Monday, November 24, 2008

The Honking Grows!, I'm Loving It, and Dancing Men or Simon Baker?

So, me and Harley have a had a little snag in our "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" t-shirt making, but not to worry we are back on track. Yesterday, we purchased the t-shirts for our "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" campaign, but then we were unable to find anything to write, paint, mark, spray, etc.... with to make our t-shirts because yesterday was Sunday and all the stores in our little town were closed. We currently have two white t-shirts with nada on them, but we are back on track, because we have rummaged together arts supplies and the plan is to make our t-shirts tomorrow during the DWTS finale and wear them to our favorite pub on Wednesday night while we watch the Sabres game. Cari from the awesome blog Sabrechaser has informed me that her and her fellow writer of their blog will join the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09" campaign and make t-shirts. Myself and the rest of the campaign (which only consists of Harley) thanks you. Don't forget to e-mail me a pic at This goes for anyone who wants to join the campaign and makes a Honk the Vote! t-shirts, signs, pins, bags, pillows, etc...


Also, the total count of votes today are *drum rolls please*..... 187! I think the Honk the Vote! campaign can do better with votes! So Wed. night me and Harley are taking it to the streets in our Honk the Vote! t-shirts! Keep Honking!

The Bills won yesterday! 54-31! Yes!!! That is exactly what we needed, but this was brought to my attention by Harley, Trent Edwards is a snazzy dresser. Check out that video, he all superfly! Did he just get done playing a football game or off the Baby Phat runway? *whistles* Whew! Looking good Tredwards, looking good. I'm loving the pin stripes, swirly tie and the perfectly folded three triangle silk hankerchief in the right breast pocket. Very Suave. Also, the perfectly placed hair and the right amount of facial hair really makes you look debonair. Basically the McDonalds slogan paraphrases it very nicely, "I'm loving it!".

So, I lied in the first paragraph of my blog, Me and Harley won't be watching the DWTS finale, we'll be watching, "NCIS", "The Menatlist", and "Eli Stone". We'll be taping the DWTS finale. I just can't miss Simon Baker in the Mentalist, he's too easy on the eyes and one of major crushes in life (not mini-crush, major crush!) and what eye candy would I be watching on the DWTS season finale? Lance Bass, he clearly isn't interested in my gender, Derek Hough, a cutie, but no Simon Baker, or Warren Sapp..... hmmmmm... just doesn't quite do it. So, my love Simon Baker it is....... *sigh*

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bugg said...

love love love the pic of Goose :) amazing!