Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Kind of Man Are You?, 400 Notches on the Ruffinator's Belt, and Quote/Unquote Friends

I hate to admit I was watching this today, but I was. I was watching 'Maury' why I was trying to take a nap on the couch before work. I wasn't feeling the best and was trying to find something that put me to sleep. Mission accomplished. When I woke up 'Judge Judy' was on. I'm not going to even begin to talk about how infuriated I was on the topic Maury was talking about, 'Guys who treat their wives or significant others like slaves, and abuse them physically and verbally'! *face turning red with anger* Guys who beat their wives, girlfriends or any woman for that matter should be castrated. It doesn't make you a man, it makes you very insecure that you have to take your anger out on another human being who is physically weaker than you (not mentally or emotionally or personally weaker though). Women are also not your slaves. Just because we don't have a penis doesn't mean we are less of a person than you. We're equal. *getting even redder in the face, to the point where smoke may come out of ears* I have to stop talking about this topic, I will just infuriate myself if I keep going. In any event, one of the guys on Maury's show who was the abuser looked like the guy on Judge Judy's show that was complaining his ex-girlfriend did something or other, didn't really care all that much what they were arguing about. Made me think.... hmmmmm... coincidence? I think not. Maybe all the people on these shows are actors... just a hunch. I mean some stuff is so absurd could it really be true? hmmmmmm... just some food for thought....

Have I ever mentioned how awesome I think Lindy Ruff is? Yes? No? Well, he is and he now has 400 notches on his belt of wins as coach to prove it! The Sabres got Ruff his 400th win after ruining the Rangers undefeated streak (but keeping theirs, Buffalo isn't looking so bad is it now, Drury, oh but apparently we don't need you, look at our team and look at yours. I know it's nt right to gloat, but every once in awhile it's nice to indulge) by beating them 3-1! Yeah Sabres! and Conrgats Lindy, but I figure you'll have another 400 within 5-6years with the Sabres dream team we  have going on right now, I really don't predict many loses. And yes I did the math. There are only 410 games played in 5 years, so I really plan on the Sabres losing 10 games in 5 years. That averages to two year. I mean come on they are a Hockey Dream Team, but they are still human, they are allowed to lose every once in a great while. I won't hold it against them.

I found this article on, about surprising signs you'll live longer than you think. It was very interesting and I recommend reading it. I'm not going to point out all the signs, but I'd like to comment on one of them. If you like your friends, apparently you will live longer. Well, I like to say this is good for me, because not only do I like my friends, I love them! So, maybe that doubles my shot of living a longer, healthier life. Here's the thing if you didn't like your friends, wouldn't they not be considered a friend? Unless you are one of those people who is friends with someone who really annoys the poo of you. You really don't consider them a friend, but you let them think you are their friend. I had a "friend" like that in college named Darla. Me and Chi Chi started talking to her, because no one would give her the time of day and we felt bad, so we decided to have dinner at the cafeteria one time. Well, we soon realized why no one was giving her the time of day. She started almost stalking us and annoying us 24/7. We would have one obligatory meal with her a week and then avoid her like the plague the rest of it. It may sound mean, but our psyches couldn't take anymore time with her than that. Maybe you are suppose to rid your life of those annoying people that are quote/unquote your friend. Apparently it will increase your life span, now if only I had the heart to tell those people to leave me alone.

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