Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogger's Beef Against Improper English vs. My Grammatical Errors Test, My Strange Awkwardness with Money Tangent, and Peanut

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot the word ain't in my last post. It was in the quote that a child said to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, "Say it ain't so Joe, Say it ain't so". The weird thing is I remember typing it, but it's not showing up in my post. Harley mentioned it to me when I talked to her today, that she didn't think that quote was right..... hmmmmmm.... well, it's not, but I think my post deleted the word "ain't" do to the fact that it is not proper english. Oh, this is bringing back elementary school arguments and rhymes.... "Ain't is a word, it just ain't proper english"..... "Ain't isn't a word 'cus it ain't in the dictionary".  So, maybe blogger follow the latter and decided since "ain't" isn't in the dictionary, it doesn't belong on blogger either. Well, here's the test if the word "ain't" shows up in this post, then it was my typing error, but if it doesn't, not only will this post be filled with many blanks that it will make absolutely no sense whatsoever! It will also show that blogger is a strong advocate of proper english.... we shall see what hypothesis our experiment supports as soon as I hit the "publish post" button.

One bright point of my day was when I went and checked out Jeff Dunham's website and found he is releasing a Christmas Special DVD on November 18th!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) YES!!!!!!!! I will have more random quotes to amuse my family and friends with and I will have a completely new DVD to be able to recite verbatim, since I almost have the first two down. Well, as you can tell, I'm a big Jeff Dunham fan, but I am an even bigger Peanut fan! I love that purple fella! In reality, I believe that Jeff Dunham may have been stalking me for a good part of my life, because my personality and Peanut's are too similar to be a coincidence. I mean, Peanut wears only one shoe, I like to think I'm a modern day Cinderella and I'm constantly running and leaving behind a flip flop or shoe. Peanut is loud, quirky and random, I'm loud, quirky, and random. Part of his job requirement is to travel with Jeff in a small trunk, Part of my job requirement is to work in a teeny, tiny office space with no windows and I'm left alone most of the time so if feels like solitary confinement. Peanut is purple and about 3 feet tall. I'm extremely white because I swear I'm part albino and my skin never sees the light of day thanks to my job and I'm about 5 and 1/2 feet tall. Okk, so there is quite a height difference, but seriously, how hard would Peanut be to maneuver if Jeff Dunham made him my height. After looking at the facts, you be the judge whether Jeff Dunham based Peanut's personality on my life....

I was pa rousing the internet, something I like to do sometimes, and I was checking out the website Internet Movie Database. I like this site because whenever I want to know who a certain actor/actress is in a movie/tv show or have any questions about tv or movies, this is where I turn. I also like to read about actor/actress' lives. I find it fascinating. I'm not just talking about the latest stupid/slutty thing Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan did, even though sometimes that smut is interesting if there is nothing else to read and I am completely bored out of my mind and have absolutely nothing better to do. Except, I usually end up thanking the Good  Lord that I have morals and am for the most part very intelligent. (and compared to Paris, I look like Einstein). I may not be rich and famous like them, but who wants to be if you have to compromise your image, morals, and intelligence. No thanks. My goals in life are to be proud of who I am as a person and to be respected. I rather people think, I'm ugly and poor, but nice, hardworking, intelligent, and happy, as opposed to beautiful and rich, and selfish, lazy, stupid, and whiny. No way, I truly believe in the motto, money can't buy happiness. That's why I hate when guys try to buy me stuff to go out with them. (I know, I know, sometimes guys have no clue how to talk to a girl or ask her out and the only way to do that is to buy her dinner, a drink, or flowers. And in all fairness, I know, I'm playing Devil's Advocate here, but that's what guys know and have been taught. So, most of the time you can't hold it against them, because they truly believe the best way to win a girl over is to buy her stuff. You can hold it against the guy though, if he's only buying you drinks to get you wasted, so you sleep with him. Gentlemen, BIG NO NO!) I know, I know, I'm also aware of the fact that I'm a weirdo and most girls do enjoy the loving gesture of flowers or dinner, and yes I have been told that I'm independent and very tough on guys, so you would think the reason I wouldn't want a guy to buy me things is because I don't need him to buy me things. Remember, I am a dancer, the fact that I don't live in a box is pretty impress, I'm independent, but I chose a career that doesn't necessarily make me Diamond Jim Brady here. (Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, and no amount of money would make me change a thing). The fact that I don't like guys buying me things is because well, that answer is three fold.

1) I guess I feel guilty. That's right guilty. I mean, most (there are a good amount of lazy asses out there as well) guys work hard all week, so why should he waste his hard earned cash on me. I'm sure he has expenditures and bills that he could spend it on, so why spend it on me, when I'm perfectly capable of paying for my own meal or drinks. I maybe a dancer, but I actually can afford to buy my own dinner (that's what the 'pay the bills' job is for). And seriously, I don't need flowers, I mean it is sweet, but not a necessity. I don't know, I just always feel awkward.

2) I hate dealing with money, I truly believe it corrupts this world. I mean people always judge people based on what they are wearing, where they live, or what kind of car they are driving. Seriously, does it matter? I mean, I know plenty of guys that are complete jacka**es, and have quite a bit of money, but they are condescending and frankly boring and unbearable to be around. I also a lot of guys that have to work insanely hard for a living and may not be that well off financially, but they are kind, caring, and a lot of fun to be around. I rather be around someone who truly cares about me and I have a good time with, opposed to someone who can buy me a lot of things, but I'm just another girl and he doesn't really care. I mean I rather have a guy who would spend time with me (and wants to spend time with me) and cares and respects me to guy who buys me things, so he doesn't have to spend time with me or care about me. I don't know, if a guy buys me something, I feel as if it's a way to buy me off so he doesn't have to put in the time or effort in the relationship or hitting on me.

3) I guess, I sorta live by the philosophy, "your money, your business". I don't want anyone telling me, how I should spend or manage my money or needing to know how much I make, so I feel that I don't have the right to tell someone how to spend their money and I certainly don't need to know how much they make. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. When I first started waitressing before my freshman year of college, I hated taking money from people, esp. my tips. I felt so awkward taking it. I remember someone giving me a $50 for a $14 bills, they told me to take out however much I wanted for my tip and then to give them the rest. I felt so awkward and I actually got sick to my stomach, that I actually gave the guy back $36 in change and told him he didn't have to tip me and to have a nice night. I walked away from the table and he chased me down and told me a did a great job and I deserved a tip, I informed him that it was all right, it was my job to do a good job, he laughed and gave me a very nice tip. I got more comfortable with taking tips in my five years of waitressing, but I always hated dealing with money. I feel like it's none of my business and personally, I like to keep it that way.

So, WOW! What was I even talking about, I'm sure if any of my friends are reading this, they feel as if they are actually sitting down and having a conversation with me. haha. Anyway, I started to wanting to talk about how I am fascinated with celebrity lives, but classic celebs, that were hardworking and respectable. (BOY! DID I GO ON A TANGENT) Anyway, I was reading about Judy Garland. Man, she did not have an easy life. Five marriages, four which ended in divorce. During her first marriage, she was forced by the MGM studio director to have an abortion because they feared it would ruin her good girl image. Seriously! Being married and having a child, that certainly isn't what I think of as a good girl image, I think it's someone who was pregnant and decided that a child would ruin their career, so they killed it. Yeah, that just screams good girl! I'm so anti-abortion that it makes me sick! If I was pregnant and I had to chose between my career and my child's life, SCREW MY CAREER. I'm not going to make a poor, innocent child die because I can't be inconvenienced. Oi! I can't even keep talking about, it's just going to infuriate me more. But, apparently this choice scared Judy for life. She also dealt with drugs and lot of criticism and rejection, with comes along with the choice of being in show business, but no one every really assumes that celebrities deal with the harshness of life just like everyone else. People forget that they are real people too, they get up and get dressed, every morning just like everyone else, so why shouldn't their lives be just as hard as everyone else. Just because they have fame and fortune doesn't mean they are happy. (See? money can't buy happiness). Whether it is celebrities or normal people, I love learning about people's lives. The hardships they faced and what makes them tick. I try to talk and make friends with as many people as possible, because everyone you encounter can expand your horizons and teach you something new....

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