Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dreams Becoming a Reality?, Fabulous Dark Peachy Pink, Rubbery Foam Yoga Mat, and a 4 year old Rookie

I have been having really crazy dreams the past couple of weeks. They are absolutely absurd dreams, but in my mind when I'm dreaming, I can't delineate from the fact that I'm dreaming and reality. When I wake up it takes me a few minutes to realize I was dreaming. Luckily, I'm not having nightmares, but the dreams are just bizarre, for example, last night during one dream, I dreamt that I was hosting a sleepover party at my house for my advance dance students. When  it was time for everyone to settle down and go to sleep, we were using newspapers as blankets, because as my dance students put it "Paper is the cool blanket and clothe is not safe" and then Nicholas Cage came in started flickering the lights and told us to get up and party. After he left, two of my students who are sisters opened their Christmas presents (in September, mind you) that their mom was hiding at my house. I was so upset because I felt that I let the mom down by allowing her kids to find the Christmas presents, that I screamed at all the kids, "You were acting so bad, that you can call your parents and explain why they have to come and pick you up at 5am! And don't think you guys are getting away with this, when we start dance classes you guys are going to be running a lot of laps and doing suicides! And trust me suicides are as bad as they sound!" and then the kids called their parents and moped to their parent's cars and went home, as I tried to re-wrap the Christmas presents the sisters had opened to look at exactly the way the were before they opened them. I kind of realize why I might of had this dream. I probably dreamt about my dance students, because I start teaching classes again on Monday and it has been on my mind a lot and I have been busy preparing lesson plans. I watched Nicholas Cage this past week-end in "National Treasure" and he was on Letterman last night. I called my college friend Rudy on Monday and she was talking about our old college dance classes and how one of our professors would make us do suicides if she was angry at us. The newspaper sheets probably have to be because, while I was watching an episode of "Jail" last night, a prisoner wasn't allowed to wear clothes because he tried to hang himself with his shirt. So, he had to wear a paper smock from the prison because it was safer. I'm not sure where the Christmas presents come in, but I think I pretty much covered everything else. Dreams like this have become a nightly event for me and I truly think this has happened a few minutes after I wake up, sad I know. Sometimes, it's not a bad thing, like the one night, I dreamt I was dating a big, buff hockey player and he adored me and his family loved me, when I woke up, I was smiling and then when I realized it was a dream it was like, SH*T! *sigh* Chi Chi tried to manipulate my dreams by informing me what I should dream about. Her exact words were, "Have this feature in your dream. There are these hot guys (and girls) who are aerialists and you can hire them for weddings. The dance they do in the air is so beautiful. It's suppose to represent two people becoming one. It looks like they are having sex in the air, but it is done beautifully. Put that in your dream." Sad to say, I can not dictate what I dream about (would be nice), so I did not dream about the hot aerialists and as Chi Chi has demonstrated my dreams are not a request line. Sorry.

When I woke up from my crazy dreams, I could smell the rubber, foamy stuff from my new yoga mat that I bought yesterday at T.J.Maxx. I'm not going to lie, but I have an unhealthy love for this yoga mat. It's a dark peachy, pink color and it's a half an inch thick and it's very resilient! IT can't be squished! I laid down on it and it was so comfy! To most my readers (let's face it, my only reader, Harley), you may think I may use this mat for exercising purposes such as yoga, pilates, or a combination of both, yogalates, but you would only be correct a portion of the time, the other times when I'm not using my new fabulous mat for exercising, I will be using it for sleeping. That's right you have read correctly, sleeping. I figure for long, tedious tech/dress rehearsals or shows when there's down time, I will roll out my magnificent mat, bring along my favorite Bills pillow and Sabres throw and just snooze. I'll be as snug as a bug in a rug, my dear friends. It beats the concrete floor that I usually try to sleep on during these down times of rehearsals, minus the slight whiff of rubbery foam that the mat is releasing, my plan is full proof. Nothing a little febreeze can't fix.

I was scoping out and came across this article on who the Bills captains will be this 2008-2009 season. I think the team made the right choices Chris Kelsay, Lee Evans, Brian Moorman, Trent Edwards, Donte Whitner, and George Wilson. Kelsay, Evans, and Moorman were all captains last season, so half of the Bills' co-captains already have this leadership experience under their belt. I always feel that the starting quarterback should be captain, he's the one running the offense, he should be a captain, it's a no brainer. I personally like Edwards, hard-working, professional guy. I never heard  him pass the buck for his mistakes and he's always respectful to other players. I think he's going to do very well this season. I just find it ironic that Losman finally played well for us in the pre-season, after what 5 years? It's amazing how when your job is in jeopardy or already gone, you can step up your game and play the way you were suppose to be playing all 5 years. Maybe he couldn't handle the pressure of being a starter and that's why his performance wasn't up to par for the past 5 years, but I just hated how Jauron made excuses for him, well he's still a rookie, all right your first year, you're allowed to make rookie mistakes, why? Because you are just that, a rookie. Maybe if you are lucky, you can milk it to the second year, but seriously? Should you really be making those mistakes. When I receive a dance job, I'm expected to dance at the same level as the people who have ten years or more experience than me. I can't chalk it up and go, well, I'm a rookie, rookie mistakes, guess what? My butt would no longer be dancing that piece. There's no time for mistakes, either you can cut it or you can't, plain and simple. And trust me, in the dance world we don't make a 400th of what these guys make. If I was paid as much as a professional athlete was to dance in a professional company, I would not only be expected to dance flawlessly 365 days a year, 3 shows a day, but I would be expected to be able to walk on water and have the Mitus Touch. Yeesh! All right, all right, so I understand that professional sports team do give their rookies leeway and allow them room to grow, but when Jauron was talking about Losman's performance last season, which was Losman's 4th season, and saying well he's still trying to grow, he has a lot of potential, he's learning from the rookie mistakes he makes....... Ummmmmm, Hello? Four seasons of being on a professional sports team, you're no longer a rookie. You're mid-veteran status. Apparently, he  has grown out of his rookie phase during his 5th season of being in the NFL and with the Bills Franchise, speaking only on his performance in the pre-season. Some people are just late bloomers, I guess. Enough about my gripe with Losman, don't get me wrong, I do like the guy. He's done a lot of charity work in WNY, and I can't hold grudges against people who are trying to better this world by volunteering their time through charity. I just think the Bills organization shouldn't have chalked his poor performance in the past up to rookie mistakes, when clearly he was no longer a rookie. So, onto the future!!! Edwards in '08! With the help of his fabulous co-captains and team!

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