Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finishing What I Started, Lindy Ruff Never Fails, and I Didn't Think Mr.Edwards Had It In Him

All right, so I'm not gonna lie, I need to vent about my morning first before I write about important things like the movie "While You Were Sleeping", Buffalo Sports, or Hugh Hefner's love life.  But first things first, I'm not sure if I mentioned it in another blog yet, but I'm way to lazy to check past blogs, but I got a puppy on Friday. She's absolutely adorable! She's a min pin and her name is Lib. She's only six weeks old and a really sweet dog. My Sunday School class loved her! ...

.... sooooooo.... I've gotten into this bad habit of starting blogs, but not finishing them. I wrote the above paragraph yesterday, but then had to teach my kids dance. So, I didn't finish and I'm really not wanting to vent about my day yesterday. I did at the time, but not now. Since it's my blog, I'm just gonna leave it at it started out a craptacular day, but ended being a-okay. I will take about the "more important things" that I promised to talk about in the above paragraph. First off, the movie "While You Were Sleeping". I was watching this the other night, curled up in my bed with Lib, and talking to Chi Chi on the phone. I've come to the conclusion that I now have a new mini-crush on Bill Pullman, yes the dad from 'Casper'. I want to be Sandra Bullock in that movie, well not the whole working as a token taker in a Chicago Subway or being orphaned or pretending to be the fiance of a guy in a coma, but getting to fall in love with a guy like Bill Pullman's character, Jack and having his family be as fabulous too. Let's face it, sometimes the guy is great, the mother-in-law or rest of the family, not so much. So, for the next few nights, Robert Redford, Rob Lowe, and Adam Pascal are going to have to take a back seat in my dreams as I dream of Bill Pullman.

bill pullman Pictures, Images and Photos

When I dream about Bill Pullman this is what I see.

Bill Pullman Pictures, Images and Photos

Not this! I don't dream about this... *shivers*

Next important topic I promised to talk about, Buffalo Sports. First, the Sabres. I'm upset that I had to work during Monday's because apparently after checking out the recaps online, it was pretty fierce! From what I can conclude, the Sabres were kicking ass and taking names. 7-1! That's incredible! Harley texted me to tell me that one of the Islanders towards the end of the game took a white towel and put it on the end of his stick as almost to say, "We Surrender!" incredibly awesome. I think I'm going to try to track it down on youtube because I need a good laugh. And what about those penalty minutes! Did I read right? There was over a 150 minutes between both teams during that game? Incredible.... Kaleta and Rivet having to be ejected from the game just shows the intensity of it. This is why I love hockey. You can do this in other sports, start wailing on someone's booty because they ticked you off. You can just feel the testosterone raging when they drop the gloves, it's just fabulous and pure entertainment.

I was checking out other Sabres Fans Blogs today and I found this article about Lindy Ruff on 'Is This My Life Really?' blog. Only the Ruffinator. Anyone else attempted to do that, they would have failed miserably. You could have put the video on that fail blog, but Ruff beats all those odds. He succeeded and with flying colors at that! My favorite part is that he acted like it was no big deal. That's why the awesomeness of the Ruffinator can't be matched by anyone. I repeat anyone!

Now onto to Bills news. Trent Edwards is playing Sunday! Praise the Lord and then some! *Big Sigh of Relief* I'm so glad A) That he is okay and B) That we need him at the helm, calling the plays, because we all witness the tragedy that happened when he wasn't! I throughly enjoyed Trent's press conference from today on buffalobills.com. He was giving the media smart (as in smarta**) answers, but he did them very professionally and downplayed them that you had to be paying close attention to catch them. Personally, I'm not going to lie, as you all know from my past blogs, I'm an Edwards fan, but I really didn't think Trent had a smarta** side in him. It's great to see. I personally love it considering people actually use the term smarta** to describe me, my eighth grade principal actually told me that I'm a weisenheimer (he would have used smarta**, but I went to a Christian School) and I could get away with it because I was smart enough to know when to stop and when I did stop, I just batted my blue eyes and acted like the most innocent girl to ever grace God's green earth. I love being a girl, if I was a guy I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten away with nearly as much. I haven't done anything terrible, but I would have been in the principal's office more as a child if I was a guy with my smarta** remarks, but since I'm a cute girl, they let it slide... but, back to Mr.Edwards. I must say it was a well-played verbal judo battled between the media and Edwards today and Edwards one. I especially liked when Trent made the media elaborate more on "Who feels that way" and "General, who's general?", you can tell as he's saying it that he's got their number and knows he's being smart. I don't think the media enjoyed this as much as I did, but I do have to admit, Well-played, Mr. Edwards, well-played.

Onto the last topic I promised to talk about, Hugh Hefner's love life.  Ah, yes, who doesn't love to talk about an 82 year old man's love life. Apparently he has broken up with his girlfriend Holly Madison (from the Girl's Next Door fame) and is dating two 19 year old girls. I think they maybe twins, but not sure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Holly and Hugh were going to get married? Wasn't that the rumor last year? And what happen to Bridget and Kendra? Has he broken up with them, too? Or do they get to stay and Holly has gotten the boot? Personally, I don't even know why I care, but it's like a train wreck, it's just so disastrous you can't look away.


Jill said...

My daughter is a dancer as well... she is in her 3rd year ballet and tap... first year jazz... and she is the the proverbial teachers pet. One of the student teachers came to me tonight and told me how well her splits are coming along and how exceptional she is in class. She said she is a model student and what a joy she is! I am a proud momma!

bugg said...

hahaha.....i read that article of Ruff also. the man is simply amazing! oh Trent Edwards <3 haha i always new he was a smarta** haha. gotta love it