Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congrats to Miller, but Wait! You Forgot Someone!

Congratulations to Ryan Miller for being invited to the USA Olympic Camp for hockey. Yet, I think the USA Olympic commission is forgetting another player that they need to invite... a Mr. Paul Gaustad. I guess I have to except some of the responsibility in Goose not getting invited to the Olympic Camp, I mean I am his unofficial and self-proclaimed campaign manager and I did take it upon myself to create the "Honk the Vote Campaign Gaustad in '09" for the NHL All*Star game this year. I mean I did create t-shirts with Harley, but I have been slacking for the "Now Do You Believe? Gaustad is Good! Scary Good! Gaustad in 2010 in Vancouver" campaign. I have completely neglected it since I announced it February. So, it's time for me to light a fire under my behind and get back into gear with the campaign! I can't vote to have Gaustad get on the USA Olympic team like I can for the NHL All*Star game, but I can do a lot of shameless promotion and try to devise a way to contact the USA Olympic committee. Hopefully there will not be any legal action against me, but for Goose it's worth it. Anyway if I do get thrown into jail, Goose is WNY's Superhero, so I'm sure he would find a way to bail me out because he is good! Scary Good!


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Jill said...

Poor Goosie! He should at least get a try out. :(