoming the Toronto Bills *shudders*. That would just be awful! I really don't like the fact that the Bills are doing so much promotion for the one stinkin' game they play in Toronto and not putting as much effort into the rest of the games they play in Orchard Park. Something just smells very fishy about the whole ordeal. So why did I make this one of my fave fives if the whole situation irks me so much? Because watching Trent and Lee in Baseball uniforms hitting home runs (well Trent hit 2, Lee hit none) brings a smile on this chick-a-dee's face. If you don't believe me check out these pics....





These pictures speak for themselves. I rest my case on why this is one of my fave fives.

2) I got a raise and I didn't even know it or expect it.

~ I love when good things happen and you aren't planning on them. I looked at my paycheck the other day and realized I was making more money an hour! Hot Damn! :-) I don't know why or how, but I'll take it!

3) The fact that Patrick Kane can't grow nothing more than peach fuzz.

~ I feel bad for Kaner in a way, but not that bad because it's friggin' hilarious. I was on the Blackhawks website and came across their before and after pictures of their team's playoff beards. Now not everyone's beard on the team was as manly as Kris Versteeg or even Brian Campbell's Fire Beard, but poor Kaner, he had nothing but a few stray light-colored hairs. It looks like he took some of the hairs lying on the locker room floor after Kris Versteeg got done trimming his wooly mammoth beard and glued them to his chin so he could say, "Look Guys! I have a 5 o'clock shadow! I swear I grew it myself and I swear I have hit puberty!" Now I'm not trying to insult Patrick Kane. I personally like Kane being a Buffalo boy and all. I think he's a tremendous hockey player, but I can't help but point out the obvious. I feel like Kane is Henry Rowengartner in the movie "Rookie of the Year" except he's the hockey version, but both take place in Chicago and both teams need a miracle and a talented kid comes along and saves the team. So in reality Patrick Kane is 12 years old, not 20 and broke both his legs and arms while playing little loop hockey in South Buffalo. The muscles in his legs and arms healed so tight that it give him the ability to skate super fast and have amazing stick handling skills. The Blackhawks discovered this ability and made sure to draft him first in 2007 in hopes to have him saves their dying hockey team. Gary Busey's  part of Chet 'Rocket' Steadman is played by Brian 'Soupy' Campbell because he is the only feasible one to play the part since he seems to be the oldest Blackhawk on their roster. In conclusion, Patrick Kane has not yet hit puberty no matter what he tells you.

~ I wasn't expecting this movie to be that good when I first watched it two weeks ago, but for some strange reason, I'm obsessed. I've watched it at least three more times since then because it's one of those movies you have to watch a few times before you get comprehend the entire movie because you miss things the first several times. I also now have a major crush on Aidan Quinn.

5) Lindy Ruff! (this was probably a given!)

~ Why? Because Lindy is a BAMF! The Sabres.com Clip of the week was dedicated to Lindy's four goal game which has only been done by five Sabres total, EVER! Considering the fact that Lindy played as a d-man during his hockey career having a four goal game is pretty impressive. Unless you are Lindy Ruff, then it's just a given that you will do something that amazingly awesome during your career. period.