Friday, March 27, 2009

Me Good = Sabres Bad/Me Bad = Sabres Good; The Glue is Back; and Another Reason Why Lindy is One of My Favorite People EVER!

There's something really strange going on. When I have a good/great/fabulous day, the Sabres lose. When I have an below-par/bad/horrible day, the Sabres win. Why can't the Sabres and I both have good days at the same time? hmmmmm? My life for the past 2-3 weeks had been going along pretty well and I was content. Wednesday afternoon hit hard at exactly 2:13pm and I had a HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE day. Oh, but not the Sabres, they finally won. 5-3. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the fact that the Sabres won, but why did my day have to be crap-tacular in order for it to happen.... hmmmmm? This could just be ironic or a theory that isn't holding water, but currently it's looking like I'm going have to hide from every Sabre player, member of the organization and fans because I have a feeling they are all going to try to sabotage my day. My day is below-par today, so don't worry, you don't have to go after me today.

Fave Five Friday is here...

1) I'm loving the fact that Ryan Miller is going to be between the pipes tonight. That is one of my favorite things at the moment. As my wonderful mom put it last night, "Miller is the leader of the team that holds them together." After that statement, I have decided to refer to Miller as glue, because he seems to hold the entire team together. Now, I have never been a believer in there is an "I" in team statement because there is no "I" in team and Miller isn't going to win the Stanley Cup for Buffalo single-handedly. But, I have to admit that he does seem to light a fire under the rest of the players behinds that make they shape up and play well that no one else in the world can. So, Miller aka Glue, I'm glad you're back and it's one of my favorite things this Friday.

2) Sunshine and the smell of spring air. It's been a long winter and I've missed it terribly. I'm glad it's back.

3) Lindy Ruff and his non-caring way of creaming one of his players out in front of the media and the entire world to see. (ie Wednesday's game when he tore Max a new one and it was caught on camera. The only thing that made that situation even better was Max's facial expressions when he was retorting Lindy's outburst. Priceless.)


4) My dance students and their silliness. I swear I could be having the worst day ever and teaching them could have been rough. But, there's always someone that brings a giant smile to my face that day. One of my 8 year old students the other day had a case of the giggles and I couldn't contain myself along with the rest of the class. It was great. I love laughing for no reason.

5) Taking walks with my puppy. My little nine pound dog is still learning how to walk on her leash, it's getting better, but it needs some work. She was walking me more than I was walking her. Even though this maybe a little mean to laugh at, I love the fact that the pee was scared right out of her when a dog about 15x her size barked across the street at her. She's fine, but it was funny to watch. I think it was so funny because she always acts like Johnny Tough Nuts, but in reality she's not and she put in her place every once in awhile.

I like to end this blog on this note, I'm having a below-par day. Remember that....


Jill said...

Poor puppy! I posted mine... I forgot again! I saw the start of your and was like oh crap and ran back over and did an edit... LOL!

Defy Gravity... said...

The puppy is fine. haha Just had a moment of scariness. I'm glad I could be a reminder for your blog. hahaha It makes me feel important.

Caroline said...

I love walking my dogs too. I've got three of them, and one is this teeny chihuahua and she's afraid of everything haha. One time we were walking by this funny looking bush and she was just like, "What the hell is that?" but the best time was when I took her to the pier near The Hatch and I ordered some steamed clams and she was afraid of the clam shells haha.

Defy Gravity... said...

but the best time was when I took her to the pier near The Hatch and I ordered some steamed clams and she was afraid of the clam shells haha.

hahaha.... that's great. My puppy always acts tough, prancing around and barking, but then a bigger dog comes along and she runs for the hills haha. The weird thing is she's really not scared of human, just other dogs.