Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm Not a High Class Dame, So Let's Not Get Fancy, I'm Sad to Admit My Disappointment in Tredwards, and Running Out of Time for My Personal Stories

Well, so much has happened since my last blog in Buffalo Sports news and my life (oh I am sure you are all dying to hear about my life *please note the sarcastic tone*) So, I will start my blog talking about Buffalo Sports and after I finish with that  if you would like to continue about my personal life which I swear should be a flipping reality show, you may, if not, it's cool, I just need to vent a bit.

First off, the Sabres... well, what can I say, I'll say this, I will still love them even though the past two games were rocky. This is just a minor bump in the road on the way to the Stanley Cup. Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller commented on why this little snag is happening, the Sabres are trying to play to fancy and cute for the home crowd instead of playing to get the job done. This sounds a little familar to last season, now I'm not saying that the Sabres are repeating last season, I'm just saying trying to play a little too fancy sounds like a symptom of how they played last season. I know they have some very talented players on the Sabres roster, but sometimes fancy isn't better than the basics which get the job done. I think Ryan Miller said it best with this quote....

“We have a lot of creative guys that want to break out and it’s hard to keep them reigned in sometimes. It’s hard to keep the horses in the stable."

So, Lindy has to be the head of the ranch and tame the horses. He can be like Robert Redford's character Tom Booker in the Horse Whisperer. (You should of guessed I would throw a Robert Redford reference in at any chance I got) If anyone can tame the Wild Stallions on Ice that we call the Buffalo Sabres, then it would be Lindy Ruff. I see some of his taming techniques include switching up some of the lines. I really don't like the fact that the Ruffinator is breaking up the Vanek, Roy, Stafford line by switching Stafford with Kotalik, but "In Ruff We Trust", so I won't argue with him. Hopefully, the taming has begun in a rough afternoon practice today and tomorrow the Sabres will wipe the Caps and their beloved Ovie all over the ice.

Harley informed me that on the New York Jets website there is a transcript posted of a conference call with Edwards and Jauron. Now before I say my next statement, if you have ever read my blog, you know I am a big Trent Edwards fan and think he is a tremendous player and person. I have even listed traits about him that I find admirable on this site. With that being said, I am a little disappointed in him. In the transcript they asked him who he would be voting for and he said, "Obama". Now, I am not judging him for his choice on who he is voting for, that's the great thing about America, we all have our voice and can choose to vote for whoever we like, even though I am voting for McCain/Palin, I'm not disappointed that he is voting for Obama. I am however disappointed for his reason for voting for Obama. Seeing that he has a Political Science Degree from Stanford University, I was expecting a very thought-out list of reasons of why Obama was receiving his vote. This is is reasoning....

"The reason is I think that a changeneeds to be made and that’s the biggest change out of the twocandidates. 
Besides that, I haven’t really been following it tooclosely in terms of their issues, their policies and what theydiffer on. I just feel like he’s the most different from the one wehave in power right now."

"This isgoing to sound really shallow but I’ll just say this, that I feellike he presents himself a lot better in the media and he handles himself well in interviews. I know that doesn’t dictatehow good a president is going to be, but in terms of the reason I’m voting for someone, again it sounds really shallow,but I just think he exudes a confidence and a presence about him that this country needs to see."

Yeah, it does sound shallow and I expected more of a real reason on why you were voting for Obama besides the fact he's a good public speaker and you think he will bring the change this country needs. What about his issues? Did you consider the fact that if he gets voted to be our next President our country will turn into a socialist country? How about the fact that Obama is pro-choice and finds it okay to fetuses because supposedly they aren't a real human being? (Are you kidding me? I'm with McCain/Palin on this, Life begins at conception) Or how about that Obama really has no friggin' clue on how our military works and pretty much will screw the country when he takes to take over the War in Iraq? Trent, I'm disappointed because you couldn't give me a real solid reason on why you were voting for Obama, except he's a quality public speaker who may or may not bring the change that this country needs. But then if I think about it, you know you aren't the only one who can't list quality reasons on why you should vote for Obama, all the people who are Obama supporters can't come up with a list either, You are not alone on this, there really isn't a quality list of reasons for voting for Obama, so how were you suppose to think up one with your busy schedule and master plan of winning the Super Bowl Championship for Buffalo in 2009. Actually to think about it, you took the hard route by trying to use your intellect to come up with a list of good reasons to vote for Obama, but even an extremely intelligent man like yourself couldn't create one. If you said you were voting for McCain/Palin, it would have been easy and right in front of your face on why you and the rest of this nation should vote for McCain/Palin, but you were trying to tackle the impossible by coming up with a single good reason why you and the rest of the nation should vote for Obama. Don't feel bad Trent, you are amazing, but even you can't tackle the impossible. Just keep up the amazing work of being one of the top signal callers in the NFL and winning games for the best city in the country.

Sad to say, my personal stories are going to have to wait for another day. I must go and chaperone my youth group for a Halloween event at my church. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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