Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm Not a High Class Dame, So Let's Not Get Fancy, I'm Sad to Admit My Disappointment in Tredwards, and Running Out of Time for My Personal Stories

Well, so much has happened since my last blog in Buffalo Sports news and my life (oh I am sure you are all dying to hear about my life *please note the sarcastic tone*) So, I will start my blog talking about Buffalo Sports and after I finish with that  if you would like to continue about my personal life which I swear should be a flipping reality show, you may, if not, it's cool, I just need to vent a bit.

First off, the Sabres... well, what can I say, I'll say this, I will still love them even though the past two games were rocky. This is just a minor bump in the road on the way to the Stanley Cup. Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller commented on why this little snag is happening, the Sabres are trying to play to fancy and cute for the home crowd instead of playing to get the job done. This sounds a little familar to last season, now I'm not saying that the Sabres are repeating last season, I'm just saying trying to play a little too fancy sounds like a symptom of how they played last season. I know they have some very talented players on the Sabres roster, but sometimes fancy isn't better than the basics which get the job done. I think Ryan Miller said it best with this quote....

“We have a lot of creative guys that want to break out and it’s hard to keep them reigned in sometimes. It’s hard to keep the horses in the stable."

So, Lindy has to be the head of the ranch and tame the horses. He can be like Robert Redford's character Tom Booker in the Horse Whisperer. (You should of guessed I would throw a Robert Redford reference in at any chance I got) If anyone can tame the Wild Stallions on Ice that we call the Buffalo Sabres, then it would be Lindy Ruff. I see some of his taming techniques include switching up some of the lines. I really don't like the fact that the Ruffinator is breaking up the Vanek, Roy, Stafford line by switching Stafford with Kotalik, but "In Ruff We Trust", so I won't argue with him. Hopefully, the taming has begun in a rough afternoon practice today and tomorrow the Sabres will wipe the Caps and their beloved Ovie all over the ice.

Harley informed me that on the New York Jets website there is a transcript posted of a conference call with Edwards and Jauron. Now before I say my next statement, if you have ever read my blog, you know I am a big Trent Edwards fan and think he is a tremendous player and person. I have even listed traits about him that I find admirable on this site. With that being said, I am a little disappointed in him. In the transcript they asked him who he would be voting for and he said, "Obama". Now, I am not judging him for his choice on who he is voting for, that's the great thing about America, we all have our voice and can choose to vote for whoever we like, even though I am voting for McCain/Palin, I'm not disappointed that he is voting for Obama. I am however disappointed for his reason for voting for Obama. Seeing that he has a Political Science Degree from Stanford University, I was expecting a very thought-out list of reasons of why Obama was receiving his vote. This is is reasoning....

"The reason is I think that a changeneeds to be made and that’s the biggest change out of the twocandidates. 
Besides that, I haven’t really been following it tooclosely in terms of their issues, their policies and what theydiffer on. I just feel like he’s the most different from the one wehave in power right now."

"This isgoing to sound really shallow but I’ll just say this, that I feellike he presents himself a lot better in the media and he handles himself well in interviews. I know that doesn’t dictatehow good a president is going to be, but in terms of the reason I’m voting for someone, again it sounds really shallow,but I just think he exudes a confidence and a presence about him that this country needs to see."

Yeah, it does sound shallow and I expected more of a real reason on why you were voting for Obama besides the fact he's a good public speaker and you think he will bring the change this country needs. What about his issues? Did you consider the fact that if he gets voted to be our next President our country will turn into a socialist country? How about the fact that Obama is pro-choice and finds it okay to fetuses because supposedly they aren't a real human being? (Are you kidding me? I'm with McCain/Palin on this, Life begins at conception) Or how about that Obama really has no friggin' clue on how our military works and pretty much will screw the country when he takes to take over the War in Iraq? Trent, I'm disappointed because you couldn't give me a real solid reason on why you were voting for Obama, except he's a quality public speaker who may or may not bring the change that this country needs. But then if I think about it, you know you aren't the only one who can't list quality reasons on why you should vote for Obama, all the people who are Obama supporters can't come up with a list either, You are not alone on this, there really isn't a quality list of reasons for voting for Obama, so how were you suppose to think up one with your busy schedule and master plan of winning the Super Bowl Championship for Buffalo in 2009. Actually to think about it, you took the hard route by trying to use your intellect to come up with a list of good reasons to vote for Obama, but even an extremely intelligent man like yourself couldn't create one. If you said you were voting for McCain/Palin, it would have been easy and right in front of your face on why you and the rest of this nation should vote for McCain/Palin, but you were trying to tackle the impossible by coming up with a single good reason why you and the rest of the nation should vote for Obama. Don't feel bad Trent, you are amazing, but even you can't tackle the impossible. Just keep up the amazing work of being one of the top signal callers in the NFL and winning games for the best city in the country.

Sad to say, my personal stories are going to have to wait for another day. I must go and chaperone my youth group for a Halloween event at my church. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can We Erase This Week-end, too?, Human Error = Free Trips to Disney World, and Sabotaging Your Own Marriage

As I sit here on my couch blogging, I'm watching the bills game, there is 3:04 in the 4th quarter and I refuse to give up on the Bills, but it's not looking so hot. The worst thing about it all, we're playing Miami and we HATE Miami in WNY! Trent just ran his booty off trying to get the touchdown! Nice hustle Tredwards! But it didn't count for some odd reason, stupid refs! There was a flag, but I don't know why and why that didn't count. I have to give Trent credit, he's really given 110%, even if he had some rough plays, but hey, we all have our bad days at least ours are broadcasted across the entire nation. I'm glad I'm not in the public eye because the press would have a field day with my bad days. Personally, I really don't understand how athletes or celebrities do it, but I guess the pros out way the cons!


CRAP! So, Tredwards just had an awesome pass and Royal just fumbled.... Oi! Well, you win some and lose some and you can't get tickets to the rest, I guess. Poo, but there's just a little extra salt in the wound because we aren't playing well against the fish! I guess it's just a bad week-end for Buffalo Sports. Sabres lost last night as well..... in a shootout none the less...*cringes*! But, at least the Sabres are still undefeated in regulation and they did have to put up five shooters to lose, so the effort was there, but hey, you can't win them all. There's 82 regular season hockey games, I love the Sabres, but they are human and aren't gonna win every game, as nice in theory as that is. But they are still a doing really well. I didn't watch last nights game because I was chaperoning my church teens at a retreat, but Harley was texting me the game results. I did watch the game on Thursday against the Wild and I felt absolutely horrible Miller. You can tell him scoring that goal on himself really ate away at him, but again hey he's human, as much as I like to think of him as a brickwall and again to error is to be human. I must say the team rallied around him and they won. You can tell in Miller's interview that he felt bad because he was buying the team a five course meal and trips to Disney world. Personally, he's bailed the team out of a lot of when they weren't playing good defense, so they owe him and were just repaying the favor. The Bills officially lost, 25 -16, poo! Oh, well, we're just gonna call this a bad week-end for Buffalo Sports. Can we erase this one too?

Switching to the E! channel, "Love and Cry in LA" why Hollywood couples split up. Yes, I'm watching this stuff and yes, it's a guilty pleasure. The are talking about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and how their relationship fell apart. Well, basically if you add a camera and the entire world into your personal life, it's like sticking a knife right in the middle of the relationship and ripping it to shreads. Have you noticed how every Hollywood couple that does a reality show together usually end up divorced/separated after it? Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, Dave Novarro & Carmen Electra, Hulk & Linda Hogan, Travis Barker & Shana Moakler, so on and so forth. Why is this? Because personal lives should remains just that.... Personal. I would never want my personal open for the world to see. It's bad enough that the media goes after celebrities who aren't asking for the attention, but why invite them to rip your relationship apart? hmmmm.... where is the intelligence in that? Oh, wait, there is none!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winston the Game Pigeon, Imitating Lindy, and the Goot

A lot has happened in Buffalo Sports news since the last time I posted in six days and I am very proud and pleased to say that the Buffalo teams are incredibly strong this year. Both of them. At the same time. If I was going to recap everything I didn't write about in the past 144 hours, then this blog would take me about entire day to write, so I am just going talk about a few Bills and Sabres tidbits that I found incredibly interesting.

First the Sabres...

I was watching the video, Rick Jeanneret "Voices", on Sabres TV and I'm really glad they have a feature on RJ, because he has been a great part of Sabres history. I'm probably partial, but I have have to say that he is the greatest Hockey commentator of all time. His sayings are so memorable that I was quoting him when I was six years old.... "La-La-La-Fontaine". To this day, that is why Pat LaFontaine is one of my all time favorite hockey players. Below is the video, so you can watch some of RJ's memorable sayings and it's nice to have some of Lindy's input on it.

So, the Sabres have a new mascot, well, I should rephrase that they don't have a new mascot, wrong word, my bad. They have new traveling companion. The pigeon of the game. It goes to the player that played the best that game. My mom (who was a pre-K teacher for many a years) had something similar to this for her class, except it was a teddy bear. The students in her class would get to take home the bear and they would have to take pictures of where they went with the bear over the week-end, ie. if they went to the library they would take a picture with the bear at the library or Mickey D's, the kids would be shown feeding the bear french fries, so on and so forth. The kids loved taking home the bear, I think his name was hunter? I could be wrong about that one, any who... Maybe the Sabres do that. Like if Drew Stafford has the honor of spending time with the pigeon, he takes it to band practice with him and you have a picture of Drew rocking out on the guitar and the pigeon playing the drums or if Derek Roy gets a day with him, you see a pic of the pigeon and Derek on his boat. Maybe the Sabres are keeping a secret scrapbook of each players time with the pigeon. At the end of the season each player brings in the pages they made for the special scrapbook and then the Sabres put it in a special library and years later new Sabres can look at the pigeon's and the Sabres' alumni special moments together. It's just a thought. Well, now the pigeon is sort of reminding me of the Travelocity Gnome. hmmm.... you know, the pigeon needs a name, the didn't state whether he was donned one by the organization, but since I don't know what it is and I like to give inanimate objects names, I'm going to name the pigeon of the game, Winston, because we are going to be doing a lot of winning this season. Winston. It's catchy I like it.

pigeon of the game

Winston, the Sabres pigeon of the game.

Jason Pominville has written a new blog and answered a many a Sabres fans questions. I like reading J.J. Pom's blog, it's so polite. A fan even asked him about it.

How do you stay so friendly with people when they are so demanding and ask such strange questions? Sheryl – Jamestown, NY

It’s just the way I interact with people. Sometimes they have funny questions, but if I can answer it I’ll do my best. If I can’t I’ll just say I can’t… like the dancing question. I just don’t think I can! It’s part of the game, the fans like it and as a player I don’t mind it. I think overall it’s actually pretty funny and a good thing to do.

Honesty... a very admirable and attractive trait. You know, Pommer's possesses a lot of great qualities, honesty, politeness, kindness, hardworking, good-looking, and athletic. He's one of those guys you wish they would multiply and pass out to the well-deserving single women of this earth to have as a significant other. But until they figure out how to clone humans, I guess the females of this earth will have to wait and ask the age-old question that all women ask of guys who are great, but in a serious relationship, "Does he have a brother?"

One more thing on the Sabres and Pommer's blog, he said that the best team costume was when Tim Connolly dressed up as Chris Drury in the Little League World Series. Well, that might have been a good one, but my Halloween costume this year is going to trump that one big time. Tomorrow night at 8, when I go to my friends house for a party, I am going as the one and only Lindy Ruff! That's right folks. I'm going as the Ruffinator. I'm going as Lindy during practice, wearing a Sabres ballcap (easier to hide my long hair) and sweats, I'm drawing a Lindy-esque mustache on my face and I don't own a hockey stick, so I may walk around with a clipboard. I'm going to yell things like, "Move your feet, Move your feet, Move your feet... away from the snacks!" and "That's BS!" Ahhhhh... yes... I have been planning this costume for a year and I can't wait to impersonate the greatest hockey of all time.

Second, Bills news.....

They won on Sunday against the Chargers! Kawika Mitchell was on fire! That inception he made was exceptional! I looked for a video of it on youtube, but no such luck in finding it, maybe because of the whole power outage situation. hmmmm.... but if you didn't witness it, take my word for it, he's worth every penny that he's getting paid. Another person earning their paycheck, Mr. Trent Edwards! Watching him play on Sunday, you would have never of guessed that he suffered a concussion. He was on top of his game and then some. I'm glad to see he's back, well, not just glad, over the top ELATED! Yet, Trent is still humble as ever. That amazing catch that Lee Evans made where he held the ball next to his shoulder. Trent gave Lee all the credit saying that it wasn't one of the best throws of his career, but Lee made it look that way. Humble, another quality I have to add to my "Why I am a Trent Edwards' Fan" list. I also read on the Bills' website that Trent might be up to play in the Pro-Bowl, a well-deserved honor indeed. Since his birthday is in one week, he's accomplished a lot before the ripe, young age of 25. Man, he makes me feel like a slacker. grant it I'm a couple years younger (almost), but I have a lot of work to do, if I'm going to accomplish an amazing and detailed resume as Trent Edwards by the time I'm 25. I better get on that.

Thirdly, Steve Guttenberg. Now, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Buffalo Sports, but I must write about this new little tidbit that I have learned about myself. Now, as I have stated before I love cheesy chick flicks circa 1980 to mid 1990's, examples of this would be my love of the movies, "Groundhog Day", "While You Were Sleeping" and "Father of the Bride part 1 and 2". Well, I was at a flea market two weeks ago and was buying more cheesy, vhs, chick flicks for a buck and I purchased, "Three Men and a Baby" (see where I'm going with this?). Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg all star in this movie as big man whores who have to take care of the illegitimate of Ted Danson's character. It was pretty good, but I was beat and fell asleep half way through, I'm sure I'll be watching it again some time soon. But before I feel asleep, I hate to admit it, but the Goot was looking pretty good. I mean not Robert Redford good, but sensitive, quirky guy with a baby good. I guess I'm just remember him from Dancing with the Stars last season when he danced with Jonathan and proclaimed his love of dance. But, I developed a mini-crush on him for about 12 hours and so for a 12 hour period, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I must come clean with my feelings, I had a crush on the Goot.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids Who Think They are Capable of Being Adults, A Heartfelt Update, and Reuniting with My Other Half

I need to stop watching shows with topics that aggravate me. I was watching the Tyra show this morning (I really do love this show and I am a Tyra fan) and they were talking about child brides. The first guest on, was a girl who was 15 and wanted to marry her 18 year old boyfriend. (Can we say jailbait?) She met him when she was 12 and he was 15, he was her day camp counselor and they are both currently living in her mom's house, living in her bedroom, sharing the same bed. Of course they are having sex, but the kicker is they are trying to have a baby. She has been trying to get pregnant for a year and since she couldn't get pregnant the natural way, she has bought fertility drugs over the internet. She recently doubled her dosage of fertility drugs because she still wasn't getting pregnant. When asked why she wanted to get married, her response was, "Well, like, I'm responsible for my age, like more responsible than most kids, and like, I take care of my younger sisters when my mom needs me to. I, like, dress them and feed them, and like play with them." Tyra's response, "That's called babysitting. Every girl your age has babysat." The girl's response, "Yeah, that's what I do, so, like, I can take care of my own kid." Tyra asked her who her role model was, the girl's response was Jamie Lynn Spears, because "She is , like, so much more responsible than her sister. Like, she hasn't her kid taken away from her yet, and like she's young, unlike Britney, who like an adult and old. So, I can take care of my kid too." All righty, so I don't even know where to even start critiquing this and I'm not even done summarizing, but let me add a few personal comments to all this. A) Jamie Lynn hasn't had her taken away from her yet. Even she said yet. So, give it a little time and I'm sure the odds are in her favor to have her kid taken away from her. B) Britney has had many personal problems (many is an understatement) which I'm not even going to talk about any of those, but Britney isn't old to be having kids. She had her first child at age 23. I think that's a normal age to have kids. Britney is turning 27 in December... since when is that old? But I digress... They asked the boyfriend why he wanted to get married and his response was, "Well, I really love her and I have a job as a pizza man, and we're already having sex, so why not?" Tyra asked him how much money he made year and he said about $1,000. Then the girlfriend said, "No, you make about $5,000 maybe. Well, you make $8.10 an hour." He replied with, "Oh, that's right". Seriously, you can even do the mathematics on what your annual income is and you are ready to get married and raise a kid. If you are still living in your mom's or significant other's mom house, you are not ready to get married and start a family. If you have to sneak behind your mother's back and order fertility drugs off the internet instead of seeing a health care professional, you are definitely not ready to be married or raise kids. You aren't even a responsible adult. You can't even vote, drink, buy cigs or porno. You can't even drive a car! Marriage isn't all fun and games. It's a lot of work and responsibility. There are a lot of wonderful benefits from marriage that can fulfill your life, but it's not all sunshine and lollipops. When Tyra asked the girl why she wanted to marry her boyfriend she responded, "Well, like, he's perfect, he, like, buys me stuff, when he gets a paycheck, and cleans my room and like I always get what I want." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How are you suppose to pay for a baby if your hubby's money is all going to buy you stuff. If you want to raise a family, you can no longer be ego-centric. You have to grow up and sacrifice your needs for your children. What Jamie Lynn Spears makes it look so easy? Well, I wonder why, she has the money to pay people to help her. Guess, what if your hubby is only pulling in $5,000 a year (if that) then your butt is probably going to have to get a job and I'm sure at that point you'll be happy if you can buy toilet paper to wipe your ass with. You won't be able to buy whatever you want. I'm glad to say at the end of the show, Tyra talked her out of getting married right now and her boyfriend was getting his own place (I'm sure it's a hole in the wall with his income, but at least it's his own place). She also took a pregnancy test and Praise the Lord she wasn't pregnant. If she was, the only victim in this whole situation would have been the child. What is wrong with kids now-a-days. When I was 15, I still thought boys had cooties. (actually, if you go to such places as frat houses, or places where multiple heterosexual males co-habitat, I still believe cooties exist. There's always something crawling around in those places and the weirdest smells, too) Ok, well, maybe not at 15, but I was more worried about my academics and dancing than boys. And I certainly didn't want to get married or have kids at that age, heck, I'm still not ready for that.

So, I know I've been blogging a lot on how Ryan Miller has been slacking on updating his blog, but I must say when he updates, he updates. There was definitely a lot of thought put into his latest blog. Of course he talked about the success of the Sabres, but not too much, because as he pointed out you can find out how well the Sabres are doing on various places on the internet. He preceded to talk about his cousin Matt who passed away about a year ago from cancer. It was a very heartfelt entry and I'm not going to even begin to summarize because I can not even begin to give it the ounce of justice that it deserves. But, I truly do recommend taking the time to read it. It made me want to go and comfort everyone who experiences this heartache of losing a loved one much too early in life to such a dreadful disease. Ryan stated that The Steadfast Foundation website ( will be having a link on their website on how you can help out.

R.Mil JJPom Puppy

A good time is had by all at The Steadfast Foundation's Catwalk for Charity. Having fun and helping other what in the world could be better. I mean Jason Pominville is having a good time with his yellow canary boa and even though the puppy looks a wee bit sad, it went to a good home with the Thibaults. (editor's note, this isn't my picture it belongs to CSINickStokslvr I pinked out her face because A) I wasn't sure if she wanted her face displayed on my blog and B) Pink is a fierce color, I was thinking of going with canary yellow to match Pommer's boa, but decided it would be a wee too much.)

Speaking of loved ones, I get to see my Chi Chi tomorrow! *overcomed with great joy* Yes, I get to see my other half tomorrow and it may only be for about 20 hours, but I am in great need of a Chi Chi fix. I haven't seen her in 7 months and that is far too long. Grant she lives about 1,000 miles away and since we are both poor fairly recent college grads who majored in dance and do a have career in our chosen field, but our chosen field pays us mere peanuts, so we can not afford to travel and see each other as much as we would like. But, the reason I get to see her is for a very special occasion, our dear friend, Tallie, is having her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party all in the same day. The wedding is in another six weeks and I'll get to see Chi Chi again! Yes, I'm going to another wedding event, but I get to see so many of my beloved friends and dancers, I fun time should be had by all. I haven't seen Tallie, Luan, and Chevelle in 7 months either. It feels like eons. After tomorrow night which will turn into Sunday morning, I'm sure I'll have many stories.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Kind of Man Are You?, 400 Notches on the Ruffinator's Belt, and Quote/Unquote Friends

I hate to admit I was watching this today, but I was. I was watching 'Maury' why I was trying to take a nap on the couch before work. I wasn't feeling the best and was trying to find something that put me to sleep. Mission accomplished. When I woke up 'Judge Judy' was on. I'm not going to even begin to talk about how infuriated I was on the topic Maury was talking about, 'Guys who treat their wives or significant others like slaves, and abuse them physically and verbally'! *face turning red with anger* Guys who beat their wives, girlfriends or any woman for that matter should be castrated. It doesn't make you a man, it makes you very insecure that you have to take your anger out on another human being who is physically weaker than you (not mentally or emotionally or personally weaker though). Women are also not your slaves. Just because we don't have a penis doesn't mean we are less of a person than you. We're equal. *getting even redder in the face, to the point where smoke may come out of ears* I have to stop talking about this topic, I will just infuriate myself if I keep going. In any event, one of the guys on Maury's show who was the abuser looked like the guy on Judge Judy's show that was complaining his ex-girlfriend did something or other, didn't really care all that much what they were arguing about. Made me think.... hmmmmm... coincidence? I think not. Maybe all the people on these shows are actors... just a hunch. I mean some stuff is so absurd could it really be true? hmmmmmm... just some food for thought....

Have I ever mentioned how awesome I think Lindy Ruff is? Yes? No? Well, he is and he now has 400 notches on his belt of wins as coach to prove it! The Sabres got Ruff his 400th win after ruining the Rangers undefeated streak (but keeping theirs, Buffalo isn't looking so bad is it now, Drury, oh but apparently we don't need you, look at our team and look at yours. I know it's nt right to gloat, but every once in awhile it's nice to indulge) by beating them 3-1! Yeah Sabres! and Conrgats Lindy, but I figure you'll have another 400 within 5-6years with the Sabres dream team we  have going on right now, I really don't predict many loses. And yes I did the math. There are only 410 games played in 5 years, so I really plan on the Sabres losing 10 games in 5 years. That averages to two year. I mean come on they are a Hockey Dream Team, but they are still human, they are allowed to lose every once in a great while. I won't hold it against them.

I found this article on, about surprising signs you'll live longer than you think. It was very interesting and I recommend reading it. I'm not going to point out all the signs, but I'd like to comment on one of them. If you like your friends, apparently you will live longer. Well, I like to say this is good for me, because not only do I like my friends, I love them! So, maybe that doubles my shot of living a longer, healthier life. Here's the thing if you didn't like your friends, wouldn't they not be considered a friend? Unless you are one of those people who is friends with someone who really annoys the poo of you. You really don't consider them a friend, but you let them think you are their friend. I had a "friend" like that in college named Darla. Me and Chi Chi started talking to her, because no one would give her the time of day and we felt bad, so we decided to have dinner at the cafeteria one time. Well, we soon realized why no one was giving her the time of day. She started almost stalking us and annoying us 24/7. We would have one obligatory meal with her a week and then avoid her like the plague the rest of it. It may sound mean, but our psyches couldn't take anymore time with her than that. Maybe you are suppose to rid your life of those annoying people that are quote/unquote your friend. Apparently it will increase your life span, now if only I had the heart to tell those people to leave me alone.

darla Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finishing What I Started, Lindy Ruff Never Fails, and I Didn't Think Mr.Edwards Had It In Him

All right, so I'm not gonna lie, I need to vent about my morning first before I write about important things like the movie "While You Were Sleeping", Buffalo Sports, or Hugh Hefner's love life.  But first things first, I'm not sure if I mentioned it in another blog yet, but I'm way to lazy to check past blogs, but I got a puppy on Friday. She's absolutely adorable! She's a min pin and her name is Lib. She's only six weeks old and a really sweet dog. My Sunday School class loved her! ...

.... sooooooo.... I've gotten into this bad habit of starting blogs, but not finishing them. I wrote the above paragraph yesterday, but then had to teach my kids dance. So, I didn't finish and I'm really not wanting to vent about my day yesterday. I did at the time, but not now. Since it's my blog, I'm just gonna leave it at it started out a craptacular day, but ended being a-okay. I will take about the "more important things" that I promised to talk about in the above paragraph. First off, the movie "While You Were Sleeping". I was watching this the other night, curled up in my bed with Lib, and talking to Chi Chi on the phone. I've come to the conclusion that I now have a new mini-crush on Bill Pullman, yes the dad from 'Casper'. I want to be Sandra Bullock in that movie, well not the whole working as a token taker in a Chicago Subway or being orphaned or pretending to be the fiance of a guy in a coma, but getting to fall in love with a guy like Bill Pullman's character, Jack and having his family be as fabulous too. Let's face it, sometimes the guy is great, the mother-in-law or rest of the family, not so much. So, for the next few nights, Robert Redford, Rob Lowe, and Adam Pascal are going to have to take a back seat in my dreams as I dream of Bill Pullman.

bill pullman Pictures, Images and Photos

When I dream about Bill Pullman this is what I see.

Bill Pullman Pictures, Images and Photos

Not this! I don't dream about this... *shivers*

Next important topic I promised to talk about, Buffalo Sports. First, the Sabres. I'm upset that I had to work during Monday's because apparently after checking out the recaps online, it was pretty fierce! From what I can conclude, the Sabres were kicking ass and taking names. 7-1! That's incredible! Harley texted me to tell me that one of the Islanders towards the end of the game took a white towel and put it on the end of his stick as almost to say, "We Surrender!" incredibly awesome. I think I'm going to try to track it down on youtube because I need a good laugh. And what about those penalty minutes! Did I read right? There was over a 150 minutes between both teams during that game? Incredible.... Kaleta and Rivet having to be ejected from the game just shows the intensity of it. This is why I love hockey. You can do this in other sports, start wailing on someone's booty because they ticked you off. You can just feel the testosterone raging when they drop the gloves, it's just fabulous and pure entertainment.

I was checking out other Sabres Fans Blogs today and I found this article about Lindy Ruff on 'Is This My Life Really?' blog. Only the Ruffinator. Anyone else attempted to do that, they would have failed miserably. You could have put the video on that fail blog, but Ruff beats all those odds. He succeeded and with flying colors at that! My favorite part is that he acted like it was no big deal. That's why the awesomeness of the Ruffinator can't be matched by anyone. I repeat anyone!

Now onto to Bills news. Trent Edwards is playing Sunday! Praise the Lord and then some! *Big Sigh of Relief* I'm so glad A) That he is okay and B) That we need him at the helm, calling the plays, because we all witness the tragedy that happened when he wasn't! I throughly enjoyed Trent's press conference from today on He was giving the media smart (as in smarta**) answers, but he did them very professionally and downplayed them that you had to be paying close attention to catch them. Personally, I'm not going to lie, as you all know from my past blogs, I'm an Edwards fan, but I really didn't think Trent had a smarta** side in him. It's great to see. I personally love it considering people actually use the term smarta** to describe me, my eighth grade principal actually told me that I'm a weisenheimer (he would have used smarta**, but I went to a Christian School) and I could get away with it because I was smart enough to know when to stop and when I did stop, I just batted my blue eyes and acted like the most innocent girl to ever grace God's green earth. I love being a girl, if I was a guy I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten away with nearly as much. I haven't done anything terrible, but I would have been in the principal's office more as a child if I was a guy with my smarta** remarks, but since I'm a cute girl, they let it slide... but, back to Mr.Edwards. I must say it was a well-played verbal judo battled between the media and Edwards today and Edwards one. I especially liked when Trent made the media elaborate more on "Who feels that way" and "General, who's general?", you can tell as he's saying it that he's got their number and knows he's being smart. I don't think the media enjoyed this as much as I did, but I do have to admit, Well-played, Mr. Edwards, well-played.

Onto the last topic I promised to talk about, Hugh Hefner's love life.  Ah, yes, who doesn't love to talk about an 82 year old man's love life. Apparently he has broken up with his girlfriend Holly Madison (from the Girl's Next Door fame) and is dating two 19 year old girls. I think they maybe twins, but not sure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Holly and Hugh were going to get married? Wasn't that the rumor last year? And what happen to Bridget and Kendra? Has he broken up with them, too? Or do they get to stay and Holly has gotten the boot? Personally, I don't even know why I care, but it's like a train wreck, it's just so disastrous you can't look away.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumped Up By Determination, The Awesomeness of Lindy Ruff part 2, and Would a Wild Hog Sabotage a Wedding?

The curse is broken! The Sabres won last night in a SHOOT-OUT VICTORY! I kid you not, because this is no joking matter. The Sabres beat the Canadians 2-1 in a shoot-out. Thank you Kotalik and Stafford for scoring the two shoot-out goals and Miller for being like a brick wall during the shoot-out. I can almost bet good money that Miller was practicing 24/7 how not to be in a shoot-out this past summer. Maybe that's why his guns are so big now, they're are pumped up by determination! Now only if we could take Miller's determination for hockey and focus some of it into writing a blog entry now and again, I think we would be in pretty good shape. I'm not gonna lie Vanek is kicking Miller's arse in blogging. I mean Vanek has written three blogs to Miller's one. *tsk tsk* C'Mon Millsy let's start pulling our weight with the Sabres blogging, it's only fair!

All right, speaking of the Sabres, I forgot to mention this in my last blog, the continued awesomeness of Lindy Ruff and why he's the best NHL coach EVER! This article talks about Lindy and his longevity of being a coach for the Sabres. It talked about how hardworking he is and he demands each player's best. I like that. I do the same with my students. Now I'm no Lindy Ruff, I mean let's face it, who really is, but I teach by that philosophy. The dance director I work for the other day told me that I make some of my high school students nervous, because I expect them to work for me and push them to be better. Ummmmm.... isn't that my job? I told my director, I don't expect every dancer I teach to be the best dancer that graced the earth, heck I'm not even close to that and I'm the teacher, I just expect the girls to give me 110% and dance the best that they can dance. I NEVER compare students to each other because each student is different and has different abilities, that's the way God made them, I just expect them to respect me and work hard. The director agreed with me and liked the way I was teaching, she was just informing me that I make some of them nervous. The funny thing is the ones I make nervous are the ones that want to become professional dancers and if they can't handle it with me, they have a RUDE of wakening when they hit the dance world! But enough about my teaching philosophy, back to the Ruffinator's awesome coaching abilities. I personally like the quote from former Sabre Jay McKee, "Lindy is fair; he demands the same hard work from you that he puts into the job." I couldn't have said it better myself Jay. Lindy hasn't had an easy life either, I'm not going to elaborate, but read the article, it's very fascinating to find out about the man who stand behind the Sabres bench. I especially love Lindy's sense of humor, comparing coaching the Sabres as being on Survivor. I wonder if that's how people end up in the minors. Each player and member of the coaching staff goes into a room with a camera and talks about who needs to be sent down to the minors because they aren't performing to the high standards that are held by the Sabres' organization or maybe the veterans just say something in the camera like, "That Schmelt is really getting on my nerves! He tries to be all tough, but I could cream his arse with my pinky toe. He also skates slower than molasses in January and I swear he doesn't know the first thing about hygiene! I had to room with him on the road trip to Columbus in preseason and I swear he didn't wash his hands after using the John and I think he didn't bathe the whole time we were there! Seriously! That's just disgusting! I can't handle that at all this season! Me and the rest of the veterans have to focus on winning the cup! How can we do that when that smelly schmelt, is stinky up the locker room! He gets my vote! He's off the HSBC island and back to Portland. Oh, and I swear he ate all my Fritos one night, dude! That's just not cool!" Don't dismiss this theory, I bet this really happens...

paul, jason, lindy ruff Pictures, Images and Photos

"Resorting to elementary school recess tactics to reprimand his players. Pommers and Goose are sent to a time out for some reason that in unannounced to me. But if Lindy thinks they deserved it, then they did. We don't question the Ruffinator. We just don't!"

All right, so seeing I can't escape everyone's obsession with weddings ( I have a bridal shower to attend this week-end), I found this article on ways a wedding can be sabotaged. Now don't get any ideas, I'm not about to sabotage anyone's wedding, actually I think it's total B.S. that someone would do that to someone, especially if it's a loved one or friend, but I guess that just shows that some people in the human race can't let another person be the center of attention for a little while, they have to ego-centric and ruin that person's day, so even though they look bad for doing it, the attention is still on them. I guess it's like the old PR motto, "No press is Bad Press". I think otherwise, but hey I only have a minor in PR, so I could be wrong. Some people are just that way and their never gonna change, in theory it's a fabulous idea, but in reality people have developed their lifelong behavior by age 5, so you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I just think the whole wedding topic is being thrown in my face a little too much lately, let's cool it shall we? Even Chi Chi is bringing up the topic, by sending me a facebook message that reads, "If a guy proposed to you in a gas station parking lot would you say yes? Oh and this includes a wild hog for the reception dinner shot the evening before at the bachelor party...? Let's not even open that can of worms.....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Nice If You Could Erase Bad Days?, Emergency Room Adventures, and that Pominville Kid

Yesterday was not a good for Buffalo sports. The Sabres were shutout 3-0 by Detroit (it's still preseason, but it's always nice to win and it's really bad to be shutout), the Bills lost 41-17 to Arizona, and to top it off Trent Edwards suffered a concussion during the third play of the game and was out for the rest of the game. The Bills had to have Losman play the rest of the game. I'm going to quote Harley here, but I think she said it best this morning with, "yesterday needs to be completely erased...ugh!" Here, Here! *raises flavored bottle water into the air* I couldn't have said it better myself. I mean the day did start out well. I got up taught Sunday School (which went really well), went and got myself a Timmy Ho's breakfast sandwich, cheese croissant (which had extra melted cheese on it, fabulous!), and an apple juice, then I went home and watched the richest hip hop kings on E! why I ate my Timmy Ho's breakfast and then took a two hour nap on the couch. After that, my family was at my house including my favorite 16 year old cousin, Bradshaw. My family and I did some work in my parent's woods before the game, then we played a practical joke on my dad, well my favorite Uncle Bert was the one who made it, but it went really well. The day seemed to be going well without a hitch, then 4:15pm EST rolled around and BAM! out of nowhere disaster struck! Like a powerful earthquake!

I was watching the game with Bradshaw, Uncle Bert, Big Guy, Little Mama, and my cousin Tone, when the horrific accident happened during the third play of the Bills game! Edwards was taken out. Big Guy kept saying, "Man, Trent really got his bell rung!". I felt sick, not so much because we might lose the game, yeah, that stinks, but it is still just a game. But, I felt so horrible for Trent, he's not exactly a little guy, so to see him lying on the ground like that was heart-wrenching. I felt even worse when they were driving him on the golf cart to the locker room and one of the trainers (I'm assuming it was one of the trainers) was sitting behind was holding him up. He looked so out of it. It reminded me of the time I got my wisdom tooth out and I was so drugged up on the laughing gas that when I woke up from the surgery, I had no clue which end was up. I don't even remember how I got home. Or the time, Chi Chi had to take me to the emergency room and I had six viles of blood removed from me and I hadn't eaten in 24 hours and ...... (I literally stopped writing this blog right here on Monday 10/6/08, and now I'm picking up right where I left off on 10/9/08) ......I kept insisting that smelly kids have ring worm and I would sporadically pass out on the cold ER bed and when I was awake me and Chi Chi would play "I Spy" in the ER. The emergency people loved us, between me and her during our college career we were there about 5 times. We were told one time by one of the nurses that we are the only people she has ever had laugh in the emergency room before. We were also the only people to get excited by a shot in the booty. Chi Chi needed to get a shot and when they told us it would be in the butt instead of the arm, we cheered because we thought that would hurt less for her. Apparently we were never so wrong, because I witnessed the ER stab (this isn't an exaggeration) her in the butt with a needle. Chi Chi jumped about an inch off the table and the nurse said "You're gonna feel a little pain", Chi Chi's response, "Yeah, no foolin', I feel it already". After the nurse left, she yelled at me for not warming her that the nurse was going to jab her with the needle. How was I to know she would be so violent, it shocked me just as much as her! But anyway, back to the bills, it's just me and Chi Chi have so many ER stories, I'll have to save them for another blog entry. So, after feeling really bad for Trent they put Losman in or as Bradshaw likes to call him, "Lose-man". Bradshaw's exact words were, "Ah, man, they're putting in Lose-man. Just what we need out there a depressed Quarterback! Have you seen him? He mopes around feeling sorry for himself with this depressed look on his face and a beard. He doesn't even bother to shave!" My thoughts exactly cousin, Bradshaw, my thoughts exactly. It was just a mess out on that feel and I'm not putting the entire blame on Losman, but the team did not play well at all. I think the team doesn't back Losman and doesn't want to play for him (that would explain the last four years). I mean I really wouldn't want to play for him either, he always blamed someone else for their loses and he doesn't seem like he completely respects everyone on the team (just an opinion). You have to give respect to receive it. In my personal opinion, Losman doesn't give it. Trent seems to respect everyone (he's always saying how good this player was or that player was) and he takes the heat if it's his fault, he never blames anyone else. You can tell the other players have a lot of respect for him by the way they talk about him and if you ever see Trent on the sidelines during a game he's usually talking to another teammate. Unlike Losman during the game against the Cards, he looked excommunicated from the team, sitting there all by himself and being the person that I am, I felt bad for him in a way. (don't judge me, I already I know I'm too nice). Anyway, enough about talking about the Bills blemish in the season, if you're a fan you've already heard about it enough and then some, so why beat a dead horse? But, since I am always adding amiable traits to my list of why I am a Trent Edwards fan, here's another, his big heart, I may have stated it early, but I found some pictures on of the Toyota Rookie Club going to visit the Women's and Children's Hospital in Buffalo around Christmas last year and seriously how can you not like a big, manly guy who's kind and plays with kids. Seriously, such an attractive quality.


"Entertaining the young children with his coloring abilities..."


"I just love this one for the mere fact that he has a Bills' Logo tattoo on his face. It reminds me of my cheerleading days when I would put a hornet (my high school mascot) tattoo on my face for the football and basketball games."


"You have to look in the background, but he has a marker in his mouth, I love candids, you just can't beat them."


"I think him and this little kids are best buddies. I'll call the little toe-head kid, Trenton."

Onto my other favorite Buffalo team... the Sabres! First Sabres game tomorrow! *YAY!* I'm a little P.O.'ed though. I really thought that Jason Pominville deserved to be captain. He earned it! I thought it was in the bag that it was going to J.J.Pom. I mean, Rivet? Isn't he the guy that originally said he didn't want to be in Buffalo and now we're awarding him with the captaincy? Doesn't sound right to me. Pommer's wants to be here, he plays so hard for us, the team respects him and the crowd loves him. He's Big Guy's favorite player and not because he's hot. I kept picking on my dad that Pommer's was his favorite the convo went something like this....

Big Guy - "If I got to play golf with one of the Sabres, I don't who"
Me - "How about Derek Roy?"
Big Guy - "Nah...."
Me - "Brian Campbell?" (Soupy was still here at the time)
Big Guy - "Nah...."
Me - "Jason Pominville?"
Big Guy - "Yeah, yeah, yeah, that Jason Pominville kid. I like him."
Me - "Because he's hot."
Big Guy - "NO! He's not hot (clearly my dad doesn't know a good looking guy if he smacked him in the face). Yeesh... why are yo saying that. I like that kid because he's got the fire in the belly. He always goes out there and gives it his all. He doesn't rest on his laurels like some of them do. Even those hot shot players like Biere and Drury (They were still in Buffalo at the time) aren't as hardworking as that Pominville kid. He's the one that scored that goal against Ottawa in the playoff that sent the Sabres to the Eastern Conference finals. Not Biere (I'm aware of the fact that I'm missing the first "r" in Briere, my dad just always called him B-iere). Not Drury. That Pominville kid did, because he's got the fire in the belly. That's why I'd play golf with him."
Me - "And he's hot!"

If Big Guy is aware of the fact how awesome that Pominville kid is, then why isn't he captain? It just doesn't make any sense.....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Worrying About the Unknown, Waiting a Week for the Answers, and Dirty, Sexy Politics

I read this article called "How to Keep Him From Cheating". It talks about how to prevent your husband from cheating and what are the warning signs that he maybe cheating or going to cheat. I found it interesting that the article stated that most of the men who do cheat aren't because they are dissatisfied with their sex lives and most of their mistresses are less attractive than their wives. The reason men cheat? According to the article... emotional disconnection. It says women should make a man feel appreciated and like they are winning. If he feels unappreciated and like he is losing, he's very capable of cheating. I don't know about anyone else, but I always hear guys complain that women are high maintenance and confusing, ummmm.... but I think it is vice versa. Guys are a lot of work and emotionally draining and maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem everyone is concerned about how guys feel. They feel unwanted, unappreciated, and defeated... boo frickin' hoo! What about women? I haven't seen an article that talks about how to keep your wife happy so she doesn't cheat. I mean why can't they write an article entitled, "Guys, Don't Be an A-Hole! You Made a Commit, Stick to It!" or "'Til Death Do Us Part, Means 'Til You're Death You're with One Person!". Me and Chi Chi were talking last night about how we truly fear when we get married that our spouse will run around on us. Isn't that sad? we haven't even met the guys we're going to marry, but we're already worrying about them cheating on us. That they'll trade us in for a younger model. Now me and her aren't the type of girls that are self-conscious and we aren't the jealous type, but it seems so common nowadays that spouses cheat and the divorce rate is 50%, you can't but help to worry about the future. When I get married and Chi Chi said this too, we want to do it once and have it last forever. I just hope it's feasible.

The Sabres are currently reassigning players to their junior teams or to Portland (really wish it was Rochester *sigh*). The news said that they are only two players over the roster quota. I'm wondering who's left that will send to Portland? I'm also thinking they need to send four somewhere, two forwards and two defenseman. I'm just curious who and I'm also wondering who we're going to make our captain. Are we going to do the rotating captain thing again? (hope not). I guess we'll find out in a week.

I'm currently watching MAD TV's Dirty Sexy Politics. I have to be in the mood to watch these types of programs. They're so stupid, they're funny. This particular episode is hilarious, I recommend watching it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please Read the Disclaimer, Important Life Lessons Learned from Big Guy and Little Mama, and Shouldn't You be Thinking About the Game?

Disclaimer: The blog that is being written today is a venting blog which contains a lot of complaining and pointing out the stupidity of many people in our wonderful society. It may appear rude and even b*tchy at times, but the author just doesn't give a flying hoot-a-nanie today. If you don't want to hear any of this then don't read it and if it bothers you at any point then stop reading. Yep, it's as simple as that. Have a  nice day!

UGH!!! Did you ever have a conversation with someone and it seems like they just aren't listening and not getting your point what-so-ever? I had one of those today, what a way to start off my day. I had a problem and this person tried to give me a solution and I keep saying I tried that and it didn't work. They suggested something else and I said that's a fabulous idea if I was Diamond Jim Brady and had an endless amount of financial resources and I didn't have to work three jobs for a living and had the time to spare. (Ok, I wasn't that sarcastic, but I pointed out politely that idea wouldn't either) They then proceeded to go back to the first idea, I kindly stated why that wouldn't work (again) and then they repeated the second idea. I was having the worst case of deja vous. The kept repeating the same two ideas for almost an hour. Seriously? The ideas won't magically work the more you repeat them. I swear, scout's honor, they won't. You also don't sound more intelligent by attempting to make me appear stupid because I don't think your ideas will work. So, convincing me to believe you idiotic ideas isn't going to make you appear smart, it's going to make you appear like you are getting Alzheimer's because you can't remember saying the ideas in the first place. It was like I was having a conversation with a cement block, but I shouldn't say that it's insulting to the cement block.

Onto a less conversational topic, politics. (Please tell me you can detect the strong sense of sarcasm.) The VP debates are tonight and I have to say the media is ticking me off the high heaven. I am aware of the fact that the media is liberal and so they tend to favor the Democrats and me being a conservative am partial to the Republicans, but Golly Gee! They go after McCain and Palin and leave Obama and Biden pretty much alone. They are going after Palin like crazy. I know that if you put yourself in that type of public arena you are asking to be questioned and criticized harshly, but the media should be question Biden and Obama just as harshly as they are Palin and McCain. Fairness. If you do it to one, you do it to all. I don't like ow they portray one candidate better than the other. They should give fair views on both candidates. I like Sarah Palin, she's a blue collar worker, wife, mother, and Christian. Everyone is saying can she handle the presidency if something happens to McCain, personally I think she can handle it a heck of a lot better than Biden or Obama. She's a mom of five (giving birth five times, not an easy task), she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard, she's a Christian and is pro-life and values Christian ideals (Big Reason I'm voting for her), and she knows the blue-collar society better than any other of the candidates. Most of this society isn't the rich or the extremely poor, it's the middle class. The hardworking people. The ones that get up early and go to work and come home late and raise a family and pay their own health and aren't in a huge debt, but work hard to be responsible and respectable. They don't expect something for nothing, they expect to get what they work hard for. Too many people in this society expect something for nothing and think that are entitled to whatever the hee-haw they want. At least where I come from, you are expected to work for what you have and nothing is taken for granted. I come for two blue-collar, working class parents, who work extremely hard. My mother's a teacher and my dad a police officer. They came from blue-collar, working class families, my mom's dad a firefighter and factory (he worked two jobs) and her mom a bank teller, my dad's dad a factory worker and his mom a cafeteria worker at the local high school. I was raised by my hardworking parents and they by theirs, that you don't spend money you don't have (not a tough concept, really, think about if you don't have it, don't spend it, imagine how much debt there wouldn't be if people actually followed that concept, hmmmm...), you also save money for the hard times (things may come up that you don't plan and you might need a little extra cash, so have a nest egg saved), pay your bills on time (no late fees that way), work hard (as my dad always put it, "Your employer can never fault you for working"), be resourceful (my mom has taught me the power of sales and coupons), be on time (according to my dad "To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late" .... not gonna lie, still working on this one), Smile and be nice to others (It doesn't cost anything to be nice), If you flick someone off when driving be prepared to fight (you can do it, just be ready to fight), Be polite (please and thank you's go a long way), Be respectful and be respected, No one is better than you and you are better than nobody, and you don't have to be the best, you just have to give your best (as long as you T-R-Y, you have nothing to be ashamed of). I think Sarah Palin best supports the ideals that I uphold. I'm not gonna lie Obama becoming the next president scares the boo-ha-ha out of me. He's trying to turn our country into a socialist country. You know who agrees with Obama, the lazy, who don't want to work to get what they deserve, they want what the hardworking blue-collar people have without giving an ounce of effort. Well, too freakin' bad! Geesh, get off your lazy arse and get a job and if you want a better job do something about it! If there's a problem fix it. I know Health Insurance is expensive, I pay for my own every month. It's not a job perk that I have, but guess what? I pay it every month and now I have it. Sure I can't go buy the latest gizmo or every material thing I want or go on all the vacations I would like, I haven't been a decent vacation in a long while and you wanna know why? It's called a job, responsibility, being an adult, putting your nose to the grindstone, burning the candle at both ends ... the list is endless! I decided that being able to see my doctor when need be is more important that blinging out my cellphone. Oi! *shakes head* society, society. Is it essential to make your accessories flashy to survive or even have those accessories at all? You're not going to stop breathing or ceasing to live if you don't have the latest cell phone or flashy necklace. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying live like a nun and give up all worldly possessions (I mean in my last blog entry I was begging Santa to bring me an elliptical three months early), but if you don't have the means to buy it, guess what don't! Then maybe you can buy some health insurance and not try to bum money off the federal government to pay for your health insurance. I work three jobs to pay my bills which includes health insurance. That means America if you can't afford health insurance figure out a way you can, don't pass the buck to our government and expect them to figure it out, figure out your own problems. C'mon, don't be lazy, you can do it I know you can, you are a responsible adult who can take care of yourself, believe me, if I can do it, you can too. (That sounds like a cheesy infomercial) All I know is America is falling apart and we won't be the land of the free for much longer, especially with Obama in office.

Keeping with topics of our fabulous society, let's talk about athletes and their illegitimate children. If you're wondering how in the world I came up with this topic, I was reading an article on former Bills player Travis Henry and his latest arrest (I'm not even going there, there's not enough hours in the day) and how he has nine kids by nine different women. Then I discovered that he's not the only professional athlete who has had trouble keeping it in his pants (not really a surprising revelation, actually I shouldn't even say that is it surprising at all). I came across this blog that lists a whole bunch of pro. athletes with illegitimate children and how they all have different baby mamas. Seriously? Have they ever heard of contraceptives? Or are they actually banging so many women that they beat out the effective percentage of the condoms. Condoms are considered 98% effective so if you bang 300 women you get about 6 kids. Well, apparently a lot of these athletes were very busy in a very short period of time. Shouldn't they be concentrating on the game? It's like that song from the musical Damn Yankees, "The Game" . How the players are enticed by woman, but they never do anything with them because they need to think about the game and not dames. Maybe that really explains the Bills season the last ten years. They were thinking about the dame and not the game. In the blog it said, while Willis McGahee was in Buffalo, he had three illegitimate children in two years. Willis, Willis, you were getting paid a lot of money, you should have been concentrating on playing a decent football game with your big head, instead of chasing skirts with your little one. You know who suffers in all this, the kids. Always the kids. Their dad's a big time athlete, but probably never really around and he's too concerned with his own needs or a better word would be desires than his child's needs that's he impregnating other women and leaving those poor children to be in the same situation. Of course most of the children will probably be on the same path as their parents and it's a vicious cycle than never ends. *sigh* What a world we live in....  

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Santa, Please Send My Christmas Gift Three Months Early, My VCR is Working Overtime, and The Dreaded "S" Word

I really want to buy an elliptical really, really bad. I love to exercise on them and I want to make this apart of my daily exercise routine. I used to run on one at the gym on a regular basis, but the closest gym is about 25 -30 minutes away from where I live and between time and gas prices, I just can't work out as much as I would like. I need to get my cardio back into shape, so I figured if I buy one and work out on it everyday, it would be worth the investment. The only problem, the actual cost of the elliptical. I was browsing Wal*Mart yesterday after I got done teaching and was checking out their prices. First of all, buying quality exercise equipment at Wally World seems a little odd, I mean how quality can it be if you're buying it at the same place you buy $5 mediocre five year old DVDs that are all jumbled in a big old bin or $.33 Kit Kat bars (yes, I did splurge and buy a Kit Kat bar, what a deal, though! $.33!). Even though I am elated when I find a movie I really want for $5 or cheap candy at Wally World, I don't want to be describing my exercise equipment going, "I was passing through Wal*Mart and saw this elliptical and thought what a deal! I just couldn't refuse!" I want a quality piece of exercise equipment, I don't think buying it at a place that's motto is "Rollback Prices" is going to cut it. They have cut corners somewhere to have those good deals and I'm really not sure I want to know where. I did see an elliptical there for $139.88, but it was made of plastic and it looked as sturdy as a leaf blowing in big, wind storm hanging onto the branch for dear life. So, I think that one is out, I really don't want to be running at full force and have the exercise equipment beneath crumble to the floor like the walls of Jericho. Really not my idea of a good workout. They did have some for around $500.00, but I think I'm going to look at Dick's Sporting Goods and see what they have and compare prices. If I can get the same equipment at Wally World for a cheaper price, my pocketbook is going to win and I'm getting my elliptical at Wal*Mart and why I'm there I'm going to pick up some cheap candy, a $5 DVD, and some contact solution.

I want one!!! Santa please put one under the tree for me! Or how about sending it three months early! It would be greatly appreciated!

This new season of television is insane, but in a good way. There is so many season premieres I want to watch on Tuesday nights, I'm taping two shows at once and watching one because there are three shows I want to watch at once. I'm pretty much taping something every night. My television schedule goes a little something like this....

"Dancing with the Stars"
"Boston Legal"
"CSI: Miami"
"Samantha Who?" (In Two Weeks When that Starts)

"Dancing with the Stars"
"The Mentalist"
"Law & Order SVU" (sometimes)

"Pushing Daisies"
"Criminal Minds"

Usually watching all the stuff I taped on Monday and Tuesday

"Ghost Whisperer" (80% of the time)
"The Ex List" (When it starts and if it's good)
"Numbers" (sometimes)

nothing really, sometimes I pop in a movie

"Cold Case"
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

And then of course there is Bills and Sabres Games, "So You Think You Can Dance?", and other shows that are only on during certain season, ie "Here Come the Newlyweds".  Yes, yes, I said "Here Come the Newlyweds" and I'm really excited for "Here Come the Newlyweds 2". I would never do a reality show, especially one with a significant other, personal lives are personal and they should stay that way, but hey, if other people want to share personal lives with the world, then hey, I can't help but watch. It's fun to see couples go at it or be lovely dovey, I know it's sappy, but hey, it's a guilty please I have. I went online and checked out the site and to apply for this show you pretty much have to sign your life away. A thirty-nine page application! You're not donating an organ, you're applying to compete with your spouse on a reality show. Why in the world do you need to fill out a thirty-nine page application? All I have to say is, "Beats me!"

Sabres Game tonight! Puck drops @ 8:00pm in Minnesota. We lost to them Sunday night in a shoot out! Yes, *rolls eyes*, I said Shoot Out! Oi! I never thought I would hate a hockey term so much, but after last season every time I hear the word Shoot Out, I shudder! *shudders* I must say though I was glad Miller wasn't in goal when we lost the *whispers* shoot out, because he clearly has been extremely hard this summer considering the guns he's been sporting and it would have been a shame to see all his hard work this summer did no good what-so-ever because he lost it yet another shoot out *shudders*. And Lalime did a very good job for a back-up goalie, so it makes me feel extra confident this season that we have a beyond decent back-up goalie, I'm seeing that cup coming to Buffalo in June. On a Boo Hoo note, Goose is injured with a torn ligament in his thumb and will be out for 3-4 weeks. *sighs* I like Goose, I think he's one of our strongest players who works extremely hard and doesn't always gets the recognition he deserves. I also like how even if the Sabres are getting there butts beat, he still gets excited and says "Yeah!" with each goal we score, even if we are likely to lose. He never seems to give and that's a good personality trait to have when you're an athlete or pretty much just in life in general. Even though he can't play for 3-4 weeks, I hope Lindy lets him sit on the bench and cheer the guys on, for team morale. I think they need Goose sitting on the bench cheering them on even if he can't participate, I think it's in the teams best interest to do that.