Friday, August 8, 2008

Ladies' Night, Sports, and Kaboom Car

TGIF! Seriously, I am sooooo glad it's friday! :-) My work day draaaaaagged on forever! It was one of those, I could almost swear that the clock broke, because each time I looked at it, it never had seemed to move. I'm so glad it's Friday and I have a Girls Night planned with Harley and another friend! Hooray for female bonding!

I'm also excited because the Olympics start tonight and the Bills first pre-season game is tomorrow. When I'm not out having fun with friends, I plan on watching much televised athleticism. While I'm being lazy, the athletes will be doing enough exercise for the both of us. So, it works out in theory.

In good news, the Sabres signed defenseman Teppo Numminen for one year. If anyone ever hears me pronounce Teppo, I actually sat Tempo. I think this is because in high school and most of my college career, I drove I '94 Ford Tempo aka Kaboom Car. It was my first car and everyone's first car should be a P.O.S. I hit many a curbs with that car and even did a 360 in a field on a snowy WNY day... lots of memories in that car... so I think I assume it's Tempo, not Teppo..... Tempo sounds cooler in my mind.

That looks exactly like my old car minus the stripes....

All right, I can't stand to be at a computer anymore... off for a fun nite with the ladies....

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