Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cough Drops are They Properly Named?, The Awesomeness of Lindy Ruff, and The Celebrity Love Web

My love for Halls Cough Drops never ceases to fade, especially when I have a cold or am really congested. Though why are they called cough drops? I know the thought that crossed your mind is, seriously??? What a dumb question! The chica writing this has to have an IQ of -15. But in all seriousness think about it for a second.... If I have just have a cough or have to cough, I don't grab a cough drop, but if I'm congested with a cold, I'm addicted to the little suckers like a crack whore to crack. So, shouldn't by they be called cold drops? Because you use them when you have a cold, not when you have to clear your throat and cough.... again just at a theory.

On, they have a an article call A&T Your Sabres Delivered: Derek Roy. It's fascinating to learn more about my favorite hockey players and see what they think. My favorite question was the one about what was the best team building exercise that Lindy Ruff has every done and Derek answered taking them bowling in Colorado. According to Derek, the Ruffinator is an exceedingly excellent bowler (not suprised, he's Lindy F-ing Ruff, he's pretty much amazing at whatever he does!) and he thinks that Lindy just wanted to show off his skills to his team. I think the Sabre Players already knew that Ruff is amazing and he can kick their booties in any competitive event and pretty much life in general. That's why he's the best coach in NHL and I think the Sabres Players are resigned to the fact that Ruff is the best hands downs and they are just honored to be in his presence and have him as a coach, so they can take part in his infinite hockey wisdom.

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I also like the question about does the franchise allow hockey players to take risks ie skydiving? According to Derek, nope they sign a contract to avoid those risks and skydiving falls under that category. I have to sign one of those contracts as a dancer too, so I can relate. One of the things in my contract states, I'm not allowed to wear high heels in snow because it is very easy to fall and get injured. (No lie, it's in my contract) One time, me and Chi Chi were coming home from the bar which was a block and a half from our apartment (The walk to the bar always seemed shorter than the walk home from the bar) and decided to risk it and wear my 3 and 1/2 inch stiletto heeled boots (they are kicka** boots) since it was only a block and a half I would be walking. Well, for those of you that don't know, I'm not a drinker, I only had a drink about a dozen of times and now I don't do it at all. And those dozen of times that I did, I would have one Smirnoff and be done. Well, that evening I drank my Smirnoff and Ho still had a pretty full Blue Kamikaze and I was thirsty still, so I drank about half to 3/4 of her drink, I was fine and when it was time to go about 10 minutes later, I stood up and my legs felt like jell-o. On the way back to our apartment, Chi Chi had to hold my hand to make sure I wouldn't fall and I kept saying, "I can't get injured, if I have to tell the dance department that I broke my leg 'cus I wore heels in the snow! They're gonna Kill Me!!!!". Chi Chi's response, "You shouldn't have wore heels, Dumba**!"

I was checking out one of my favorite website for movie and television information and looking at all the celebrity bio's and man do those people not only date a lot of people, but date a lot of celebrities, so basically it's one big spider web of fluid swapping in Hollywood. Man, I can't even imagine what kind of diseases are there. *shivers* For example let's start with actor Eric Stoltz who has lived with Ally Sheedy and Bridget Fonda (for 8 years) and dated Lili Taylor and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Now let's look at Lili Taylor who has been engaged to Michael Imperioli, dated Matthew Broderick and Michael Rapaport, and currently lives with and has a baby with writer Nick Flynn. Onto Matthew Broderick, he dated Penelope Ann Miller and Jennifer Grey (who he was dating during the filming of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, she was playing the role of his sister, and he got in a deadly car accident in Ireland with her while they were dating and two people in the other car were killed.) and of course we all know that he is married to the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker and they have a beautiful son, James Wilke. But let's check out SJP's romances before Matthew, shall we? She dated John Kennedy Jr. and singer/songwriter Joshua Kadison and she lived with Robert Downey Jr. for seven years in the late 80's early 90's. John Kennedy Jr. (may he RIP) dated MaDonna and Cindy Crawford and was the longtime boyfriend of Daryl Hannah (Jacqueline Kennedy didn't prove of her son marrying a movie star, so he never married her.) The list could keep going, but I think you see my point. Hollywood love lives are just as complicated in real life as they are on the big screen.

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