Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chocolate Buddy, Say It Ain't So!, and Applause for Reggie Corner

Aahhhhh... the holidays, you gotta love them, right? The insane people at the stores, the Christmas Parties, Hearing from people that you haven't heard from in a REALLY long time, the food, yes all the glorious fattening food that I tell myself it's okay to eat because I'll worry about it after January 1! (I know, what's my excuse the rest of the year?) But I really do love Christmas, I love watching all the Christmas movies and spending time with loved ones. I had my dance studio's Christmas party last night and even though there was about 50+ children and teens running around, I still had a blast. I love my little guys. One of my favorite little dancers decided that we were going to be "Chocolate Buddies" because as she put it, "She LOOOOOOOVES chocolate and I LOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate, so we HAAAAAAAAAVE to be chocolate buddies!!!" Hey, no complaints here. Anytime I get to eat chocolate without any problems what-so-ever is a-okay by me! She's only 5, but her logic made complete sense to me. When it was dessert time we both went up to the dessert table together with our empty plates and she was holding my hand, walking in front of me and one of the older students was dishing up this awesome looking chocolate cake, pudding, whipping, and chocolate bar concoction and she asked my little chocolate buddy if she wanted some and she said "no" (She was eyeing the chocolate cupcakes with nutcrackers decorated on them.) I said "Oh, I'll take some, that looks AWESOME!" My little chocolate buddy goes, "Then I'll have some, we need to eat the exact same! We're chocolate buddies!" That's all I really wanted from the dessert table and as me and my chocolate buddy were making our way down the table I got stopped by another 5 year old to help her pour a glass of pop. So, I put my plate on the table and as I'm pouring the glass of pop, I see a chocolate chip cookie get placed on my plate and then I watch my buddy place one on her plate. I hand the other little girl her glass of pop and pick up my plate and another student's parent stops me a second to talk, as I'm talking and holding my dessert plate, I feel a plop right on my plate, it was my chocolate buddy placing one of those Hershey Kiss cookies on my plate and walking away and putting one on her plate, by the time she sat down and I got a chance to eat my dessert, I had much more dessert on my plate than I anticipated, but then a deal is a deal. I did agree to eat whatever my little chocolate buddy agreed to eat for dessert. I have to be honest my little five year old chocolate buddy put me to shame, she finished her first helping of dessert, which we both equally had the same thing, and she went up for two more cookies and a cupcake, I only finished the original Chocolate Cake, Pudding, Whip Cream, and Chocolate Bar Concoction, that I had plan to eat and then had to wrap all the little chocolate sweets my chocolate buddy had so kindly placed on my plate in a napkin and take them home. I just can't eat like I use to I guess. After words, my chocolate buddy and I decided to join the Dance Director's 8 year old son in a game of hockey in one of the empty dance studios. My little chocolate buddy wanted me to play with a baseball bat, but I'm really not sure how well that would work, but to be as innocent and imaginative as a 5 year old again. If only I were so lucky.

Being the campaign manager of the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign, I feel I must come up with excellent reasons on why people should vote Goose for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game. Well, I have stated in previous blogs the many of reasons why, but doing some research via internet, I've come to realize that Goose is greatly unappreciated, take the Sabres Red Carpet Event a few months back, now I was not there so this is something I red on someone's facebook page, but hey facebook doesn't lie, esp. with someone's relationship status, am I right? But apparently he arrived with my favorite All*Star goalie Ryan Miller and everyone was so excited about Miller's arrival, they forgot to announce Goose! WHAT! ZAAAA! SAY IT AIN'T SO! CRAZINESS! :-O!!! How sad is that? I mean they announced all the rookies, schnookies, and schmelts, but not a hardworking, nice, does so much for the community and people of this world, good looking guy like Goose! Something is terribly wrong with this world today and I don't like it. Here is a pic of the horrific incident.....


I know, I know, not the best pic, but it's all I could dig up. *sigh* I know Miller is a great guy and all, no arguing that, he created his own ice cream flavor and as a grown adult who has her own 5 year old chocolate buddy, I can certainly appreciate how kick arse that is, but c'mon Goose deserves just as much respect! So, Goose fans everywhere unite and go and Honk the Vote! Vote for Goose for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game! Because as of 3pm there was only..... *drum roll please*..... 402 votes! That's fabulous and all, but we need a wee bit more to get him there, so jump on your (which you already are on if you are reading this because this blog doesn't come in paperback) and go to www.fanballoting.nhl.com and write in Goose for the Eastern Conference Forwards!

Goose Ace & Blades

I'm glad to say that I received an early Christmas Present. The return of Trent Edwards!!! :-)!!! Yes, Tredwards was back as the lead signal caller of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at 4:00pm EST in Denver at Mile High Stadium against Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos and the Bills.... WON! I know the Bills are out of the playoffs whether they win or lose their last two games, but if we can't go to the playoffs why should we hand it over to the teams we still have to play. We might as ruin their chances to play into the post-season if we can. Hey if we can't be happy in Buffalo neither can you in Denver and New England, if we can help it. I must say not only did Trent play fairly well there was a couple of other players who were really earning their paychecks ie Fred Jackson and Reggie Corner. Fred Jackson has been playing tremendously for a good amount of the season, but Reggie Corner? Where did he come from? I'm not gonna lie, I didn't even realize he was a player on the Bills, I don't recall hearing that name. I will say this, I'll remember his name now. He was playing with such gusto and every fiber of his being he deserves an extra round of applause because he was just tremendous. *taking a moment to applaud Reggie Corner* With that being said, I'm really glad the Bills one, Buffalo really needed a nice Christmas gift and I think they got one.


Kim said...

I was so surprised to have a comment on my blog already! Thanks so much. I'm a big fan of Gaustad :)

bugg said...

awe....poor Goose! thats just not fair, afterall he is Buffalo's super hero. :) <3 him