Monday, October 6, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Nice If You Could Erase Bad Days?, Emergency Room Adventures, and that Pominville Kid

Yesterday was not a good for Buffalo sports. The Sabres were shutout 3-0 by Detroit (it's still preseason, but it's always nice to win and it's really bad to be shutout), the Bills lost 41-17 to Arizona, and to top it off Trent Edwards suffered a concussion during the third play of the game and was out for the rest of the game. The Bills had to have Losman play the rest of the game. I'm going to quote Harley here, but I think she said it best this morning with, "yesterday needs to be completely erased...ugh!" Here, Here! *raises flavored bottle water into the air* I couldn't have said it better myself. I mean the day did start out well. I got up taught Sunday School (which went really well), went and got myself a Timmy Ho's breakfast sandwich, cheese croissant (which had extra melted cheese on it, fabulous!), and an apple juice, then I went home and watched the richest hip hop kings on E! why I ate my Timmy Ho's breakfast and then took a two hour nap on the couch. After that, my family was at my house including my favorite 16 year old cousin, Bradshaw. My family and I did some work in my parent's woods before the game, then we played a practical joke on my dad, well my favorite Uncle Bert was the one who made it, but it went really well. The day seemed to be going well without a hitch, then 4:15pm EST rolled around and BAM! out of nowhere disaster struck! Like a powerful earthquake!

I was watching the game with Bradshaw, Uncle Bert, Big Guy, Little Mama, and my cousin Tone, when the horrific accident happened during the third play of the Bills game! Edwards was taken out. Big Guy kept saying, "Man, Trent really got his bell rung!". I felt sick, not so much because we might lose the game, yeah, that stinks, but it is still just a game. But, I felt so horrible for Trent, he's not exactly a little guy, so to see him lying on the ground like that was heart-wrenching. I felt even worse when they were driving him on the golf cart to the locker room and one of the trainers (I'm assuming it was one of the trainers) was sitting behind was holding him up. He looked so out of it. It reminded me of the time I got my wisdom tooth out and I was so drugged up on the laughing gas that when I woke up from the surgery, I had no clue which end was up. I don't even remember how I got home. Or the time, Chi Chi had to take me to the emergency room and I had six viles of blood removed from me and I hadn't eaten in 24 hours and ...... (I literally stopped writing this blog right here on Monday 10/6/08, and now I'm picking up right where I left off on 10/9/08) ......I kept insisting that smelly kids have ring worm and I would sporadically pass out on the cold ER bed and when I was awake me and Chi Chi would play "I Spy" in the ER. The emergency people loved us, between me and her during our college career we were there about 5 times. We were told one time by one of the nurses that we are the only people she has ever had laugh in the emergency room before. We were also the only people to get excited by a shot in the booty. Chi Chi needed to get a shot and when they told us it would be in the butt instead of the arm, we cheered because we thought that would hurt less for her. Apparently we were never so wrong, because I witnessed the ER stab (this isn't an exaggeration) her in the butt with a needle. Chi Chi jumped about an inch off the table and the nurse said "You're gonna feel a little pain", Chi Chi's response, "Yeah, no foolin', I feel it already". After the nurse left, she yelled at me for not warming her that the nurse was going to jab her with the needle. How was I to know she would be so violent, it shocked me just as much as her! But anyway, back to the bills, it's just me and Chi Chi have so many ER stories, I'll have to save them for another blog entry. So, after feeling really bad for Trent they put Losman in or as Bradshaw likes to call him, "Lose-man". Bradshaw's exact words were, "Ah, man, they're putting in Lose-man. Just what we need out there a depressed Quarterback! Have you seen him? He mopes around feeling sorry for himself with this depressed look on his face and a beard. He doesn't even bother to shave!" My thoughts exactly cousin, Bradshaw, my thoughts exactly. It was just a mess out on that feel and I'm not putting the entire blame on Losman, but the team did not play well at all. I think the team doesn't back Losman and doesn't want to play for him (that would explain the last four years). I mean I really wouldn't want to play for him either, he always blamed someone else for their loses and he doesn't seem like he completely respects everyone on the team (just an opinion). You have to give respect to receive it. In my personal opinion, Losman doesn't give it. Trent seems to respect everyone (he's always saying how good this player was or that player was) and he takes the heat if it's his fault, he never blames anyone else. You can tell the other players have a lot of respect for him by the way they talk about him and if you ever see Trent on the sidelines during a game he's usually talking to another teammate. Unlike Losman during the game against the Cards, he looked excommunicated from the team, sitting there all by himself and being the person that I am, I felt bad for him in a way. (don't judge me, I already I know I'm too nice). Anyway, enough about talking about the Bills blemish in the season, if you're a fan you've already heard about it enough and then some, so why beat a dead horse? But, since I am always adding amiable traits to my list of why I am a Trent Edwards fan, here's another, his big heart, I may have stated it early, but I found some pictures on of the Toyota Rookie Club going to visit the Women's and Children's Hospital in Buffalo around Christmas last year and seriously how can you not like a big, manly guy who's kind and plays with kids. Seriously, such an attractive quality.


"Entertaining the young children with his coloring abilities..."


"I just love this one for the mere fact that he has a Bills' Logo tattoo on his face. It reminds me of my cheerleading days when I would put a hornet (my high school mascot) tattoo on my face for the football and basketball games."


"You have to look in the background, but he has a marker in his mouth, I love candids, you just can't beat them."


"I think him and this little kids are best buddies. I'll call the little toe-head kid, Trenton."

Onto my other favorite Buffalo team... the Sabres! First Sabres game tomorrow! *YAY!* I'm a little P.O.'ed though. I really thought that Jason Pominville deserved to be captain. He earned it! I thought it was in the bag that it was going to J.J.Pom. I mean, Rivet? Isn't he the guy that originally said he didn't want to be in Buffalo and now we're awarding him with the captaincy? Doesn't sound right to me. Pommer's wants to be here, he plays so hard for us, the team respects him and the crowd loves him. He's Big Guy's favorite player and not because he's hot. I kept picking on my dad that Pommer's was his favorite the convo went something like this....

Big Guy - "If I got to play golf with one of the Sabres, I don't who"
Me - "How about Derek Roy?"
Big Guy - "Nah...."
Me - "Brian Campbell?" (Soupy was still here at the time)
Big Guy - "Nah...."
Me - "Jason Pominville?"
Big Guy - "Yeah, yeah, yeah, that Jason Pominville kid. I like him."
Me - "Because he's hot."
Big Guy - "NO! He's not hot (clearly my dad doesn't know a good looking guy if he smacked him in the face). Yeesh... why are yo saying that. I like that kid because he's got the fire in the belly. He always goes out there and gives it his all. He doesn't rest on his laurels like some of them do. Even those hot shot players like Biere and Drury (They were still in Buffalo at the time) aren't as hardworking as that Pominville kid. He's the one that scored that goal against Ottawa in the playoff that sent the Sabres to the Eastern Conference finals. Not Biere (I'm aware of the fact that I'm missing the first "r" in Briere, my dad just always called him B-iere). Not Drury. That Pominville kid did, because he's got the fire in the belly. That's why I'd play golf with him."
Me - "And he's hot!"

If Big Guy is aware of the fact how awesome that Pominville kid is, then why isn't he captain? It just doesn't make any sense.....

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