Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Comback Kids, Small Stuff... It's Just That... Small Stuff, and the Sabres Really Don't Have to Try That Hard

I'm sitting here watching the Bills game and I must be honest and admit that I was napping during the first half. Apparently I didn't miss anything, but I'm glad I woke up for the second half! Esp. the fourth! It's like the Bills were playing mediocre the first three quarters and now in the fourth... BAM! The Bills are alive! The last pass at 10:24 in fourth by Trent Edwards to Lee Evans was fabulous! What an arm! Golly Gee! Trent threw that ball down half the field! I guess he's earning his paycheck. Nice job by Evans too for catching the ball, great hand and eye coordination there, Evans. This has been a common accurance for the Bills season, being down and then the fourth quarter rolls around and BAM! The Bills come alive. All that is coming to mind is the 1992 football season, when the Bills were trailing the Houston Oilers and the fourth quarter they came to life and we won! I guess the Bills can be nicknamed "The Comeback Kids". It's kinda catchy.

Speaking of football, I went to my high school's homecoming game yesterday. I used to be a cheerleader back in the day. I really loved it and no I wasn't stupid or a slut (still not, thank you very much!), shocking I know! I didn't cheer for the boys, I cheered for me. I love performing and I viewed this as another opportunity to dance and perform. Until yesterday, I never attended one of my high school football games since I graduated, so it's been six years. The only reason I really went is because the coach of the current cheerleading squad was my coach when I cheered and is a dear friend and my hairdresser. (I love small towns, everyone multi-tasks and everyone knows everybody.) She asked me if I would come and watch the squad and help them out by critiquing them and teaching them some chants. Two of my current dance students are on the squad, so I also go to go and support them. It was amazing how the chants, I haven't done in years, started flooding my memory. It was like they were locked in an arsonel in my mind and being at the game was the key to unlock them. I must say my alma mater's football is on as much fire as the Bills. They won the game 47-8 and have been having an amazing season. The team hasn't been this good since I was a freshman, almost like the Bills. As I watched the game, I looked around and realized when I was in High School, this was the big event of the week and it seemed to be the end of the world if the game didn't go well. Six years later, I realize there's a great big world out there and the world will go on if my high school team loses or wins. Actually it makes you think, no matter what happens the world will go on. One of the girls on the squad was put up in mount and one of the high schoolers in the crowd said, "They should drop her!" Well, golly gee! Did this go over like a turd in a punchbowl at a party. The girl who supposedly should have dropped was upset stating she should go and punch the girl in the face. It came to light that the girl who said it didn't make the squad during tryouts, so her nose was out of joint. This was a big fiasco! I just wanted to tell them, "Let it go. In ten years, is it really going to matter? In a week, will it really matter? Nope, the world will still turn, no matter what petty b.s. this girl says. Don't waste your time letting it bother you." *sigh* It just makes you think about how you really shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

The Sabres had the players enter the game at the HSBC Arena in limos and on a red carpet. It looked like a Hollywood premiere. Derek Roy was working an all white suit. It looked very circa Casablanca era. It was actually really sharp looking and he is the only sabre I think that would be able to pull it off or even attempt to pull it off for that matter. He looked very suave, I sorta wonder if Roy has a stylist. He seems like he would shell out the money for that. It just seems a little over done for Buffalo. I love Buffalo and all but seriously, our city would have been just of excited to meet the sabres if they were all in mismatching sweats and hadn't showered for four days. The Sabres organization really didn't have to do this much work.

Quick update: Bills won! 31-14!

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