Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Honk the Vote! (Gaustad in '09!), Buffalo Sports Bloggers, and Life is Good With Peanut

All right, I think I need a better PR strategy for Gaustad's '09 campaign for a roster spot on the NHL All*Star team. I recently voted and discovered that they have this cool little gizmo on the bottom of the screen when you check out the leader board that tells you how many votes each player in the NHL has for the All*Star. Seeing I'm really trying to get Goose on the All*Star team, I checked out how many votes he has collected..... *drum roll please*...... 129 votes! He's only 39,141 votes behind the the person who has the lsat roster spot in the east, which is Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins, by the way. Now this may seem like Goose is out of the running, but there is plenty of weeks of voting left and if anyone can rally people together for a good cause it's the Gaustad. So, to help him out, I will continue to write him in when I vote and I will keep telling people to vote for via this blog.


To answer Kim's question from the wonderful sabrechaser blog. I got the amazing photo from my last blog of Gaustad from There's a user called crosbypommer and she has a lot of great photos of the sabres and other hockey players. I jut photoshopped in the words Gaustad in '09! Thanks for asking and thanks for actually taking the time to read my random rabbles. I have to give a quick shout-out to all the Buffalo Sports blogs because not only have I throughly enjoyed reading all your thoughts on the Sabres and Bills, but Harley has too. The other day, while watching the Sabres game of course, she told me that she never thought she would ever read fan blogs and now since I have started writing one, she has ventured onto reading everyone elses and now has become an addict. She doesn't write one of her own, but she has checked everyone else's on a pretty regular basis. So, keep up the good work, Buffalo Sports Bloggers, keep up the good work.

My week hasn't exactly gotten off on the right foot, first with me and Harley in a confused frenzy trying to complete our church's monthly newsletter (I don't why in the world I let her talk me into helping her with doing the newsletter, pay back's coming Harley, just you wait), then on Sunday night I wasn't feeling so hot, but my puppy Lib, had to go to the Animal Hospital and we discovered that she ate concrete and stones and that's why she was in such grave pain. To top it off it's November, so I shouldn't be surprised by this, but where I live in WNY we got about a foot of snow and our snowplowed died, leaving us to pray and hope we didn't get stuck in the driveway and last night all the parents of my dance students decided that their little minuet problems that I don't control but the director does, needed to be my problem to fix, no it's not you need to talk to the director and if you already did, I can't override her decision, no matter how much you complain to me. *sigh* But all these little nuisances have been trumped by the fact that the Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special came out on DVD and I own a copy! Yes! Oh happy day! It also contains an extra hour of unseen footage that wasn't on Comedy Central. Could life get any better? I think not! I don't have cable, directTV, or satellite, just two rabbit ears on the top of my tv. So, I do not get Comedy Central and was unable to watch the special on Sunday night, hence my excitement for being able to buy the DVD yesterday! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it is on tomorrow's night agenda because tonight I have to watch the Sabres game and last night I had to teach. So, tomorrow, I will be curled up on my couch with a pillow and blanket watching the Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special while laughing my butt off and hanging with my dear old pal Peanut.

jeff and peanut


Cari said...

You're only encouraging Kim's addiction to Paul... It's not a good idea, because she's on the brink of becoming more obsessed with he than I am with Derek. And believe me, that is most definitely NOT a good thing!!

I forgive you, though. It's all good. =]

Jael said...

I am SO gonna help Paul Gaustad's mama vote him into the All-Star game. =D

Jill said...

Thanks for the linky-do!