Monday, March 30, 2009

In Like a Lamb and Out Like a Lion; An Official Sabre Title; and Move Over Derek Roy!

I'm aware of the fact that I live in WNY, but seriously why in the world did I wake up to snow on the ground and my car covered in six inches of snow??? It's March 30th. We've been having an awesome March especially after a very long winter, but it's officially spring, so I shouldn't see anymore of this white stuff on the ground. The biggest pain, shoveling off my car. *UGH!* I was ready to be done with that since I had been doing it for about 4 months straight. To top it off it was the wet, icy, messy snow. This has just been a very rough week for me every since Wednesday..... wait a minute... hold on a hot second, didn't the Sabres start their hot streak on Wednesday and haven't cooled down yet? Could that be any correlation on why I'm having a bad week? hmmmmmm? Sabres play well and my life goes in the crapper. My life starts to pick up and the Sabres lose and can't catch a break to save their souls. For the love of Pete! Why can't the Sabres play well and my life be fabulous at the same time? It's not a crime for both me and the Sabres to be happy at the same time or wait is it? New York State has some pretty crazy laws and taxes. Maybe I'm suppose to pay a tax for me and them to be happy at the same time. Otherwise no deal. Only one of us can be happy and have a good life, not both at the same time. I guess at this point I should just take one for the team and make my life miserable until July, but if I do that I want some kind of perk like to be officially named the "Team Sweeheart" or "Team Good Luck Charm" or "Team Sacrificer of Their Life for the Greater Good of Winning Hockey Games". I also want my own jersey and number and I want Suite tickets to ever game. I would also like to take Derek Roy's spot at the Catwalk next and flex my golden pipes while Ryan rocks out on the guitar and Drew on the drums. I'm requesting some classic 80's rock songs be played, so Miller and Stafford you better get practicing. Actually what would be really awesome is in the summer I got to tour in a band with some of the musically talented Sabres. I of course would be the lead singer like Gwen Stefani in No Doubt and Ryan and Drew can be on guitar with Lydman on the drums and Roy can be my back up singer. No offense Derek, but I can dance and sing, you're just gonna have to take a back seat and be happy with it. Well, my singing is questionable, but I look better in a mini skirt and fishnets and I can drop it like it's hot and shake it like a salt shaker, so I'm the lead singer and you are just gonna have to be happy as back up. I'm not asking for a million dollar contract here. Just some perks.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Me Good = Sabres Bad/Me Bad = Sabres Good; The Glue is Back; and Another Reason Why Lindy is One of My Favorite People EVER!

There's something really strange going on. When I have a good/great/fabulous day, the Sabres lose. When I have an below-par/bad/horrible day, the Sabres win. Why can't the Sabres and I both have good days at the same time? hmmmmm? My life for the past 2-3 weeks had been going along pretty well and I was content. Wednesday afternoon hit hard at exactly 2:13pm and I had a HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE day. Oh, but not the Sabres, they finally won. 5-3. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the fact that the Sabres won, but why did my day have to be crap-tacular in order for it to happen.... hmmmmm? This could just be ironic or a theory that isn't holding water, but currently it's looking like I'm going have to hide from every Sabre player, member of the organization and fans because I have a feeling they are all going to try to sabotage my day. My day is below-par today, so don't worry, you don't have to go after me today.

Fave Five Friday is here...

1) I'm loving the fact that Ryan Miller is going to be between the pipes tonight. That is one of my favorite things at the moment. As my wonderful mom put it last night, "Miller is the leader of the team that holds them together." After that statement, I have decided to refer to Miller as glue, because he seems to hold the entire team together. Now, I have never been a believer in there is an "I" in team statement because there is no "I" in team and Miller isn't going to win the Stanley Cup for Buffalo single-handedly. But, I have to admit that he does seem to light a fire under the rest of the players behinds that make they shape up and play well that no one else in the world can. So, Miller aka Glue, I'm glad you're back and it's one of my favorite things this Friday.

2) Sunshine and the smell of spring air. It's been a long winter and I've missed it terribly. I'm glad it's back.

3) Lindy Ruff and his non-caring way of creaming one of his players out in front of the media and the entire world to see. (ie Wednesday's game when he tore Max a new one and it was caught on camera. The only thing that made that situation even better was Max's facial expressions when he was retorting Lindy's outburst. Priceless.)


4) My dance students and their silliness. I swear I could be having the worst day ever and teaching them could have been rough. But, there's always someone that brings a giant smile to my face that day. One of my 8 year old students the other day had a case of the giggles and I couldn't contain myself along with the rest of the class. It was great. I love laughing for no reason.

5) Taking walks with my puppy. My little nine pound dog is still learning how to walk on her leash, it's getting better, but it needs some work. She was walking me more than I was walking her. Even though this maybe a little mean to laugh at, I love the fact that the pee was scared right out of her when a dog about 15x her size barked across the street at her. She's fine, but it was funny to watch. I think it was so funny because she always acts like Johnny Tough Nuts, but in reality she's not and she put in her place every once in awhile.

I like to end this blog on this note, I'm having a below-par day. Remember that....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Numbers!; Just the Way I Like it... Small and Simple; and Congrats Butler!

I already broke the rules of the "Friday Fave Fives" and didn't post a new one yesterday. Already at my second Friday Fave Five posting and I'm already late. Sounds about right...... since  I didn't post it yesterday, I am doing so today.

1) My birthday was this past week (no numbers!) and I received the complete series of "I Love Lucy" on DVD. All 9 seasons, the lost pilot, and oodles of bonus features! I have been wanting this for about three years, to say I was over the moon excited would be the understatement of the year! I wasn't expecting it at all for one thing and when I opened it up and pulled the wrapping paper of it, I started jumping around the room in excitement. "I Love Lucy" is my favorite show and Lucille Ball is my favorite actress. I've watched 6 episodes so far and only have 188 to go and then of course when I just start watching them over and over and over again.....

2) The fact that my birthday was quite enjoyable, yet simple. I've never been a person who likes to be the center of attention at parties or go out for fancy dinners or sometimes even go out at all. I have friends, but a very select few that I share every detail of my life with good and bad. I am very blessed with the people the Lord has put in my life and thank Him everyday for them. My birthday was spent picking out new glasses for myself with my mom (I really needed a new pair, mine are crooked with two different size and shape nose rests. Grant it, I usually wear my contact, but it's been about 3 and a half years since my last pair, so it's time.) I ended up getting two pairs and invested a little more money in them they all my previous pairs, but I figure it's worth the investment to actually be comfortable to wear them out in public. I loved the two pairs I picked out. The one is the classic black, thick, plastic frames, but the inside is a bright neon green. Quirky and unique, just the way I like my accessories. The other is a deep burgundy with a unique shaped wire frame, still quirky and unique, but in a more subtle way and that is professional. The rest of my birthday was spent with my parents and one of my best friends (the other is 1,000 miles away, but apologized for not being there) as we celebrated at a diner. I love diner food, to me it kicks fancy restaurant food's arse anyday. I had a chicken finger wrap and onion rings. I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday meal. I topped off the evening with a Carvel cake at home. My Birthday = Superb!

3) I love this new nail polish I purchased at the dollar store for three reasons. 1) It was only a dollar and I love bargains and getting the most bang for my buck. 2) I love the color, a deep red named "Always Vintage" by Revlon. 3) It came with this top coat that makes the nails smooth and shiny and it prevents them from chipping. It's fabulous!!!

4) I love when God sends you subtle messages that you are spending too much time focusing on something that you shouldn't be and you shouldn't be wasting your time on it because it's not meant to be or His plan. I won't elaborate, but I got a harsh slap of reality this past week and normally I would have dwelled on it and whined and complained, but instead I have matured and just really forgot about the whole thing. I guess if I had a 4a) I would write the fact that I loved that I am maturing and am actually witnessing it.

5) I love the fact that Chris Butler got his first NHL goal last night at 1.2 seconds in the third. I also like the fact that even though the Sabres were down by three goals at that point in the game, he didn't give up and  he still attempted to play hard and he scored a goal. So, Congrats Chris Butler. I hope you got to spend the evening with Winston the Pigeon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Good Times..."; Out and Shoot; and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Miller updated his blog since I last updated mine. I like how he speaks respectfully of all his teammates new and old. I also like how him and goose were travel buddies this past summer to Europe and Kotalik was their tour guide in Prague. The best part is he ended the paragraph with "Good Times...". Personally in the next blog update I would like him to elaborate on what those good times may have entailed.

I didn't watch the last game and I probably won't get a chance to watch tonight's. I can't believe we lost in a shoot out on Saturday after having a two point lead. UGH! I never thought I would hate two words together as much as I hate the word Out when it follow the word Shoot.

I also want to wish everyone a safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Insightful Thoughts of this Blog's Author; T.O. = Oh No!; and As the Great Band Journey Once Said....!

I was reading Jill's blog "Is This My Life Really?" and she does a Friday Fave Five. I thought that was nice insightful list of the author of the blog and I thought to myself, why don't you try it. So, here it goes.... we'll see how this lasts.

1) I'm obsessed with made up words or phrases or making up my own words or phrases. ie fantabulous, Geez La-loo, I'd be all over that like white on rice, buttkiss, frigga, chillaxin' like a villian, just to name a few.

2) Wally World brand cheesy whale crackers. They are just as delicious as Pepper Ridge Farms gold fish crackers, but a lot less expensive. I think it's $1.77 for a pound box, you can't go wrong there.

3) When things in life just fall into place without even trying. For example you get a phone call with a job offer you weren't expecting and it works out for the better. I love how God works in mysterious ways.

4) The movies "Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Bride Part 2". I love Steve Martin in the movie and what daughter doesn't cherish her dad's undying love and goal to keep her safe and happy at all costs.

5) Sunny days. Maybe it's because this winter has been extremely long in WNY, but I am SO GLAD TO SEE THE SUN! I don't mind the 30 degree temperature as long as the sun is out and it's NOT snowing.

Onto other news, the Bills signing T.O. I'm really not for this signing, I think T.O.'s attitude is too big for Buffalo. Buffalo's a nice, small, quaint city. Our athletes can't have the same attitude as an athlete who play for NYC or LA. It's just not going to work. I also think that reality show that is going to follow him around Buffalo is a joke. Shouldn't he be concentrating on the game, we want to win the Super Bowl this year, not his tv show. Oi! Another example of why I don't think he's suited for our city. Tremendous athletic ability, but I don't think his attitude will fly in this city.

I know that the Sabres being 10th in the division is making things look pretty grime for a play-off push. But I have never given up on a Buffalo team until they are officially out of the play-offs and I'm not about to start now. If I have learned anything from the great band which is known as Journey, I have learned this "Don't Stop Believing" and I will do just that, believe. We won last night, so that's a plus and two points.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Studying, Massages, and Butler!

I am getting my group fitness certification this Sunday and am really excited about, the only annoyance is I've had to retain an entire textbook of knowledge for it. For the past two weeks, I have tremendous guilt if  I spend any of free time on anything other than studying for this exam. I have been studying for the past month and should be good, but in less than 48 hours I will be certified every waking minute that I am not working I am devoting to studying and well, I would just like it to be done and over with at this point. I tend to stress myself out for no reason when it comes to exams. I always do fine on them, but no matter how much I study I always feel unprepared.

To relieve my stress, I am going for a massage tomorrow. It's long overdue and I need the relaxation. I regret not being able to meet all the bloggers tomorrow night, but due to my examine it is not possible. I hope you all have a fabulous time and that the Sabres kick some major Sens arse!

On a good note today, Maria Genero interviewed Chris Butler on the Sabres Show and it is awesome for a few reasons......

A) Chris talks about how he had no where to spend the holidays, so Andrew Peters and his wife let him spend Christmas at his house and even bought him gifts. (Prime example why Buffalo is the city of good neighbors right there.)

B) One of the hardest things for Chris coming to the NHL was he didn't bring enough clothes and had to go shopping. (Classic) What's even better is he said he brought one long sleeve t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a collared t-shirt and a suit. After a week they got pretty dirty. I would imagine since there really is only 2-3 days worth of outfits and you wore them for a week. You can tell he's still probably in college guy mode, because for most college guys that amount of clothes last an entire semester.

C) I never realized what an eloquent speaker Butler is until this interview and it's nice to have another player on the Sabres roster who interviews well. You can also tell Butler has attended because of his vocabulary and word choice.

D) I think Butler said it best with, when you imagine getting called up you think it will go smoothly. Well, apparently not that smoothly at times and life has a tendency of getting in the way because Butler's flight was delayed. Luckily Tim Kennedy's dad picked him up from the airport at 1:30am, so he didn't have to take a taxi. (Example #2 in the same interview on why Buffalo is the city of good neighbors).

I've included the video below for those of you who have yet to watch it. It's quite enlightening on how an nhl players life can very sporadic.