Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep Honking!, Disney On Ice, and You Say Chara, I Say Charo

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me in support of the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign and said that they would write-in and vote Paul Gaustad for the 2009 NHL All*Star game. Your votes are greatly appreciated. Today's total votes for Goose at quarter after three EST is.... *drum roll please*.... 144 votes! That is 15 more votes than yesterday. At least the votes are going up and  not staying at a stalemate, but I would like to emphasize that they need to go up a wee bit faster for beloved Goose and I can not stuff the ballot box alone for him. So, please, vote  now and vote often for Goose and the rest of the Sabres.

Honk the Vote

Moving onto last night's game, since most the people reading this are avid Sabres fans, you already know the outcome and there is no need for me to reiterate it. I would like say something about the attack on Andrew Peters by a good four or five Bruins' players last night. It's like they all decided to gain up on Petey for reasons that are unannounced to me and try to take down the big, fighter on the Buffalo team in the first period. It reminded me of the scene from the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast", where the Beast goes out to save Belle after he abolished her from his kingdom for being in the West Wing and seeing the rose. Wolves are surrounding Belle and the Beast swoops in to save her and then all the wolves gang up on the Beast and he is this big goon trying to fight off the wolves all by his lonesome. The Beast = Petey, and the Wolves = the Bruins. I found a clip on youtube of the scene and maybe other people can see the correlation.

You have to watch about 2 minutes into the video to see what I'm talking about. Has anyone else noticed this minus Harley, that Petey has been skating much faster this season. It looks like his speed has improved greatly, he looks in great shape. Married life is agreeing with him nicely.

I don't want to bring up too many issues about last night's game, but that Chara on the Bruins was getting on my nerves, I kept wanting to call him Charo the crazy cuchi cuhci girl from the Love Boat and the Surreal Life. I kept mixing up the two names. But is there really that much difference between Zdeno Chara and Charo.... hmmmmmmm.... I pondered this thought for a moment and this what I saw.....

Chara Charo 3

The resemblance is uncanny..... Chara/Charo, Potato/Potatoe..... I almost can't tell the difference.........

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Jill said...

OMG LMAO over the uncanny resemblance of Chara/Charo... seriously separated at birth... LMAO!