Saturday, December 6, 2008

Soupy's Campaign Vs. Goose's Campaign, 28 Years Old and We Haven't Learned It's Not Okay to Harass Your Fans, and Lovin' the Wooly Mammoth Look!

Brian Campbell must be paying more for his campaign manager for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game than Paul Gaustad is for me. (Which is Goose Egg by the way, no pun intended, okay maybe a little pun intended) I recently came upon this commercial for Brian Campbell's campaign.

Now before you start feeling bad for Goose that I haven't created one of these finely directed and acted campaign video's for him, you have to take a few things into consideration, A) I don't even know Goose and he doesn't know me, so I wouldn't be able to get his permission to approve this message, B) This is pretty much an underground, boredom preventer campaign, which myself and Harley (and a few other Goose Fans) have decided to try and get Goose voted in for the 2009 NHL All*Star Game via write-in votes. C) Since I have never once backed down from a challenge in my life, I have now taken it upon myself to get Goose voted into the NHL All*Star game, but the financial means for such fabulous advertising like Soupy's isn't there. D) I could create one of those videos or not to toot my own horn an even more kickass one, but I can't figure out how to download videos to youtube, go figure.

So, there you have it, my list of reasons of why I can't be as good a campaign manager as Soupy's. The odds are against me. I try really, but I just can't seem compete with that. I will say this, is Soupy's campaign manager writing a blog about voting for Soupy and leaving photoshopped pictures that have a catchy slogan on why to vote for Soupy or are they and their best friend making t-shirts with said slogan and wearing them to the bar while watching Soupy play. I think not and that's where Goose's campaign beats Soupy's. Online commercials, who needs them? Not Goose, that's for damn sure.


Speaking of the campaign the total number of votes today are.... *drum roll please*..... 265! Slowly, but surely, we're getting there, slowly, but surely.

Sean Avery, I never liked the guy, my favorite moment with him was when Derek Roy tripped him in the 2007 playoffs during the Rangers. Classic. I will always respect Derek for that. In any event apparently he is seeking counseling for (it's been rumored) anger management. All right, I'm all for counseling and receiving help mentally, emotionally, physically when you need it. Anyone who is trying to better themselves, kudos to you. With that being said, shouldn't he have still known how to behave like a human being? I mean, he's 28 years old, he's played 7 seasons in the NHL, and if he had an ounce of common sense, he should know you don't harass you fans, media, or pretty much anyone because you're in the spotlight and you can get fined or suspended by your organization. Especially repeated times. I couldn't do that to costumers at my job, one time and my boss would fire me and give me a don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. So, why in the world did he think he was above the mere mortals of this earth and could treat people this way without some sort of repercussions? It's beyond me. What kills me most about this article is that Brett Hull (ugh! That name still infuriates me "NO GOAL!" your foot was in the friggin' crease! But I digress....) makes it seem like every pro-athlete acts like this and it's cool for him to be suspended a few games as long as he is seeking help. All for him seeking help,  but really? He didn't know the difference between right and wrong behavior by the time he was I don't know say 5? *rolls eyes* Well, hopefully he will learn how to behave like a decent human being. Good Luck Sean, I have a feeling you're going to need it.

Reflecting on the comments from my last blog, yes I agree Goose does look a little Wooly Mammoth-ish, but I must say it works for him. I usually like my guys clean shaven, but Goose is one of the few guys facial hair works for him (another reason to vote for him, facial hair doesn't work for Soupy). And Harley, Dec. 10th is Wed. and not a Monday, I do teach Monday nights, so I won't be able to watch games then, hence why I said the 10th, which is Wed, because I don't teach that night, look at a calendar, Harley, look at a calendar. GEESH! ;-)

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bugg said...

hahaha....believe it or not i did look at a just so happens to be for november tho. oops! personally i think ur campain is so much more authentic than soupys. ours is full of heart <3 haha