Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry for Being a Klutz, Please Resend; Miller is spelled H-O-T; and Don't Worry You're Not Missing a Thing!

Real quick, someone sent me an e-mail about this blog to my e-mail account and I accidentally deleted it before I could answer it. I apologize to whomever sent it and if you would take the time to resend, I promise I won't be such a klutz this time and I will answer you. Sorry, but we all make mistakes in life, the best thing to do is learn from them.

I was unable to watch the game tonight, but I read the highlights on If Miller was any hotter,he'd be the friggin' sun, geesh! 45 saves in one game! The reason the Sabres lost had nothing to do with Miller. On paper Miller looks impressive (I didn't watch, so I can't speak as if I watched the game) and he was incredible in last nights game. During the shootout, I was literally gripping Harley's arm the entire time. When Miller made the save against Drury last night, the pub was screaming and yelling! It was fabulous! I think the Sabres need to pick up their game a bit, but Miller just needs to play to way he has been.

I'm glad the Sabres won last night A) because I wanted them to beat Drury's team and B) because right before I left work to watch the game, I told another co-worker who was a Ranger's fan and upset he couldn't watch the game that he shouldn't be upset about missing it, the Sabres are going to beat his Rangers anyway and thankfully they did.

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