Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can We Erase This Week-end, too?, Human Error = Free Trips to Disney World, and Sabotaging Your Own Marriage

As I sit here on my couch blogging, I'm watching the bills game, there is 3:04 in the 4th quarter and I refuse to give up on the Bills, but it's not looking so hot. The worst thing about it all, we're playing Miami and we HATE Miami in WNY! Trent just ran his booty off trying to get the touchdown! Nice hustle Tredwards! But it didn't count for some odd reason, stupid refs! There was a flag, but I don't know why and why that didn't count. I have to give Trent credit, he's really given 110%, even if he had some rough plays, but hey, we all have our bad days at least ours are broadcasted across the entire nation. I'm glad I'm not in the public eye because the press would have a field day with my bad days. Personally, I really don't understand how athletes or celebrities do it, but I guess the pros out way the cons!


CRAP! So, Tredwards just had an awesome pass and Royal just fumbled.... Oi! Well, you win some and lose some and you can't get tickets to the rest, I guess. Poo, but there's just a little extra salt in the wound because we aren't playing well against the fish! I guess it's just a bad week-end for Buffalo Sports. Sabres lost last night as well..... in a shootout none the less...*cringes*! But, at least the Sabres are still undefeated in regulation and they did have to put up five shooters to lose, so the effort was there, but hey, you can't win them all. There's 82 regular season hockey games, I love the Sabres, but they are human and aren't gonna win every game, as nice in theory as that is. But they are still a doing really well. I didn't watch last nights game because I was chaperoning my church teens at a retreat, but Harley was texting me the game results. I did watch the game on Thursday against the Wild and I felt absolutely horrible Miller. You can tell him scoring that goal on himself really ate away at him, but again hey he's human, as much as I like to think of him as a brickwall and again to error is to be human. I must say the team rallied around him and they won. You can tell in Miller's interview that he felt bad because he was buying the team a five course meal and trips to Disney world. Personally, he's bailed the team out of a lot of when they weren't playing good defense, so they owe him and were just repaying the favor. The Bills officially lost, 25 -16, poo! Oh, well, we're just gonna call this a bad week-end for Buffalo Sports. Can we erase this one too?

Switching to the E! channel, "Love and Cry in LA" why Hollywood couples split up. Yes, I'm watching this stuff and yes, it's a guilty pleasure. The are talking about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and how their relationship fell apart. Well, basically if you add a camera and the entire world into your personal life, it's like sticking a knife right in the middle of the relationship and ripping it to shreads. Have you noticed how every Hollywood couple that does a reality show together usually end up divorced/separated after it? Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, Dave Novarro & Carmen Electra, Hulk & Linda Hogan, Travis Barker & Shana Moakler, so on and so forth. Why is this? Because personal lives should remains just that.... Personal. I would never want my personal open for the world to see. It's bad enough that the media goes after celebrities who aren't asking for the attention, but why invite them to rip your relationship apart? hmmmm.... where is the intelligence in that? Oh, wait, there is none!


Jill said...

You can tell in Miller's interview that he felt bad because he was buying the team a five course meal and trips to Disney world.

I wanna go to Disney World...

bugg said...

oh i was soo ticked when i found out that trentwards ran that distance for nothing..ugh. it was called back cus dockery was holding in the backfield. oops! once again we are only human. next week we're back in b-lo...lets hope farve thows a couple of picks. i heard he had 7 in the last 3 or 4 games, so if he keeps that up our defence will be eating him alive. haha