Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Santa, Please Send My Christmas Gift Three Months Early, My VCR is Working Overtime, and The Dreaded "S" Word

I really want to buy an elliptical really, really bad. I love to exercise on them and I want to make this apart of my daily exercise routine. I used to run on one at the gym on a regular basis, but the closest gym is about 25 -30 minutes away from where I live and between time and gas prices, I just can't work out as much as I would like. I need to get my cardio back into shape, so I figured if I buy one and work out on it everyday, it would be worth the investment. The only problem, the actual cost of the elliptical. I was browsing Wal*Mart yesterday after I got done teaching and was checking out their prices. First of all, buying quality exercise equipment at Wally World seems a little odd, I mean how quality can it be if you're buying it at the same place you buy $5 mediocre five year old DVDs that are all jumbled in a big old bin or $.33 Kit Kat bars (yes, I did splurge and buy a Kit Kat bar, what a deal, though! $.33!). Even though I am elated when I find a movie I really want for $5 or cheap candy at Wally World, I don't want to be describing my exercise equipment going, "I was passing through Wal*Mart and saw this elliptical and thought what a deal! I just couldn't refuse!" I want a quality piece of exercise equipment, I don't think buying it at a place that's motto is "Rollback Prices" is going to cut it. They have cut corners somewhere to have those good deals and I'm really not sure I want to know where. I did see an elliptical there for $139.88, but it was made of plastic and it looked as sturdy as a leaf blowing in big, wind storm hanging onto the branch for dear life. So, I think that one is out, I really don't want to be running at full force and have the exercise equipment beneath crumble to the floor like the walls of Jericho. Really not my idea of a good workout. They did have some for around $500.00, but I think I'm going to look at Dick's Sporting Goods and see what they have and compare prices. If I can get the same equipment at Wally World for a cheaper price, my pocketbook is going to win and I'm getting my elliptical at Wal*Mart and why I'm there I'm going to pick up some cheap candy, a $5 DVD, and some contact solution.

I want one!!! Santa please put one under the tree for me! Or how about sending it three months early! It would be greatly appreciated!

This new season of television is insane, but in a good way. There is so many season premieres I want to watch on Tuesday nights, I'm taping two shows at once and watching one because there are three shows I want to watch at once. I'm pretty much taping something every night. My television schedule goes a little something like this....

"Dancing with the Stars"
"Boston Legal"
"CSI: Miami"
"Samantha Who?" (In Two Weeks When that Starts)

"Dancing with the Stars"
"The Mentalist"
"Law & Order SVU" (sometimes)

"Pushing Daisies"
"Criminal Minds"

Usually watching all the stuff I taped on Monday and Tuesday

"Ghost Whisperer" (80% of the time)
"The Ex List" (When it starts and if it's good)
"Numbers" (sometimes)

nothing really, sometimes I pop in a movie

"Cold Case"
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

And then of course there is Bills and Sabres Games, "So You Think You Can Dance?", and other shows that are only on during certain season, ie "Here Come the Newlyweds".  Yes, yes, I said "Here Come the Newlyweds" and I'm really excited for "Here Come the Newlyweds 2". I would never do a reality show, especially one with a significant other, personal lives are personal and they should stay that way, but hey, if other people want to share personal lives with the world, then hey, I can't help but watch. It's fun to see couples go at it or be lovely dovey, I know it's sappy, but hey, it's a guilty please I have. I went online and checked out the site and to apply for this show you pretty much have to sign your life away. A thirty-nine page application! You're not donating an organ, you're applying to compete with your spouse on a reality show. Why in the world do you need to fill out a thirty-nine page application? All I have to say is, "Beats me!"

Sabres Game tonight! Puck drops @ 8:00pm in Minnesota. We lost to them Sunday night in a shoot out! Yes, *rolls eyes*, I said Shoot Out! Oi! I never thought I would hate a hockey term so much, but after last season every time I hear the word Shoot Out, I shudder! *shudders* I must say though I was glad Miller wasn't in goal when we lost the *whispers* shoot out, because he clearly has been extremely hard this summer considering the guns he's been sporting and it would have been a shame to see all his hard work this summer did no good what-so-ever because he lost it yet another shoot out *shudders*. And Lalime did a very good job for a back-up goalie, so it makes me feel extra confident this season that we have a beyond decent back-up goalie, I'm seeing that cup coming to Buffalo in June. On a Boo Hoo note, Goose is injured with a torn ligament in his thumb and will be out for 3-4 weeks. *sighs* I like Goose, I think he's one of our strongest players who works extremely hard and doesn't always gets the recognition he deserves. I also like how even if the Sabres are getting there butts beat, he still gets excited and says "Yeah!" with each goal we score, even if we are likely to lose. He never seems to give and that's a good personality trait to have when you're an athlete or pretty much just in life in general. Even though he can't play for 3-4 weeks, I hope Lindy lets him sit on the bench and cheer the guys on, for team morale. I think they need Goose sitting on the bench cheering them on even if he can't participate, I think it's in the teams best interest to do that.

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