Monday, March 30, 2009

In Like a Lamb and Out Like a Lion; An Official Sabre Title; and Move Over Derek Roy!

I'm aware of the fact that I live in WNY, but seriously why in the world did I wake up to snow on the ground and my car covered in six inches of snow??? It's March 30th. We've been having an awesome March especially after a very long winter, but it's officially spring, so I shouldn't see anymore of this white stuff on the ground. The biggest pain, shoveling off my car. *UGH!* I was ready to be done with that since I had been doing it for about 4 months straight. To top it off it was the wet, icy, messy snow. This has just been a very rough week for me every since Wednesday..... wait a minute... hold on a hot second, didn't the Sabres start their hot streak on Wednesday and haven't cooled down yet? Could that be any correlation on why I'm having a bad week? hmmmmmm? Sabres play well and my life goes in the crapper. My life starts to pick up and the Sabres lose and can't catch a break to save their souls. For the love of Pete! Why can't the Sabres play well and my life be fabulous at the same time? It's not a crime for both me and the Sabres to be happy at the same time or wait is it? New York State has some pretty crazy laws and taxes. Maybe I'm suppose to pay a tax for me and them to be happy at the same time. Otherwise no deal. Only one of us can be happy and have a good life, not both at the same time. I guess at this point I should just take one for the team and make my life miserable until July, but if I do that I want some kind of perk like to be officially named the "Team Sweeheart" or "Team Good Luck Charm" or "Team Sacrificer of Their Life for the Greater Good of Winning Hockey Games". I also want my own jersey and number and I want Suite tickets to ever game. I would also like to take Derek Roy's spot at the Catwalk next and flex my golden pipes while Ryan rocks out on the guitar and Drew on the drums. I'm requesting some classic 80's rock songs be played, so Miller and Stafford you better get practicing. Actually what would be really awesome is in the summer I got to tour in a band with some of the musically talented Sabres. I of course would be the lead singer like Gwen Stefani in No Doubt and Ryan and Drew can be on guitar with Lydman on the drums and Roy can be my back up singer. No offense Derek, but I can dance and sing, you're just gonna have to take a back seat and be happy with it. Well, my singing is questionable, but I look better in a mini skirt and fishnets and I can drop it like it's hot and shake it like a salt shaker, so I'm the lead singer and you are just gonna have to be happy as back up. I'm not asking for a million dollar contract here. Just some perks.


Jill said...


Derek is just going to have to take it like a man... hmmmm.

Defy Gravity... said...

yes he is. I'm the lead singer and he's just going to have to live with that. If he doesn't like it he can start his own band, but he can't have Ryan, Drew, or Toni. They're in my band.