Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Comback Kids, Small Stuff... It's Just That... Small Stuff, and the Sabres Really Don't Have to Try That Hard

I'm sitting here watching the Bills game and I must be honest and admit that I was napping during the first half. Apparently I didn't miss anything, but I'm glad I woke up for the second half! Esp. the fourth! It's like the Bills were playing mediocre the first three quarters and now in the fourth... BAM! The Bills are alive! The last pass at 10:24 in fourth by Trent Edwards to Lee Evans was fabulous! What an arm! Golly Gee! Trent threw that ball down half the field! I guess he's earning his paycheck. Nice job by Evans too for catching the ball, great hand and eye coordination there, Evans. This has been a common accurance for the Bills season, being down and then the fourth quarter rolls around and BAM! The Bills come alive. All that is coming to mind is the 1992 football season, when the Bills were trailing the Houston Oilers and the fourth quarter they came to life and we won! I guess the Bills can be nicknamed "The Comeback Kids". It's kinda catchy.

Speaking of football, I went to my high school's homecoming game yesterday. I used to be a cheerleader back in the day. I really loved it and no I wasn't stupid or a slut (still not, thank you very much!), shocking I know! I didn't cheer for the boys, I cheered for me. I love performing and I viewed this as another opportunity to dance and perform. Until yesterday, I never attended one of my high school football games since I graduated, so it's been six years. The only reason I really went is because the coach of the current cheerleading squad was my coach when I cheered and is a dear friend and my hairdresser. (I love small towns, everyone multi-tasks and everyone knows everybody.) She asked me if I would come and watch the squad and help them out by critiquing them and teaching them some chants. Two of my current dance students are on the squad, so I also go to go and support them. It was amazing how the chants, I haven't done in years, started flooding my memory. It was like they were locked in an arsonel in my mind and being at the game was the key to unlock them. I must say my alma mater's football is on as much fire as the Bills. They won the game 47-8 and have been having an amazing season. The team hasn't been this good since I was a freshman, almost like the Bills. As I watched the game, I looked around and realized when I was in High School, this was the big event of the week and it seemed to be the end of the world if the game didn't go well. Six years later, I realize there's a great big world out there and the world will go on if my high school team loses or wins. Actually it makes you think, no matter what happens the world will go on. One of the girls on the squad was put up in mount and one of the high schoolers in the crowd said, "They should drop her!" Well, golly gee! Did this go over like a turd in a punchbowl at a party. The girl who supposedly should have dropped was upset stating she should go and punch the girl in the face. It came to light that the girl who said it didn't make the squad during tryouts, so her nose was out of joint. This was a big fiasco! I just wanted to tell them, "Let it go. In ten years, is it really going to matter? In a week, will it really matter? Nope, the world will still turn, no matter what petty b.s. this girl says. Don't waste your time letting it bother you." *sigh* It just makes you think about how you really shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

The Sabres had the players enter the game at the HSBC Arena in limos and on a red carpet. It looked like a Hollywood premiere. Derek Roy was working an all white suit. It looked very circa Casablanca era. It was actually really sharp looking and he is the only sabre I think that would be able to pull it off or even attempt to pull it off for that matter. He looked very suave, I sorta wonder if Roy has a stylist. He seems like he would shell out the money for that. It just seems a little over done for Buffalo. I love Buffalo and all but seriously, our city would have been just of excited to meet the sabres if they were all in mismatching sweats and hadn't showered for four days. The Sabres organization really didn't have to do this much work.

Quick update: Bills won! 31-14!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being a Hypocritical Blogger, The Sabres Back-up Careers as Translators, and Eh? Rambling Just Isn't Cutting It Tonight

Yes, yes, it has been brought to my attention that I have been a very bad blogger and not updated my blog in a week. Not quite as bad as R.Mill, but pretty close. Since I did complain about how Miller was in the wrong because he didn't update his blog, here I am being hypocritical and not updating mine either. Well, I do apologize to my only faithful reader (that I am aware of) and to you, Ryan Miller, I shouldn't judge you when I am responsible of the same wrong doings. Did anyone notice after my blog about R.Mill not updating his, he updated it? hmmmm..... I must say, I didn't realize my input was that important. I mean, I complain about Miller not updating his blog and *poof* it's done! Almost magical really... (okk, that's a bit of an exaggeration). Can I start requesting other things, Miller? I mean what if I asked for sabres tickets or even better getting to be a model at the next Catwalk for Charity or OOOOOO! I got it! How about my dance company performs at the next Catwalk for Charity???? We're really fierce! I swear! I'm going to see how long it takes for R.Mill to answers these requests. I'll be waiting Miller. I'll give you a little leeway considering the fact hockey season has started and all and I would also like to request winning the Stanley Cup this year for the Sabres. But I don't think these requests are too demanding and I think you can grant all my wishes. Oh, yeah, I would also like to request another blog entry. Please and thank you!<p>

One of the many chores Ryan Miller must do as a hockey player, signing autographs. It's mundane, yes, but it must be done. It also is one of the many excuses he has for not being a faithful blogger. My excuses include working two jobs (which include internet marketing and taching dance), running my own dance company, teaching Sunday School, volunteering, doing my churches newsletter, drinking blue slurpees, watching all the season premieres that I recorded at the wee hours of the morning, checking up on the latest sabres and bills news, playing with the yearbook yourself website (seriously you have to try it! Coolest thing ever!!!)and messing around on facebook...I know, I know, mine aren't as good as R.Mills, but hey, we can't all be as cool as Ryan Miller, now can we? Mine are good excuses for the common man.

I have to give a promised shout out to my dear friend Harley, "BITE ME!" You finally got your blog, now get off my back. Geesh! I swear she rudely brought it to my attention that I was being unfaithful to my blogging duties and I should shake a leg and write one. So, here it is. Leave me alone! (P.S. I Love You and thanks for reading! ;-))

The Sabres two preseason games haven't produced the outcome I or I'm sure the Sabres would of liked with two loses, but hey, it is only preseason and they're working out the kinks. I must say their trip to Hockeyville was quite entertaining, not so much the game, but the actual trip itself. The fact that some small town kid tried to con Jason Pominville out of his tie, is quite hilarious. I'm sort of surprised that J.J.Pom didn't give it up, being that he is a really nice guy and I'm sure he can afford to give a small town kid one of his ties. I found it funny that Lindy told the kid to let go because it was probably expensive, Hugo Boss or something like that. When Lindy was interviewed, one of the reporters said it was nice that some of you went over and signed autographs for the fans, was translating a problem? Lindy said, well we didn't send the American Boys over there, we sent our French-Canadiens like Roy, Pommer, and Lalime. It was even funnier that D.Roy was translating, I guess if his career as a hockey player ever fizzles, he can become a translater.

All right so, seriously, I feel this blog isn't up to par where my other blogs usually are. Not that my other blogs are award winning or anything, but I just don't feel creative in my writing topics tonight. It may appear to be at the same caliber as my other blogs, but to me personally, I feel as I am rambling. So, I am just gonna quit and try to write a more wittier and quality blog in the next few days. Yes, Harley, I promise to update my blog, very, very soon, no more nagging.... Geesh!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bummy Saturdays, Jason Pominville Securing a Kick Ass Hockey Team, and My Wedding Requests

It's Saturday morning, well afternoon, 1:09pm to be exact and I'm sitting my couch watching "P.S. I Love You", eating graham crackers and peanut butter and teriyaki beef jerky and drinking a propel and writing this blog. I love Saturday mornings. Getting up whenever you want, nothing to do, relaxing and being a bum. It's lovely. I wouldn't like it everyday, but once a week, it's a nice regenerating time. I do actually have a lot of things I have to do to plan for the week, but they can wait til later, right now I'm in my bummy, unmatching sweats, watching a romantic comedy in which I have a huge crush on Gerard Butler, eating junk food and communicating to the world via internet..... ahhhhh, yes, life is good.

It's been a pretty good week-end so far and not just for the fact that I get to be an unhealthy, lazy bum! Jason Pominville has signed a five year extension contract with the Sabres! KICK ARSE! This is so exciting! I have the best feelings in the world that this is Buffalo's year! Oh, I know that being a die hard Buffalo fan we say crazy things like this every year, but this really is our year! I mean the sabres have their dream team from when they were kicking ass and taking names in Rochester a few years back, Goose, Pommer, Miller, Royzie, Vanek, Paille, Paetsch, Kaleta, MacArthur... and add Connolly, Spacek, Tallinder, Lydman, Mighty Max, Kotalik and Lindy Ruff as the head coach (In Ruff We Trust!), oh it is a gonna be an amazingly fierce season! Having Pommer's sign an extension contract really just solidified that fact that we are gonna be rocking like a hurricane in Buffalo!

Look at that fierce fro! I wish Pominville would grow it back! My only beef with that boy. Grow the curls back!

I bought "Groundhog Day" at a flea market yesterday, life is good. I tried watching that movie last night but passed out on the couch 20 minutes in. I'll watch it sometime this week.

I have a counterpoint view from a former blog I wrote. Harley doesn't agree with my point that cough drops should be renamed to cold drops. She has stated that she only uses cough drops when her throat is scratchy and she can't stop coughing. So, my theory in changing the names of cough drops is not agreed upon by all, but it was just that a theory.

Also, Fallon's wedding that I attended was beautiful and the bride and groom looked so happy, it was fabulous! The only thing is they did not play the chicken dance. *sigh* I swear at my wedding, the chicken dance will be the first song on my request list. Not the song I want to dance first with my husband or the song for my father/daughter dance, it will be the chicken dance. If the dj doesn't have the chicken dance in his arsonel of songs, guess what I am not hiring him to play at my wedding. I only have a few requests for when I get married, that I am married by one of my family friends who is a pastor, I'm married in my church, that I have a wedding attended only by close friends and family, they play the chicken dance, and when me and my husband go to cut the cake, an all out food fight breaks out. yep, that's all I'm requesting....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too Lazy to Figure Out the Mathematics of Pizza, Reader's Request, and the Ryan Miller Ignoring His Blog Mystery

I just ate 4 pieces of cold, leftover pizza. Grant it, they weren't the huge, elongated triangle ones you would get from a large, circle pizza where there's only eight big pieces, because then I would have ate half of a large, circle pizza. They were the 3" X  3" pieces of pizza so 4 of them would be the equivalent of what? 2 elongated triangle pieces? well, roughly it's like eating one 6" X  6" piece of pizza. hmmmmm..... this is too much math right now, I'm only functioning on 4 and a half hours of sleep and trying to figuring out the exact math of how much of a pig I am, just isn't gonna happen. I guess, it's the fact that I ate this much pizza in probably 5 minutes or less and I was too lazy to warm it up, so I devoured it cold. I was ravenous and my main thought was to get the pizza to my belly as quickly as possible, screw tasting your food, I want a full satisfied belly. All right enough talking about how much of a garbage disposal I can be when it comes to food.... on to much more important news......

Today is the first day of the Sabres training camp. Yes!!! *jumps out of seat and does an amazingly fierce happy dance* That means hockey season has started and hockey games will be starting soon! I love this time of year because not only is it hockey season, it is football season and that means the Bills are playing and right now they are playing fan-fricken-kick-ass-tastically!!! And I love cool weather (not cold and snow), but that cool weather, with the crisp breeze and you can wear jeans and hoodies and be comfortable. Then the holiday seasons are coming! AAAAAHHHHHH! *sigh* I love this time of year! I must write a tidbit about Mr.Trent Edwards, because it was requested by my faithful reader that I write about him and post a picture. Since I'm glad that someone actually takes the time out to read what's on my mind, I will graciously oblige their wishes and write about the topic requested. (Seriously, I can talk about anything, so if anyone just wants me to write about a particular topic or has any questions or even opposes my views, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail, or leave a comment.) In any event talking about the requested topic at hand, the 6'4", 231lbs, talk drink of water, Mr.Trent Edwards. I must say I am a Trent Edwards fan. I like how he's hard working and not all flashy, but just goes out on the field and gets the job done. My dad and I were discussing the way the Bills played on Sunday after the game and I think that he said it best with, "Trent Edwards, he played responsibly." Nothing wrong with being responsible. Personally, I like responsible. I feel it's a trait that a lot of people don't have these days and people aren't held responsible for their actions. When I pick dancers to be in my company, not only do I look at how good they are technically, but I also check out their maturity level and how responsible they are. I don't care how good you are technically, if I can't rely on, what good are you to me? So, Trent Edwards, I agree that you play responsibly and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm going to add responsible to the list of many positive qualities that you possess, that list includes, tall, great smile, being happy and smiling a lot, a good public speaker, intelligent (a political science degree from Stanford, yeah, I'm going to assume you're relatively intelligent, unless you are one of those student athletes that only got to college because you are a jock, but considering the fact that you actually graduated with your degree, my money's on intelligent) and now I can add responsible. So, Mr.Edwards, keep up the good work, I would like a play-off spot for the Bills this Christmas and then a Super Bowl Championship as an early birthday present. Thank you!

I must say not only am I excited about the Bills chances at the Super Bowl Championship this year (According to Bill Cowher, former coach of the Pittsburgh Stillers), the Bills are the team to watch in the AFC! Heck Yeah they are! I also feel that the Sabres stand a really good chance at winning the Stanley Cup. The only thing that is frustrating me right now about the Sabres is that Ryan Miller is horrible about updating his blog. I enjoyed reading his blog on the maxim site during playoff season, all right, all right, I can't lie, I read the blog after hockey season was over, but I did read the entire blog in one sitting and then I wanted to read more and Miller stated he was going to attempt to keep blogging on his own personal site. Well, I must say he did on July 29th, 2008 and now nada, goose egg, zip, zilch, nothing since then! I mean he did write in his blog that he was just trying this whole blogging thing out and if he didn't like it well, no more miller blogging, but you think if he's gonna stop he write another simple blog saying, "Nope didn't work out. No more blogging for me!" At least then I would know, okay Ryan Miller isn't writing a blog anymore, so stop checking to see if he has updated, but currently I am wasting my time going, "Maybe Miller actually updated his blog, let me go check." Then my hopes are crashed. okk, seriously, it's not that much of waste of my time and I only check like once a week, but still, when I go and check I would like to read a new blog entry. *sigh* I tried to see if their was someway to contact Ryan by sending him a message through the site, but I didn't see anything. That Miller is a smart one, he knows he be bombarded with zillions upon zillions of fan mail and probably people trying to mooch off his success not only as a hockey player, but an entrepreneur as well, being he owns his own clothing store and runs his own charity. I was gonna send a message that said "Hey Millsy! About time we updated our blog, is it not? I am aware of the fact that you are a busy guy, but I think you can take 3.5 minutes out of your day to write how practice went. It would make many a sabres fans happy. Seriously, isn't it worth taking the 3.5 minutes out of your day to brighten up a bunch of people's days. Your all about the charity work, wouldn't you just want to contribute a little more to this world? Seriously, Millsy, you know it's the right thing to do." All right, all right, so I probably wouldn't write that, it would probably be "Hey Ryan! How are ya? I know you're getting ready for an awesome hockey season this year and I was wondering if it would be possible if you could write about all the wonderful things you are doing in your blog. Have a Great Season! Let's Go Buffalo! - D.G. :-)". When it comes down to it I only write nice things to people. I'm only all talk. That's why I vent what I really feel on this blog. No repercussions. I am aware of the fact that Miller is a busy guy with the hockey career, the clothing store, the charity, the photographer hobby, playing the guitar while his drunken teammates sing along, the girlfriend, the family, and the fact that he might actually want some me time. But it would be nice to hear his thoughts. Maybe it could actually be therapeutic for him. I mean I use this as a relaxing time to vent my thoughts and opinions and it really makes me feel like I've gotten some things off my chest, so maybe Miller could use his blog as a relaxation technique, it might have helped last season when the team was in a slump, he could have vented online. (Except, we're not gonna have any slumps this year). Grant it, I can vent about whatever I want online and no one really cares or actually reads what I have to say, minus Harley. A good amount of people actually read Miller's blog, so he would have to watch what he writes and use proper grammar, because if he doesn't the media could have a hay day, so maybe this technique wouldn't be a relaxation technique as much as it would be a chore to update. In fact, that maybe why he hasn't updated his blog in eons. BY GEORGE I THINK I'VE GOT IT!!! I think I've solved that great Ryan Miller Ignoring His Blog Mystery, the one in which I only cared about.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Maybe if I Dress Like That, That Guy Will Call Me Back (Stupid Girls)", Some Major Arse Kicking, and Please Play the Chicken Dance!!!

I have one question that keeps being asked over and over in my mind today, why are their so many young celebrity women that make the females of this earth look like complete moronic sluts? I mean we have Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, so on and so forth... now, I'm not here to tell anyone how to live their lives, because I don't want anyone telling me how to live mine. This is America a free country, you have a right to your beliefs and lifestyle, but seriously, why are the moronic sluts the only ones represented in Hollywood? Because these young celebs act this way, it makes the opposite gender think that all women are this way and if we aren't that there is something wrong with us??? UGH! ....


My point eaxctly!!!

... so I'm not gonna lie this is what I started to write 4 and 1/2 hours ago, and then got sidetracked... oops! Basically my gripe was I hate how because of girls like that all guys think that every girl is like that. No, I have a brain and am not a slut thank you very much!  I don't find the need to wear next to nothing to look good and be attractive. I can be just as pretty as them and don't have to try nearly as hard. I'm also classier at it. I also don't find it necessary to be or play stupid, I think one of best qualities is that I am intelligent. What started this rant was I was watching Letterman last night and Jessica Simpson was on. OH MY GOSH!!! She is dumber than a box of rocks. She giggles she sounds stupid and I think she just laughs because everyone else is or she has no clue what is going on or both. Oi! I was getting enraged, not upset, not mad, not angry, ENRAGED! She and are the girls like her are the exact reason guys think all girls are dumb and they are superior! Watching it was like watching a train wreck, it was so horrifying, yet you can't look away because you're curious if it can get worse and it did. Maybe she really isn't that dumb and just acts that way, but man, I wouldn't want to be famous because I was dumb, but maybe that's the only reason she is. I mean she couldn't hack it as a pop star, so she tried being a movie star, couldn't hack that, now a country star, and that doesn't seem to be going that well either. Basically her claim is being the dumb blonde who married that guy from 98 degrees on that Newlywed reality show on MTV, but then that little stunt destroyed their wedding bliss and ended in divorce, him ending up with imagine this a MTV employee and her going on to be one of John Mayer's flings, and now dates the Dallas Cowboy Quarterback who apparently concentrates more on her than his career and her presence is a jinx to the Dallas Cowboys franchise. I guess if being the dumb flaky blonde pays the bills and you don't mind sacrificing your dignity then by all means go for it, just don't ruin the reputation of the women of the world who are just as good looking, but have brains, class, and self-respect of this world, okay?

Moving on, this cold that one of my students have kindly shared with me is getting worse. I know have the red-rubbed cold nose from blowing my nose way too many times. Not too be a whiner, but this is seriously the worst day of it. I've gone through an entire pack of Halls and I'm completely exhausted, congested, and light-headed. In layman terms, this cold is kicking my arse!

In other news, I have a wedding to attend tomorrow for one of my good friends, Fallon. It should be a blast (minus the cold), because I haven't seen her since October 2007. Grant it, she's the bride, so we can't sit and catch up, like I would like, but I get to see her and dance the night away. I hope they play the chicken dance! I love the chicken dance! I think it's the polish side in me that comes out. We always do the chicken dance at all my polish relatives weddings. Oh Dang! It just dawned on me! I'm going to this wedding single and going to be forced to attempt to catch the bouquet *gags*. Not what I want to do, maybe there will be a bunch of girls who want to catch the bouquet or maybe it will be like that one Sex and the City episode where the bouquet was thrown and it hit Miranda and she just looked at it and walked away, I think that will be my plan..... dodge the bouquet and request the chicken dance.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cough Drops are They Properly Named?, The Awesomeness of Lindy Ruff, and The Celebrity Love Web

My love for Halls Cough Drops never ceases to fade, especially when I have a cold or am really congested. Though why are they called cough drops? I know the thought that crossed your mind is, seriously??? What a dumb question! The chica writing this has to have an IQ of -15. But in all seriousness think about it for a second.... If I have just have a cough or have to cough, I don't grab a cough drop, but if I'm congested with a cold, I'm addicted to the little suckers like a crack whore to crack. So, shouldn't by they be called cold drops? Because you use them when you have a cold, not when you have to clear your throat and cough.... again just at a theory.

On, they have a an article call A&T Your Sabres Delivered: Derek Roy. It's fascinating to learn more about my favorite hockey players and see what they think. My favorite question was the one about what was the best team building exercise that Lindy Ruff has every done and Derek answered taking them bowling in Colorado. According to Derek, the Ruffinator is an exceedingly excellent bowler (not suprised, he's Lindy F-ing Ruff, he's pretty much amazing at whatever he does!) and he thinks that Lindy just wanted to show off his skills to his team. I think the Sabre Players already knew that Ruff is amazing and he can kick their booties in any competitive event and pretty much life in general. That's why he's the best coach in NHL and I think the Sabres Players are resigned to the fact that Ruff is the best hands downs and they are just honored to be in his presence and have him as a coach, so they can take part in his infinite hockey wisdom.

Derek Roy Pictures, Images and Photos

I also like the question about does the franchise allow hockey players to take risks ie skydiving? According to Derek, nope they sign a contract to avoid those risks and skydiving falls under that category. I have to sign one of those contracts as a dancer too, so I can relate. One of the things in my contract states, I'm not allowed to wear high heels in snow because it is very easy to fall and get injured. (No lie, it's in my contract) One time, me and Chi Chi were coming home from the bar which was a block and a half from our apartment (The walk to the bar always seemed shorter than the walk home from the bar) and decided to risk it and wear my 3 and 1/2 inch stiletto heeled boots (they are kicka** boots) since it was only a block and a half I would be walking. Well, for those of you that don't know, I'm not a drinker, I only had a drink about a dozen of times and now I don't do it at all. And those dozen of times that I did, I would have one Smirnoff and be done. Well, that evening I drank my Smirnoff and Ho still had a pretty full Blue Kamikaze and I was thirsty still, so I drank about half to 3/4 of her drink, I was fine and when it was time to go about 10 minutes later, I stood up and my legs felt like jell-o. On the way back to our apartment, Chi Chi had to hold my hand to make sure I wouldn't fall and I kept saying, "I can't get injured, if I have to tell the dance department that I broke my leg 'cus I wore heels in the snow! They're gonna Kill Me!!!!". Chi Chi's response, "You shouldn't have wore heels, Dumba**!"

I was checking out one of my favorite website for movie and television information and looking at all the celebrity bio's and man do those people not only date a lot of people, but date a lot of celebrities, so basically it's one big spider web of fluid swapping in Hollywood. Man, I can't even imagine what kind of diseases are there. *shivers* For example let's start with actor Eric Stoltz who has lived with Ally Sheedy and Bridget Fonda (for 8 years) and dated Lili Taylor and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Now let's look at Lili Taylor who has been engaged to Michael Imperioli, dated Matthew Broderick and Michael Rapaport, and currently lives with and has a baby with writer Nick Flynn. Onto Matthew Broderick, he dated Penelope Ann Miller and Jennifer Grey (who he was dating during the filming of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, she was playing the role of his sister, and he got in a deadly car accident in Ireland with her while they were dating and two people in the other car were killed.) and of course we all know that he is married to the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker and they have a beautiful son, James Wilke. But let's check out SJP's romances before Matthew, shall we? She dated John Kennedy Jr. and singer/songwriter Joshua Kadison and she lived with Robert Downey Jr. for seven years in the late 80's early 90's. John Kennedy Jr. (may he RIP) dated MaDonna and Cindy Crawford and was the longtime boyfriend of Daryl Hannah (Jacqueline Kennedy didn't prove of her son marrying a movie star, so he never married her.) The list could keep going, but I think you see my point. Hollywood love lives are just as complicated in real life as they are on the big screen.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bee-otch Dance Teachers of the East, The Importance of Seven Minutes, and The Answer to that is Three-Fold

So, as I've been informed, by a faithful reader that I need to update my blog more than once a week. Sorry, for the delay faithful reader, I have just been busy with life. In any event, I started teaching my dance classes last night and I was really happy to see my students again. I had really missed them over the summer, the downside was, I think one of the little boogers gave me a cold. My throat started to hurt last night after I finished my last class, but I chalked it up to my voice not being used to yelling for 3 hours. Not bad yelling, just yelling loud enough to be heard, I teach 22 students in my one class and 19 in the other, with the youngest students being 5 years old. Let's just say I have to be louder than all them to teach the class successfully,  so I figured my voice was just sore from that. Well, usually after I teach the soreness in my voice goes away in a couple of hours or at least by the next morning.... nope.... not this time. This time, I kept being woken up in the middle of the night by the soreness in my throat, to top it off, my muscles ache, and my head is congested and foggy. I hate to say it, but I think I caught a cold, now if I can only figure out who the culprit is, so I can thank them. *rolls eyes* The night was pretty successful, minus me catching an illness, oh and me almost making one of my 16 year old students cry. I didn't make her cry, but the tears were welled up in her eyes. When I called Chi Chi last night after teaching, I told her that I almost made a 16 year old cry and she would be proud (since I'm the much nicer one of us, and sometimes viewed as a push-over). She said she was very proud, but she had actually made a 5 year old cry in one of her dance classes for cutting in line. DANG! Actual tears. She wins, but only by a little, because it is much easier to make a 5 year old cry than a 16 year old, and considering her natural personality and mine, she makes people cry a lot more than I do (just ask every guy she has ever dated). But actual tears is the determining factor, so she wins by a hair. Wow! reading this over makes me and Chi Chi sound like major Bee-otches. We aren't, honestly, but this conversation was just a venting process for both of us. I should explain why my 16 year old student was almost in tears. I made my Musical Theatre class perform the routine, but they had to not only dance it, but perform it as well. (I'm talking about High School students here). After the first time they got done, I let the girls who did what I asked sit down, and the girls who didn't had to dance and perform the combination again. I kept doing this until the 16 year old was the only one left. She was half assing the combination and she wouldn't perform it on purpose because she just didn't feel like it. So, I told her that she had to do it by herself until she did it right, she sat down and said nuh uh, she didn't want to. I told her that wasn't an option and to go do it and there was no "Nuh uh-ing" in my class. She wouldn't budge. One of the other students goes what if some of us danced it with her, we'll do that. I said no, this isn't a democracy this is a dictatorship and I'm the dictator, so guess what she's doing it on her own. Her eyes started to well up and one of her friends told her to quit being a baby and just do it. I told her I didn't have anywhere to and I could wait all night until she finally did it. When She finally realized I wasn't going to let her get away with her antics she did it. Sixteen years old and she's giving her teacher an ultimatum! That sure doesn't fly in my class! Sixteen! You're a big girl! You can do it, I'm not going to let you half ass the routine just because you don't feel like doing it, guess what princess? The real world isn't that nice and it definitely doesn't cater to you and what you feel like doing. *sigh* What is with our youth today? When I was 16 and my teacher asked or told me to do something, guess what? I did, without questioning them or putting up a fight and believe it or not I didn't always want to do it either, but I did. I swear today's kids are so self-serving and think that the world only revolves around them. I should also explain why Chi Chi made a 5 year old cry. The girl kept pushing her classmates and cutting to the front of the line, so Chi Chi told her she wasn't allowed to do that and put her in the back of the line. The little girl didn't like that and started to cry. Man, oh, man our society needs to raise nicer kids and make them tougher. They seem to be crying at the drop of a hat.

Changing the subject, enough of my teaching venting woes....

The other night I have a weird habit. When ever I set my alarm for the morning, I always set the second alarm seven minutes later, without fail I do this. If I set my alarm for 8:15am, I set the second alarm for 8:22am, if I set it for 10:05am, I set the second one for 10:12am... so on and so forth. Why seven minutes? Is there any subconscious significance? If I set it for six minutes later, I feel that's too little time in between alarms, but if I set it for eight minutes after I feel that I am letting myself sleep too long after my first alarm... seven just seems like the perfect amount of time.... no rhyme or reason, it just does....

This past week-end was really good and the reason is three-fold....

First... I went to the Roger's Flea Market in Ohio and it was awesome, I got some great old sheet music for a dollar from old musicals such as the "Pajama Game" and I got some CD's and movies. I found one of my favorite movies "Father of the Bride", but not just the first one, the second one as well! Both a dollar a piece, it was fabulous! I love those movies. I always get a tear in my eye when I watch them. There was also the most adorable puppies at the Flea Market this week-end, one was an Alaskan Malamute (like my dog we had when I was a child) and it had one blue eye and one brown, it was so adorable, I wanted to take it home. I asked the 9 year old son of the lady selling them, why they were getting rid of them, he said "Police Order.... well, we're not suppose to have dogs..... well, not this many dogs..... because I have a shitzu at home named 'Peanut'." I love kids' honesty, that's the problem when we become adults, we lose our innocence and honesty, this kid just told it like it was and I love that. I felt bad for the kid, he was so talkative, a lot of the other costumers at the flea market were ignoring him, he just needed someone to listen to him. I felt really bad, he was such a good helper to his mom, who herself didn't really pay attention to him unless she needed him to do something. I didn't mind talking to him, it was actually very fascinating to find out about his shitzu named 'Peanut'.

Second... While I was in Ohio, I found fresh, doughy pizza rolls like I used to buy at our college market! My excited was unbelievable, I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I bought a package of a dozen and ate seven for dinner..... they were soooooooooooooooo good! On the same day, I also bought some second hand Fiesta wear right at their factory. I got 4 plates, 4 salad bowls, 2 soup mugs, 3 soup cups, a teapot, a water pitcher, a cookie jar,  and serving tray, all for $45! The best part ones all the items come in solid colors and you can choose your combination of colors. I chose Cobalt, Cinnabar, and Shamrock.... I know, I know, three very funky colors together, but if you know me personally, it's sooooo me! The highlight this day was, when I woke up in the hotel TBS was playing 'Groundhog Day'. I love that movie, I can't say why, but I think Bill Murray's deadpan delivery is great. The movie is so quirky yet well thought out that it makes you think, "What if I did live the same day over, and over, and over again???" Would it be nightmare that you could never die or a gift? Or would it drive you crazy that you know exactly how tomorrow will turn out? I really need to buy this movie, it's one of those you can watch over and over again.

Third.... The Bills won their season/home opener against the Seattle Seahawks!!!! And we didn't just win, we WON! 34-10. Roscoe Parrish's punt return was phenomenal! He was zigging and zagging all over that field. It was a great way for the Bills to start the season and hopefully this will be a sign of what's to come this year....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dreams Becoming a Reality?, Fabulous Dark Peachy Pink, Rubbery Foam Yoga Mat, and a 4 year old Rookie

I have been having really crazy dreams the past couple of weeks. They are absolutely absurd dreams, but in my mind when I'm dreaming, I can't delineate from the fact that I'm dreaming and reality. When I wake up it takes me a few minutes to realize I was dreaming. Luckily, I'm not having nightmares, but the dreams are just bizarre, for example, last night during one dream, I dreamt that I was hosting a sleepover party at my house for my advance dance students. When  it was time for everyone to settle down and go to sleep, we were using newspapers as blankets, because as my dance students put it "Paper is the cool blanket and clothe is not safe" and then Nicholas Cage came in started flickering the lights and told us to get up and party. After he left, two of my students who are sisters opened their Christmas presents (in September, mind you) that their mom was hiding at my house. I was so upset because I felt that I let the mom down by allowing her kids to find the Christmas presents, that I screamed at all the kids, "You were acting so bad, that you can call your parents and explain why they have to come and pick you up at 5am! And don't think you guys are getting away with this, when we start dance classes you guys are going to be running a lot of laps and doing suicides! And trust me suicides are as bad as they sound!" and then the kids called their parents and moped to their parent's cars and went home, as I tried to re-wrap the Christmas presents the sisters had opened to look at exactly the way the were before they opened them. I kind of realize why I might of had this dream. I probably dreamt about my dance students, because I start teaching classes again on Monday and it has been on my mind a lot and I have been busy preparing lesson plans. I watched Nicholas Cage this past week-end in "National Treasure" and he was on Letterman last night. I called my college friend Rudy on Monday and she was talking about our old college dance classes and how one of our professors would make us do suicides if she was angry at us. The newspaper sheets probably have to be because, while I was watching an episode of "Jail" last night, a prisoner wasn't allowed to wear clothes because he tried to hang himself with his shirt. So, he had to wear a paper smock from the prison because it was safer. I'm not sure where the Christmas presents come in, but I think I pretty much covered everything else. Dreams like this have become a nightly event for me and I truly think this has happened a few minutes after I wake up, sad I know. Sometimes, it's not a bad thing, like the one night, I dreamt I was dating a big, buff hockey player and he adored me and his family loved me, when I woke up, I was smiling and then when I realized it was a dream it was like, SH*T! *sigh* Chi Chi tried to manipulate my dreams by informing me what I should dream about. Her exact words were, "Have this feature in your dream. There are these hot guys (and girls) who are aerialists and you can hire them for weddings. The dance they do in the air is so beautiful. It's suppose to represent two people becoming one. It looks like they are having sex in the air, but it is done beautifully. Put that in your dream." Sad to say, I can not dictate what I dream about (would be nice), so I did not dream about the hot aerialists and as Chi Chi has demonstrated my dreams are not a request line. Sorry.

When I woke up from my crazy dreams, I could smell the rubber, foamy stuff from my new yoga mat that I bought yesterday at T.J.Maxx. I'm not going to lie, but I have an unhealthy love for this yoga mat. It's a dark peachy, pink color and it's a half an inch thick and it's very resilient! IT can't be squished! I laid down on it and it was so comfy! To most my readers (let's face it, my only reader, Harley), you may think I may use this mat for exercising purposes such as yoga, pilates, or a combination of both, yogalates, but you would only be correct a portion of the time, the other times when I'm not using my new fabulous mat for exercising, I will be using it for sleeping. That's right you have read correctly, sleeping. I figure for long, tedious tech/dress rehearsals or shows when there's down time, I will roll out my magnificent mat, bring along my favorite Bills pillow and Sabres throw and just snooze. I'll be as snug as a bug in a rug, my dear friends. It beats the concrete floor that I usually try to sleep on during these down times of rehearsals, minus the slight whiff of rubbery foam that the mat is releasing, my plan is full proof. Nothing a little febreeze can't fix.

I was scoping out and came across this article on who the Bills captains will be this 2008-2009 season. I think the team made the right choices Chris Kelsay, Lee Evans, Brian Moorman, Trent Edwards, Donte Whitner, and George Wilson. Kelsay, Evans, and Moorman were all captains last season, so half of the Bills' co-captains already have this leadership experience under their belt. I always feel that the starting quarterback should be captain, he's the one running the offense, he should be a captain, it's a no brainer. I personally like Edwards, hard-working, professional guy. I never heard  him pass the buck for his mistakes and he's always respectful to other players. I think he's going to do very well this season. I just find it ironic that Losman finally played well for us in the pre-season, after what 5 years? It's amazing how when your job is in jeopardy or already gone, you can step up your game and play the way you were suppose to be playing all 5 years. Maybe he couldn't handle the pressure of being a starter and that's why his performance wasn't up to par for the past 5 years, but I just hated how Jauron made excuses for him, well he's still a rookie, all right your first year, you're allowed to make rookie mistakes, why? Because you are just that, a rookie. Maybe if you are lucky, you can milk it to the second year, but seriously? Should you really be making those mistakes. When I receive a dance job, I'm expected to dance at the same level as the people who have ten years or more experience than me. I can't chalk it up and go, well, I'm a rookie, rookie mistakes, guess what? My butt would no longer be dancing that piece. There's no time for mistakes, either you can cut it or you can't, plain and simple. And trust me, in the dance world we don't make a 400th of what these guys make. If I was paid as much as a professional athlete was to dance in a professional company, I would not only be expected to dance flawlessly 365 days a year, 3 shows a day, but I would be expected to be able to walk on water and have the Mitus Touch. Yeesh! All right, all right, so I understand that professional sports team do give their rookies leeway and allow them room to grow, but when Jauron was talking about Losman's performance last season, which was Losman's 4th season, and saying well he's still trying to grow, he has a lot of potential, he's learning from the rookie mistakes he makes....... Ummmmmm, Hello? Four seasons of being on a professional sports team, you're no longer a rookie. You're mid-veteran status. Apparently, he  has grown out of his rookie phase during his 5th season of being in the NFL and with the Bills Franchise, speaking only on his performance in the pre-season. Some people are just late bloomers, I guess. Enough about my gripe with Losman, don't get me wrong, I do like the guy. He's done a lot of charity work in WNY, and I can't hold grudges against people who are trying to better this world by volunteering their time through charity. I just think the Bills organization shouldn't have chalked his poor performance in the past up to rookie mistakes, when clearly he was no longer a rookie. So, onto the future!!! Edwards in '08! With the help of his fabulous co-captains and team!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Common Thread of Stupidity, Guyland, and the Happiness of Chocolate

I as sit on my couch watching "Jail" on MyTV Buffalo, I realize how sad our society really is. People having to wear spit masks because for obvious reasons they were spitting at the cops, people have to wear paper clothes because they try to hang themselves with their regular clothes, people start fighting because their cellmate farted in their face. Now, 99% of these people on this show are intoxicated, so I wonder what the cause of their stupidity, hmmmmm.... let me think... could it be the common thread of alcohol? Maybe? It's just a hunch I have, another one of my theories, but I must say that this theory seems right on the nose. I mean, I'm not opposed to drinking, I don't drink, when I did in college, I was social drinker. I would have one drink and be done for the night and I only did that a handful of times. I never saw the point in drinking, most of the alcoholic beverages I didn't even like, I never liked the idea of throwing up from drinking too much, having a horrible hangover, or losing complete control of myself. I mean I'm not a fan of drinking, but I have friends who drink, as long as it's done responsibly, I don't have a problem with it. But I don't see why people drink to the point of blacking out and what not, what's the point? Why would you want to drink to the point of acting like an a** and getting thrown in jail? I wish there was someway to limit how much people drink, I think that would eliminate a lot of problems, and how would in be enforced? I mean first off it's a free country and people can drink themselves to stupidity if they want to and second prohibition never worked, so why would limiting people's alcohol consumption? If people want to drink themselves to stupidity, they're going to find a way to do so, whether they have to break laws or not. I just know plenty of college guys who drink themselves to stupidity and I know a lot of them think this is a trait women look for in men. *rolls eyes*

I was reading an article on a book called "Guyland" and how guys from ages 16 to 26 are stuck in this guyland phase. According to the article, guyland is the career aimlessness, beer and porn that is the center of today's male universe. Apparently today's male generation between the ages of 16 and 26 are stuck between adolescence and adulthood. They don't want to grow up and take responsibility. Fabulous! Notice there's no girlland, if there was it would be written about girls from 18 to 28 and how ticked we are that we seem to be maturing and the guys around us seem to be at a stalemate from the minute they hit puberty and they try caveman antics to woo us. I'm in my early twenties, a college graduate for over a year now and I've matured enough to hold down a job, estabilish my own company, and manage to volunteer in my spare time. Grant it, I don't have the social life I would like to have, I would still love to be in college and hang out at the local bars with all my old college buddies, but that's just not possible, why because being a gainfully employed adult has taken precedent. I just don't understand why guys can idle in guyland and not have to grow up and be responsible, but girls must. Probably because guys make more money than girls do even though they are doing the exact same job allows them to live in guyland. Where is it written that if you have a vagina, you must be a mature adult by age 18, but if you have penis your allowed to mature at your own pace? hmmmmm? In the article it states that guys are scared of facing the real world and responsibility and that's why they linger in guyland, well fellas heres a memo, us, girls, we're scared of the real world and responsibility too, but guess what? We grew a set and faced our fears and dealt with it! Maybe being brave and tough should be changed to having a vagina instead of having a set of balls, because clearly, us, girls are the stronger species. Maybe we aren't stronger physically, but I swear mentally we are. What's the old saying, "If guys had to deal with the pain of labor, it would be the end of mankind as we know it." Did you ever deal with a guy who had a cold? *imitating a whiny guy* "I can't go to work today, *fake cough cough* I have a cold, *Fake cough cough Fake sniff sniff*." SERIOUSLY?!?!? I've danced with a 104.1 degree fever before. I kept blacking out, but guess what? The show must go on, so I slapped a smile on my face, tried to swallow down the vomit I was about spew on the stage, and let go of the curtain in the wings long enough to perform a forty five minute dance. UGH! *Long, Deep Sigh* I guess, I'm just frustrated. All you want is someone who is at least man enough to handle the real world and all it's responsibility and treat you as a equal who leans on you when they need to and you can lean on them when they need too. Oh, yeah, and some wit! Is wit too much to ask for?

Ah, but my dear friend chocolate is here to comfort me. Do you ever notice how chocolate can make everything better? It must be true, because I ate three mini-Hershey bars, and it puts a smile on my face. They were cold, so that makes them even better. I love cold chocolate, the crunchiness and then the way your mouth heats it up and it melts... yummmmmm... I maybe hitting a fourth and fifth mini-Hershey bar tonight, to put an extra big smile on my face.....

I should appologize real quick and say that I have several guy friends who have graduated from guyland in the proper amount of time and are now mature, gainfully employed adults. It just seems to be that the mature men are being greatly outnumbered by the 'dudes' stuck in guyland.