Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids Who Think They are Capable of Being Adults, A Heartfelt Update, and Reuniting with My Other Half

I need to stop watching shows with topics that aggravate me. I was watching the Tyra show this morning (I really do love this show and I am a Tyra fan) and they were talking about child brides. The first guest on, was a girl who was 15 and wanted to marry her 18 year old boyfriend. (Can we say jailbait?) She met him when she was 12 and he was 15, he was her day camp counselor and they are both currently living in her mom's house, living in her bedroom, sharing the same bed. Of course they are having sex, but the kicker is they are trying to have a baby. She has been trying to get pregnant for a year and since she couldn't get pregnant the natural way, she has bought fertility drugs over the internet. She recently doubled her dosage of fertility drugs because she still wasn't getting pregnant. When asked why she wanted to get married, her response was, "Well, like, I'm responsible for my age, like more responsible than most kids, and like, I take care of my younger sisters when my mom needs me to. I, like, dress them and feed them, and like play with them." Tyra's response, "That's called babysitting. Every girl your age has babysat." The girl's response, "Yeah, that's what I do, so, like, I can take care of my own kid." Tyra asked her who her role model was, the girl's response was Jamie Lynn Spears, because "She is , like, so much more responsible than her sister. Like, she hasn't her kid taken away from her yet, and like she's young, unlike Britney, who like an adult and old. So, I can take care of my kid too." All righty, so I don't even know where to even start critiquing this and I'm not even done summarizing, but let me add a few personal comments to all this. A) Jamie Lynn hasn't had her taken away from her yet. Even she said yet. So, give it a little time and I'm sure the odds are in her favor to have her kid taken away from her. B) Britney has had many personal problems (many is an understatement) which I'm not even going to talk about any of those, but Britney isn't old to be having kids. She had her first child at age 23. I think that's a normal age to have kids. Britney is turning 27 in December... since when is that old? But I digress... They asked the boyfriend why he wanted to get married and his response was, "Well, I really love her and I have a job as a pizza man, and we're already having sex, so why not?" Tyra asked him how much money he made year and he said about $1,000. Then the girlfriend said, "No, you make about $5,000 maybe. Well, you make $8.10 an hour." He replied with, "Oh, that's right". Seriously, you can even do the mathematics on what your annual income is and you are ready to get married and raise a kid. If you are still living in your mom's or significant other's mom house, you are not ready to get married and start a family. If you have to sneak behind your mother's back and order fertility drugs off the internet instead of seeing a health care professional, you are definitely not ready to be married or raise kids. You aren't even a responsible adult. You can't even vote, drink, buy cigs or porno. You can't even drive a car! Marriage isn't all fun and games. It's a lot of work and responsibility. There are a lot of wonderful benefits from marriage that can fulfill your life, but it's not all sunshine and lollipops. When Tyra asked the girl why she wanted to marry her boyfriend she responded, "Well, like, he's perfect, he, like, buys me stuff, when he gets a paycheck, and cleans my room and like I always get what I want." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How are you suppose to pay for a baby if your hubby's money is all going to buy you stuff. If you want to raise a family, you can no longer be ego-centric. You have to grow up and sacrifice your needs for your children. What Jamie Lynn Spears makes it look so easy? Well, I wonder why, she has the money to pay people to help her. Guess, what if your hubby is only pulling in $5,000 a year (if that) then your butt is probably going to have to get a job and I'm sure at that point you'll be happy if you can buy toilet paper to wipe your ass with. You won't be able to buy whatever you want. I'm glad to say at the end of the show, Tyra talked her out of getting married right now and her boyfriend was getting his own place (I'm sure it's a hole in the wall with his income, but at least it's his own place). She also took a pregnancy test and Praise the Lord she wasn't pregnant. If she was, the only victim in this whole situation would have been the child. What is wrong with kids now-a-days. When I was 15, I still thought boys had cooties. (actually, if you go to such places as frat houses, or places where multiple heterosexual males co-habitat, I still believe cooties exist. There's always something crawling around in those places and the weirdest smells, too) Ok, well, maybe not at 15, but I was more worried about my academics and dancing than boys. And I certainly didn't want to get married or have kids at that age, heck, I'm still not ready for that.

So, I know I've been blogging a lot on how Ryan Miller has been slacking on updating his blog, but I must say when he updates, he updates. There was definitely a lot of thought put into his latest blog. Of course he talked about the success of the Sabres, but not too much, because as he pointed out you can find out how well the Sabres are doing on various places on the internet. He preceded to talk about his cousin Matt who passed away about a year ago from cancer. It was a very heartfelt entry and I'm not going to even begin to summarize because I can not even begin to give it the ounce of justice that it deserves. But, I truly do recommend taking the time to read it. It made me want to go and comfort everyone who experiences this heartache of losing a loved one much too early in life to such a dreadful disease. Ryan stated that The Steadfast Foundation website ( will be having a link on their website on how you can help out.

R.Mil JJPom Puppy

A good time is had by all at The Steadfast Foundation's Catwalk for Charity. Having fun and helping other what in the world could be better. I mean Jason Pominville is having a good time with his yellow canary boa and even though the puppy looks a wee bit sad, it went to a good home with the Thibaults. (editor's note, this isn't my picture it belongs to CSINickStokslvr I pinked out her face because A) I wasn't sure if she wanted her face displayed on my blog and B) Pink is a fierce color, I was thinking of going with canary yellow to match Pommer's boa, but decided it would be a wee too much.)

Speaking of loved ones, I get to see my Chi Chi tomorrow! *overcomed with great joy* Yes, I get to see my other half tomorrow and it may only be for about 20 hours, but I am in great need of a Chi Chi fix. I haven't seen her in 7 months and that is far too long. Grant she lives about 1,000 miles away and since we are both poor fairly recent college grads who majored in dance and do a have career in our chosen field, but our chosen field pays us mere peanuts, so we can not afford to travel and see each other as much as we would like. But, the reason I get to see her is for a very special occasion, our dear friend, Tallie, is having her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party all in the same day. The wedding is in another six weeks and I'll get to see Chi Chi again! Yes, I'm going to another wedding event, but I get to see so many of my beloved friends and dancers, I fun time should be had by all. I haven't seen Tallie, Luan, and Chevelle in 7 months either. It feels like eons. After tomorrow night which will turn into Sunday morning, I'm sure I'll have many stories.

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