Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Numbers!; Just the Way I Like it... Small and Simple; and Congrats Butler!

I already broke the rules of the "Friday Fave Fives" and didn't post a new one yesterday. Already at my second Friday Fave Five posting and I'm already late. Sounds about right...... since  I didn't post it yesterday, I am doing so today.

1) My birthday was this past week (no numbers!) and I received the complete series of "I Love Lucy" on DVD. All 9 seasons, the lost pilot, and oodles of bonus features! I have been wanting this for about three years, to say I was over the moon excited would be the understatement of the year! I wasn't expecting it at all for one thing and when I opened it up and pulled the wrapping paper of it, I started jumping around the room in excitement. "I Love Lucy" is my favorite show and Lucille Ball is my favorite actress. I've watched 6 episodes so far and only have 188 to go and then of course when I just start watching them over and over and over again.....

2) The fact that my birthday was quite enjoyable, yet simple. I've never been a person who likes to be the center of attention at parties or go out for fancy dinners or sometimes even go out at all. I have friends, but a very select few that I share every detail of my life with good and bad. I am very blessed with the people the Lord has put in my life and thank Him everyday for them. My birthday was spent picking out new glasses for myself with my mom (I really needed a new pair, mine are crooked with two different size and shape nose rests. Grant it, I usually wear my contact, but it's been about 3 and a half years since my last pair, so it's time.) I ended up getting two pairs and invested a little more money in them they all my previous pairs, but I figure it's worth the investment to actually be comfortable to wear them out in public. I loved the two pairs I picked out. The one is the classic black, thick, plastic frames, but the inside is a bright neon green. Quirky and unique, just the way I like my accessories. The other is a deep burgundy with a unique shaped wire frame, still quirky and unique, but in a more subtle way and that is professional. The rest of my birthday was spent with my parents and one of my best friends (the other is 1,000 miles away, but apologized for not being there) as we celebrated at a diner. I love diner food, to me it kicks fancy restaurant food's arse anyday. I had a chicken finger wrap and onion rings. I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday meal. I topped off the evening with a Carvel cake at home. My Birthday = Superb!

3) I love this new nail polish I purchased at the dollar store for three reasons. 1) It was only a dollar and I love bargains and getting the most bang for my buck. 2) I love the color, a deep red named "Always Vintage" by Revlon. 3) It came with this top coat that makes the nails smooth and shiny and it prevents them from chipping. It's fabulous!!!

4) I love when God sends you subtle messages that you are spending too much time focusing on something that you shouldn't be and you shouldn't be wasting your time on it because it's not meant to be or His plan. I won't elaborate, but I got a harsh slap of reality this past week and normally I would have dwelled on it and whined and complained, but instead I have matured and just really forgot about the whole thing. I guess if I had a 4a) I would write the fact that I loved that I am maturing and am actually witnessing it.

5) I love the fact that Chris Butler got his first NHL goal last night at 1.2 seconds in the third. I also like the fact that even though the Sabres were down by three goals at that point in the game, he didn't give up and  he still attempted to play hard and he scored a goal. So, Congrats Chris Butler. I hope you got to spend the evening with Winston the Pigeon.

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