Friday, August 15, 2008

The Confusion of Technology, The Disappointment in the Bills Management Decisions, and Pennies Fooling Breathalyzers

Much to my dismay, setting up a website isn't as easy as I thought it would be. No, I'm not talking about this blogger site, myspace, facebook, etc. I'm talking about an honest to goodness website. I work on website all day updating it and what not (gotta love my "pay the bills" job) and I'm well-versed in facebook, myspace, and this blogger thing, but man I am totally lost when I look at the control panel at the website I'm trying to create for the dance company I run. It's like a foreign language. And of course, it's me, so I think I'm capable of doing everything for some odd reason. It always seems like a good idea at the time when I come with these wonderful ideas that I can do or handle anything and then when I attempt to do them I curse myself. Luckily, a friend of mine responded to my facebook plea that I needed assistance it setting up a website and would appreciate any advice. They are looking it over for me! Thank goodness, God bless me with people in my life who can help me through my confusion and mess-ups. In any event, this whole website thing may take longer than anticipated.

On a good note the Bills won last night and against Pittsburgh! Kick Ass! I have a personal rivalry against Pittsburgh because I went to college 45 minutes north of there and apparently that was Stillers country. Well, me being a die hard Bills (and Sabres) fan, well, lets just say I got in some quarrels every now and then. I remember one time being out with my friends at the local bar and a guy saddled his way next to me in the booth we were sitting. He asked where I was from, I said WNY and we had some more small talk. Then he asked if I was a football fan and I said yes and he got a smile on his face and said oh you route for the Steelers. I said "Heck no! I'm from Buffalo! I route for the Bills!!!". He preceded to argue with me that I can't route for the Bills (BIG MISTAKE) because I go to school near Pittsburgh. I told him I would route for whoever I wanted and I bleed red and blue during football season. Since I was already worked up I threw in that his stupid Pittsburgh Penguins were already kicked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs (which included their beloved Sidney Crosby, seriously I think he gets WAY too much hype. He's a great player, but so are a lot of NHLers) and my Buffalo Sabres were kicking ass and taking names and going to win the Stanley Cup. (This conversation was during the 2007 Stanley Cup play-offs when the Penguins were kicked out of it and the Sabres were currently playing the Rangers to go to the Eastern Conference Finals). He didn't know what to say after that and one of my guy friends laughed at him and gave him a look like you shouldn't have gone there. I gave him a look like screw you, Buffalo trumps all! Needless to say I had enough of these conversations during my college career to create a personal hate for Pittsburgh teams. (Believe it or not, I truly think the city is beautiful with a great dance community, but it's the worst city to drive in!) So, I'm super excited when Buffalo beats Pitt! :-) Take that Stillers!

I'm not loving the fact though that the Bills are playing eight games in the next five years in Toronto. I think Toronto's a great city, it's like the NYC of Canada, they also produce a lot of great tv stations that I like to watch, CityTV, Global, OMNI 1 ,OMNI 2, CHCH, TVO, CTV, and of course CBC (I love Hockey Night in Canada!). Actually, I think I watch more Canadian stations that I do American. It also got a great theatre district, almost like a mini-broadway, but come on Toronto don't steal our Bills, between them and the Sabres that all Buffalo has! I know it's really sad to say that, since Buffalo does have an awesome waterfront and there seems to be a casino being built around every corner, and I have always loved the Buffalo Zoo (it brings back good memories), but seriously the city eat, sleeps, and breathes their sports teams. I remember going to Disney World when I was 12 with my parents, we were on the fairy ride back to the parking lot from the Magic Kingdom and being my family, my parents started talking to the people sitting next to us. (It's my family we'll talk to anybody or walls, it doesn't matter what as long as it listens). Well, wouldn't you know the people next to us were from Buffalo! And what do you think we talked to them about? Why the Bills of course. The city of Buffalo could be set up in a blaze of fire and the people of Buffalo will still talk about the Bills and Sabres and what kind of teams we have this year and hopefully this looks to be our year. Yes, one requirement to being a resident in WNY is truly believing with all your heart that this will be the year that the Bills win the Super Bowl and the Sabres win the Stanley Cup. It's like Buffalo's own personal religion. Expect I truly believe this will be our year, have you seen the way our teams are shaping up? In all seriousness.... this will be our year!

So, why in the world would Toronto want to take all this away from our wonderful city of good neighbors? I know, I know, everyone keeps saying they are not. It's just a PR move to get more money for the Bills franchise and expand our fan base, but C'MON! Did they really have to get the Miami/Bills home game in Toronto. That is a dagger straight through my heart! That is what Bills fan live for each season! The Miami/Bills home game! Even if the Bills are having a craptacular season. The Miami home game is always sold out! We even have created a song in Buffalo in honor of that game..... "Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Rolly Polly Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Eat Them Up Yum!".... This is so not fair, couldn't we have given them a game against I don't know, off the top of my head, the Oakland Raiders or San Diego Chargers! I wouldn't care about this as much, but they gave our Miami home game to Toronto! This is infuriating! All right, I have to stop talking about this, I'm just going to get myself worked up and it's Friday! TGIF! I want to relax and have fun tonight!

This is a weird theory if you suck on a penny after having a few too many, you can beat the breathalyzer test. Well, apparently it is Bunk! I have never heard of this theory, but as I was logging onto my e-mail at work today my msn homepage popped up and this interesting little story was brought to my attention. Personally, I don't think drunk people should be putting pennies in their mouth to suck on them. Does anyone else view this as a choking hazard? I mean a lot of drunks can barely walk straight, sit-up or control their bodily functions, what in the world gave someone an idea that if you suck on a penny, you can beat the breathalyzer? Wait, thinking about this for a second, I betcha it was a drunken idea and some drunk told another drunk to do it and that's how this theory was born. I think I just answered my own question.

As for my test with Blogger, apparently it doesn't have a beef with improper grammar, apparently, I have many typos in blog. Note to self: Fix that! 

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