Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too Lazy to Figure Out the Mathematics of Pizza, Reader's Request, and the Ryan Miller Ignoring His Blog Mystery

I just ate 4 pieces of cold, leftover pizza. Grant it, they weren't the huge, elongated triangle ones you would get from a large, circle pizza where there's only eight big pieces, because then I would have ate half of a large, circle pizza. They were the 3" X  3" pieces of pizza so 4 of them would be the equivalent of what? 2 elongated triangle pieces? well, roughly it's like eating one 6" X  6" piece of pizza. hmmmmm..... this is too much math right now, I'm only functioning on 4 and a half hours of sleep and trying to figuring out the exact math of how much of a pig I am, just isn't gonna happen. I guess, it's the fact that I ate this much pizza in probably 5 minutes or less and I was too lazy to warm it up, so I devoured it cold. I was ravenous and my main thought was to get the pizza to my belly as quickly as possible, screw tasting your food, I want a full satisfied belly. All right enough talking about how much of a garbage disposal I can be when it comes to food.... on to much more important news......

Today is the first day of the Sabres training camp. Yes!!! *jumps out of seat and does an amazingly fierce happy dance* That means hockey season has started and hockey games will be starting soon! I love this time of year because not only is it hockey season, it is football season and that means the Bills are playing and right now they are playing fan-fricken-kick-ass-tastically!!! And I love cool weather (not cold and snow), but that cool weather, with the crisp breeze and you can wear jeans and hoodies and be comfortable. Then the holiday seasons are coming! AAAAAHHHHHH! *sigh* I love this time of year! I must write a tidbit about Mr.Trent Edwards, because it was requested by my faithful reader that I write about him and post a picture. Since I'm glad that someone actually takes the time out to read what's on my mind, I will graciously oblige their wishes and write about the topic requested. (Seriously, I can talk about anything, so if anyone just wants me to write about a particular topic or has any questions or even opposes my views, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail, or leave a comment.) In any event talking about the requested topic at hand, the 6'4", 231lbs, talk drink of water, Mr.Trent Edwards. I must say I am a Trent Edwards fan. I like how he's hard working and not all flashy, but just goes out on the field and gets the job done. My dad and I were discussing the way the Bills played on Sunday after the game and I think that he said it best with, "Trent Edwards, he played responsibly." Nothing wrong with being responsible. Personally, I like responsible. I feel it's a trait that a lot of people don't have these days and people aren't held responsible for their actions. When I pick dancers to be in my company, not only do I look at how good they are technically, but I also check out their maturity level and how responsible they are. I don't care how good you are technically, if I can't rely on, what good are you to me? So, Trent Edwards, I agree that you play responsibly and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm going to add responsible to the list of many positive qualities that you possess, that list includes, tall, great smile, being happy and smiling a lot, a good public speaker, intelligent (a political science degree from Stanford, yeah, I'm going to assume you're relatively intelligent, unless you are one of those student athletes that only got to college because you are a jock, but considering the fact that you actually graduated with your degree, my money's on intelligent) and now I can add responsible. So, Mr.Edwards, keep up the good work, I would like a play-off spot for the Bills this Christmas and then a Super Bowl Championship as an early birthday present. Thank you!

I must say not only am I excited about the Bills chances at the Super Bowl Championship this year (According to Bill Cowher, former coach of the Pittsburgh Stillers), the Bills are the team to watch in the AFC! Heck Yeah they are! I also feel that the Sabres stand a really good chance at winning the Stanley Cup. The only thing that is frustrating me right now about the Sabres is that Ryan Miller is horrible about updating his blog. I enjoyed reading his blog on the maxim site during playoff season, all right, all right, I can't lie, I read the blog after hockey season was over, but I did read the entire blog in one sitting and then I wanted to read more and Miller stated he was going to attempt to keep blogging on his own personal site. Well, I must say he did on July 29th, 2008 and now nada, goose egg, zip, zilch, nothing since then! I mean he did write in his blog that he was just trying this whole blogging thing out and if he didn't like it well, no more miller blogging, but you think if he's gonna stop he write another simple blog saying, "Nope didn't work out. No more blogging for me!" At least then I would know, okay Ryan Miller isn't writing a blog anymore, so stop checking to see if he has updated, but currently I am wasting my time going, "Maybe Miller actually updated his blog, let me go check." Then my hopes are crashed. okk, seriously, it's not that much of waste of my time and I only check like once a week, but still, when I go and check I would like to read a new blog entry. *sigh* I tried to see if their was someway to contact Ryan by sending him a message through the site, but I didn't see anything. That Miller is a smart one, he knows he be bombarded with zillions upon zillions of fan mail and probably people trying to mooch off his success not only as a hockey player, but an entrepreneur as well, being he owns his own clothing store and runs his own charity. I was gonna send a message that said "Hey Millsy! About time we updated our blog, is it not? I am aware of the fact that you are a busy guy, but I think you can take 3.5 minutes out of your day to write how practice went. It would make many a sabres fans happy. Seriously, isn't it worth taking the 3.5 minutes out of your day to brighten up a bunch of people's days. Your all about the charity work, wouldn't you just want to contribute a little more to this world? Seriously, Millsy, you know it's the right thing to do." All right, all right, so I probably wouldn't write that, it would probably be "Hey Ryan! How are ya? I know you're getting ready for an awesome hockey season this year and I was wondering if it would be possible if you could write about all the wonderful things you are doing in your blog. Have a Great Season! Let's Go Buffalo! - D.G. :-)". When it comes down to it I only write nice things to people. I'm only all talk. That's why I vent what I really feel on this blog. No repercussions. I am aware of the fact that Miller is a busy guy with the hockey career, the clothing store, the charity, the photographer hobby, playing the guitar while his drunken teammates sing along, the girlfriend, the family, and the fact that he might actually want some me time. But it would be nice to hear his thoughts. Maybe it could actually be therapeutic for him. I mean I use this as a relaxing time to vent my thoughts and opinions and it really makes me feel like I've gotten some things off my chest, so maybe Miller could use his blog as a relaxation technique, it might have helped last season when the team was in a slump, he could have vented online. (Except, we're not gonna have any slumps this year). Grant it, I can vent about whatever I want online and no one really cares or actually reads what I have to say, minus Harley. A good amount of people actually read Miller's blog, so he would have to watch what he writes and use proper grammar, because if he doesn't the media could have a hay day, so maybe this technique wouldn't be a relaxation technique as much as it would be a chore to update. In fact, that maybe why he hasn't updated his blog in eons. BY GEORGE I THINK I'VE GOT IT!!! I think I've solved that great Ryan Miller Ignoring His Blog Mystery, the one in which I only cared about.

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