Sunday, August 17, 2008

1:21am, People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed to Talk on National Television, and Eye Candy

The time is now 1:21am and I can't seem to sleep just yet. I should admit that I haven't even tried, if I did, knowing my track record I would probably be asleep within 5 minutes of head hitting the pillow, but since I don't feel tired yet, I feel I must stay up and pa rouse the late night television. Since, I'm just trying to kill time before I feel my body is ready to rest for the night, why not post a blog? As I sit here typing and eating a slice of Kraft American cheese at what now is 1:24am., I look up at the television and I really wish I had cable. I mean I get 27 channels with a set of rabbit ears because I live on a high hill and the television signals bounce off Lake Erie, so not only get American stations, as I stated in my last post I get Canadian stations as well. So, I'm currently watching the movie "Stripes" on Global. I was flipping through the channels and saw that John Candy, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and John Larroquette were all in one movie and figured they're all funny actors that I like, why not give this a shot? I had to go to one of faithful websites of movie info ( and figure out what in the world I watching. I discovered the movie was "Stripes" made in 1981. A 27 year old war comedy at 1:00am.... why the heck not? There is seriously nothing better on television. Since I only caught the last half hour, I had no idea what was going on. At one point I thought this movie was Dumbo Drop, but then I realized Danny Glover wasn't in this movie and none of the actors I previously named are in that movie, ix nay that theory!

But as I continue typing away, it's now 1:30am and ET has just come on. YES! Celebrity Gossip! Seriously the only joy I get out of watching this stuff is that most of them are so crazy and lack morals and self respect that it makes me feel better about myself as a human being. For example, the first interview is with the sister of the girl who had an affair with John Edwards. Really? Did we as American citizens need to know the opinion of the lady who is the sister of the girl who was sleeping with John Edwards as he cheats on his wife who has cancer? The situation is sad enough, especially for Elizabeth Edwards, the poor woman has cancer, you think that her husband would have the decency to keep it in his pants and not cheat on her, but now we as Americans can not sleep at night without knowing what the John Edwards' other woman's sister thinks. She says that her sister's baby has John Edwards' eyes, jaw line, and lips, clearly the baby must be his.... how about they try something a little more scientific like, I don't know, a paternity test? Was the sister so desperate for attention that she had to go on national television to talk about her sister's affair with a politician? And who at ET seriously thought that her opinion actually mattered? Or she was of any importance? The only thing more pathetic at the moment is that I actually listened to a minute of it, I sorta hate myself at the moment for actually listening to it.

All right, time to turn this off. Joan Collins is talking about sex after 70. I actually rather listen to the sister of John Edwards' other woman. *shivers* all right, now the thought of Joan Collins and sex after 70 is in my head. Great. Not only do I need to burn that out, I'm definitely not sleeping tonight. Maybe I'll pop in a movie, something with some eye candy that I can have sweet dreams about if I actually fall asleep tonight. OOOOO.... maybe the "Devil Wears Prada"... even though I watched it last night, I can never get enough of Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier in one movie... especially Simon Baker....

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