Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye OK 2008, Hello Fabulous 2009!, In Ruff I Trust, and Goose the Best Choice to Represent the Sabres!

This last day of 2008 isn't going as well as I expected, I have been feeling under the weather since Monday, coughing, congested, sore throat, so I decided to take Night Quil last night to knock myself out to sleep. Leaving myself 10 hours to sleep, well that plan didn't go as smoothly as I planned and I would wake up and cough uncontrollably. So, I have a terribly sore throat today, I'm still congested and drowsy and I sound like a man. Sexy, I know. To top it off I got a text message that I wasn't pleased about (won't bother everyone with the personal details) and the Sabres game last night was anything but fabulous. Even worse, I have good friends who live in DC and we have a friendly competition going on about who's NHL team is better. My Sabres or their Caps, said to say, they are currently winning. I got a nice reminder on facebook today about how the game worked in their favor last night. Luckily Cari, from the blog Sabrechaser, is helping me get my hands on a copy of the 2008-2009 Sabres Yearbook and that is the only reason I am smiling right now. (I know I've said it a hundred times already,  but thanks again!)

The way the Sabres played last night was just sad, I'm not going to elaborate because most of you reading this already know and listening to the Sabres post game interviews, they already know, no reason to beat a dead horse. I will say that some players were trying to make for the lack of effort given by others and played exceptionally well (ie Goose, Mair, Clarke, and Ellis). Me and Harley were at our regular Sabres game watching spot last night, the Pub, and the bartender, who is a Sabres fan, but calling it as he sees it, said after the first that we were playing like crap and going to lose, the only one trying out there was Gaustad the way he was hitting everyone last night. I said "yeah, Goose always gives 100%." Harley goes, "Hey! The fat lady hasn't sung yet, we still could win!" The bartender laughed and we made a deal with him that he couldn't complain about the game until it was officially over because me and Harley went to the March 19th game last year, where the Sabres were down 3 goals into the 3rd and they got six goals in the 3rd to win it 7-4. So, Harley and I always believe in Sabres comebacks. The bartender laughed at our Sabres Comeback theory and walked away, I yelled, "Hey! It can happen! In Ruff I Trust!" Harley just looked at me and said, "Nice, way to throw that one in there." Lindy knows what he's doing even if he has to beat his players into the ice. He may not want to do it, but he will if it's necessary. He's naming names and threatening to have players sit out, and in his own words, "They're not idle threats". I like how he was fair and gave credit to the players who did work hard and said if they are want to compete harder then they'll get to play. Sounds like a good plan to me Ruff, give the players the ice time that deserve it. This is why in Ruff I Trust. Lindy I think was royally p.o.ed because usually he gives at least a 5 minute interview or sometimes 8 or 9, but yesterday his interview was only 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I really wouldn't want to be the Sabres who gave the half-assed effort last night, I'm sure thy have a new bum hole by now thanks to the Ruffinator.

Goose also seemed very frustrated in his interview saying it was unacceptable and the team must be held accountable (I agree, Goose, I agree) starting with himself. (WAIT! Goose I don't agree! You were out there giving 110%! You always play acceptable and accountable, I know you don't want to point fingers at other teammates, but don't lie and say you need to lpay more acceptably and accountably, because it just isn't so!)

Speaking of Goose, the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign is giving it update for how many votes Goose currently has for the NHL All*Star game..... *drum roll please*..... 431! After watching last nights game is there anyone on the Sabres team who deserves to go to the NHL All*Star game more than Goose? I mean I'm not saying Vanek's stats aren't incredibly and shouldn't vote for other Sabres, but c'mon Goose works so hard, he deserves some sort of reward, like a chance to play at the NHL All*Star Game! So, please vote for Goose, I think we can all agree he deserves it!




Cari said...

Again, you're very welcome, sweetie!

AND YAYYYYY PAUL!! (Like I said, I'm mad at the other Sabes, so Paul is getting all my love.)

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Defy Gravity... said...

AND YAYYYYY PAUL!! (Like I said, I'm mad at the other Sabes, so Paul is getting all my love.)

Paul def. deserves all of everyone's love! He's a tremendous player 100% of the time and pretty easy on the eyes as well.