Friday, January 23, 2009

The Sabres Have a Non-Orange, Non-Fuzzy Hunger Look-A-Like; Hopefully the USA Olympic Hockey Team Selection Committee Reads This; & Lindy PLZ Adopt Me

As I was watching the Sabres game the other night with Harley, I couldn't put my finger on why Ryan Miller reminded me of somebody. This was during the game, when all you could see through his hockey mask was his eyes and eyebrows. Then it hit me like a piano on the head! Miller reminded me of the orange, fuzzy hunger from the Weight Watchers commercials when he has his goalie mask on. I couldn't find a picture of the orange, fuzzy hunger thing from the Weight Watchers commercial, but I was able to find the commercial on youtube.

Now the semi-collage I made of Miller to show why I think he resembles to Weight Watchers orange, fuzzy Hunger.

Miller Hunger

I think if you painted Miller orange and kept his eyebrows black, it would would be hard to tell the two apart.

I haven't been promoting the Gaustad in Vancouver in 2010 because to be frank fans can't vote for him to go, so me blogging his accolades might be a bit frivolous. I feel as if I should do so every once in awhile because hey maybe one of the members of the selection committee for the Vancouver 2010 USA hockey team might happen to come across this blog and read about how wonderful Paul Gaustad is and why he should represent team USA in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I found a picture of Goose giving some child fans a hockey puck during one of the Sabres pre-game warm-ups and well, to be honest it warmed my heart. That Gaustad is a nice guy and insanely talented, so vote for him hockey selection committee, you won't regret it, scouts honor.

goose kids

Last topic, but certainly not least, one of my favorite people on this earth and all time favorite hockey player and Sabre, the kickass Lindy Ruff! I found this picture of Lindy online today and it just made me laugh. Just when I think I can't love Lindy anymore as a father figure, I find this. Oh Lindy, if I didn't already have an amazing dad, I would ask you if you would adopt me.


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