Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumped Up By Determination, The Awesomeness of Lindy Ruff part 2, and Would a Wild Hog Sabotage a Wedding?

The curse is broken! The Sabres won last night in a SHOOT-OUT VICTORY! I kid you not, because this is no joking matter. The Sabres beat the Canadians 2-1 in a shoot-out. Thank you Kotalik and Stafford for scoring the two shoot-out goals and Miller for being like a brick wall during the shoot-out. I can almost bet good money that Miller was practicing 24/7 how not to be in a shoot-out this past summer. Maybe that's why his guns are so big now, they're are pumped up by determination! Now only if we could take Miller's determination for hockey and focus some of it into writing a blog entry now and again, I think we would be in pretty good shape. I'm not gonna lie Vanek is kicking Miller's arse in blogging. I mean Vanek has written three blogs to Miller's one. *tsk tsk* C'Mon Millsy let's start pulling our weight with the Sabres blogging, it's only fair!

All right, speaking of the Sabres, I forgot to mention this in my last blog, the continued awesomeness of Lindy Ruff and why he's the best NHL coach EVER! This article talks about Lindy and his longevity of being a coach for the Sabres. It talked about how hardworking he is and he demands each player's best. I like that. I do the same with my students. Now I'm no Lindy Ruff, I mean let's face it, who really is, but I teach by that philosophy. The dance director I work for the other day told me that I make some of my high school students nervous, because I expect them to work for me and push them to be better. Ummmmm.... isn't that my job? I told my director, I don't expect every dancer I teach to be the best dancer that graced the earth, heck I'm not even close to that and I'm the teacher, I just expect the girls to give me 110% and dance the best that they can dance. I NEVER compare students to each other because each student is different and has different abilities, that's the way God made them, I just expect them to respect me and work hard. The director agreed with me and liked the way I was teaching, she was just informing me that I make some of them nervous. The funny thing is the ones I make nervous are the ones that want to become professional dancers and if they can't handle it with me, they have a RUDE of wakening when they hit the dance world! But enough about my teaching philosophy, back to the Ruffinator's awesome coaching abilities. I personally like the quote from former Sabre Jay McKee, "Lindy is fair; he demands the same hard work from you that he puts into the job." I couldn't have said it better myself Jay. Lindy hasn't had an easy life either, I'm not going to elaborate, but read the article, it's very fascinating to find out about the man who stand behind the Sabres bench. I especially love Lindy's sense of humor, comparing coaching the Sabres as being on Survivor. I wonder if that's how people end up in the minors. Each player and member of the coaching staff goes into a room with a camera and talks about who needs to be sent down to the minors because they aren't performing to the high standards that are held by the Sabres' organization or maybe the veterans just say something in the camera like, "That Schmelt is really getting on my nerves! He tries to be all tough, but I could cream his arse with my pinky toe. He also skates slower than molasses in January and I swear he doesn't know the first thing about hygiene! I had to room with him on the road trip to Columbus in preseason and I swear he didn't wash his hands after using the John and I think he didn't bathe the whole time we were there! Seriously! That's just disgusting! I can't handle that at all this season! Me and the rest of the veterans have to focus on winning the cup! How can we do that when that smelly schmelt, is stinky up the locker room! He gets my vote! He's off the HSBC island and back to Portland. Oh, and I swear he ate all my Fritos one night, dude! That's just not cool!" Don't dismiss this theory, I bet this really happens...

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"Resorting to elementary school recess tactics to reprimand his players. Pommers and Goose are sent to a time out for some reason that in unannounced to me. But if Lindy thinks they deserved it, then they did. We don't question the Ruffinator. We just don't!"

All right, so seeing I can't escape everyone's obsession with weddings ( I have a bridal shower to attend this week-end), I found this article on ways a wedding can be sabotaged. Now don't get any ideas, I'm not about to sabotage anyone's wedding, actually I think it's total B.S. that someone would do that to someone, especially if it's a loved one or friend, but I guess that just shows that some people in the human race can't let another person be the center of attention for a little while, they have to ego-centric and ruin that person's day, so even though they look bad for doing it, the attention is still on them. I guess it's like the old PR motto, "No press is Bad Press". I think otherwise, but hey I only have a minor in PR, so I could be wrong. Some people are just that way and their never gonna change, in theory it's a fabulous idea, but in reality people have developed their lifelong behavior by age 5, so you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I just think the whole wedding topic is being thrown in my face a little too much lately, let's cool it shall we? Even Chi Chi is bringing up the topic, by sending me a facebook message that reads, "If a guy proposed to you in a gas station parking lot would you say yes? Oh and this includes a wild hog for the reception dinner shot the evening before at the bachelor party...? Let's not even open that can of worms.....

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