Monday, August 18, 2008

Letting Fate do its Job, Revisting a College Lesson, and Lindy Ruff and His Special Homemade Recipe of Whoop Ass

"Did you know that you have a personal romance cycle that kicks off on you birthday?"

That's the line that grabbed my attention right before I read this article. Really? Does your body have a cycle that it prefers to date by? I mean, my body won't me to be a big couch potato the first three months after my birthday, but three to six months after my birthday, my body will be demanding that I do that? Seriously? I think this is more of a theory, than actually scientific proof. Now, I'm all for theories, I have quite a few of my own, but this seems a little far fetched doesn't it? If this is the case shouldn't people only date people who are close to having the same birthday as them, so they are on the same cycle? I mean if I'm in my second cycle and want to be a big old couch potato on Friday night and the guy I'm dating is in his first cycle and wants to go out all the time? Isn't that going to create friction in the relationship? But if I date a guy who's in the same cycle as me (ie cycle two) then we will both want to be couch potatoes together and when were are both in cycle one together, we will want to go out and knock the world on its ass together. Personally, I think this theory is bogus, but hey, it's a free country people can believe any theories they want. This just proves that are culture is in fear of dying alone, so they will believe any crack-pot theory, that says in the past they were doing things wrong and if they believe this theory and follow it religiously, everything will change and you will find "the one". People let fate do it's job, it's getting ticked that others are trying to usurp it.

On a personal note, I really need to get to bed much earlier. This 3:30am crap, is not cutting it. Grant it, I was working on contracts and paperwork last night, so it wasn't like I was just being irresponsible, I had a lot of work due today, but seriously, I need to get to bed earlier, even if I have to get up early and do the work. Except, if my college career has taught me anything, is that this theory only works in my mind. I tried saving my work for morning and going to bed early, but I discovered all I do is fight with the alarm clock when I should actually be doing work. Nothing actually gets accomplished when I leave it til morning, so I always go back to square one, which is finishing all my work before I go to bed. *sigh* The is a vicious cycle which hasn't changed since college. When will I ever learn?

The Sabres announced their television schedule for this season and I'm glad to see only eight games are on Versus. Grant it that is eight games too many, but at least it's not a lot. I hate when Sabres games are broadcasted on Versus, it always seems that the announcer is favoring the other team. Can't he be impartial? It was really bad last year when the Sabres played the Caps and you couldn't even understand the announcer because his lips were attached to Ovechkin's booty. Apparently he can do no wrong *rolls eyes and gags*.

I love when the games are on MSG! I get excited when I hear "Rock You Like a Hurricane 2000 (with the Berlin Phil. Harmonic)" by the Scorpions. You see the Sabres skating around and Ryan Miller doing the death stare. You see Lindy watching his players and seeing whose ass he may have to stick his foot up because they are slacking. Then you see James Patrick next to Lindy with a microphone in his ear, and you feel as if Jeep belongs to the CIA, the way he whispers things into Lindy's ear. Ahhh..... yes.... I can not wait for hockey season. I also love when Rick Jeanerette is calling the game. He is impartial and he has the BEST sayings ever! "These guys are good, scary good", "May Day! May Day!", "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-FONTAINE!".... I have been quoting Rick since I was six years old. Someone would mention the Sabres and I would burst out with "La-la-la-la-la-FONTAINE!". I think I truly believed LaFontaine was the only player on the team. I was only six, I've grown into a much bigger fan of hockey. But, I miss all of that when the games are on Versus. They're just not as fun to watch. Oh, well, it's only eight games this year. What is this with eight games though. The Bills are only going to play eight games in Toronto in the next five years, the Sabres will only play eight games on Versus this season, what's next? The Bisons will only win eight games this season? Okk, that was mean... but I think there is something to this eight game theory.

Lindy Ruff checking out whose slacking and needs to receive a special can of his whoop ass.

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