Saturday, August 30, 2008

Venting to My Online Audience, Counting Your Blessings, and the Personal Choice and Commitment of Being a Meatatarian

Intellectual, witty conversation.... that is what I am in dire need of. I was the phone the other night with Chi Chi and it was so good to talk to her, the four hours I talked to her just flew by. It was so refreshing. *sigh* I swear I don't talk to enough people who are interesting. I mean Harley is and a couple other people, but I don't see them enough. I just need a good face-to-face conversation that can keep me on my toes where the time just flies by... Me and Chi Chi would have that every night when we were roomies in college, I guess I just miss her alot and all our wonderful nightly conversations! *double sigh* Venting on here helps and is a decent substitute for intellectual conversation. I mean no was is responding to me, but it helps to just get my emotions and thought out in writing and not think about anything else. *triple sigh* So in any event, thanks for listening or not listening, reading or not reading, it's a good form of therapy for me.

Me and Harley were walking last night and we ran into a girl who asked if we knew where a pay phone was, those have gone by the wayside in this world thanks to cell phones. I said no I didn't know where one was, but she could use my cell phone. I checked in my purse and realized I left it my car, but I told the girl my car wasn't that far and if she didn't mind walking we could go and get it. She said thanks and followed me and Harley to my car. On our walk to my car, we discovered that the girl was a drug addict and had just signed herself out of rehab, she had been working since the age of ten in a kitchen and her husband had committed suicide and she was only 25. She lived in a town about an hour away and when we got to my car, she called her grandma to pick her up. She argued with her for about 5 minutes and then hung up and said thanks and started walking. I wished her luck and Harley and I continued walking in the other direction, about 5 minutes later my phone rang and it was the girl's grandma, she asked to talk to the girl, but I said I was sorry she was no longer with us, she started walking the other direction. Her grandma asked if I was in rehab with the girl and I said no! I don't drink or do drugs, I was just letting her use my phone, she said okay and hung up. Me and Harley continued walking and it made us think, man are we lucky. I get frustrated with my life sometimes, but I am really lucky, I have wonderful friends, parents, and family who love me and have helped me a lot threw my life. I have a roof over my head, clothes on back, and food in my belly. I may not always enjoy working my "pay the bills" job, but I have a job and it's a flexible job that works around my dance schedule and I get to do what I absolutely love which is dance. I have my faith and God has blessed me in many, many ways. Talking to this girl made me come home and thank God for all the blessings in my life. I don't know what happened to that girl, but I pray she's okay.

On a completely different and lighter note, I'm sitting here watching tv and a Wendy's commercial has come on. It's advertising their sandwich the baconator. The guy in the commercial says he won't try the girls salad because he is a meatatarian and it's a personal choice. It makes me laugh, it sounds like me. I eat very few veggies (I know, I know, not a good things), but whenever I go to Timmy Ho's and order their BLT sandwich, I always say I don't want the lettuce and tomato on the sandwich, just bacon, cheese, and a little mayo. Basically, the more the sandwich is going to clog my arterties, the better it will taste. That Wendy's baconator sandwich looked really, really good. I'm really hungry right now at 10:33 at night, I'm craving a Wendy's baconator or some kind of bacon. I'm going to go search my house for bacon now, maybe I have some in the frig....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

People Holding More Regard for Their Food than Priceless Antique Belongings, My Love of Seasickness, and Having a Big Heart for Charity

I'm back! It's been a week since I've been on here and what a busy week it's been. I was on vacation for most of it and now I'm back to the same old grind. I just received a mean text message from Harley about how I'm slacking with blogging, so basically to throw it in her face, here I am blogging. All I have to say is Bite Me, Harley! In any event, my vacation was fun, relaxing, but I'm glad to be home. I was in Hartford, CT for part volunteering at the Antiques Roadshow. It was fun and different experience and I met a lot of nice people and a few of the famous ie the Keno Twins. I must say I dealt with 6,000 people that day and no one was mean to me. Odd. I know. Considering the fact that for the 6-7 years I waitressed and hostessed through High School and College, I couldn't have one single day dealing with 250 people at the most (and it was usually was less than that) where someone wasn't a complete a** to me. Maybe because when I worked as a waitress/hostess, I was dealing with their food, where at the Antiques Roadshow, I was just the line keeper in triage sending them to table with their priceless family heirlooms and garage sale finds. It just comes to show you that people care more about their Friday Night Fish or Hamburger and Fries then their Antique Valuables. No argument there, I get very cranky if I miss a meal. I consider eating a top priority.

I also spent some of vacation visiting my aunt and uncle in CT. It was fun we bonded while watching Jeff Dunham DVDs (can't go wrong there) and then we went and saw their boat. I didn't think this was the smartest idea, because when I was 13 and was visiting them, they took me on their boat. In any event, I get motion sickness very easy as well as seasick, and my uncle thought I was being rude when I asked to go lay down on the coach below (I don't know the technical boat terms, but I'm sure you can figure it out). Seriously, I was a green as Oscar the Grouch around the gills, and I''m being rude 'cus I want to lay down for a second, seriously wouldn't it be ruder if I puked in your lap??? Oi! Anyway, even though it's a decade or more since that incident, I still haven't changed with how seasick I get. It's not like I choose to be seasick, really,  I would give it up in a heartbeat, but my family all knows this and they still decide let's go sea the boat. Grant it, it's a nice boat and all but I didn't really take much note of that, from the minute I stepped foot on the boat, I was trying to keep my cinnamon raison bagel and applesauce down from breakfast. We were only on the boat for about an hour and half, but man did it seem like 8 hours. I could not wait to get on land again. A few minutes after my feet touched land, I was fine and actually realized I was hungry. So, note to my family, no more boat trips, I just can't stomach it. I also vowed to myself after that day, I'm not marrying a guy who wants a boat, unless he wants to sail by himself, because there is no way my Buffalo booty is getting on it. It's better for everyone that way.

It was a good vacation, but I'm glad to be home and on land. I've also checked all my favorite websites that I've neglected for the past week and I'm happy to report that I now know that Jason Pominville is a Kayne West, Jay-Z and 50 Cent fan and that Andrew Peters was celebrity bar tending at the Pearl Street Grill. I do have to give Peters props because he is doing it for a very worthy cause, the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). He's giving all his tips to it. So, I have to give him an "A" for effort, he does seem to have a big place in his heart for charitable organizations, but I've also seen him at one of these charity events, I was a waitress at one of them. I think the best advice I could give him after that would be the old college motto "Know Your Limit and Stay In It" and a personal one of mine "Just Because the Alcohol is Free Doesn't Mean You Have to Drink as Much as Possible". But the whole time he was inebriated, he did try to keep raising more money for the charity the event was for, so he gets a kudo for that. I hope they raised a lot of money for the NCMEC and everyone had a great time in the process, Peters included.

So, I just got another text message from Harley as I'm typing this and it's the end of 1st period of the Bills game and they are losing 5-3! Poop! Not what I wanted to hear, well it's only the end of the first and they're only 2 points down, one field goal and we can win this. C'Mon Buffalo, I know it's only the off-season, but this is the year the Bills are gonna win the Super Bowl and the Sabres are gonna win the Stanley Cup, I just have a really good gut feeling.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Falling Asleep in the Dentist Chair, *Kiss Kiss! Hug Hug!*, and Debating with Dr.Oz

I leave for vacation tomorrow at 9:30am and as usual, I'm right on top of things, which if you actually know me, this is a lie because I haven't even begun packing yet. And I don't plan on starting til probably about midnight. I'm not driving and it's a nine hour car drive to where I'm going so, they way I see it, I might as well stay up all night and then crash for the entire car ride, only to wake up and use the little girls room and eat some fattening fast food that will go straight to my hips. This was the plan until I got a phone call from my dentist's office right before I left for work saying that I have a check-up at 8:45am, poo! I forgot about! I'm not gonna lie, I really feel like I just went to the dentist a month ago, but apparently it was more like eight months ago. Where in the world did that time go? In any event, I can fit my appointment in, but I'm going to have to drive myself, which means I probably should get some sleep tonight, so I don't fall asleep behind the wheel or in the dentist chair. Not that I haven't fallen asleep in the dentist chair before, it's no biggie, me and my dentist are on a first name basis. He can see me passed out in the dentist chair. It can't be any worst than a bunch of strangers in my liberal studies classes who witnessed me sleeping and almost falling out of the desk almost every other day, the only difference is they weren't sticking their fingers in my mouth and nor did they have the permission to do so. The way I see it is, I can still stay up all night to pack, go to my dentist appointment fall asleep in the chair if I need to (again my dentist knows me, and actually he knows me better than I know him, because he was a member at the county club I used to waitress for and during one Friday Night Fish Fry, I was fortunate enough to serve his family. Except, I didn't realize he was my dentist until I gave him his check and said "Hey, your my dentist"... he gave me a look like DUH? and said "I know.".... oops, my bad.... I responded with "I have an appointment next week, see ya then!"... so clearly after that, he shouldn't be shocked with what I do, even passing out in his ol' dentist chair.) In any event, I'm going to be staying up til 9:30am tomorrow morning and then passing out like a drunken hooker on cheap drugs.

I was delighted today, when Harley e-mailed me and told me that she really enjoys reading my blog and was glad she suggested that I do it. Well, Harley, here's a shout out for you and thank you for taking the time to read this, even though you should because you're one of my bff's and I personally know you and you have nothing better to do. But I am glad that someone reads this, but I have a feeling she is the only one who reads this, so thank you Harley for that. *Kiss Kiss* *Hug Hug*

So, yesterday afternoon, after my three hour nap (I got up early to assist my high school cheerleading coach with her squad this year, to critique them and teach them a new cheer, so after getting up at 8am and being up for 5 hours, it was time for a three hour nap, I need extra sleep n my old  age.), I curled up on the couch and watched Oprah (yes, Oprah, judge me all you want, but sometimes she has some really good shows, and besides who else would give their entire audience a school and a humpback whale? No one, but Oprah my friends!). Dr.Oz was and the audience was taking a health quiz, I'm proud to say that I got 90% of the questions right. I can't lie, it was sheer luck, I was just guessing, even though I got the right answer for some of them, the reason I chose that answer was wrong... for example....

Question 8: Impotence could be a sign of what health problem?
A) Liver problems
B) Heart disease
C) Iron deficiency
D) Underactive thymus

I said the answer was B, because he was probably broken hearted or not truly in love with the girl. So, since his heart wasn't into the girl or he was broken hearted about something, he couldn't get a hard-on, but the real reason is this....

Erections happen when arteries in the penis dilate and blood flows in. This dilation is caused by the release of a gas called nitric oxide. "If you don't have enough of that gas [to have an erection], it's not present in other places either—including your heart. It's one of the first signs that the heart is having hardened arteries."

In fact, Dr. Oz says that drugs that treat erectile dysfunction stimulate chemicals that ultimately release nitric oxide. "That stated," Dr. Oz says, "the best solution is to keep your nitric oxide levels healthy. And the way for us to do that is to keep our arteries healthy."

Science, Sch-mience, I like my reason better. I think there is some logic in my response, but I guess my reasoning truly isn't heart disease. I bet you Dr.Oz couldn't get it up one time, because of a broken heart or he truly wasn't into the girl. Love is a disease Dr.Oz! A disease of the heart! So, I think you need to re-think your scientific answer and look at all the gentlemen's love problems first. I think Oprah needs to have Dr.Oz and myself on one time for debate, we can hash this out on national television. Harpo would be thanking me for the boost in ratings...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Letting Fate do its Job, Revisting a College Lesson, and Lindy Ruff and His Special Homemade Recipe of Whoop Ass

"Did you know that you have a personal romance cycle that kicks off on you birthday?"

That's the line that grabbed my attention right before I read this article. Really? Does your body have a cycle that it prefers to date by? I mean, my body won't me to be a big couch potato the first three months after my birthday, but three to six months after my birthday, my body will be demanding that I do that? Seriously? I think this is more of a theory, than actually scientific proof. Now, I'm all for theories, I have quite a few of my own, but this seems a little far fetched doesn't it? If this is the case shouldn't people only date people who are close to having the same birthday as them, so they are on the same cycle? I mean if I'm in my second cycle and want to be a big old couch potato on Friday night and the guy I'm dating is in his first cycle and wants to go out all the time? Isn't that going to create friction in the relationship? But if I date a guy who's in the same cycle as me (ie cycle two) then we will both want to be couch potatoes together and when were are both in cycle one together, we will want to go out and knock the world on its ass together. Personally, I think this theory is bogus, but hey, it's a free country people can believe any theories they want. This just proves that are culture is in fear of dying alone, so they will believe any crack-pot theory, that says in the past they were doing things wrong and if they believe this theory and follow it religiously, everything will change and you will find "the one". People let fate do it's job, it's getting ticked that others are trying to usurp it.

On a personal note, I really need to get to bed much earlier. This 3:30am crap, is not cutting it. Grant it, I was working on contracts and paperwork last night, so it wasn't like I was just being irresponsible, I had a lot of work due today, but seriously, I need to get to bed earlier, even if I have to get up early and do the work. Except, if my college career has taught me anything, is that this theory only works in my mind. I tried saving my work for morning and going to bed early, but I discovered all I do is fight with the alarm clock when I should actually be doing work. Nothing actually gets accomplished when I leave it til morning, so I always go back to square one, which is finishing all my work before I go to bed. *sigh* The is a vicious cycle which hasn't changed since college. When will I ever learn?

The Sabres announced their television schedule for this season and I'm glad to see only eight games are on Versus. Grant it that is eight games too many, but at least it's not a lot. I hate when Sabres games are broadcasted on Versus, it always seems that the announcer is favoring the other team. Can't he be impartial? It was really bad last year when the Sabres played the Caps and you couldn't even understand the announcer because his lips were attached to Ovechkin's booty. Apparently he can do no wrong *rolls eyes and gags*.

I love when the games are on MSG! I get excited when I hear "Rock You Like a Hurricane 2000 (with the Berlin Phil. Harmonic)" by the Scorpions. You see the Sabres skating around and Ryan Miller doing the death stare. You see Lindy watching his players and seeing whose ass he may have to stick his foot up because they are slacking. Then you see James Patrick next to Lindy with a microphone in his ear, and you feel as if Jeep belongs to the CIA, the way he whispers things into Lindy's ear. Ahhh..... yes.... I can not wait for hockey season. I also love when Rick Jeanerette is calling the game. He is impartial and he has the BEST sayings ever! "These guys are good, scary good", "May Day! May Day!", "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-FONTAINE!".... I have been quoting Rick since I was six years old. Someone would mention the Sabres and I would burst out with "La-la-la-la-la-FONTAINE!". I think I truly believed LaFontaine was the only player on the team. I was only six, I've grown into a much bigger fan of hockey. But, I miss all of that when the games are on Versus. They're just not as fun to watch. Oh, well, it's only eight games this year. What is this with eight games though. The Bills are only going to play eight games in Toronto in the next five years, the Sabres will only play eight games on Versus this season, what's next? The Bisons will only win eight games this season? Okk, that was mean... but I think there is something to this eight game theory.

Lindy Ruff checking out whose slacking and needs to receive a special can of his whoop ass.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1:21am, People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed to Talk on National Television, and Eye Candy

The time is now 1:21am and I can't seem to sleep just yet. I should admit that I haven't even tried, if I did, knowing my track record I would probably be asleep within 5 minutes of head hitting the pillow, but since I don't feel tired yet, I feel I must stay up and pa rouse the late night television. Since, I'm just trying to kill time before I feel my body is ready to rest for the night, why not post a blog? As I sit here typing and eating a slice of Kraft American cheese at what now is 1:24am., I look up at the television and I really wish I had cable. I mean I get 27 channels with a set of rabbit ears because I live on a high hill and the television signals bounce off Lake Erie, so not only get American stations, as I stated in my last post I get Canadian stations as well. So, I'm currently watching the movie "Stripes" on Global. I was flipping through the channels and saw that John Candy, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and John Larroquette were all in one movie and figured they're all funny actors that I like, why not give this a shot? I had to go to one of faithful websites of movie info ( and figure out what in the world I watching. I discovered the movie was "Stripes" made in 1981. A 27 year old war comedy at 1:00am.... why the heck not? There is seriously nothing better on television. Since I only caught the last half hour, I had no idea what was going on. At one point I thought this movie was Dumbo Drop, but then I realized Danny Glover wasn't in this movie and none of the actors I previously named are in that movie, ix nay that theory!

But as I continue typing away, it's now 1:30am and ET has just come on. YES! Celebrity Gossip! Seriously the only joy I get out of watching this stuff is that most of them are so crazy and lack morals and self respect that it makes me feel better about myself as a human being. For example, the first interview is with the sister of the girl who had an affair with John Edwards. Really? Did we as American citizens need to know the opinion of the lady who is the sister of the girl who was sleeping with John Edwards as he cheats on his wife who has cancer? The situation is sad enough, especially for Elizabeth Edwards, the poor woman has cancer, you think that her husband would have the decency to keep it in his pants and not cheat on her, but now we as Americans can not sleep at night without knowing what the John Edwards' other woman's sister thinks. She says that her sister's baby has John Edwards' eyes, jaw line, and lips, clearly the baby must be his.... how about they try something a little more scientific like, I don't know, a paternity test? Was the sister so desperate for attention that she had to go on national television to talk about her sister's affair with a politician? And who at ET seriously thought that her opinion actually mattered? Or she was of any importance? The only thing more pathetic at the moment is that I actually listened to a minute of it, I sorta hate myself at the moment for actually listening to it.

All right, time to turn this off. Joan Collins is talking about sex after 70. I actually rather listen to the sister of John Edwards' other woman. *shivers* all right, now the thought of Joan Collins and sex after 70 is in my head. Great. Not only do I need to burn that out, I'm definitely not sleeping tonight. Maybe I'll pop in a movie, something with some eye candy that I can have sweet dreams about if I actually fall asleep tonight. OOOOO.... maybe the "Devil Wears Prada"... even though I watched it last night, I can never get enough of Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier in one movie... especially Simon Baker....

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Confusion of Technology, The Disappointment in the Bills Management Decisions, and Pennies Fooling Breathalyzers

Much to my dismay, setting up a website isn't as easy as I thought it would be. No, I'm not talking about this blogger site, myspace, facebook, etc. I'm talking about an honest to goodness website. I work on website all day updating it and what not (gotta love my "pay the bills" job) and I'm well-versed in facebook, myspace, and this blogger thing, but man I am totally lost when I look at the control panel at the website I'm trying to create for the dance company I run. It's like a foreign language. And of course, it's me, so I think I'm capable of doing everything for some odd reason. It always seems like a good idea at the time when I come with these wonderful ideas that I can do or handle anything and then when I attempt to do them I curse myself. Luckily, a friend of mine responded to my facebook plea that I needed assistance it setting up a website and would appreciate any advice. They are looking it over for me! Thank goodness, God bless me with people in my life who can help me through my confusion and mess-ups. In any event, this whole website thing may take longer than anticipated.

On a good note the Bills won last night and against Pittsburgh! Kick Ass! I have a personal rivalry against Pittsburgh because I went to college 45 minutes north of there and apparently that was Stillers country. Well, me being a die hard Bills (and Sabres) fan, well, lets just say I got in some quarrels every now and then. I remember one time being out with my friends at the local bar and a guy saddled his way next to me in the booth we were sitting. He asked where I was from, I said WNY and we had some more small talk. Then he asked if I was a football fan and I said yes and he got a smile on his face and said oh you route for the Steelers. I said "Heck no! I'm from Buffalo! I route for the Bills!!!". He preceded to argue with me that I can't route for the Bills (BIG MISTAKE) because I go to school near Pittsburgh. I told him I would route for whoever I wanted and I bleed red and blue during football season. Since I was already worked up I threw in that his stupid Pittsburgh Penguins were already kicked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs (which included their beloved Sidney Crosby, seriously I think he gets WAY too much hype. He's a great player, but so are a lot of NHLers) and my Buffalo Sabres were kicking ass and taking names and going to win the Stanley Cup. (This conversation was during the 2007 Stanley Cup play-offs when the Penguins were kicked out of it and the Sabres were currently playing the Rangers to go to the Eastern Conference Finals). He didn't know what to say after that and one of my guy friends laughed at him and gave him a look like you shouldn't have gone there. I gave him a look like screw you, Buffalo trumps all! Needless to say I had enough of these conversations during my college career to create a personal hate for Pittsburgh teams. (Believe it or not, I truly think the city is beautiful with a great dance community, but it's the worst city to drive in!) So, I'm super excited when Buffalo beats Pitt! :-) Take that Stillers!

I'm not loving the fact though that the Bills are playing eight games in the next five years in Toronto. I think Toronto's a great city, it's like the NYC of Canada, they also produce a lot of great tv stations that I like to watch, CityTV, Global, OMNI 1 ,OMNI 2, CHCH, TVO, CTV, and of course CBC (I love Hockey Night in Canada!). Actually, I think I watch more Canadian stations that I do American. It also got a great theatre district, almost like a mini-broadway, but come on Toronto don't steal our Bills, between them and the Sabres that all Buffalo has! I know it's really sad to say that, since Buffalo does have an awesome waterfront and there seems to be a casino being built around every corner, and I have always loved the Buffalo Zoo (it brings back good memories), but seriously the city eat, sleeps, and breathes their sports teams. I remember going to Disney World when I was 12 with my parents, we were on the fairy ride back to the parking lot from the Magic Kingdom and being my family, my parents started talking to the people sitting next to us. (It's my family we'll talk to anybody or walls, it doesn't matter what as long as it listens). Well, wouldn't you know the people next to us were from Buffalo! And what do you think we talked to them about? Why the Bills of course. The city of Buffalo could be set up in a blaze of fire and the people of Buffalo will still talk about the Bills and Sabres and what kind of teams we have this year and hopefully this looks to be our year. Yes, one requirement to being a resident in WNY is truly believing with all your heart that this will be the year that the Bills win the Super Bowl and the Sabres win the Stanley Cup. It's like Buffalo's own personal religion. Expect I truly believe this will be our year, have you seen the way our teams are shaping up? In all seriousness.... this will be our year!

So, why in the world would Toronto want to take all this away from our wonderful city of good neighbors? I know, I know, everyone keeps saying they are not. It's just a PR move to get more money for the Bills franchise and expand our fan base, but C'MON! Did they really have to get the Miami/Bills home game in Toronto. That is a dagger straight through my heart! That is what Bills fan live for each season! The Miami/Bills home game! Even if the Bills are having a craptacular season. The Miami home game is always sold out! We even have created a song in Buffalo in honor of that game..... "Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Rolly Polly Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Eat Them Up Yum!".... This is so not fair, couldn't we have given them a game against I don't know, off the top of my head, the Oakland Raiders or San Diego Chargers! I wouldn't care about this as much, but they gave our Miami home game to Toronto! This is infuriating! All right, I have to stop talking about this, I'm just going to get myself worked up and it's Friday! TGIF! I want to relax and have fun tonight!

This is a weird theory if you suck on a penny after having a few too many, you can beat the breathalyzer test. Well, apparently it is Bunk! I have never heard of this theory, but as I was logging onto my e-mail at work today my msn homepage popped up and this interesting little story was brought to my attention. Personally, I don't think drunk people should be putting pennies in their mouth to suck on them. Does anyone else view this as a choking hazard? I mean a lot of drunks can barely walk straight, sit-up or control their bodily functions, what in the world gave someone an idea that if you suck on a penny, you can beat the breathalyzer? Wait, thinking about this for a second, I betcha it was a drunken idea and some drunk told another drunk to do it and that's how this theory was born. I think I just answered my own question.

As for my test with Blogger, apparently it doesn't have a beef with improper grammar, apparently, I have many typos in blog. Note to self: Fix that! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogger's Beef Against Improper English vs. My Grammatical Errors Test, My Strange Awkwardness with Money Tangent, and Peanut

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot the word ain't in my last post. It was in the quote that a child said to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, "Say it ain't so Joe, Say it ain't so". The weird thing is I remember typing it, but it's not showing up in my post. Harley mentioned it to me when I talked to her today, that she didn't think that quote was right..... hmmmmmm.... well, it's not, but I think my post deleted the word "ain't" do to the fact that it is not proper english. Oh, this is bringing back elementary school arguments and rhymes.... "Ain't is a word, it just ain't proper english"..... "Ain't isn't a word 'cus it ain't in the dictionary".  So, maybe blogger follow the latter and decided since "ain't" isn't in the dictionary, it doesn't belong on blogger either. Well, here's the test if the word "ain't" shows up in this post, then it was my typing error, but if it doesn't, not only will this post be filled with many blanks that it will make absolutely no sense whatsoever! It will also show that blogger is a strong advocate of proper english.... we shall see what hypothesis our experiment supports as soon as I hit the "publish post" button.

One bright point of my day was when I went and checked out Jeff Dunham's website and found he is releasing a Christmas Special DVD on November 18th!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) YES!!!!!!!! I will have more random quotes to amuse my family and friends with and I will have a completely new DVD to be able to recite verbatim, since I almost have the first two down. Well, as you can tell, I'm a big Jeff Dunham fan, but I am an even bigger Peanut fan! I love that purple fella! In reality, I believe that Jeff Dunham may have been stalking me for a good part of my life, because my personality and Peanut's are too similar to be a coincidence. I mean, Peanut wears only one shoe, I like to think I'm a modern day Cinderella and I'm constantly running and leaving behind a flip flop or shoe. Peanut is loud, quirky and random, I'm loud, quirky, and random. Part of his job requirement is to travel with Jeff in a small trunk, Part of my job requirement is to work in a teeny, tiny office space with no windows and I'm left alone most of the time so if feels like solitary confinement. Peanut is purple and about 3 feet tall. I'm extremely white because I swear I'm part albino and my skin never sees the light of day thanks to my job and I'm about 5 and 1/2 feet tall. Okk, so there is quite a height difference, but seriously, how hard would Peanut be to maneuver if Jeff Dunham made him my height. After looking at the facts, you be the judge whether Jeff Dunham based Peanut's personality on my life....

I was pa rousing the internet, something I like to do sometimes, and I was checking out the website Internet Movie Database. I like this site because whenever I want to know who a certain actor/actress is in a movie/tv show or have any questions about tv or movies, this is where I turn. I also like to read about actor/actress' lives. I find it fascinating. I'm not just talking about the latest stupid/slutty thing Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan did, even though sometimes that smut is interesting if there is nothing else to read and I am completely bored out of my mind and have absolutely nothing better to do. Except, I usually end up thanking the Good  Lord that I have morals and am for the most part very intelligent. (and compared to Paris, I look like Einstein). I may not be rich and famous like them, but who wants to be if you have to compromise your image, morals, and intelligence. No thanks. My goals in life are to be proud of who I am as a person and to be respected. I rather people think, I'm ugly and poor, but nice, hardworking, intelligent, and happy, as opposed to beautiful and rich, and selfish, lazy, stupid, and whiny. No way, I truly believe in the motto, money can't buy happiness. That's why I hate when guys try to buy me stuff to go out with them. (I know, I know, sometimes guys have no clue how to talk to a girl or ask her out and the only way to do that is to buy her dinner, a drink, or flowers. And in all fairness, I know, I'm playing Devil's Advocate here, but that's what guys know and have been taught. So, most of the time you can't hold it against them, because they truly believe the best way to win a girl over is to buy her stuff. You can hold it against the guy though, if he's only buying you drinks to get you wasted, so you sleep with him. Gentlemen, BIG NO NO!) I know, I know, I'm also aware of the fact that I'm a weirdo and most girls do enjoy the loving gesture of flowers or dinner, and yes I have been told that I'm independent and very tough on guys, so you would think the reason I wouldn't want a guy to buy me things is because I don't need him to buy me things. Remember, I am a dancer, the fact that I don't live in a box is pretty impress, I'm independent, but I chose a career that doesn't necessarily make me Diamond Jim Brady here. (Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, and no amount of money would make me change a thing). The fact that I don't like guys buying me things is because well, that answer is three fold.

1) I guess I feel guilty. That's right guilty. I mean, most (there are a good amount of lazy asses out there as well) guys work hard all week, so why should he waste his hard earned cash on me. I'm sure he has expenditures and bills that he could spend it on, so why spend it on me, when I'm perfectly capable of paying for my own meal or drinks. I maybe a dancer, but I actually can afford to buy my own dinner (that's what the 'pay the bills' job is for). And seriously, I don't need flowers, I mean it is sweet, but not a necessity. I don't know, I just always feel awkward.

2) I hate dealing with money, I truly believe it corrupts this world. I mean people always judge people based on what they are wearing, where they live, or what kind of car they are driving. Seriously, does it matter? I mean, I know plenty of guys that are complete jacka**es, and have quite a bit of money, but they are condescending and frankly boring and unbearable to be around. I also a lot of guys that have to work insanely hard for a living and may not be that well off financially, but they are kind, caring, and a lot of fun to be around. I rather be around someone who truly cares about me and I have a good time with, opposed to someone who can buy me a lot of things, but I'm just another girl and he doesn't really care. I mean I rather have a guy who would spend time with me (and wants to spend time with me) and cares and respects me to guy who buys me things, so he doesn't have to spend time with me or care about me. I don't know, if a guy buys me something, I feel as if it's a way to buy me off so he doesn't have to put in the time or effort in the relationship or hitting on me.

3) I guess, I sorta live by the philosophy, "your money, your business". I don't want anyone telling me, how I should spend or manage my money or needing to know how much I make, so I feel that I don't have the right to tell someone how to spend their money and I certainly don't need to know how much they make. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. When I first started waitressing before my freshman year of college, I hated taking money from people, esp. my tips. I felt so awkward taking it. I remember someone giving me a $50 for a $14 bills, they told me to take out however much I wanted for my tip and then to give them the rest. I felt so awkward and I actually got sick to my stomach, that I actually gave the guy back $36 in change and told him he didn't have to tip me and to have a nice night. I walked away from the table and he chased me down and told me a did a great job and I deserved a tip, I informed him that it was all right, it was my job to do a good job, he laughed and gave me a very nice tip. I got more comfortable with taking tips in my five years of waitressing, but I always hated dealing with money. I feel like it's none of my business and personally, I like to keep it that way.

So, WOW! What was I even talking about, I'm sure if any of my friends are reading this, they feel as if they are actually sitting down and having a conversation with me. haha. Anyway, I started to wanting to talk about how I am fascinated with celebrity lives, but classic celebs, that were hardworking and respectable. (BOY! DID I GO ON A TANGENT) Anyway, I was reading about Judy Garland. Man, she did not have an easy life. Five marriages, four which ended in divorce. During her first marriage, she was forced by the MGM studio director to have an abortion because they feared it would ruin her good girl image. Seriously! Being married and having a child, that certainly isn't what I think of as a good girl image, I think it's someone who was pregnant and decided that a child would ruin their career, so they killed it. Yeah, that just screams good girl! I'm so anti-abortion that it makes me sick! If I was pregnant and I had to chose between my career and my child's life, SCREW MY CAREER. I'm not going to make a poor, innocent child die because I can't be inconvenienced. Oi! I can't even keep talking about, it's just going to infuriate me more. But, apparently this choice scared Judy for life. She also dealt with drugs and lot of criticism and rejection, with comes along with the choice of being in show business, but no one every really assumes that celebrities deal with the harshness of life just like everyone else. People forget that they are real people too, they get up and get dressed, every morning just like everyone else, so why shouldn't their lives be just as hard as everyone else. Just because they have fame and fortune doesn't mean they are happy. (See? money can't buy happiness). Whether it is celebrities or normal people, I love learning about people's lives. The hardships they faced and what makes them tick. I try to talk and make friends with as many people as possible, because everyone you encounter can expand your horizons and teach you something new....

Monday, August 11, 2008

4 x 100 Men's Swimming Relay Phenomenon, My Personal Dating Age Policy, and Robert Redford

I love the Olympics! As I was sitting on the couch writing a letter to my friend / seems like my grandma, the wonderful women who helped my faith grow through college and was the Campus Ministry director of the church I attended during college, I had the olympics on. This was around 11:30 last night, and I was watching swimming. They were preparing for the men's 4 x 100 relay, and they were talking about how the French swimming team, especially this guy named Bernard, was saying they were going to "smash" the Americans. The American team being very sportsmanlike (which isn't always easy) did not retaliate with any comments. The race was amazing and if anyone watched it, you know what happened. I thought the French were going to take it on that last lap. I was screaming at the television for the American swimmer to swim faster (I know they can't hear me, but I can never help it. I always have to scream at whomever I'm routing for. You should see me during Sabres and Bills games...) and maybe my screaming helped, because all of a sudden Jason Lezak started gaining on the French swimmer, it was incredible and he beat him by 800th of a second! It was amazing. I was so glad I actually got to witness it live. I felt so proud of the American team and it put a smile on my face. I'm sure I'll be tuning into the Olympics tonight, I really want to catch Jen Stuczynski. She's from Western New York, actually from the same town I teach dance in. I love routing for hometown heros. It's makes a city feel like one big family.

Earlier in the day yesterday, I decided to watch the movie "The Natural". It was a rainy, yucky day and I wasn't feeling the best, but who better to cheer me up than the handsome, classy Robert Redford. I know he's turning 72 a week from today, and I'm usually grossed out by the really young, gold digging girls who date/marry the old, sugardaddy guys. I have a rule a personal rule that I follow, they guy can be ten years older than me and only two years younger. I know this may seem a little lopsided, but since guys do mature a lot slower than girls, I can't put myself through dating a guy more than two years younger than me. My psyche can't handle it I swear. I can't go older than ten years, because guys tend to die before women and I don't want to be a widow at forty, considering the fact I don't want to get married until I'm about thirty-two, that would put a big wrench in my plans. Then on the dating scene you're seen as the old, sad widow at forty, no thanks, not for moi. I also can't date older than ten years right now, because those guys tend to look at girls they want to date as becoming their wives within the next year or two and popping out some offspring. Ummmmm..... yeah, I'm all about the whole marriage and family thing. I truly believe it will be a blessing in my life one day, but today isn't that day and that day isn't going to arrive in my plans for at least another decade. I'm a little too selfish with myself and career right now to be thinking about a family. When I'm ready to be self-less and putting my family first, then I'll start one.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson, one of eight Chicago Black Soxes. A great baseball talent. One of the great movie lines in 'Eight Men Out' involves him.... "Say it so Joe! Say it so!"

Anyway, after that tangent, back to "The Natural". I was a bit on a baseball kick, because "League of Their Own" (One of my favorite movies of all time and "Eight Men Out" were on TVO and I missed "League of Their Own", but watch the interview after it with Director Penny Marshall, and then I proceeded to watch "Eight Men Out". Enjoyed it throughly and now I'm a little obsessed with the whole Black Soxes Scandal of 1919. I had to google it and found that there's a whole website devoted to it. The whole scandal really show that athletes are as human as everyday people and that sports can truly become a business instead of just a game.

This is more of what Redford looks like today, he's still handsome.... *sigh* I love that smile...

So, since I was on this baseball movie kick I decided to pop in "The Natural". Ah, yes, Robert Redford, even though you are 72 years old in a week, if you knocked on my door and asked me to marry you, I would. You are one of the few guys I would drop everything for and marry. *sigh* Okay, ever one has their exceptions. One of mine is Robert Redford, not a bad choice. I love the movie and not just because of Robert Redford, but because a lot of it was filmed in Buffalo. The famous baseball scene where Roy Hobbs hits the light with his homerun was filmed at War Memorial Stadium, which after the movie was tore down. If anyone attends the Buffalo Bisons 4th of July celebration game with the Buffalo Philharmonic (BPO), they still re-enact that scene from "The Natural" and the BPO plays the theme song. That movie is something that Buffalo is very proud of. The only problem I have with the movie is I never understand why Barbara Hershey's character shoots Robert Redford. Was there a reason? Was is because she was a nut job? Did someone hire her to do it? Well, I watched the documentary on the DVD specials after the movie and it answered absolutely buttkiss about this question. So, I was reading the jacket inside the DVD and they said parts of the movie was based on this article about a 19 year old girl shooting a 20-some year old baseball star for the thrill. I guess we must assume that Barbara Hershey's character did it for the thrill. But then she goes commits suicide, how long could the thrill seriously lasted? Or maybe she had a really short thrill, then in a blink of an eye felt utterly guilty and decided she couldn't live with the guilt and off-ed herself. All right, I'm putting way too much thought into this, I'll just assume she was a nut job (obviously) and did it for the thrill and then couldn't live with the guilt. All right, that sounds like a good a theory as any.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ladies' Night, Sports, and Kaboom Car

TGIF! Seriously, I am sooooo glad it's friday! :-) My work day draaaaaagged on forever! It was one of those, I could almost swear that the clock broke, because each time I looked at it, it never had seemed to move. I'm so glad it's Friday and I have a Girls Night planned with Harley and another friend! Hooray for female bonding!

I'm also excited because the Olympics start tonight and the Bills first pre-season game is tomorrow. When I'm not out having fun with friends, I plan on watching much televised athleticism. While I'm being lazy, the athletes will be doing enough exercise for the both of us. So, it works out in theory.

In good news, the Sabres signed defenseman Teppo Numminen for one year. If anyone ever hears me pronounce Teppo, I actually sat Tempo. I think this is because in high school and most of my college career, I drove I '94 Ford Tempo aka Kaboom Car. It was my first car and everyone's first car should be a P.O.S. I hit many a curbs with that car and even did a 360 in a field on a snowy WNY day... lots of memories in that car... so I think I assume it's Tempo, not Teppo..... Tempo sounds cooler in my mind.

That looks exactly like my old car minus the stripes....

All right, I can't stand to be at a computer anymore... off for a fun nite with the ladies....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thunderstorms, Mamma Mia!, and Claustrophobic Hockey Players

At 5:32 this morning, I was awakened by a crash of thunder. I used to be terrified of thunderstorms as a child, but I've grown out of that petrified stage and now just find them annoying because no matter how hard I try I can't sleep through them. So, I decided to read some of "Tuesdays with Morrie" and pace around with the lights on in my room, trying to make myself tired enough the sleep through the storm. No such luck. When the storm finally passed at 6:37am, I laid back in bed, turned off the lights, and snuggled with my Buffalo Bills pillow, it took awhile, but I finally fell back asleep and had the strangest dream. I dreamt I was at war with this air-heady, Mean Girl, Paris Hilton type and I was kicking her booty. She tried to throw water on me and missed so in retaliation, I decided to throw a carton of eggs on her and with much success, I hit her. Once, she was covered in yoke, I told her, "I hope you have an egg-cellent day!" (I'm even corny in my dreams). Then suddenly almost every guy I knew in college, high school, and elementary school was there and they were siding with me and the mean girl went away and cried. Then one of the guys tackled me and I smacked him and told him "don't mess" and woke up. I wonder what the dreams book have to say about that one.

Onto a topic that has some importance in this world like.... MAMMA MIA! I went and saw it Tuesday night with my mom, she found two free passes on the side of the road to a local movie theatre while she was taking a walk one day, so she asked me if I wanted to go see MAMMA MIA! with her. To my mom's delight, the free passes worked and we got to see the movie for free. It was fabulous! The scenic views of Greece were amazingly beautiful and that's an understatement and who knew Meryl Streep could sing? Her voice is amazing (unlike Pierce Brosnan, but he gets an A for effort) and she's always been an amazing actress. The movie was funny and the music was fabulous (Those Swedes really make some excellent music) and of even more importance I have a new mini-crush. Colin Firth....

I've always enjoyed his acting and thought he was attractive, but after watching MAMMA MIA!, I developed a mini-crush on him. Maybe because he was so sweet and he was so willing to step up to the plate and be Sophie's father. Or maybe the fact that he could sing and play the guitar and had an English accent. In any event, he's my mini-crush for the week, maybe even two.

I was out to dinner the other night with Harley and I shared with her a recent thought I had about hockey. If a hockey player is claustrophobic, does he freak out when he goes into the penalty box? I mean I know the penalty box is mostly glass, but for some claustrophobic people it doesn't matter. If they are in a small space, they freak out. If a hockey player is in this position does he say to the ref.... "Excuse me? May I please sit my penalty somewhere else? Like the locker room? I am a really bad claustrophobic." (okk, I just realized that no hockey player would probably use those words when asking except maybe Jason Pominville. He'd be that polite, he was a Lady Byng Trophy nominee after all). What would the ref say? "Sure, we'll cater to your illness and let you sit your penalty out in the locker room." or would it more likely be, "Are you kidding me? Get your pansy ass in that penalty box. You should have thought of these job hazards before you chose this as your career!" I think it would be the latter and I really don't see any hockey player asking to not sit his penalty in the box because he was claustrophobic, they probably mumble "oh crap (or other choice words)" to themselves, take a deep sigh and get in the box. No matter how excruciating it is, they sit there calmly even if they are freaking out inside and almost want to kill themselves every time the ref's whistle is blown and it delays his penalty time even longer. Or I could be completely crazy about this theory and no hockey player could ever be freaking out in the penalty box due to claustrophobia and it's just a crazy theory. But don't you think after all these years of the NHL and the players that have played in the NHL, there has had to be at least one player that this theory has happened to. I mean didn't former Buffalo Sabres Right Winger Alexander Mogilny miss some games because he had such a fear of flying? So, why couldn't a hockey player be claustrophobic and be afraid of the penalty box? Maybe they just never admitted it or maybe all the claustrophobic hockey players are goalies! The guys in hockey who even if they cause the penalty one of their team mates has to take one for the team (literally) and get into the box. Maybe that's how hockey goalies are born. Their thoughts are...

"I love to play hockey. I want to be in the NHL. I want to one day hoist the Stanley Cup over my head and kiss it in victory, but man does that penalty box scare me!!! I mean what if the door doesn't unlatch and I'm stuck in there with the penalty box babysitter!!! I mean I don't think it's possible to crawl out the top and even if we break the glass to get out of there, that's dangerous! This of all the cuts we could get or a piece of glass could land in my eye and blind me!!! Oh wait, there's a position in hockey where you don't  have to go in the penalty box? You stand between the pipes for the entire sixty minutes of the game and have the puck aimed right at you and it comes at you at lightning speed. Sounds a heck of a lot better than being in that box! I'm in!"

I'll bet good money that has happened, it's not so far-fetched.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life's Little Inconveniences, Tootsie Pops, and Twitch

Life's little inconveniences, aren't they grand? Mine seem to be in full swing today. During my freshman, sophomore, and junior year of High School, I had braces, that's why my teeth are so nice and straight now. I got them off my senior year, but for some odd reason my two front teeth wanted to separate leaving a small gap, I didn't have this gap before the braces, but I had a gap after the braces, odd, I know. Anyway, my orthodontist cemented a small bar behind my teeth, so they would stay together, and personally it's never bothered me. Actually I usually forget it's there for months at a time. Now fast forward five years later after getting that bar put on my teeth, I'm at dinner with Harley and all of a sudden I feel something sharp and loose behind my teeth. I start to play with it and Harley is nice enough to ignore me putting my fingers in my mouth in a public place to check the metal wire behind my teeth. Sure, enough! The one side came un-cemented. fabulous! Now, I still see my orthodontist twice a year for check-ups, fabulous guy, but he's 30 minutes away from where I live 45 from work and since most of his clients are under the age of 18, his office hours are 7am to 3:30pm! (for all of you that were metals mouths like me, wasn't the orthodontists a great way to skip school?) Now that I'm an adult, I would appreciate night time hours... like 7pm. So, I had to go into work early today (for those of you that don't know, I don't arrive at work until noon), so I could leave early, to go yes, ultimately get my braces fix. *sigh*  C'est La Vie! I probably shouldn't have ate all those tootsie pops... after all these years, you think I would learn that hard candy + orthodontics don't mix! But, I would sacrifice it all again for my love of tootsie pops!

So You Think You Can Dance? finale tonight! :-) I am so routing for Twitch! That's my main man right there. I love how hard he has worked. I always admire hard-working people, it's such an attractive trait. Anyway, I'll be voting on any available phoneline, I can get my hands on, hopefully he wins, because all my other favorites on the show have been voted off and he's the only one left. Twitch - IV Real!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Bug, False Perceptions, Spending my Tuesdays with Morrie

As I was talking to my bff and the person that I am completely opposite of, but for some reason our friendship works and I don't question it, because I seriously have no idea what I would do without her in my life and how I would have ever made it through college without her and she knows way too much about me (and vice versa) that I fear if I ever made her mad she could let all the skeletons in my closet out, Chichi. We were talking about our random stuff and then we started talking about all the weddings we have to attend and who just got engaged. Well, clearly I must have missed the boat, train, airplane, station wagon and ever other form of transportation of the wedding stage. Personally, until I recently thought about it I NEVER once had the urge to get married anytime soon. (Yes, I def. want to get married to a wonderful man and have the standard 2.5 kids and a dog, yada yada yada, so on and so forth), but I wasn't considering it anytime soon, I was thinking in maybe ten years? Grant it maybe the fact, that I've never been in a serious relationship and I'm sick of the drunken pick up lines in the bar (Seriously, all you got is "Hi, I was staring at you from across the room and I thought you're pretty."..... ???? I mean come on! All, I'm looking for is a little witty sense of humor and some intellectual conversation, oh and some respect... I don't think that's too much to ask for! No, I don't care how much money you make. No, I don't care how much you drank during your last power hour. No, I don't care how much of a stud you think you are and I'm not looking for a one night stand... seriously it's nothing personal, I'm just not that girl... all right so enough of my whining about guys pick-up lines and guys in general as my friends know.... this could go on forever.....). Anyway, back to why I have never really put the thought into marriage... ah, yes, we covered, no serious relationship, guys ticking me off with bad pick-up lines, my friends say it's because I'm picky and non-trusting of guys and I need a guy to knock me on my booty. (That's their opinion not mine ;-) oh well and maybe my mom's opinion, who actually tells guys who are interested in me that I may appear sweet and charming, but I have an edge and can give them a run for their money. (Thanks, Mom)), oh and prob. another reason I've never thought about marriage is because I am very much so involved in my career. Oh, I know many women have said this before, but it's true and I've always made a secret promise to myself that I would never be married before the age of 25 or I would be a sell-out. I've always thought the perfect age to get married is between the age of 30 and 35. But lately, as I sit here in my early to mid twenties on my computer, facebook stalking my friends to see what's going on in their lives, I notice that a lot of people are getting engaged or married. What's the rush? I mean I imagine marriage to be great, but I also imagine it as a lot of work! It's not all sunshine and lollipops, it's a lot of responsibility and personally I REALLY DON'T want that right now. I like being single and just going and doing what I please, the only current down fall is that I am dateless to all these current weddings I must attend.... but I'll just eat lots of cake during the slow dances. I don't know, I guess I'm just confused, I thought people were getting married later in life, but clearly it isn't the case. Oh well, I do wish happiness and all of God's Blessings on the people who are getting married and I hope you've found the one person you can tolerate and love for the rest of your life. As Chichi put it last night on the phone, I'm waiting for the one that completes me. I guess, I'll wait with her, it's not so bad.

Another thing me and Chichi were discussing was how guys are the ones who seem to pushing the marriage card. I don't know about anyone else, but I grew up thinking that guys were afraid of commitment and marriage, and they always had to be forced into it, but clearly this isn't the case. I know a lot of relationships were the guys are pushing for marriage and the girls are the ones saying wait a second or in some cases the girls are elated. Apparently, from what I've observed guys are just as gunhoe about getting married as women. I was watching an interview the other night on television with one of my favorite actors (and completely handsome gentleman, even though he's older) Robert Redford. He was talking about filming "The Way We Were" with Barbra Streindstand and how much he loves romantic movies and being romantic.... ZAAAAA? I thought to myself. REALLY? I mean I absolutely loved the fact that he admitted to it, but I truly didn't believe that guys fell in love with a girl as much as she fell in love with him. But recent circumstances have made me believe, that guys can fall head over heels in love with a girl as she can for him..... all right now I feel like I have to watch the sappy romantic tearjerker movies that are a 5 hanky minimum.....

I started reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" this past week-end and I must say I'm truly enjoying it. It's reminding me of one of my favorite professors in college, who no matter what was going on in my life made me feel loved, accepted, and like I could conquer the world. I'm not very far in the book, around page 40, but it's really captivating, I have a feeling I'll be finishing it sometime this week. I also really loved "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by the same author Mitch Albom. I'm really liking the way he writes and I noticed that he has wrote some other books, none that I've heard of, but I'm tempted to read them. If anyone else has read any of his other books, I would love to here what you think.

So, now I have to go and check out facebook and see who else among the people I know have been bit by the wedding bug...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Keeping in Touch, Mark Kanemura, and Burnt Molasses

Today is one of my good friends birthday, so I decided to give her a call before work. I haven't talked to her in awhile and it was really nice to catch up and in our case talk about the most randomness stuff we can think of (ie. Shark Week and Cambodian babies... one of those conversations you really had to be in on to understand). After an hour and 15 minutes of talking, I had to say goodbye, because duty calls and I had to get to work. As I hung up the phone, I smiled and it was so nice to talk to  her... why don't I do this more often??? And not just calling  her, but all my friends that I haven't talked to in awhile. Every time I talk to one of my friends (most of them are spread out through out the Eastern Coast), I feel relaxed, happy, and loved. So, seriously why don't I do it more often, it's not hard to pick up the phone and make a phone call and instead of sitting on my booty and watching another re-run or pointless tv show, why don't I use that time to stay in touch with the people I care about? I always vow I will, but never quite follow through, well today that is going to change! (Really, it is, I swear!) Because life is too short to not keep in touch with the ones you love and the ones that make you smile.

Speaking of television shows that are preventing me keeping in touch with my friends, did anyone watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" last night? (okk, so, this show I consider a must to watch, because I am a professional dancer and I need to stay current with what's going on in the dance world.) I was disappointed that Mark was voted off. He was such an original and unique. I love artists like that, who just express their own artistic voice and don't try to be anyone, but themselves. I like to think that I'm that sort of artist, so I really admire other artists who are like that as well. In any event, if anyone watches the show, I'd like to know what you think. *sigh* I really would have loved to seen what Mark would have done in the finals.... oh well....

One disappointment of my day was, there is this really awesome cookie factory up the street from where I work and they make AMAZING cookies! Well, the left over cookies for the day are sold for a dollar a bag and there are about 16 - 18 cookies in a bag. And I'm talking about the bog cookies, so it is a really good deal, especially for a person like myself who graduated college a little over a year ago and their major was dance and they're trying to make it in this world, but it's a bit hard, especially since it costs someone an arm and a leg just to fill up their gas tank. So, to my excitement they had molasses cookies left when I arrived. This is the holy grail of cookies at this factory, because they rarely put them out and when they do they go faster than Stanley Cup playoff tickets in Western New York when the Sabres are in the playoffs. I was more than elated to receive a bag! I'm at work today and I go to take a bite of one of these magnificent cookies and right after I do, I get this awful, burned taste in my mouth. *BLECK!* As luck would have it, the bottom of the cookies were burnt, no wonder they were still left when I got there. I was just too excited that they were there, that I overlooked the fact that they maybe flawed.... oh well, lesson learned, always check the bottom of cookies before you buy them.

All right, I have a lot of phone calls to make and a lot of catching up to do.