Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye OK 2008, Hello Fabulous 2009!, In Ruff I Trust, and Goose the Best Choice to Represent the Sabres!

This last day of 2008 isn't going as well as I expected, I have been feeling under the weather since Monday, coughing, congested, sore throat, so I decided to take Night Quil last night to knock myself out to sleep. Leaving myself 10 hours to sleep, well that plan didn't go as smoothly as I planned and I would wake up and cough uncontrollably. So, I have a terribly sore throat today, I'm still congested and drowsy and I sound like a man. Sexy, I know. To top it off I got a text message that I wasn't pleased about (won't bother everyone with the personal details) and the Sabres game last night was anything but fabulous. Even worse, I have good friends who live in DC and we have a friendly competition going on about who's NHL team is better. My Sabres or their Caps, said to say, they are currently winning. I got a nice reminder on facebook today about how the game worked in their favor last night. Luckily Cari, from the blog Sabrechaser, is helping me get my hands on a copy of the 2008-2009 Sabres Yearbook and that is the only reason I am smiling right now. (I know I've said it a hundred times already,  but thanks again!)

The way the Sabres played last night was just sad, I'm not going to elaborate because most of you reading this already know and listening to the Sabres post game interviews, they already know, no reason to beat a dead horse. I will say that some players were trying to make for the lack of effort given by others and played exceptionally well (ie Goose, Mair, Clarke, and Ellis). Me and Harley were at our regular Sabres game watching spot last night, the Pub, and the bartender, who is a Sabres fan, but calling it as he sees it, said after the first that we were playing like crap and going to lose, the only one trying out there was Gaustad the way he was hitting everyone last night. I said "yeah, Goose always gives 100%." Harley goes, "Hey! The fat lady hasn't sung yet, we still could win!" The bartender laughed and we made a deal with him that he couldn't complain about the game until it was officially over because me and Harley went to the March 19th game last year, where the Sabres were down 3 goals into the 3rd and they got six goals in the 3rd to win it 7-4. So, Harley and I always believe in Sabres comebacks. The bartender laughed at our Sabres Comeback theory and walked away, I yelled, "Hey! It can happen! In Ruff I Trust!" Harley just looked at me and said, "Nice, way to throw that one in there." Lindy knows what he's doing even if he has to beat his players into the ice. He may not want to do it, but he will if it's necessary. He's naming names and threatening to have players sit out, and in his own words, "They're not idle threats". I like how he was fair and gave credit to the players who did work hard and said if they are want to compete harder then they'll get to play. Sounds like a good plan to me Ruff, give the players the ice time that deserve it. This is why in Ruff I Trust. Lindy I think was royally p.o.ed because usually he gives at least a 5 minute interview or sometimes 8 or 9, but yesterday his interview was only 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I really wouldn't want to be the Sabres who gave the half-assed effort last night, I'm sure thy have a new bum hole by now thanks to the Ruffinator.

Goose also seemed very frustrated in his interview saying it was unacceptable and the team must be held accountable (I agree, Goose, I agree) starting with himself. (WAIT! Goose I don't agree! You were out there giving 110%! You always play acceptable and accountable, I know you don't want to point fingers at other teammates, but don't lie and say you need to lpay more acceptably and accountably, because it just isn't so!)

Speaking of Goose, the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign is giving it update for how many votes Goose currently has for the NHL All*Star game..... *drum roll please*..... 431! After watching last nights game is there anyone on the Sabres team who deserves to go to the NHL All*Star game more than Goose? I mean I'm not saying Vanek's stats aren't incredibly and shouldn't vote for other Sabres, but c'mon Goose works so hard, he deserves some sort of reward, like a chance to play at the NHL All*Star Game! So, please vote for Goose, I think we can all agree he deserves it!



Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something, Late Night Nostalgia, and News on the Buffalo Front: Pornstache, 12 Days, and Bossy Soup!

I've come to the conclusion that the universe just wants me to have a crush on Bill Pullman, it's inevitable. About two months ago I purchased one of my favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping, at a Flea Market for one whole dollar. I then proceeded to watch it as I went to sleep every night for a month, my love growing for Jack Callahan aka Bill Pullman. About two weeks ago I chose my favorite movie of all time, A League of Their Own, to be my bedtime movie for awhile, forgetting that Bill Pullman stars in it as Bob Hinson. Oh, he looks good in a WWII uniform! On Saturday night, Independence Day, was on and I always have a thing for responsible, courageous, good-looking, all- American boys in suits or military uniforms and well, Bill Pullman playing President Thomas J. Whitmore fits the bill. He's being added to the list of my permanent major crushes along with Rob Lowe, Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Pascal, and of course I can't forget Robert Redford. Pullman isn't a bad choice to be added to my growing list of major crushes, because only the finest specimens make it on the list.

Bill Pullman

I didn't get a chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas on here, so here it is..... Merry Belated Christmas everyone! I hope it was absolutely fabulous. My Christmas was excellent this year. I got Mamma Mia!, Baby Mama, and the Sex and the City Movie. Along with a bunch of other things. I watched the Sex and the City Movie Sunday Night into the wee hours of Monday Morning and I really loved it, but it made me feel very nostalgic. It made me miss all my wonderful friends who are scattered across the Eastern Coast. *sigh* I sat there watching it, hugging my Bills pillow, and wanting to be with my friends. I almost called Chi Chi, but it was 2:30 in the morning and I thought that wasn't the best of ideas. Good Thing I'm going out with Harley tonight to watch the Sabres Game at our favorite pub. I need some girl time.

Update on the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" Campaign. Good News if all my information is correct, Goose should be playing tonight! He listed in the depth chart on, so I'm taking that as a good sign. He's playing fourth line center with Paille and Ellis. As for the campaign, well, we need some more votes for our beloved Goose. He currently has..... *drum rolls please*..... 420 votes. Not bad, not bad, but he needs a few more to get there, so please vote for Goose and the rest of the Sabres. I'm a little shocked to see Vanek off the leaderboard list all together. He's had a tremendous season! So, while your taking the time to vote for Goose, take the time to write in Vanek as well.


I stumbled across an article online today that might sadden Drew Stafford a wee bit. Apparently, the pornstache was a great fashion faux pas of 2008, committed by Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Orlando Bloom, and of course Buffalo Sabres forward, Drew Stafford (only when he's rocking out and his doesn't appear to stay on the whole time, well, because that's ho he rolls). Even though Drew only wears his when he is personating his alter ego, the lead guitarist of the Rock Group Invisible Children, it still does make the pornstache fashion and it is still a great fashion faux pas. Sorry, Drew, but those looks only work for Ron Jeremy or Super Mario and in all reality the only one that looks good is Mario.


Super Mario

I'm not going to discuss the Bills/Patriots game on Sunday, well, because it was just depressing. So, we are not winning the Super Bowl in 2009, but you just wait until 2010, that's going to be the Bills year to win the Super Bowl! I did however appreciate the episode of 68 seconds with Langston Walker and the Bills singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Oh, I don't even know where to begin because I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Leodis McKelvin sounding like the line of "9 ladies dancing" should be in a Kayne West song, the fact that Trent Edwards looks like a little kid at an elementary school chorus recital who is in his white buttoned up shirt and black tie and slacks who is taking his solo very seriously why all the other kids look scared poopless with stage fright or completely bored out of their minds, or Blake Constanzo not even attempting to sing, but just saying, "6 geese A-Layin'!", or Marshawn Lynch not even knowing the song and Langston feeding him his lines of camera,  or Jusin Jenkins' very off-key, but longly held note of "5 GOLDEN RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!", or my favorite Robert Royal smiling everytime after he finished saying, "and a partridge in a pair tree". I am aware of the fact they used the same clip over and over again, but still, it was fabulous.

This story just bring a lot of warmth to my heart. I love the fact that a true Bills fan won the ultimate prize of meeting Trent Edwards, absolutely fabulous and just in time for Christmas! What an awesome gift. I especially love how his daughter, who's a senior in high school, said, "I just met my future husband." That a girl! Way to dream big.

In honor of the Winter Classic on Thursday, I was checking out the Blackhawks and Red Wings' websites, when I came across this video of Brian Campbell aka Soupy, mic'd up on

Now, if memory serves me correctly, I don't remember Campbell being this vocal or bossy in Buffalo. He's especially riding Patrick Kane's butt and Kane doesn't argue back, maybe he thinks it's disrespectful to argue with your elders. I also don't remember Soupy being that much of a whiner or a whiner at all in Buffalo, look at 40 seconds into the video where he is whining to the ref. I seriously expect him to throw a tantrum five seconds after they stopped taping him. Apparently Chicago isn't agreeing with him as well as Buffalo did. Oh, well , you are the one that chose to leave Soupy, now we have to deal with the consequences of our decisions. Harley pointed out the other night that it's kind of ironic that Campbell has to play in another Winter Classic and maybe karma has kicked in for him leaving Buffalo, but he is the one that proclaimed at the microphone at the Bucking Buffalo while Miller when accompanying him on guitar, that "They were gonna freeze their asses of at the Ice Bowl" and complaining about having to play in it. Karma! Buffalo is the place to be, once you leave, your life goes down the shitter. (I tried to locate the video on youtube, but I think the person who posted it took it down, drat!).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chocolate Buddy, Say It Ain't So!, and Applause for Reggie Corner

Aahhhhh... the holidays, you gotta love them, right? The insane people at the stores, the Christmas Parties, Hearing from people that you haven't heard from in a REALLY long time, the food, yes all the glorious fattening food that I tell myself it's okay to eat because I'll worry about it after January 1! (I know, what's my excuse the rest of the year?) But I really do love Christmas, I love watching all the Christmas movies and spending time with loved ones. I had my dance studio's Christmas party last night and even though there was about 50+ children and teens running around, I still had a blast. I love my little guys. One of my favorite little dancers decided that we were going to be "Chocolate Buddies" because as she put it, "She LOOOOOOOVES chocolate and I LOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate, so we HAAAAAAAAAVE to be chocolate buddies!!!" Hey, no complaints here. Anytime I get to eat chocolate without any problems what-so-ever is a-okay by me! She's only 5, but her logic made complete sense to me. When it was dessert time we both went up to the dessert table together with our empty plates and she was holding my hand, walking in front of me and one of the older students was dishing up this awesome looking chocolate cake, pudding, whipping, and chocolate bar concoction and she asked my little chocolate buddy if she wanted some and she said "no" (She was eyeing the chocolate cupcakes with nutcrackers decorated on them.) I said "Oh, I'll take some, that looks AWESOME!" My little chocolate buddy goes, "Then I'll have some, we need to eat the exact same! We're chocolate buddies!" That's all I really wanted from the dessert table and as me and my chocolate buddy were making our way down the table I got stopped by another 5 year old to help her pour a glass of pop. So, I put my plate on the table and as I'm pouring the glass of pop, I see a chocolate chip cookie get placed on my plate and then I watch my buddy place one on her plate. I hand the other little girl her glass of pop and pick up my plate and another student's parent stops me a second to talk, as I'm talking and holding my dessert plate, I feel a plop right on my plate, it was my chocolate buddy placing one of those Hershey Kiss cookies on my plate and walking away and putting one on her plate, by the time she sat down and I got a chance to eat my dessert, I had much more dessert on my plate than I anticipated, but then a deal is a deal. I did agree to eat whatever my little chocolate buddy agreed to eat for dessert. I have to be honest my little five year old chocolate buddy put me to shame, she finished her first helping of dessert, which we both equally had the same thing, and she went up for two more cookies and a cupcake, I only finished the original Chocolate Cake, Pudding, Whip Cream, and Chocolate Bar Concoction, that I had plan to eat and then had to wrap all the little chocolate sweets my chocolate buddy had so kindly placed on my plate in a napkin and take them home. I just can't eat like I use to I guess. After words, my chocolate buddy and I decided to join the Dance Director's 8 year old son in a game of hockey in one of the empty dance studios. My little chocolate buddy wanted me to play with a baseball bat, but I'm really not sure how well that would work, but to be as innocent and imaginative as a 5 year old again. If only I were so lucky.

Being the campaign manager of the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign, I feel I must come up with excellent reasons on why people should vote Goose for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game. Well, I have stated in previous blogs the many of reasons why, but doing some research via internet, I've come to realize that Goose is greatly unappreciated, take the Sabres Red Carpet Event a few months back, now I was not there so this is something I red on someone's facebook page, but hey facebook doesn't lie, esp. with someone's relationship status, am I right? But apparently he arrived with my favorite All*Star goalie Ryan Miller and everyone was so excited about Miller's arrival, they forgot to announce Goose! WHAT! ZAAAA! SAY IT AIN'T SO! CRAZINESS! :-O!!! How sad is that? I mean they announced all the rookies, schnookies, and schmelts, but not a hardworking, nice, does so much for the community and people of this world, good looking guy like Goose! Something is terribly wrong with this world today and I don't like it. Here is a pic of the horrific incident.....


I know, I know, not the best pic, but it's all I could dig up. *sigh* I know Miller is a great guy and all, no arguing that, he created his own ice cream flavor and as a grown adult who has her own 5 year old chocolate buddy, I can certainly appreciate how kick arse that is, but c'mon Goose deserves just as much respect! So, Goose fans everywhere unite and go and Honk the Vote! Vote for Goose for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game! Because as of 3pm there was only..... *drum roll please*..... 402 votes! That's fabulous and all, but we need a wee bit more to get him there, so jump on your (which you already are on if you are reading this because this blog doesn't come in paperback) and go to and write in Goose for the Eastern Conference Forwards!

Goose Ace & Blades

I'm glad to say that I received an early Christmas Present. The return of Trent Edwards!!! :-)!!! Yes, Tredwards was back as the lead signal caller of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at 4:00pm EST in Denver at Mile High Stadium against Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos and the Bills.... WON! I know the Bills are out of the playoffs whether they win or lose their last two games, but if we can't go to the playoffs why should we hand it over to the teams we still have to play. We might as ruin their chances to play into the post-season if we can. Hey if we can't be happy in Buffalo neither can you in Denver and New England, if we can help it. I must say not only did Trent play fairly well there was a couple of other players who were really earning their paychecks ie Fred Jackson and Reggie Corner. Fred Jackson has been playing tremendously for a good amount of the season, but Reggie Corner? Where did he come from? I'm not gonna lie, I didn't even realize he was a player on the Bills, I don't recall hearing that name. I will say this, I'll remember his name now. He was playing with such gusto and every fiber of his being he deserves an extra round of applause because he was just tremendous. *taking a moment to applaud Reggie Corner* With that being said, I'm really glad the Bills one, Buffalo really needed a nice Christmas gift and I think they got one.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't Forget My Blue Cheese, That Would Be Goalie Interference If I Do Say So Myself, and All That Jazz!

I haven't written a blog in eons and I feel so much has happened in Sabresland and 1 Bills Drive, but there is not enough hours in the day to write about them, so I will only touch on the this I remember and want to comment on.

First and foremost, The Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09! campaign. Me and Harley did wear them to the bar that evening and the only one that really took note was the bartender who are slowly becoming friends with because we are becoming regulars at this particular pub because we like to watch the Sabres games there. He looked at our shirts and asked if we made them, I replied, yes with masking tape and spray paint and he laughed and walked away, I hollered after him "Don't forget my Blue Cheese!". I like to dip my fries in Blue Cheese, it's one of my many weird eating habits. So, I don't think taking the campaign to the streets has gone quite as well as anticipated, but hey maybe our bartender friend went online and voted for Goose. Every vote helps. Sad to say though our candidate for who our campaign revolves around is currently injured *sad face* with an upper body injury. Hopefully, he will get well soon.

The video below is highlights from the December 17th game against New Jersey. I know we lost, but I like Goose's screw you goal in third after New Jersey got their fifth goal, but goalie interference should have been called and it shouldn't have counted. Goose got a goal right after that and it looked like take that! Look are 4:18 into the video. Also, I love how Goose was ready to throw down the gloves with Martin 2 second left in the game. AWESOME!

So, the number of votes Goose is up to today is *drum roll please* 377. My new objective for this campaign is to break a 1,000. That would be fierce!

Goose Green

I think Miller is taking some fashion advice from Goose....

Miller Catwalk Promo

I know, I know, this is a promo for Miller's Catwalk for Charity and I think that is Kaleta on the left, but who is the guy on the right? I couldn't figure it out. Is a hockey player or now? I like how miller is trying to be all 1920s Chicago, I don't think Buffalo was every gangster like that. All I can think of from this pic is one of my favorite movies and musicals "Chicago". I wonder which one of the Sabres would be Billy Flynn? My money's on Derek Roy. It just seems fitting, just one of those things in life you know is right but you just can't explain why.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Campaign Lives On!, Booty Grabbing in Sabresland, and Miller Doesn't Cry Wolf Unless It's Warranted!

The "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" lives on! Me and Harley did as we promised and made our Honk the Vote! t-shirts. It only took us 4 1/2 hours, but it was well worth it. We spent about 3 1/2 hours masking taping the blank t-shirts before and during the Bills game against Miami. The Bills weren't playing so hot, so all my attention was focused on the t-shirt making of the Honk the Vote! campaign. I personally think they should have let Gibran play the second half, seriously, what did we have to lose? Losing the game? I mean at least we could have seen how he played under the pressure during a true NFL game, but I'm not the coach, so I guess Jauron knows best. Hopefully Trent will be back for this Sunday's game. Hopefully, *crosses fingers*

Back to the campaign.... After the 3 1/2 hours of masking taping our t-shirts, we went out in the 10 degree or less weather and spray painted the shirts for about an hour. We were in my garage mind you, so at least we were blocked from the wind, but it was still colder out there than a penguin's butt! We brought my hair dryer out to dry the shirts so we could spray the front and back of the shirts, we also used it as a hand warmer, because at one point I couldn't feel my hands and I don't think Harley could either. So the process went, one was spraypainting, the other hairdrying, I'm sure we were quite the site if anyone was observing us. But after all that, we have Honk the Vote! t-shirts to wear to the pub tonight! Here are some pics of our awesome shirts....


Front of Harley's T-shirt!


Front of my t-shirt!


Back of my t-shirt!


Sleeve of my t-shirt. #28!

About $10 worth in supplies and 4 1/2 hours of freezing manual labor = priceless because we get to support one of the hardworking hockey players NHL and try to get him a spot on the NHL All*Star team.


The total number of votes for Gaustad today are..... *drum rolls please*... 300! An even 300! Not too shabby. I will say I'm a little nervous about any Sabre being on the Roster because Vanek, Teppo, and Miller keep sliding down the leader board, so they need votes too.

I was unable to watch the game on Monday against Pittsburgh, because I had to teach, but when I came into work on Tuesday my boss was talking about how awesome it was the hit Goose had on Lovejoy..... "Welcome to the NHL Lovejoy!" It was a really awesome hit and I was able to track it down on youtube. Actually it's highlights from the entire game, but if you watch at about 4:18 you can see the awesome check by Goose. Absolutely, amazing! (Another reason why you should vote for him *wink*) I also like the save where Miller looks like he's grabbing I think it's Sekera's butt, of course I laughed at this because of course it was completely unintentional, but I didn't expect it and I had a good little chuckle. (It's at about 1:40, if you want to check it out).

Apparently Monday nights game had a lot of verbal abuse between the Sabres and the Refs. I read that Gerbe had a penalty for abuse to the officials and of course, I'm sure we all know how the Ref. told Miller to go F himself. Craziness! I would like to know what Gerbe said to receive that penalty and what in the world possessed the Ref. to say that to Miller. According to the Buffalo News and the NHL there is  no Miller incident. I've always had a lot of respect for Miller and he really doesn't seem like the type of person to make false allegations. He doesn't seem like the boy who would cry "WOLF!", just to receive some extra attention. The NHL could be trying to cover it's booty and making this statement and making it appear like a miscommunication, but my gut instinct says that Miller's telling the truth. The Ref. may have been stressed (I will agree with Lindy and Rivet that an officiator's job is never easy) and said something that he may now regret, but if it did happen the NHL and the Ref. accused have to own up to it. I really honestly doubt Miller is lying, I just can't see it. He's a smart guy, he knows that making false accusations could make him lose his credibility as a player and a person. He's got too much to risk if he loses his credibility, as a hockey player, business owner, and of course his charity. My brain just can't grasp the fact that Ryan is making it up, I just can't see it. I will say I love the fact that Danny Paille skated over to Miller to see if everything was all right. That shows great team chemistry for the Sabres.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Soupy's Campaign Vs. Goose's Campaign, 28 Years Old and We Haven't Learned It's Not Okay to Harass Your Fans, and Lovin' the Wooly Mammoth Look!

Brian Campbell must be paying more for his campaign manager for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game than Paul Gaustad is for me. (Which is Goose Egg by the way, no pun intended, okay maybe a little pun intended) I recently came upon this commercial for Brian Campbell's campaign.

Now before you start feeling bad for Goose that I haven't created one of these finely directed and acted campaign video's for him, you have to take a few things into consideration, A) I don't even know Goose and he doesn't know me, so I wouldn't be able to get his permission to approve this message, B) This is pretty much an underground, boredom preventer campaign, which myself and Harley (and a few other Goose Fans) have decided to try and get Goose voted in for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game via write-in votes. C) Since I have never once backed down from a challenge in my life, I have now taken it upon myself to get Goose voted into the NHL All*Star game, but the financial means for such fabulous advertising like Soupy's isn't there. D) I could create one of those videos or not to toot my own horn an even more kickass one, but I can't figure out how to download videos to youtube, go figure.

So, there you have it, my list of reasons of why I can't be as good a campaign manager as Soupy's. The odds are against me. I try really, but I just can't seem compete with that. I will say this, is Soupy's campaign manager writing a blog about voting for Soupy and leaving photoshopped pictures that have a catchy slogan on why to vote for Soupy or are they and their best friend making t-shirts with said slogan and wearing them to the bar while watching Soupy play. I think not and that's where Goose's campaign beats Soupy's. Online commercials, who needs them? Not Goose, that's for damn sure.


Speaking of the campaign the total number of votes today are.... *drum roll please*..... 265! Slowly, but surely, we're getting there, slowly, but surely.

Sean Avery, I never liked the guy, my favorite moment with him was when Derek Roy tripped him in the 2007 playoffs during the Rangers. Classic. I will always respect Derek for that. In any event apparently he is seeking counseling for (it's been rumored) anger management. All right, I'm all for counseling and receiving help mentally, emotionally, physically when you need it. Anyone who is trying to better themselves, kudos to you. With that being said, shouldn't he have still known how to behave like a human being? I mean, he's 28 years old, he's played 7 seasons in the NHL, and if he had an ounce of common sense, he should know you don't harass you fans, media, or pretty much anyone because you're in the spotlight and you can get fined or suspended by your organization. Especially repeated times. I couldn't do that to costumers at my job, one time and my boss would fire me and give me a don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. So, why in the world did he think he was above the mere mortals of this earth and could treat people this way without some sort of repercussions? It's beyond me. What kills me most about this article is that Brett Hull (ugh! That name still infuriates me "NO GOAL!" your foot was in the friggin' crease! But I digress....) makes it seem like every pro-athlete acts like this and it's cool for him to be suspended a few games as long as he is seeking help. All for him seeking help,  but really? He didn't know the difference between right and wrong behavior by the time he was I don't know say 5? *rolls eyes* Well, hopefully he will learn how to behave like a decent human being. Good Luck Sean, I have a feeling you're going to need it.

Reflecting on the comments from my last blog, yes I agree Goose does look a little Wooly Mammoth-ish, but I must say it works for him. I usually like my guys clean shaven, but Goose is one of the few guys facial hair works for him (another reason to vote for him, facial hair doesn't work for Soupy). And Harley, Dec. 10th is Wed. and not a Monday, I do teach Monday nights, so I won't be able to watch games then, hence why I said the 10th, which is Wed, because I don't teach that night, look at a calendar, Harley, look at a calendar. GEESH! ;-)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

L is for the Way You Look When You're Busting that Egyptian Solider Boy Move at the Roxbury, Give Gibran a Chance, and Slacking on the Campaign Trail

It's been awhile since I last posted actually I started to write a post on Black Friday, but stopped midway through. Basically it was me venting about my Black Friday experience and how I don't function waking up at the ass crack of dawn. I'll spare everyone the elaborate details.

I went to my good friend Tallie's wedding this week-end and it was a blast! I had the best time (something  I really needed). This wedding has to be one of the top weddings I ever attended. The reception hall was gorgeous! Grand staircase and all. The bride and groom's first dance was to the song that goes, "L is for the way you look at me...." and in the middle of the song the started doing the Night at the Roxbury head bob into the entire dance, the Solider Boy dance, Walk Like an Egyptian, The Apache Dance, and I think a few more, finishing with the song they started with. No one expected it, not even the maid of honor, which was Chi Chi btw. It was great. I told the groom afterwards he did an excellent job and he said, "Yeah, it was two weeks worth of practice and me going, 'Ok, I'll do it..... No I can't!.... ok, I will.... Wait! I can't!.... Ok, I will....".... haha.... awesome. It was a lot of fun and a great time to catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile.

While, I was at the wedding Harley texted me the scores of the Sabres/Canadiens game. When the final score of the game text came, I was said a crap outloud! and my good friend Luan, goes, what's wrong? I go the Sabres just lost, she said oh, like you and your sabres, when we were in rehearsals during the 2006-2007 NHL playoff season, you were constantly talking about how your Sabres were kicking ass and taking names and going to win the Stanley Cup and you are the stereotypical crazy Buffalo Sports fan. Her roommate during college was from East Aurora and a HUGE Sabres fan as well. She understands how I bleed blue and gold during hockey season, that's why I'm friends with her and love her. But I digress, so after an amazing season start for both the Bills and Sabres, it appears they are both running out of gas to win the race. hmmmmmmm...... being the die-hard fan that I am, I still am going to say that this is still Buffalo's year and we are still going to win the Super Bowl and Stanley cup! I still Billieve! This is just a big pothole in the road. Nothing we can't overcome.

I am not liking Trent Edwards being injured though! This means Losman has to go in..... after his performance in the second half of last Sunday's game, this makes me a wee bit nervous, but maybe he can get his act together this week, maybe? Can we skip over him and try and see how well Gibran Hamdan plays? I mean we already know how Losman plays, so why not give Gibran a chance? He never has had the opportunity to play in an NFL game, so let's give him a shot, shall we? He is Trent Edwards right hand man, maybe some of Tredwards talent, work ethic, leadership, and professionalism rubbed off on Gibran or maybe he already possesses all theses qualities. Personally I don't know because we never really hear anything about him. Heck, if Tredwards can't play on Sunday, why not give Gibran a chance, in all seriousness what is there to lose?

Since, I have pretty much slacked on my campaign duties for the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign, I am going to try and make up for it. All right who am I kidding, believe it or not I actually do have a life, well a professional life, my social is slacking and my personal, well let's not even open that can of worms, this campaign isn't going to receive my undivided attention, but it's a nice time filler when am a wee bit bored and well I honestly do believe Paul Gaustad should play in the 2009 NHL All*Star Game. So, the updates no the campaign front are as follows:

~ Sunday after Church, Sunday School, and me running the Sunday School Christmas Program Practice me and Harley will be making the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" t-shirts and will be wearing the t-shirts to the pub we watch the Sabres game at on Dec. 10th games and will officially be taking the Honk the Vote! campaign to the streets that day!

~ Goose currently has *drum roll please*......260 votes! Once again, this is campaign is going slowly, but surely! I'm hoping for more votes once we take the campaign to the street.

~ I  have also sent my friends messages via facebook and myspace about voting, but most of them aren't hockey fans, so they may not be voting.....

That's the latest update from the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign. Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign and keep honking!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let Me Say This First, Honking the Internet, and Maybe?

Before I update everyone on the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign, I must get this off my chest first....... Plow the friggin' roads NYS! Whatever happened to the bare pavement policy? I was driving through 6 inches of wet, slick snow for about 8 miles at about 25-30mph and I was still sliding and paranoid I was going to go in ditch! And this has nothing to do with you NYS, but the employee bathroom at my works reeks to high heaven! It's smells like roadkill got stuck in the plumbing for two weeks while everyone went the bathroom on it! Why is that? huh? *deep sigh* But I'll stop there, because this situation is infuriating me, and well, I don't want to be infuriated..... so onto bigger and better news....


So, there has been a small set back in the t-shirt making, me and Harley had to cancel on last night, okay, well I had to cancel. Harley was ready to make them, but things went a rye in my household and the t-shirt making had to be postponed. The only problem, due to Thanksgiving, Work, a wedding I have to attend on Saturday out of town, and my dance students Christmas Show being next week, we may not get to making them until next week-end. So, the taking the campaign to the streets is on a wee bit of a hiatus. But, I'm thinking of making a sign to hang in my car, so people can read it as I drive by and I have been posting on here, facebook, and myspace, how people should go and vote for Goose.... so the t-shirt making is at a standstill, but the campaign is still in motion. Any people want to join the campaign, give me a holler via here or e-mail

Skate Vote

Onto the total number of votes for Goose today... *drum roll please*..... 212! Slow and steady wins the race, am I right? I mean the votes are steadily going up and slow for that fact, but in the long, run this campaign will make sure Goose makes it to the NHL All*Star game. (or at least there is going to be a darn good effort) So, keep honking the vote!

According to, Max and Hank are back in the lineup, but they are scratching Paetsch and Paille. Does this seem right? I mean I don't like to question Lindy's intelligence.... but.... Paille always plays well and plays well with everyone on the team. He can play any line with any linemates. Does he make sense to scratch? Not in my book, but "In Ruff We Trust"! Awwww... and I like Paetsch, don't scratch him...... he works, really, really hard and deserves to be there. I mean Hank is great and all (gotta love those Swedes and according to a recent bachelorette party I went to they invent the best sex toys and c'mon who doesn't love ABBA?), but he doesn't appear to be working half as hard as Paetsch, but looks can be deceiving, so maybe he is working really hard and I just can't seem to see it? maybe? 

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Honking Grows!, I'm Loving It, and Dancing Men or Simon Baker?

So, me and Harley have a had a little snag in our "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" t-shirt making, but not to worry we are back on track. Yesterday, we purchased the t-shirts for our "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign, but then we were unable to find anything to write, paint, mark, spray, etc.... with to make our t-shirts because yesterday was Sunday and all the stores in our little town were closed. We currently have two white t-shirts with nada on them, but we are back on track, because we have rummaged together arts supplies and the plan is to make our t-shirts tomorrow during the DWTS finale and wear them to our favorite pub on Wednesday night while we watch the Sabres game. Cari from the awesome blog Sabrechaser has informed me that her and her fellow writer of their blog will join the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09" campaign and make t-shirts. Myself and the rest of the campaign (which only consists of Harley) thanks you. Don't forget to e-mail me a pic at This goes for anyone who wants to join the campaign and makes a Honk the Vote! t-shirts, signs, pins, bags, pillows, etc...


Also, the total count of votes today are *drum rolls please*..... 187! I think the Honk the Vote! campaign can do better with votes! So Wed. night me and Harley are taking it to the streets in our Honk the Vote! t-shirts! Keep Honking!

The Bills won yesterday! 54-31! Yes!!! That is exactly what we needed, but this was brought to my attention by Harley, Trent Edwards is a snazzy dresser. Check out that video, he all superfly! Did he just get done playing a football game or off the Baby Phat runway? *whistles* Whew! Looking good Tredwards, looking good. I'm loving the pin stripes, swirly tie and the perfectly folded three triangle silk hankerchief in the right breast pocket. Very Suave. Also, the perfectly placed hair and the right amount of facial hair really makes you look debonair. Basically the McDonalds slogan paraphrases it very nicely, "I'm loving it!".

So, I lied in the first paragraph of my blog, Me and Harley won't be watching the DWTS finale, we'll be watching, "NCIS", "The Menatlist", and "Eli Stone". We'll be taping the DWTS finale. I just can't miss Simon Baker in the Mentalist, he's too easy on the eyes and one of major crushes in life (not mini-crush, major crush!) and what eye candy would I be watching on the DWTS season finale? Lance Bass, he clearly isn't interested in my gender, Derek Hough, a cutie, but no Simon Baker, or Warren Sapp..... hmmmmm... just doesn't quite do it. So, my love Simon Baker it is....... *sigh*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Honk the Vote T-Shirts, Patch Up the Sabres Suit, and "Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City..."

I'm spending my Saturday evening being what Drew Stafford would call a mouse potato. Thanks to the weather at my house, I am staying in the house tonight with the laptop on my lap watching tv and typing away. I currently feel I am the self-designated campaign manager for the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign. I am unable to check the leader polls on this computer because it takes too long to load with this connection, but yesterday aroun 2pm EST, Gaustad had a whopping 161 votes. Thank you for all of you who took the time to write in (or more accurately type in) Paul Gaustad. Once again, it is greatly appreciated. Me and Harley are contemplating making "Honk the Vote" t-shirts, so if anyone is interested let me. Since we are making them, I'm sure they will be a high quality t-shirt made with great care and craftmanship. More likely we'll be lucky if we spell everything correctly and the event doesn't contain too much cursing, but they'll be made out of love, so we'll get an A for effort. So, support the "Honk the Vote" campaign by making your own t-shirt or sign! (if anyone actually takes the time to do this, please e-mail me at And Keep voting!

I was unable to watch the Sabres game last night, but I know the outcome wasn't what fans or the Sabres organization would have liked. But...... (there is a but), I'm super happy that Nathan Paetsch got to suit up and play. I'm a Paetsch fan and I'm stilling voting him for All*Stars (But more of my energy is going into Goose's campaign, I'm only human and can concentrate on one at a time). I like how Paetsch never complains of not being able to play, but is always ready when the team needs him. He works hard, even if he doesn't get the reward of suiting up. I'm glad he got a chance last night and I hope he can keep playing for awhile.

The Bills play Kansas City tomorrow and I can't help but sing, "Everything's up to date in Kansas City...."...... aawwwwww...... I love the musical "Oklahoma!", esp. Gordon MacCrea as Curley. I used to watch that movie everytime I did dishes and have googles eyes for Curly, but I digress. I'm really not sure what to say about the Bills, but I will say this, I am still a Trent Edwards fan. I know he didn't play his best game Monday Night, but ...... (yes, there's another but)....... even though he didn't play his best, he still took the podium in front of the wolves which are the media, and gave a mature and professional speech and answered their questions. I was watching the post game on WKBW with Jeff Russo and after Jauron took the podium, Russo said, "I don't think Edwards will be taking the podium, tonight..... oh, wait, apparently he is....". Trent could have hid in the dressing room and tried to run from his mistakes, but he owned up to his mistakes and took the bumpy road, which couldn't have been easy, but it was the professional thing to do and for that I have a lot of respect for Trent Edwards. He took responsibility for his mistakes and as I said in prior blogs, to error is to be human, and it's okay to be human Trent Edwards, I just thank you for being a responsible, respectable one.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep Honking!, Disney On Ice, and You Say Chara, I Say Charo

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me in support of the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign and said that they would write-in and vote Paul Gaustad for the 2009 NHL All*Star game. Your votes are greatly appreciated. Today's total votes for Goose at quarter after three EST is.... *drum roll please*.... 144 votes! That is 15 more votes than yesterday. At least the votes are going up and  not staying at a stalemate, but I would like to emphasize that they need to go up a wee bit faster for beloved Goose and I can not stuff the ballot box alone for him. So, please, vote  now and vote often for Goose and the rest of the Sabres.

Honk the Vote

Moving onto last night's game, since most the people reading this are avid Sabres fans, you already know the outcome and there is no need for me to reiterate it. I would like say something about the attack on Andrew Peters by a good four or five Bruins' players last night. It's like they all decided to gain up on Petey for reasons that are unannounced to me and try to take down the big, fighter on the Buffalo team in the first period. It reminded me of the scene from the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast", where the Beast goes out to save Belle after he abolished her from his kingdom for being in the West Wing and seeing the rose. Wolves are surrounding Belle and the Beast swoops in to save her and then all the wolves gang up on the Beast and he is this big goon trying to fight off the wolves all by his lonesome. The Beast = Petey, and the Wolves = the Bruins. I found a clip on youtube of the scene and maybe other people can see the correlation.

You have to watch about 2 minutes into the video to see what I'm talking about. Has anyone else noticed this minus Harley, that Petey has been skating much faster this season. It looks like his speed has improved greatly, he looks in great shape. Married life is agreeing with him nicely.

I don't want to bring up too many issues about last night's game, but that Chara on the Bruins was getting on my nerves, I kept wanting to call him Charo the crazy cuchi cuhci girl from the Love Boat and the Surreal Life. I kept mixing up the two names. But is there really that much difference between Zdeno Chara and Charo.... hmmmmmmm.... I pondered this thought for a moment and this what I saw.....

Chara Charo 3

The resemblance is uncanny..... Chara/Charo, Potato/Potatoe..... I almost can't tell the difference.........

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Honk the Vote! (Gaustad in '09!), Buffalo Sports Bloggers, and Life is Good With Peanut

All right, I think I need a better PR strategy for Gaustad's '09 campaign for a roster spot on the NHL All*Star team. I recently voted and discovered that they have this cool little gizmo on the bottom of the screen when you check out the leader board that tells you how many votes each player in the NHL has for the All*Star. Seeing I'm really trying to get Goose on the All*Star team, I checked out how many votes he has collected..... *drum roll please*...... 129 votes! He's only 39,141 votes behind the the person who has the lsat roster spot in the east, which is Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins, by the way. Now this may seem like Goose is out of the running, but there is plenty of weeks of voting left and if anyone can rally people together for a good cause it's the Gaustad. So, to help him out, I will continue to write him in when I vote and I will keep telling people to vote for via this blog.


To answer Kim's question from the wonderful sabrechaser blog. I got the amazing photo from my last blog of Gaustad from There's a user called crosbypommer and she has a lot of great photos of the sabres and other hockey players. I jut photoshopped in the words Gaustad in '09! Thanks for asking and thanks for actually taking the time to read my random rabbles. I have to give a quick shout-out to all the Buffalo Sports blogs because not only have I throughly enjoyed reading all your thoughts on the Sabres and Bills, but Harley has too. The other day, while watching the Sabres game of course, she told me that she never thought she would ever read fan blogs and now since I have started writing one, she has ventured onto reading everyone elses and now has become an addict. She doesn't write one of her own, but she has checked everyone else's on a pretty regular basis. So, keep up the good work, Buffalo Sports Bloggers, keep up the good work.

My week hasn't exactly gotten off on the right foot, first with me and Harley in a confused frenzy trying to complete our church's monthly newsletter (I don't why in the world I let her talk me into helping her with doing the newsletter, pay back's coming Harley, just you wait), then on Sunday night I wasn't feeling so hot, but my puppy Lib, had to go to the Animal Hospital and we discovered that she ate concrete and stones and that's why she was in such grave pain. To top it off it's November, so I shouldn't be surprised by this, but where I live in WNY we got about a foot of snow and our snowplowed died, leaving us to pray and hope we didn't get stuck in the driveway and last night all the parents of my dance students decided that their little minuet problems that I don't control but the director does, needed to be my problem to fix, no it's not you need to talk to the director and if you already did, I can't override her decision, no matter how much you complain to me. *sigh* But all these little nuisances have been trumped by the fact that the Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special came out on DVD and I own a copy! Yes! Oh happy day! It also contains an extra hour of unseen footage that wasn't on Comedy Central. Could life get any better? I think not! I don't have cable, directTV, or satellite, just two rabbit ears on the top of my tv. So, I do not get Comedy Central and was unable to watch the special on Sunday night, hence my excitement for being able to buy the DVD yesterday! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it is on tomorrow's night agenda because tonight I have to watch the Sabres game and last night I had to teach. So, tomorrow, I will be curled up on my couch with a pillow and blanket watching the Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special while laughing my butt off and hanging with my dear old pal Peanut.

jeff and peanut

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gaustad in '09, The Amazingness of Air Hockey, and More Than a Feeling

I am currently very disheartened. I just got finished vote for the fourth time for the NHL All-Star game and only Ryan Miller is on the leader's list for the Sabres and he's fifth for the goal tenders! Teppo, Roy, and Vanek aren't even on the leader's list! My plan is to keep voting through out the day and all the way through until the polls close, but I can't do it alone. Sabres fans need to vote often. Since, I have never been one to keep quiet about who I am voting for (everyone obviously new who I was voting for in the Presidential election), so I'm going to state who I'm voting for inthe NHL All-Star ballot. Obviously the four Sabres chosen, Miller, Teppo, Vanek, and Roy, but for the rest of the Eastern Conference I did write-ins. I wrote in Paul Gaustad as the other forward and Nathan Paetsch as the other defenseman. Why you may ask? Because being a die-hard Sabres fan, I can't vote for other teams other than the Sabres unless absolutely necessary (like the western conference teams, Sabres players weren't an option) and I feel the Sabres players are the only ones who qualify to NHL All-Stars. Now choosing which Sabres players to write-in, that was the hard part. I was going to go with Pominville as my forward write-in, but then Goose came to mind. Defiantly both worthy candidates for being NHL All-Stars, both hard working, kind, good looking, tremendous hockey players, great leaders, respectful, it made it very hard for me to choose which one to write in. The reason I opted for Goose is because well he's a year older than J.J.Pom and so that gives Pommers an extra year to make All-Stars, plus Pommers got to go to the World Championships and Goose had to miss because of surgery. Also, Pommer's has gotten to be Captain of the team and is alternate Captain and well Goose hasn't been rewarded really in anyway for all the hard work he puts in. He's always sort of over looked. He also tries to save Western New York, by getting today's youth up and moving (with the help of his mom), saving the environment, and making kids smile at Camp Good Days (I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting). I think Goose deserves a reward of some sort and why not a chance to go and play for the NHL Eastern Conference All Star Team? So, faithful readers, I ask you to not only vote for the Sabres that were nominated, but write in Paul Gaustad as your third forward choice. I'm sure he can earn a spot with write-ins. Come On Buffalo, he's done so much for our community let's say thank you with an NHL All*Star Spot. Gaustad in '09!


My second write in vote went to Nathan Paetsch. I really like Nathan Paetsch. I've heard good things ie he's very nice, funny, and hardworking, all admirable traits. I only wish he would get some more ice time. I feel like he really goes out there and tries, but they only play him if we are out of other defensemen. I guess that would make him the 7th defenseman, butI feel like he's done his time and deserves some recognition and more ice time, yet I don't judge Lindy's decisions because he is the Sabres head honcho and he has a master plan to bring the Stanley Cup back to Buffalo in '09, so I don't question, I just trust in Ruff! Yet, I am a Paetsch fan and I think he deserves a chance at the All*Stars, so if you could write him in that would be fabulous!

As for the Western Conference, I could care less who anyone votes for, no Sabres to vote for in the West except for players who have left and well, they no longer wear the Blue and Gold, so they are old news. I did all write-ins for the West, because I didn't like the player who were nominated. I could've voted for Soupy, but eh? He had his chance at the All*Stars twice and since he would be going as a BlackHawk and not a Sabre, no vote. My Forwards were Brad May (voted for him because he was a former Sabre and for the mere fact that it was his name that created RJ's famous "May Day! May Day!" call), Todd Marchant (originally from Buffalo), and Andrew Ladd (I'm really not sure why I voted for Ladd, he's like one of those movies that you wouldn't expect to like, but you do, but you normally wouldn't, and you can't explain why you liked it you just do and that's why Andrew Ladd was my third write-in vote for the West). My two D-men for the West were Bret Hedican (because his wife Kristi Yamaguchi was my hero when I was in 1st grade and I wanted to be Kristi and win a gold medal for the USA in figure skating one day, well, I have yet to this day ever go ice skating, so I think I may just have to let that dream die, but I will always admire Kristi has one of my heros esp. since she won DWTS last season, so Bret you can thank your wife for my NHL All Star Vote) and John-Michael Lilies (because he's a friend of R.Mil's and well let's face it, Miller has great taste in everything he does, so I'm assuming his taste in friends is just as high class. Also, he's not too shabby looking). My vote for goal tender for the west Josh Harding (I went for a back-up and I'm not gonna lie he's kinda cute).

Did anyone notice the profile pictures of the guys who got nominated for the NHL All*Stars. They look like a mug shot. except for Roy, Teppo, Miller, and Vanek. The Sabres are smiling and look like they enjoy being NHL players and playing for Buffalo. Maybe the other players are upset they don't play for such a wonderful organization and city, so they won't even smile. I mean Buffalo is the city of good neighbors! Why wouldn't you have a smile on your face when you're here.

Last night's game against the Blues was intense! Kudos to Peters for throwing down the gloves twice in 12 minutes. I'm not sure who hit him, but MAN! That was quite a hit and Peters is a big guy, if you can knock him down, you know there was a lot of force behind that hit. At the end of the game, Peters looked like he had been through the war. He earned Winston the game pigeon fair and square. And according to Pommer's he kick arse at air hockey, so Winston should spend the next two days in his locker. Aahhhh.... memories of air hockey, playing Chi Chi at Chuck E. Cheese's for my 22nd b-day and her getting her butt beat by a 6 year old who decided he needed to help me win and threw the stick like thing at Chi Chi's head so she would have to duck and he could score a goal... aaaaahhhh memories or all the times I played air hockey in Fallon's basement and she would get very violent and cheat or the time she decided she needed to slap my boobs in the middle of an air hockey game, aaaaaaahhhhhh memories.... so, Peters if you are amazing at this sport you deserve Winston, even if you don't rack up points in the NHL, your fighting is much appreciated, just like your air hockey skills.

pigeon of the game

Tim Connolly.... what can I say, I don't want to rag on him for the mere fact that he seems to be injured 99% of the time, because hey, it's not his fault and believe you me being injured and having to sit on the sidelines and watch is the WORST! But it appears that he is injured again. I saw him get that hit last night when I was hanging out with Harley at our local Pub. I was going to assume it was a head injury because he took a nice hit to the noggin. He seemed to be okay after the hit, he just skated away, I looked at Harley and said "That's #19! Connolly! He took a hit to the head!" She goes, "I know! The worst one to receive a hit from the head!" My response, "He seems to be okay, he's skating, but they can't do that to him, that's too scary!" Last night I left the pub thinking Tim has skated away from disaster, but according to, he has not and did not practice today due to a chest injury..... *sigh* poor Timmy!

On a good note the Bills are hosting MNF for the second year in a row against the Cleveland Browns, this Monday @ 8pm! I have to teach until 7:30, then I am racing home to watch. I have a good feeling about this game, I think Tredwards and the rest of the team are going to step it up and win! I had a good feeling last night about the Sabres and I think my good feeling will carry all the way through to Monday night. Because I still believe this is Buffalo's year for both sports!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheap Drugs Calming the Gong in My Head, Stuffing the Ballot Box if the Internet Allows Me, and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

It feels as if there is a person standing on the inside of my cranium with a big giant hammer just pounding the front part of my skull like a gong. I've already taken some aspirin and hopefully that will kick in very, very shortly. Ah, cheap drugs, there are some days I can not express how much I truly love you! You numb my pain and put a stupid smile on my face and I have no clue why, I just know that my spirits are suddenly lifted. Thank you chemistry for finding pain relievers I can digest and rid the physical pain in my life.

Moving on....

I've tried to vote for the NHL All-Stars, but I couldn't get it to load. I'm not sure if it's just my computer or is anyone else having these problems? I'd like to be able to stuff the ballot box for the Sabres nominated and then two write-ins.

I am truly enjoying "68 seconds with Langston Walker" on the bills website. I especially like in this week's episode how it's all about outtakes and Langston starts singing "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12" from Sesame Street. High Quality Educational Television right there. I'm glad a key part of the Bills OL knows how to count to 12 thanks to Sesame Street.

Antwan Odom #98 of the Tennessee Titans works to get around Langston Walker #68 of the Buffalo Bills at a preseason game at Ralph Wilson Stadium August 24, 2007 Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rekindling the Flame, We're All in This Together, and Brutal Practice Makes Perfect

I've rekindled the flame of an old mini-crush! Ben Affleck! I watched Daredevil Saturday night and fell in love with Ben Affleck all over again, just I like I had in such movies as "Pearl Harbor" and "Jersey Girl" (yes Jersey Girl, I love the scene where the little girl sings a song from Sweeney Todd, classic!). I really wasn't planning on Daredevil being that good and since it was 10pm when it started, I figured I would fall asleep during it anyway. Oh no, I couldn't be anymore wrong! Ben Affleck in that red leather suit, kicking ass and taking names in the name of all that is good and just like a modern day blind Robin Hood. The reason why I have a mini-crush on Ben Affleck came back quicker than the speed of light. I'm sure it will only last until I see the next picture of Robert Redford or my ultimate crush (not just a mini-crush) Rob Lowe. But for the next week or two you have a nice place in my dreams, but only if you have the red leather crime fighting suit or pilot uniform, otherwise no deal!

Daredevil Pictures, Images and Photos

Since it is Friday and elections were Tuesday, I am sure we are all aware of the results. I'm not pleased with them by any means, but God does everything for a reason. I am glad to say that I don't have to watch any of the annoying political commercials anymore. Not that I really did anyway, because I would flip the channel or take a much needed potty break, but in any event, I'm glad they're done and I'm glad the elections are over, even if I don't like the outcome. Yet, at the end of the day we're all American citizens and all route for the same country, so now we need to stay together and do what's best for the country.

Onto a lighter topic. Sabres game tonight. Could that Ryan Miller be any hotter! (and I don't mean physically, even though he's not shabby) But two shut outs in a row! Not just one, but two! Amazing. Also, the team has played really well the past two games or so I've heard. I was working Monday and unable Saturday to watch the games, but my boss said the Sabres couldn't have been anymore on their game. It was a very well-played game. Hopefully, they can keep it up tonight against the Thrashers. I especially like Vanek's latest blog entry and the last paragraph where the "drills normally aren't that brutal". hahaha Oh, you know that the Ruffinator was beating their arses into the ground because of the previous two loses and it worked because the last two games were phenomenal. I shouldn't laugh that the Sabres got an booty kicking, but it reminds me of my college dance classes when the professor got mad and would just run our arses into the ground. There were days I thought I was gonna bite the big one at the ripe young age of 20, but you know the old saying, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".... must be the Ruffinator's motto.

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm Not a High Class Dame, So Let's Not Get Fancy, I'm Sad to Admit My Disappointment in Tredwards, and Running Out of Time for My Personal Stories

Well, so much has happened since my last blog in Buffalo Sports news and my life (oh I am sure you are all dying to hear about my life *please note the sarcastic tone*) So, I will start my blog talking about Buffalo Sports and after I finish with that  if you would like to continue about my personal life which I swear should be a flipping reality show, you may, if not, it's cool, I just need to vent a bit.

First off, the Sabres... well, what can I say, I'll say this, I will still love them even though the past two games were rocky. This is just a minor bump in the road on the way to the Stanley Cup. Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller commented on why this little snag is happening, the Sabres are trying to play to fancy and cute for the home crowd instead of playing to get the job done. This sounds a little familar to last season, now I'm not saying that the Sabres are repeating last season, I'm just saying trying to play a little too fancy sounds like a symptom of how they played last season. I know they have some very talented players on the Sabres roster, but sometimes fancy isn't better than the basics which get the job done. I think Ryan Miller said it best with this quote....

“We have a lot of creative guys that want to break out and it’s hard to keep them reigned in sometimes. It’s hard to keep the horses in the stable."

So, Lindy has to be the head of the ranch and tame the horses. He can be like Robert Redford's character Tom Booker in the Horse Whisperer. (You should of guessed I would throw a Robert Redford reference in at any chance I got) If anyone can tame the Wild Stallions on Ice that we call the Buffalo Sabres, then it would be Lindy Ruff. I see some of his taming techniques include switching up some of the lines. I really don't like the fact that the Ruffinator is breaking up the Vanek, Roy, Stafford line by switching Stafford with Kotalik, but "In Ruff We Trust", so I won't argue with him. Hopefully, the taming has begun in a rough afternoon practice today and tomorrow the Sabres will wipe the Caps and their beloved Ovie all over the ice.

Harley informed me that on the New York Jets website there is a transcript posted of a conference call with Edwards and Jauron. Now before I say my next statement, if you have ever read my blog, you know I am a big Trent Edwards fan and think he is a tremendous player and person. I have even listed traits about him that I find admirable on this site. With that being said, I am a little disappointed in him. In the transcript they asked him who he would be voting for and he said, "Obama". Now, I am not judging him for his choice on who he is voting for, that's the great thing about America, we all have our voice and can choose to vote for whoever we like, even though I am voting for McCain/Palin, I'm not disappointed that he is voting for Obama. I am however disappointed for his reason for voting for Obama. Seeing that he has a Political Science Degree from Stanford University, I was expecting a very thought-out list of reasons of why Obama was receiving his vote. This is is reasoning....

"The reason is I think that a changeneeds to be made and that’s the biggest change out of the twocandidates. 
Besides that, I haven’t really been following it tooclosely in terms of their issues, their policies and what theydiffer on. I just feel like he’s the most different from the one wehave in power right now."

"This isgoing to sound really shallow but I’ll just say this, that I feellike he presents himself a lot better in the media and he handles himself well in interviews. I know that doesn’t dictatehow good a president is going to be, but in terms of the reason I’m voting for someone, again it sounds really shallow,but I just think he exudes a confidence and a presence about him that this country needs to see."

Yeah, it does sound shallow and I expected more of a real reason on why you were voting for Obama besides the fact he's a good public speaker and you think he will bring the change this country needs. What about his issues? Did you consider the fact that if he gets voted to be our next President our country will turn into a socialist country? How about the fact that Obama is pro-choice and finds it okay to fetuses because supposedly they aren't a real human being? (Are you kidding me? I'm with McCain/Palin on this, Life begins at conception) Or how about that Obama really has no friggin' clue on how our military works and pretty much will screw the country when he takes to take over the War in Iraq? Trent, I'm disappointed because you couldn't give me a real solid reason on why you were voting for Obama, except he's a quality public speaker who may or may not bring the change that this country needs. But then if I think about it, you know you aren't the only one who can't list quality reasons on why you should vote for Obama, all the people who are Obama supporters can't come up with a list either, You are not alone on this, there really isn't a quality list of reasons for voting for Obama, so how were you suppose to think up one with your busy schedule and master plan of winning the Super Bowl Championship for Buffalo in 2009. Actually to think about it, you took the hard route by trying to use your intellect to come up with a list of good reasons to vote for Obama, but even an extremely intelligent man like yourself couldn't create one. If you said you were voting for McCain/Palin, it would have been easy and right in front of your face on why you and the rest of this nation should vote for McCain/Palin, but you were trying to tackle the impossible by coming up with a single good reason why you and the rest of the nation should vote for Obama. Don't feel bad Trent, you are amazing, but even you can't tackle the impossible. Just keep up the amazing work of being one of the top signal callers in the NFL and winning games for the best city in the country.

Sad to say, my personal stories are going to have to wait for another day. I must go and chaperone my youth group for a Halloween event at my church. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can We Erase This Week-end, too?, Human Error = Free Trips to Disney World, and Sabotaging Your Own Marriage

As I sit here on my couch blogging, I'm watching the bills game, there is 3:04 in the 4th quarter and I refuse to give up on the Bills, but it's not looking so hot. The worst thing about it all, we're playing Miami and we HATE Miami in WNY! Trent just ran his booty off trying to get the touchdown! Nice hustle Tredwards! But it didn't count for some odd reason, stupid refs! There was a flag, but I don't know why and why that didn't count. I have to give Trent credit, he's really given 110%, even if he had some rough plays, but hey, we all have our bad days at least ours are broadcasted across the entire nation. I'm glad I'm not in the public eye because the press would have a field day with my bad days. Personally, I really don't understand how athletes or celebrities do it, but I guess the pros out way the cons!


CRAP! So, Tredwards just had an awesome pass and Royal just fumbled.... Oi! Well, you win some and lose some and you can't get tickets to the rest, I guess. Poo, but there's just a little extra salt in the wound because we aren't playing well against the fish! I guess it's just a bad week-end for Buffalo Sports. Sabres lost last night as well..... in a shootout none the less...*cringes*! But, at least the Sabres are still undefeated in regulation and they did have to put up five shooters to lose, so the effort was there, but hey, you can't win them all. There's 82 regular season hockey games, I love the Sabres, but they are human and aren't gonna win every game, as nice in theory as that is. But they are still a doing really well. I didn't watch last nights game because I was chaperoning my church teens at a retreat, but Harley was texting me the game results. I did watch the game on Thursday against the Wild and I felt absolutely horrible Miller. You can tell him scoring that goal on himself really ate away at him, but again hey he's human, as much as I like to think of him as a brickwall and again to error is to be human. I must say the team rallied around him and they won. You can tell in Miller's interview that he felt bad because he was buying the team a five course meal and trips to Disney world. Personally, he's bailed the team out of a lot of when they weren't playing good defense, so they owe him and were just repaying the favor. The Bills officially lost, 25 -16, poo! Oh, well, we're just gonna call this a bad week-end for Buffalo Sports. Can we erase this one too?

Switching to the E! channel, "Love and Cry in LA" why Hollywood couples split up. Yes, I'm watching this stuff and yes, it's a guilty pleasure. The are talking about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and how their relationship fell apart. Well, basically if you add a camera and the entire world into your personal life, it's like sticking a knife right in the middle of the relationship and ripping it to shreads. Have you noticed how every Hollywood couple that does a reality show together usually end up divorced/separated after it? Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, Dave Novarro & Carmen Electra, Hulk & Linda Hogan, Travis Barker & Shana Moakler, so on and so forth. Why is this? Because personal lives should remains just that.... Personal. I would never want my personal open for the world to see. It's bad enough that the media goes after celebrities who aren't asking for the attention, but why invite them to rip your relationship apart? hmmmm.... where is the intelligence in that? Oh, wait, there is none!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winston the Game Pigeon, Imitating Lindy, and the Goot

A lot has happened in Buffalo Sports news since the last time I posted in six days and I am very proud and pleased to say that the Buffalo teams are incredibly strong this year. Both of them. At the same time. If I was going to recap everything I didn't write about in the past 144 hours, then this blog would take me about entire day to write, so I am just going talk about a few Bills and Sabres tidbits that I found incredibly interesting.

First the Sabres...

I was watching the video, Rick Jeanneret "Voices", on Sabres TV and I'm really glad they have a feature on RJ, because he has been a great part of Sabres history. I'm probably partial, but I have have to say that he is the greatest Hockey commentator of all time. His sayings are so memorable that I was quoting him when I was six years old.... "La-La-La-Fontaine". To this day, that is why Pat LaFontaine is one of my all time favorite hockey players. Below is the video, so you can watch some of RJ's memorable sayings and it's nice to have some of Lindy's input on it.

So, the Sabres have a new mascot, well, I should rephrase that they don't have a new mascot, wrong word, my bad. They have new traveling companion. The pigeon of the game. It goes to the player that played the best that game. My mom (who was a pre-K teacher for many a years) had something similar to this for her class, except it was a teddy bear. The students in her class would get to take home the bear and they would have to take pictures of where they went with the bear over the week-end, ie. if they went to the library they would take a picture with the bear at the library or Mickey D's, the kids would be shown feeding the bear french fries, so on and so forth. The kids loved taking home the bear, I think his name was hunter? I could be wrong about that one, any who... Maybe the Sabres do that. Like if Drew Stafford has the honor of spending time with the pigeon, he takes it to band practice with him and you have a picture of Drew rocking out on the guitar and the pigeon playing the drums or if Derek Roy gets a day with him, you see a pic of the pigeon and Derek on his boat. Maybe the Sabres are keeping a secret scrapbook of each players time with the pigeon. At the end of the season each player brings in the pages they made for the special scrapbook and then the Sabres put it in a special library and years later new Sabres can look at the pigeon's and the Sabres' alumni special moments together. It's just a thought. Well, now the pigeon is sort of reminding me of the Travelocity Gnome. hmmm.... you know, the pigeon needs a name, the didn't state whether he was donned one by the organization, but since I don't know what it is and I like to give inanimate objects names, I'm going to name the pigeon of the game, Winston, because we are going to be doing a lot of winning this season. Winston. It's catchy I like it.

pigeon of the game

Winston, the Sabres pigeon of the game.

Jason Pominville has written a new blog and answered a many a Sabres fans questions. I like reading J.J. Pom's blog, it's so polite. A fan even asked him about it.

How do you stay so friendly with people when they are so demanding and ask such strange questions? Sheryl – Jamestown, NY

It’s just the way I interact with people. Sometimes they have funny questions, but if I can answer it I’ll do my best. If I can’t I’ll just say I can’t… like the dancing question. I just don’t think I can! It’s part of the game, the fans like it and as a player I don’t mind it. I think overall it’s actually pretty funny and a good thing to do.

Honesty... a very admirable and attractive trait. You know, Pommer's possesses a lot of great qualities, honesty, politeness, kindness, hardworking, good-looking, and athletic. He's one of those guys you wish they would multiply and pass out to the well-deserving single women of this earth to have as a significant other. But until they figure out how to clone humans, I guess the females of this earth will have to wait and ask the age-old question that all women ask of guys who are great, but in a serious relationship, "Does he have a brother?"

One more thing on the Sabres and Pommer's blog, he said that the best team costume was when Tim Connolly dressed up as Chris Drury in the Little League World Series. Well, that might have been a good one, but my Halloween costume this year is going to trump that one big time. Tomorrow night at 8, when I go to my friends house for a party, I am going as the one and only Lindy Ruff! That's right folks. I'm going as the Ruffinator. I'm going as Lindy during practice, wearing a Sabres ballcap (easier to hide my long hair) and sweats, I'm drawing a Lindy-esque mustache on my face and I don't own a hockey stick, so I may walk around with a clipboard. I'm going to yell things like, "Move your feet, Move your feet, Move your feet... away from the snacks!" and "That's BS!" Ahhhhh... yes... I have been planning this costume for a year and I can't wait to impersonate the greatest hockey of all time.

Second, Bills news.....

They won on Sunday against the Chargers! Kawika Mitchell was on fire! That inception he made was exceptional! I looked for a video of it on youtube, but no such luck in finding it, maybe because of the whole power outage situation. hmmmm.... but if you didn't witness it, take my word for it, he's worth every penny that he's getting paid. Another person earning their paycheck, Mr. Trent Edwards! Watching him play on Sunday, you would have never of guessed that he suffered a concussion. He was on top of his game and then some. I'm glad to see he's back, well, not just glad, over the top ELATED! Yet, Trent is still humble as ever. That amazing catch that Lee Evans made where he held the ball next to his shoulder. Trent gave Lee all the credit saying that it wasn't one of the best throws of his career, but Lee made it look that way. Humble, another quality I have to add to my "Why I am a Trent Edwards' Fan" list. I also read on the Bills' website that Trent might be up to play in the Pro-Bowl, a well-deserved honor indeed. Since his birthday is in one week, he's accomplished a lot before the ripe, young age of 25. Man, he makes me feel like a slacker. grant it I'm a couple years younger (almost), but I have a lot of work to do, if I'm going to accomplish an amazing and detailed resume as Trent Edwards by the time I'm 25. I better get on that.

Thirdly, Steve Guttenberg. Now, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Buffalo Sports, but I must write about this new little tidbit that I have learned about myself. Now, as I have stated before I love cheesy chick flicks circa 1980 to mid 1990's, examples of this would be my love of the movies, "Groundhog Day", "While You Were Sleeping" and "Father of the Bride part 1 and 2". Well, I was at a flea market two weeks ago and was buying more cheesy, vhs, chick flicks for a buck and I purchased, "Three Men and a Baby" (see where I'm going with this?). Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg all star in this movie as big man whores who have to take care of the illegitimate of Ted Danson's character. It was pretty good, but I was beat and fell asleep half way through, I'm sure I'll be watching it again some time soon. But before I feel asleep, I hate to admit it, but the Goot was looking pretty good. I mean not Robert Redford good, but sensitive, quirky guy with a baby good. I guess I'm just remember him from Dancing with the Stars last season when he danced with Jonathan and proclaimed his love of dance. But, I developed a mini-crush on him for about 12 hours and so for a 12 hour period, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I must come clean with my feelings, I had a crush on the Goot.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids Who Think They are Capable of Being Adults, A Heartfelt Update, and Reuniting with My Other Half

I need to stop watching shows with topics that aggravate me. I was watching the Tyra show this morning (I really do love this show and I am a Tyra fan) and they were talking about child brides. The first guest on, was a girl who was 15 and wanted to marry her 18 year old boyfriend. (Can we say jailbait?) She met him when she was 12 and he was 15, he was her day camp counselor and they are both currently living in her mom's house, living in her bedroom, sharing the same bed. Of course they are having sex, but the kicker is they are trying to have a baby. She has been trying to get pregnant for a year and since she couldn't get pregnant the natural way, she has bought fertility drugs over the internet. She recently doubled her dosage of fertility drugs because she still wasn't getting pregnant. When asked why she wanted to get married, her response was, "Well, like, I'm responsible for my age, like more responsible than most kids, and like, I take care of my younger sisters when my mom needs me to. I, like, dress them and feed them, and like play with them." Tyra's response, "That's called babysitting. Every girl your age has babysat." The girl's response, "Yeah, that's what I do, so, like, I can take care of my own kid." Tyra asked her who her role model was, the girl's response was Jamie Lynn Spears, because "She is , like, so much more responsible than her sister. Like, she hasn't her kid taken away from her yet, and like she's young, unlike Britney, who like an adult and old. So, I can take care of my kid too." All righty, so I don't even know where to even start critiquing this and I'm not even done summarizing, but let me add a few personal comments to all this. A) Jamie Lynn hasn't had her taken away from her yet. Even she said yet. So, give it a little time and I'm sure the odds are in her favor to have her kid taken away from her. B) Britney has had many personal problems (many is an understatement) which I'm not even going to talk about any of those, but Britney isn't old to be having kids. She had her first child at age 23. I think that's a normal age to have kids. Britney is turning 27 in December... since when is that old? But I digress... They asked the boyfriend why he wanted to get married and his response was, "Well, I really love her and I have a job as a pizza man, and we're already having sex, so why not?" Tyra asked him how much money he made year and he said about $1,000. Then the girlfriend said, "No, you make about $5,000 maybe. Well, you make $8.10 an hour." He replied with, "Oh, that's right". Seriously, you can even do the mathematics on what your annual income is and you are ready to get married and raise a kid. If you are still living in your mom's or significant other's mom house, you are not ready to get married and start a family. If you have to sneak behind your mother's back and order fertility drugs off the internet instead of seeing a health care professional, you are definitely not ready to be married or raise kids. You aren't even a responsible adult. You can't even vote, drink, buy cigs or porno. You can't even drive a car! Marriage isn't all fun and games. It's a lot of work and responsibility. There are a lot of wonderful benefits from marriage that can fulfill your life, but it's not all sunshine and lollipops. When Tyra asked the girl why she wanted to marry her boyfriend she responded, "Well, like, he's perfect, he, like, buys me stuff, when he gets a paycheck, and cleans my room and like I always get what I want." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How are you suppose to pay for a baby if your hubby's money is all going to buy you stuff. If you want to raise a family, you can no longer be ego-centric. You have to grow up and sacrifice your needs for your children. What Jamie Lynn Spears makes it look so easy? Well, I wonder why, she has the money to pay people to help her. Guess, what if your hubby is only pulling in $5,000 a year (if that) then your butt is probably going to have to get a job and I'm sure at that point you'll be happy if you can buy toilet paper to wipe your ass with. You won't be able to buy whatever you want. I'm glad to say at the end of the show, Tyra talked her out of getting married right now and her boyfriend was getting his own place (I'm sure it's a hole in the wall with his income, but at least it's his own place). She also took a pregnancy test and Praise the Lord she wasn't pregnant. If she was, the only victim in this whole situation would have been the child. What is wrong with kids now-a-days. When I was 15, I still thought boys had cooties. (actually, if you go to such places as frat houses, or places where multiple heterosexual males co-habitat, I still believe cooties exist. There's always something crawling around in those places and the weirdest smells, too) Ok, well, maybe not at 15, but I was more worried about my academics and dancing than boys. And I certainly didn't want to get married or have kids at that age, heck, I'm still not ready for that.

So, I know I've been blogging a lot on how Ryan Miller has been slacking on updating his blog, but I must say when he updates, he updates. There was definitely a lot of thought put into his latest blog. Of course he talked about the success of the Sabres, but not too much, because as he pointed out you can find out how well the Sabres are doing on various places on the internet. He preceded to talk about his cousin Matt who passed away about a year ago from cancer. It was a very heartfelt entry and I'm not going to even begin to summarize because I can not even begin to give it the ounce of justice that it deserves. But, I truly do recommend taking the time to read it. It made me want to go and comfort everyone who experiences this heartache of losing a loved one much too early in life to such a dreadful disease. Ryan stated that The Steadfast Foundation website ( will be having a link on their website on how you can help out.

R.Mil JJPom Puppy

A good time is had by all at The Steadfast Foundation's Catwalk for Charity. Having fun and helping other what in the world could be better. I mean Jason Pominville is having a good time with his yellow canary boa and even though the puppy looks a wee bit sad, it went to a good home with the Thibaults. (editor's note, this isn't my picture it belongs to CSINickStokslvr I pinked out her face because A) I wasn't sure if she wanted her face displayed on my blog and B) Pink is a fierce color, I was thinking of going with canary yellow to match Pommer's boa, but decided it would be a wee too much.)

Speaking of loved ones, I get to see my Chi Chi tomorrow! *overcomed with great joy* Yes, I get to see my other half tomorrow and it may only be for about 20 hours, but I am in great need of a Chi Chi fix. I haven't seen her in 7 months and that is far too long. Grant she lives about 1,000 miles away and since we are both poor fairly recent college grads who majored in dance and do a have career in our chosen field, but our chosen field pays us mere peanuts, so we can not afford to travel and see each other as much as we would like. But, the reason I get to see her is for a very special occasion, our dear friend, Tallie, is having her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party all in the same day. The wedding is in another six weeks and I'll get to see Chi Chi again! Yes, I'm going to another wedding event, but I get to see so many of my beloved friends and dancers, I fun time should be had by all. I haven't seen Tallie, Luan, and Chevelle in 7 months either. It feels like eons. After tomorrow night which will turn into Sunday morning, I'm sure I'll have many stories.