Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People of WNY! You and I Can All Sleep Soundly Tonight...

I can now sleep soundly at night knowing that T.O. has a permanent place to live in Buffalo that is suitable to his wants and needs. Seriously, I was so worried that I would lay awake hours on end at night thinking, "Oh No! Whatever will T.O. do? There is absolutely no suitable housing in Buffalo that fits his lavish lifestyle! Can he live in a house that would be suitable to the rest of WNYers or say it isn't so an apartment?" It's amazing how there was no housing that TO could stand to habitat in for an entire year or let's face it about 4 months which is the length of an entire football season. What's even more amazing is that the people of WNY or anywhere actually care and what's even more amazing on top of the is the fact that I'm actually wasting my time to write about it. I'll be honest I was starting to worry. My worrying was so bad it was starting to affect my job and relationships. *PHEW* I'm glad that is over because nothing in my life or anyone else's could cause as much concern as T.O. not being able to find a suitable house to live  in for a few months.

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