Saturday, August 30, 2008

Venting to My Online Audience, Counting Your Blessings, and the Personal Choice and Commitment of Being a Meatatarian

Intellectual, witty conversation.... that is what I am in dire need of. I was the phone the other night with Chi Chi and it was so good to talk to her, the four hours I talked to her just flew by. It was so refreshing. *sigh* I swear I don't talk to enough people who are interesting. I mean Harley is and a couple other people, but I don't see them enough. I just need a good face-to-face conversation that can keep me on my toes where the time just flies by... Me and Chi Chi would have that every night when we were roomies in college, I guess I just miss her alot and all our wonderful nightly conversations! *double sigh* Venting on here helps and is a decent substitute for intellectual conversation. I mean no was is responding to me, but it helps to just get my emotions and thought out in writing and not think about anything else. *triple sigh* So in any event, thanks for listening or not listening, reading or not reading, it's a good form of therapy for me.

Me and Harley were walking last night and we ran into a girl who asked if we knew where a pay phone was, those have gone by the wayside in this world thanks to cell phones. I said no I didn't know where one was, but she could use my cell phone. I checked in my purse and realized I left it my car, but I told the girl my car wasn't that far and if she didn't mind walking we could go and get it. She said thanks and followed me and Harley to my car. On our walk to my car, we discovered that the girl was a drug addict and had just signed herself out of rehab, she had been working since the age of ten in a kitchen and her husband had committed suicide and she was only 25. She lived in a town about an hour away and when we got to my car, she called her grandma to pick her up. She argued with her for about 5 minutes and then hung up and said thanks and started walking. I wished her luck and Harley and I continued walking in the other direction, about 5 minutes later my phone rang and it was the girl's grandma, she asked to talk to the girl, but I said I was sorry she was no longer with us, she started walking the other direction. Her grandma asked if I was in rehab with the girl and I said no! I don't drink or do drugs, I was just letting her use my phone, she said okay and hung up. Me and Harley continued walking and it made us think, man are we lucky. I get frustrated with my life sometimes, but I am really lucky, I have wonderful friends, parents, and family who love me and have helped me a lot threw my life. I have a roof over my head, clothes on back, and food in my belly. I may not always enjoy working my "pay the bills" job, but I have a job and it's a flexible job that works around my dance schedule and I get to do what I absolutely love which is dance. I have my faith and God has blessed me in many, many ways. Talking to this girl made me come home and thank God for all the blessings in my life. I don't know what happened to that girl, but I pray she's okay.

On a completely different and lighter note, I'm sitting here watching tv and a Wendy's commercial has come on. It's advertising their sandwich the baconator. The guy in the commercial says he won't try the girls salad because he is a meatatarian and it's a personal choice. It makes me laugh, it sounds like me. I eat very few veggies (I know, I know, not a good things), but whenever I go to Timmy Ho's and order their BLT sandwich, I always say I don't want the lettuce and tomato on the sandwich, just bacon, cheese, and a little mayo. Basically, the more the sandwich is going to clog my arterties, the better it will taste. That Wendy's baconator sandwich looked really, really good. I'm really hungry right now at 10:33 at night, I'm craving a Wendy's baconator or some kind of bacon. I'm going to go search my house for bacon now, maybe I have some in the frig....

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