Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winston the Game Pigeon, Imitating Lindy, and the Goot

A lot has happened in Buffalo Sports news since the last time I posted in six days and I am very proud and pleased to say that the Buffalo teams are incredibly strong this year. Both of them. At the same time. If I was going to recap everything I didn't write about in the past 144 hours, then this blog would take me about entire day to write, so I am just going talk about a few Bills and Sabres tidbits that I found incredibly interesting.

First the Sabres...

I was watching the video, Rick Jeanneret "Voices", on Sabres TV and I'm really glad they have a feature on RJ, because he has been a great part of Sabres history. I'm probably partial, but I have have to say that he is the greatest Hockey commentator of all time. His sayings are so memorable that I was quoting him when I was six years old.... "La-La-La-Fontaine". To this day, that is why Pat LaFontaine is one of my all time favorite hockey players. Below is the video, so you can watch some of RJ's memorable sayings and it's nice to have some of Lindy's input on it.

So, the Sabres have a new mascot, well, I should rephrase that they don't have a new mascot, wrong word, my bad. They have new traveling companion. The pigeon of the game. It goes to the player that played the best that game. My mom (who was a pre-K teacher for many a years) had something similar to this for her class, except it was a teddy bear. The students in her class would get to take home the bear and they would have to take pictures of where they went with the bear over the week-end, ie. if they went to the library they would take a picture with the bear at the library or Mickey D's, the kids would be shown feeding the bear french fries, so on and so forth. The kids loved taking home the bear, I think his name was hunter? I could be wrong about that one, any who... Maybe the Sabres do that. Like if Drew Stafford has the honor of spending time with the pigeon, he takes it to band practice with him and you have a picture of Drew rocking out on the guitar and the pigeon playing the drums or if Derek Roy gets a day with him, you see a pic of the pigeon and Derek on his boat. Maybe the Sabres are keeping a secret scrapbook of each players time with the pigeon. At the end of the season each player brings in the pages they made for the special scrapbook and then the Sabres put it in a special library and years later new Sabres can look at the pigeon's and the Sabres' alumni special moments together. It's just a thought. Well, now the pigeon is sort of reminding me of the Travelocity Gnome. hmmm.... you know, the pigeon needs a name, the didn't state whether he was donned one by the organization, but since I don't know what it is and I like to give inanimate objects names, I'm going to name the pigeon of the game, Winston, because we are going to be doing a lot of winning this season. Winston. It's catchy I like it.

pigeon of the game

Winston, the Sabres pigeon of the game.

Jason Pominville has written a new blog and answered a many a Sabres fans questions. I like reading J.J. Pom's blog, it's so polite. A fan even asked him about it.

How do you stay so friendly with people when they are so demanding and ask such strange questions? Sheryl – Jamestown, NY

It’s just the way I interact with people. Sometimes they have funny questions, but if I can answer it I’ll do my best. If I can’t I’ll just say I can’t… like the dancing question. I just don’t think I can! It’s part of the game, the fans like it and as a player I don’t mind it. I think overall it’s actually pretty funny and a good thing to do.

Honesty... a very admirable and attractive trait. You know, Pommer's possesses a lot of great qualities, honesty, politeness, kindness, hardworking, good-looking, and athletic. He's one of those guys you wish they would multiply and pass out to the well-deserving single women of this earth to have as a significant other. But until they figure out how to clone humans, I guess the females of this earth will have to wait and ask the age-old question that all women ask of guys who are great, but in a serious relationship, "Does he have a brother?"

One more thing on the Sabres and Pommer's blog, he said that the best team costume was when Tim Connolly dressed up as Chris Drury in the Little League World Series. Well, that might have been a good one, but my Halloween costume this year is going to trump that one big time. Tomorrow night at 8, when I go to my friends house for a party, I am going as the one and only Lindy Ruff! That's right folks. I'm going as the Ruffinator. I'm going as Lindy during practice, wearing a Sabres ballcap (easier to hide my long hair) and sweats, I'm drawing a Lindy-esque mustache on my face and I don't own a hockey stick, so I may walk around with a clipboard. I'm going to yell things like, "Move your feet, Move your feet, Move your feet... away from the snacks!" and "That's BS!" Ahhhhh... yes... I have been planning this costume for a year and I can't wait to impersonate the greatest hockey of all time.

Second, Bills news.....

They won on Sunday against the Chargers! Kawika Mitchell was on fire! That inception he made was exceptional! I looked for a video of it on youtube, but no such luck in finding it, maybe because of the whole power outage situation. hmmmm.... but if you didn't witness it, take my word for it, he's worth every penny that he's getting paid. Another person earning their paycheck, Mr. Trent Edwards! Watching him play on Sunday, you would have never of guessed that he suffered a concussion. He was on top of his game and then some. I'm glad to see he's back, well, not just glad, over the top ELATED! Yet, Trent is still humble as ever. That amazing catch that Lee Evans made where he held the ball next to his shoulder. Trent gave Lee all the credit saying that it wasn't one of the best throws of his career, but Lee made it look that way. Humble, another quality I have to add to my "Why I am a Trent Edwards' Fan" list. I also read on the Bills' website that Trent might be up to play in the Pro-Bowl, a well-deserved honor indeed. Since his birthday is in one week, he's accomplished a lot before the ripe, young age of 25. Man, he makes me feel like a slacker. grant it I'm a couple years younger (almost), but I have a lot of work to do, if I'm going to accomplish an amazing and detailed resume as Trent Edwards by the time I'm 25. I better get on that.

Thirdly, Steve Guttenberg. Now, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Buffalo Sports, but I must write about this new little tidbit that I have learned about myself. Now, as I have stated before I love cheesy chick flicks circa 1980 to mid 1990's, examples of this would be my love of the movies, "Groundhog Day", "While You Were Sleeping" and "Father of the Bride part 1 and 2". Well, I was at a flea market two weeks ago and was buying more cheesy, vhs, chick flicks for a buck and I purchased, "Three Men and a Baby" (see where I'm going with this?). Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg all star in this movie as big man whores who have to take care of the illegitimate of Ted Danson's character. It was pretty good, but I was beat and fell asleep half way through, I'm sure I'll be watching it again some time soon. But before I feel asleep, I hate to admit it, but the Goot was looking pretty good. I mean not Robert Redford good, but sensitive, quirky guy with a baby good. I guess I'm just remember him from Dancing with the Stars last season when he danced with Jonathan and proclaimed his love of dance. But, I developed a mini-crush on him for about 12 hours and so for a 12 hour period, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I must come clean with my feelings, I had a crush on the Goot.

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bugg said...

you can catch the replay of mitchells interception on its in the multi-media section. it highlights that & the fumble he created mins afterwards.....yeah that trent edwards :) so right he's so freaken humble, ya can't really get mad at him cus he doesn't take much credit

ps: told ya i would read it tonight. lol