Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being a Hypocritical Blogger, The Sabres Back-up Careers as Translators, and Eh? Rambling Just Isn't Cutting It Tonight

Yes, yes, it has been brought to my attention that I have been a very bad blogger and not updated my blog in a week. Not quite as bad as R.Mill, but pretty close. Since I did complain about how Miller was in the wrong because he didn't update his blog, here I am being hypocritical and not updating mine either. Well, I do apologize to my only faithful reader (that I am aware of) and to you, Ryan Miller, I shouldn't judge you when I am responsible of the same wrong doings. Did anyone notice after my blog about R.Mill not updating his, he updated it? hmmmm..... I must say, I didn't realize my input was that important. I mean, I complain about Miller not updating his blog and *poof* it's done! Almost magical really... (okk, that's a bit of an exaggeration). Can I start requesting other things, Miller? I mean what if I asked for sabres tickets or even better getting to be a model at the next Catwalk for Charity or OOOOOO! I got it! How about my dance company performs at the next Catwalk for Charity???? We're really fierce! I swear! I'm going to see how long it takes for R.Mill to answers these requests. I'll be waiting Miller. I'll give you a little leeway considering the fact hockey season has started and all and I would also like to request winning the Stanley Cup this year for the Sabres. But I don't think these requests are too demanding and I think you can grant all my wishes. Oh, yeah, I would also like to request another blog entry. Please and thank you!<p>

One of the many chores Ryan Miller must do as a hockey player, signing autographs. It's mundane, yes, but it must be done. It also is one of the many excuses he has for not being a faithful blogger. My excuses include working two jobs (which include internet marketing and taching dance), running my own dance company, teaching Sunday School, volunteering, doing my churches newsletter, drinking blue slurpees, watching all the season premieres that I recorded at the wee hours of the morning, checking up on the latest sabres and bills news, playing with the yearbook yourself website (seriously you have to try it! Coolest thing ever!!!)and messing around on facebook...I know, I know, mine aren't as good as R.Mills, but hey, we can't all be as cool as Ryan Miller, now can we? Mine are good excuses for the common man.

I have to give a promised shout out to my dear friend Harley, "BITE ME!" You finally got your blog, now get off my back. Geesh! I swear she rudely brought it to my attention that I was being unfaithful to my blogging duties and I should shake a leg and write one. So, here it is. Leave me alone! (P.S. I Love You and thanks for reading! ;-))

The Sabres two preseason games haven't produced the outcome I or I'm sure the Sabres would of liked with two loses, but hey, it is only preseason and they're working out the kinks. I must say their trip to Hockeyville was quite entertaining, not so much the game, but the actual trip itself. The fact that some small town kid tried to con Jason Pominville out of his tie, is quite hilarious. I'm sort of surprised that J.J.Pom didn't give it up, being that he is a really nice guy and I'm sure he can afford to give a small town kid one of his ties. I found it funny that Lindy told the kid to let go because it was probably expensive, Hugo Boss or something like that. When Lindy was interviewed, one of the reporters said it was nice that some of you went over and signed autographs for the fans, was translating a problem? Lindy said, well we didn't send the American Boys over there, we sent our French-Canadiens like Roy, Pommer, and Lalime. It was even funnier that D.Roy was translating, I guess if his career as a hockey player ever fizzles, he can become a translater.

All right so, seriously, I feel this blog isn't up to par where my other blogs usually are. Not that my other blogs are award winning or anything, but I just don't feel creative in my writing topics tonight. It may appear to be at the same caliber as my other blogs, but to me personally, I feel as I am rambling. So, I am just gonna quit and try to write a more wittier and quality blog in the next few days. Yes, Harley, I promise to update my blog, very, very soon, no more nagging.... Geesh!

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