Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life's Little Inconveniences, Tootsie Pops, and Twitch

Life's little inconveniences, aren't they grand? Mine seem to be in full swing today. During my freshman, sophomore, and junior year of High School, I had braces, that's why my teeth are so nice and straight now. I got them off my senior year, but for some odd reason my two front teeth wanted to separate leaving a small gap, I didn't have this gap before the braces, but I had a gap after the braces, odd, I know. Anyway, my orthodontist cemented a small bar behind my teeth, so they would stay together, and personally it's never bothered me. Actually I usually forget it's there for months at a time. Now fast forward five years later after getting that bar put on my teeth, I'm at dinner with Harley and all of a sudden I feel something sharp and loose behind my teeth. I start to play with it and Harley is nice enough to ignore me putting my fingers in my mouth in a public place to check the metal wire behind my teeth. Sure, enough! The one side came un-cemented. fabulous! Now, I still see my orthodontist twice a year for check-ups, fabulous guy, but he's 30 minutes away from where I live 45 from work and since most of his clients are under the age of 18, his office hours are 7am to 3:30pm! (for all of you that were metals mouths like me, wasn't the orthodontists a great way to skip school?) Now that I'm an adult, I would appreciate night time hours... like 7pm. So, I had to go into work early today (for those of you that don't know, I don't arrive at work until noon), so I could leave early, to go yes, ultimately get my braces fix. *sigh*  C'est La Vie! I probably shouldn't have ate all those tootsie pops... after all these years, you think I would learn that hard candy + orthodontics don't mix! But, I would sacrifice it all again for my love of tootsie pops!

So You Think You Can Dance? finale tonight! :-) I am so routing for Twitch! That's my main man right there. I love how hard he has worked. I always admire hard-working people, it's such an attractive trait. Anyway, I'll be voting on any available phoneline, I can get my hands on, hopefully he wins, because all my other favorites on the show have been voted off and he's the only one left. Twitch - IV Real!

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