Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Campaign Lives On!, Booty Grabbing in Sabresland, and Miller Doesn't Cry Wolf Unless It's Warranted!

The "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" lives on! Me and Harley did as we promised and made our Honk the Vote! t-shirts. It only took us 4 1/2 hours, but it was well worth it. We spent about 3 1/2 hours masking taping the blank t-shirts before and during the Bills game against Miami. The Bills weren't playing so hot, so all my attention was focused on the t-shirt making of the Honk the Vote! campaign. I personally think they should have let Gibran play the second half, seriously, what did we have to lose? Losing the game? I mean at least we could have seen how he played under the pressure during a true NFL game, but I'm not the coach, so I guess Jauron knows best. Hopefully Trent will be back for this Sunday's game. Hopefully, *crosses fingers*

Back to the campaign.... After the 3 1/2 hours of masking taping our t-shirts, we went out in the 10 degree or less weather and spray painted the shirts for about an hour. We were in my garage mind you, so at least we were blocked from the wind, but it was still colder out there than a penguin's butt! We brought my hair dryer out to dry the shirts so we could spray the front and back of the shirts, we also used it as a hand warmer, because at one point I couldn't feel my hands and I don't think Harley could either. So the process went, one was spraypainting, the other hairdrying, I'm sure we were quite the site if anyone was observing us. But after all that, we have Honk the Vote! t-shirts to wear to the pub tonight! Here are some pics of our awesome shirts....


Front of Harley's T-shirt!


Front of my t-shirt!


Back of my t-shirt!


Sleeve of my t-shirt. #28!

About $10 worth in supplies and 4 1/2 hours of freezing manual labor = priceless because we get to support one of the hardworking hockey players NHL and try to get him a spot on the NHL All*Star team.


The total number of votes for Gaustad today are..... *drum rolls please*... 300! An even 300! Not too shabby. I will say I'm a little nervous about any Sabre being on the Roster because Vanek, Teppo, and Miller keep sliding down the leader board, so they need votes too.

I was unable to watch the game on Monday against Pittsburgh, because I had to teach, but when I came into work on Tuesday my boss was talking about how awesome it was the hit Goose had on Lovejoy..... "Welcome to the NHL Lovejoy!" It was a really awesome hit and I was able to track it down on youtube. Actually it's highlights from the entire game, but if you watch at about 4:18 you can see the awesome check by Goose. Absolutely, amazing! (Another reason why you should vote for him *wink*) I also like the save where Miller looks like he's grabbing I think it's Sekera's butt, of course I laughed at this because of course it was completely unintentional, but I didn't expect it and I had a good little chuckle. (It's at about 1:40, if you want to check it out).

Apparently Monday nights game had a lot of verbal abuse between the Sabres and the Refs. I read that Gerbe had a penalty for abuse to the officials and of course, I'm sure we all know how the Ref. told Miller to go F himself. Craziness! I would like to know what Gerbe said to receive that penalty and what in the world possessed the Ref. to say that to Miller. According to the Buffalo News and the NHL there is  no Miller incident. I've always had a lot of respect for Miller and he really doesn't seem like the type of person to make false allegations. He doesn't seem like the boy who would cry "WOLF!", just to receive some extra attention. The NHL could be trying to cover it's booty and making this statement and making it appear like a miscommunication, but my gut instinct says that Miller's telling the truth. The Ref. may have been stressed (I will agree with Lindy and Rivet that an officiator's job is never easy) and said something that he may now regret, but if it did happen the NHL and the Ref. accused have to own up to it. I really honestly doubt Miller is lying, I just can't see it. He's a smart guy, he knows that making false accusations could make him lose his credibility as a player and a person. He's got too much to risk if he loses his credibility, as a hockey player, business owner, and of course his charity. My brain just can't grasp the fact that Ryan is making it up, I just can't see it. I will say I love the fact that Danny Paille skated over to Miller to see if everything was all right. That shows great team chemistry for the Sabres.

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Jill said...

I def think Miller is speaking the truth... like you said... he is too smart and wouldn't risk it if he knew he was in the wrong.