Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm ashamed to say that the first Sabres Game I will be able to watch this season will Friday October 16th and I might not be able to watch that one because the director of the studio maybe going on a family vacation for the first time in 14 years since opening the studio because she has never trusted anyone enough or thought anyone was qualified enough to run the studio if she wasn't there, except for me. Great for me professionally, more hours, responsibility and $, bad for me as a Sabres fan because I can only watch Wed. and Fri. night games this year to begin with because of my work schedule and I'm going through major Sabres/hockey withdrawal. I was able to catch part of the Caps/Leafs game on Sat. night because CBC was airing that game and not the Sabres/Habs game and I got a minor hockey fix. Also Laich scored and well he's my boy. I did receive a text from Harley telling me Sir Christopher was quite feisty and picking fights. That's what I like to hear. Other than that I hope to be able to watch them soon and I hope the Bills get their act together quickly because yesterday was just a shit show against the Dolphins... the DOLPHINS!?!?!?!

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