Friday, February 20, 2009

You Can't Bring Me Down; Hockey Bachelor Auction; and Just Add Water!

If the Sabres didn't lose last night, yesterday would have been one of those great days that it's only little stuff that happens, but you just can't stop smiling at the end of the day. So, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to let the Sabres lost bring down my mood. I was so giddy (stupidly giddy that when I woke up this morning, I felt a we bit like an ass, but oh well), I told Harley I could get pulled over by the cops and still be in a good mood, by saying, "Thanks for the Ticket" with a wink and a smile. Yes, yesterday was a good day and I really needed one of those good days because it's been awhile. Not that I've had absolutely horrid days, but just okay days and sometimes you need an extremely good day that puts you in a stupidly giddy mood to remind you that you are happy to be breathing and a human being on this earth.

After to talking with Harley and others about Ryan Miller's relationship status, I came up with the conclusion that next year's Catwalk for Charity should include a Bachelor Auction of all the single Sabres, of course having the proceeds go to Carly's Club. Let's certainly not just keep the auction open to single Sabres, how about single Portland Pirates or NHL/AHL players in general. I'm sure Miller got a couple of single hockey friends he could auction off for charity. Think of all the proceeds from this little venture. Auctioning of a cute lab puppy, good idea. Auctioning off single hockey players for an evening of fun and entertainment, great idea!

Has anyone bought the 2008 - 2009 Sabres collectible pucks from Tops? I've been trying to keep up with them, but they remind me of those tablets you had as a kid and you put it into water and it grows in to a spongy shaped animal or those towels that are condensed into a square and you put it in water and it grows into a washcloth/towel. I feel like I should put one of those mini pucks in a jar of water and in a day I will have grown myself my own personal Sabre or better yet the particular Sabre on the puck will appear when you drop the puck in water. Take one Paul Gaustad mini hockey puck place it in a glass of water and *poof* there he is! Goose, right in front of your eyes! This could work for any of the Sabres, Pommers, Lalime, Kaleta, Paetsch.... so on and so forth.... Man, I'm really starting to believe that the Sabres organization needs to listen to some of marketing ideas, they could make a bundle.


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