Thursday, August 28, 2008

People Holding More Regard for Their Food than Priceless Antique Belongings, My Love of Seasickness, and Having a Big Heart for Charity

I'm back! It's been a week since I've been on here and what a busy week it's been. I was on vacation for most of it and now I'm back to the same old grind. I just received a mean text message from Harley about how I'm slacking with blogging, so basically to throw it in her face, here I am blogging. All I have to say is Bite Me, Harley! In any event, my vacation was fun, relaxing, but I'm glad to be home. I was in Hartford, CT for part volunteering at the Antiques Roadshow. It was fun and different experience and I met a lot of nice people and a few of the famous ie the Keno Twins. I must say I dealt with 6,000 people that day and no one was mean to me. Odd. I know. Considering the fact that for the 6-7 years I waitressed and hostessed through High School and College, I couldn't have one single day dealing with 250 people at the most (and it was usually was less than that) where someone wasn't a complete a** to me. Maybe because when I worked as a waitress/hostess, I was dealing with their food, where at the Antiques Roadshow, I was just the line keeper in triage sending them to table with their priceless family heirlooms and garage sale finds. It just comes to show you that people care more about their Friday Night Fish or Hamburger and Fries then their Antique Valuables. No argument there, I get very cranky if I miss a meal. I consider eating a top priority.

I also spent some of vacation visiting my aunt and uncle in CT. It was fun we bonded while watching Jeff Dunham DVDs (can't go wrong there) and then we went and saw their boat. I didn't think this was the smartest idea, because when I was 13 and was visiting them, they took me on their boat. In any event, I get motion sickness very easy as well as seasick, and my uncle thought I was being rude when I asked to go lay down on the coach below (I don't know the technical boat terms, but I'm sure you can figure it out). Seriously, I was a green as Oscar the Grouch around the gills, and I''m being rude 'cus I want to lay down for a second, seriously wouldn't it be ruder if I puked in your lap??? Oi! Anyway, even though it's a decade or more since that incident, I still haven't changed with how seasick I get. It's not like I choose to be seasick, really,  I would give it up in a heartbeat, but my family all knows this and they still decide let's go sea the boat. Grant it, it's a nice boat and all but I didn't really take much note of that, from the minute I stepped foot on the boat, I was trying to keep my cinnamon raison bagel and applesauce down from breakfast. We were only on the boat for about an hour and half, but man did it seem like 8 hours. I could not wait to get on land again. A few minutes after my feet touched land, I was fine and actually realized I was hungry. So, note to my family, no more boat trips, I just can't stomach it. I also vowed to myself after that day, I'm not marrying a guy who wants a boat, unless he wants to sail by himself, because there is no way my Buffalo booty is getting on it. It's better for everyone that way.

It was a good vacation, but I'm glad to be home and on land. I've also checked all my favorite websites that I've neglected for the past week and I'm happy to report that I now know that Jason Pominville is a Kayne West, Jay-Z and 50 Cent fan and that Andrew Peters was celebrity bar tending at the Pearl Street Grill. I do have to give Peters props because he is doing it for a very worthy cause, the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). He's giving all his tips to it. So, I have to give him an "A" for effort, he does seem to have a big place in his heart for charitable organizations, but I've also seen him at one of these charity events, I was a waitress at one of them. I think the best advice I could give him after that would be the old college motto "Know Your Limit and Stay In It" and a personal one of mine "Just Because the Alcohol is Free Doesn't Mean You Have to Drink as Much as Possible". But the whole time he was inebriated, he did try to keep raising more money for the charity the event was for, so he gets a kudo for that. I hope they raised a lot of money for the NCMEC and everyone had a great time in the process, Peters included.

So, I just got another text message from Harley as I'm typing this and it's the end of 1st period of the Bills game and they are losing 5-3! Poop! Not what I wanted to hear, well it's only the end of the first and they're only 2 points down, one field goal and we can win this. C'Mon Buffalo, I know it's only the off-season, but this is the year the Bills are gonna win the Super Bowl and the Sabres are gonna win the Stanley Cup, I just have a really good gut feeling.

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