Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something, Late Night Nostalgia, and News on the Buffalo Front: Pornstache, 12 Days, and Bossy Soup!

I've come to the conclusion that the universe just wants me to have a crush on Bill Pullman, it's inevitable. About two months ago I purchased one of my favorite movies, While You Were Sleeping, at a Flea Market for one whole dollar. I then proceeded to watch it as I went to sleep every night for a month, my love growing for Jack Callahan aka Bill Pullman. About two weeks ago I chose my favorite movie of all time, A League of Their Own, to be my bedtime movie for awhile, forgetting that Bill Pullman stars in it as Bob Hinson. Oh, he looks good in a WWII uniform! On Saturday night, Independence Day, was on and I always have a thing for responsible, courageous, good-looking, all- American boys in suits or military uniforms and well, Bill Pullman playing President Thomas J. Whitmore fits the bill. He's being added to the list of my permanent major crushes along with Rob Lowe, Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Pascal, and of course I can't forget Robert Redford. Pullman isn't a bad choice to be added to my growing list of major crushes, because only the finest specimens make it on the list.

Bill Pullman

I didn't get a chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas on here, so here it is..... Merry Belated Christmas everyone! I hope it was absolutely fabulous. My Christmas was excellent this year. I got Mamma Mia!, Baby Mama, and the Sex and the City Movie. Along with a bunch of other things. I watched the Sex and the City Movie Sunday Night into the wee hours of Monday Morning and I really loved it, but it made me feel very nostalgic. It made me miss all my wonderful friends who are scattered across the Eastern Coast. *sigh* I sat there watching it, hugging my Bills pillow, and wanting to be with my friends. I almost called Chi Chi, but it was 2:30 in the morning and I thought that wasn't the best of ideas. Good Thing I'm going out with Harley tonight to watch the Sabres Game at our favorite pub. I need some girl time.

Update on the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '09!" Campaign. Good News if all my information is correct, Goose should be playing tonight! He listed in the depth chart on Sabres.com, so I'm taking that as a good sign. He's playing fourth line center with Paille and Ellis. As for the campaign, well, we need some more votes for our beloved Goose. He currently has..... *drum rolls please*..... 420 votes. Not bad, not bad, but he needs a few more to get there, so please vote for Goose and the rest of the Sabres. I'm a little shocked to see Vanek off the leaderboard list all together. He's had a tremendous season! So, while your taking the time to vote for Goose, take the time to write in Vanek as well.


I stumbled across an article online today that might sadden Drew Stafford a wee bit. Apparently, the pornstache was a great fashion faux pas of 2008, committed by Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Orlando Bloom, and of course Buffalo Sabres forward, Drew Stafford (only when he's rocking out and his doesn't appear to stay on the whole time, well, because that's ho he rolls). Even though Drew only wears his when he is personating his alter ego, the lead guitarist of the Rock Group Invisible Children, it still does make the pornstache fashion and it is still a great fashion faux pas. Sorry, Drew, but those looks only work for Ron Jeremy or Super Mario and in all reality the only one that looks good is Mario.


Super Mario

I'm not going to discuss the Bills/Patriots game on Sunday, well, because it was just depressing. So, we are not winning the Super Bowl in 2009, but you just wait until 2010, that's going to be the Bills year to win the Super Bowl! I did however appreciate the episode of 68 seconds with Langston Walker and the Bills singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Oh, I don't even know where to begin because I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Leodis McKelvin sounding like the line of "9 ladies dancing" should be in a Kayne West song, the fact that Trent Edwards looks like a little kid at an elementary school chorus recital who is in his white buttoned up shirt and black tie and slacks who is taking his solo very seriously why all the other kids look scared poopless with stage fright or completely bored out of their minds, or Blake Constanzo not even attempting to sing, but just saying, "6 geese A-Layin'!", or Marshawn Lynch not even knowing the song and Langston feeding him his lines of camera,  or Jusin Jenkins' very off-key, but longly held note of "5 GOLDEN RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!", or my favorite Robert Royal smiling everytime after he finished saying, "and a partridge in a pair tree". I am aware of the fact they used the same clip over and over again, but still, it was fabulous.

This story just bring a lot of warmth to my heart. I love the fact that a true Bills fan won the ultimate prize of meeting Trent Edwards, absolutely fabulous and just in time for Christmas! What an awesome gift. I especially love how his daughter, who's a senior in high school, said, "I just met my future husband." That a girl! Way to dream big.

In honor of the Winter Classic on Thursday, I was checking out the Blackhawks and Red Wings' websites, when I came across this video of Brian Campbell aka Soupy, mic'd up on blackhawks.com.

Now, if memory serves me correctly, I don't remember Campbell being this vocal or bossy in Buffalo. He's especially riding Patrick Kane's butt and Kane doesn't argue back, maybe he thinks it's disrespectful to argue with your elders. I also don't remember Soupy being that much of a whiner or a whiner at all in Buffalo, look at 40 seconds into the video where he is whining to the ref. I seriously expect him to throw a tantrum five seconds after they stopped taping him. Apparently Chicago isn't agreeing with him as well as Buffalo did. Oh, well , you are the one that chose to leave Soupy, now we have to deal with the consequences of our decisions. Harley pointed out the other night that it's kind of ironic that Campbell has to play in another Winter Classic and maybe karma has kicked in for him leaving Buffalo, but he is the one that proclaimed at the microphone at the Bucking Buffalo while Miller when accompanying him on guitar, that "They were gonna freeze their asses of at the Ice Bowl" and complaining about having to play in it. Karma! Buffalo is the place to be, once you leave, your life goes down the shitter. (I tried to locate the video on youtube, but I think the person who posted it took it down, drat!).


amy said...

Rob Lowe and Adam Pascal? That's a whole lot of yummy in one sentence.

Jill said...

Bucking Buffalo... tee hee. Poor Miller... I bet he was sorely dissappointed in Soupy that night.

Defy Gravity... said...

Rob Lowe and Adam Pascal? That's a whole lot of yummy in one sentence.

Agreed! Adam and his rocker voice melts me everytime and Rob Lowe ever since I saw him in a suit with his glasses on the West Wing, it's been crush at first sight!

Defy Gravity... said...

Bucking Buffalo... tee hee. Poor Miller... I bet he was sorely dissappointed in Soupy that night.

Yeah, I don't know if you've seen the video, but in my opinion, it appears that Miller wants nothing to do with the situation. It also seems like it was one of those boys nights where they got Soupy really liquored up and they are behind the camera laughing hysterically at him. Just a theory.